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Student Name: Valenisha Student ID: 13660 Class: BAACN5A

BA (HONS)DesignCommunication AdvertisingCommunication

Statement of Intent

Final Major Project Negotiated Brief

B-DC302ProfessionalPractice:NegotiatedResearchPortfolio Advertisingcommunication(40 credits)



Integrated Campaign: Mentos In todays context, there are various advertising strategies that we can embed into an advertisement. In the midst of ads clutter, Social Networking has been expanding. Many advertisers are unaware that people pay less attention to traditional media nowadays, since there are way too many messages around. Rather than spending the extra cash on creating physical ads that will get lost in the sea of ads clutter, advertisers should rely on the more practical platforms. It is obvious that the usage of Social networking platforms enable us to reach out to a lot of people, and this is very useful when planning for a campaign or ads. It is time for us to let go of traditional media and explore the digital, online media. By making use of interactive demonstrative advertisement, brands can display a products Single-Minded Proposition in a unique, engaging way that make consumers remember it. Moreover, online advertisements not only reach out to larger group of people; it creates a personal relationship between a brand and a person as well. Advertisers can keep consumers updated without having to worry about time and money, since messages can be delivered almost right away as soon as it is posted online. Editing information, posting up news, etc can also be done within less than an hour; since it is available live and information can be accessed anytime. Consumers are now also able to voice out their opinion and speak out in the community, having the image that brands are more approachable and friendly. Branding is now no longer a one-way thing, as consumers are looking for more interactive and engaging relationship. There are also advantages in using the Social Networking Platforms: online advertisements are able to get viral within one night. As a lot of people use the platforms, word-of-mouth spread way faster in comparison to people spreading the words in real life. It is in human nature that we trusts the word of our friends or family a lot, and therefore relying on Social Networking Platforms and its ability to share will make a good strategy to spread brands messages around. DesignIssueStatement In the midst of ads clutter, it is more practical to save up on advertising costs while still reaching out to target audience. Traditional media is no longer effective while online advertisements, which rely on Social Networking Platforms, have been expanding lately. Hence, there is a need for advertisers to look into applying these pointers into a better marketing strategy. DesignHypothesisStatement In order to reach out to larger target audience without wasting unnecessary amount of time and money, brands can make use of interactive online advertisements to stand out and capture target audiences attention despite the online ads clutter. By making use of Social Networking Platforms and emotional trigger to create impact on each individual, a powerful demonstration strategy can be applied for better brand positioning and profits while creating a special relationship between brands and the consumers. Backgroundof the chosenbrand: Mentos was founded in 1932 by Michael and Pierre van Melle. They were both brothers living in Poland. The brand starts to expand internationally to France, Germany and UK in 1950, as its production moved to Rotterdam. Mentos' first TV commercial was first broadcasted in 1976 while its first campaign was released in 1990. In 2001, Dutch company van Melle merged with Perfetti, an Italian company, which in turn allows Mentos to reach out to wider range of audience as it became available in many shops out there. In 2005 Mentos chewing gum 'debuted' into the market and as the brand expands, a Mentos kiss appeared and rule the market in 2008.



The research conducted will provide an insight to advertisers out there about Online Advertising methods, as well as Social Networking Platforms and its advantages, and how to apply them into the campaign in order to make it powerful and effective for the target audience. Therefore, the hypothesis will be able to support the campaign for the brand, making the brand be in better position and image from before.

Brandobjectives: To visually show a relatable scenario that trigger viewers understanding about the importance of products role in audiences lives and to create awareness about how serious teenagers problems can be. To deliver the message that Mentos acts like your confidence booster. You no longer have to be insecure of yourself.


PrimaryTargetAudience: AGE: 13-25 years old GENDER: Female / Male OCCUPATION: Students / Part-timers / Young adults / Office workers / Lecturers / Designers This group of people basically loves to eat something (sweets) while doing their activities.

SecondaryTargetAudience: AGE: 30-50 years old GENDER: Female / Male OCCUPATION: Parents / Office worker / Teachers


This is the group of people who buy sweets to give to their loved ones (e.g. their children or niece / nephews or students) than for themselves. Mentos Chewy Mint Dragee is chewy and minty; it is cool to have as a medium to chill out with friends. Light-hearted Mentos has been around since 1932 and is a quality brand that is recognized internationally. It was very successful with its advertisement campaign of Mentos Kiss and its game, Mentos Kiss Fight. Now, it is time to create friendship using the online platforms by toss ing with your friend. Designedoutcomesof an integratedcampaign: A demonstration video consisting: 1. First platform: Web-banner 2. Second platform: Mobile App 3. Third platform: Microsite




Mentos. 2012. Mentos. [ONLINE] Available at: tld=com#/History. [Accessed 21 October 2012].

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