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Follow Your Folly.

What the heck is Folly? Do I have Folly? And why should I follow it? Good questions, but youll have to find those answers mostly on your own. Welcome to New Belgium Brewing Company. Or, at least the closest you may get to New Belgium without physically stopping by the brewery to see us. This document is designed to help you get better acquainted with New Belgium Brewing. Oh yes, were sure youve heard some of the rumors or stories about us: how our co-founders started New Belgium in their basement, how our co-workers are a bunch of bicycle crazy freaks (who wear costumes), or how we have a grown-up sized playground slide inside of our brewery. You might even have heard that we brew our beer with wind power, methaneand lots of love. Still Curious? Then, please read on.

Function: noun Etymology: Middle English folie, from Old French, from fol fool

Contents Our Story

New Belgium, from conception to now in one short page2

Our Values and Beliefs

Our purpose, values, and some of our inspirations3

1 : lack of good sense or normal prudence and foresight

Our Culture
2 a : criminally or tragically foolish actions or conduct b obsolete : evil, wickedness; c especially: lewd behavior More about our daily lives and our social practices here at the brewery.4

Details on some of our greener practices and beliefs..6

3 : a foolish act or idea

4 : an excessively costly or unprofitable undertaking

NBB Vibe
New Belgiums take on marketing, and where we stand in the beer industry..7

5 : an often extravagant picturesque building erected to suit a fanciful taste

Our Brews and Brewing

Get familiar with some of our beers, and basics on how we make our brews.....9

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Contact Us
New Belgium Contact Information..11

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Our Story
Our Story begins in Belgium not so long ago with our protagonist a young American electrical engineer and homebrewer biking his way across Europe. Inspired by Belgian brewers impressive pallet of ingredients (everything from lime leaves to raspberries are fair game), Jeff Lebesch returned to Colorado and began knocking out batches of Belgian-style homebrew. His first two creations, a brown dubbel named Abbey and a remarkably well-balanced amber he named Fat Tire in honor of his trip, scored high marks with friends and relatives. People loved the earthy undertones and estery nose of Abbey. They reveled in Fat Tires biscuity balance. In fact, folks loved everything about the beer except the name. Fat Tire? they wondered aloud, thats just goofy. Jeff smiled politely and carried on.

Jeff and Kim

Jeff and wife, Kim Jordan, decided to take their basement brewery operation commercial in 1991. Being the deep-thinking, quiet type, Jeff looked to the gregarious Kim to be his marketing arm (and local distributor, bottler, sales rep, and Mom to their kids). We had a neighbor paint watercolors that we printed up as beer labels, Kim reminisces. Jeff would brew, we would bottle together with some help from our son, Zak, then I would call accounts and deliver the beer. Id get a lot of friendly ribbing pulling up in my station wagon full of beer next to these 16-bay Budweiser trucks. Soon Kim, Jeff, and a blossoming crew outgrew the basement operation, then overflowed a second location in a railroad depot, and finally, in 1995, we designed ourselves a happy little home here at 500 Linden Street. Our current facility houses two Steinecker brewhouses, four quality assurance lab, kegging line, canning line and state of the art bottling line, and a wastewater treatment facility that allows us to cleanse our process waters and create methane to generate a portion of our electrical needs. The remainder of our electrical energy is powered by wind, a decision made by an employee-owner vote back in 1998. Flash forward to today, and New Belgium Brewing Company of Fort Collins, Colorado is a diverse collection of exuberant brewers, microbiologists, artists, cowboys, musicians, and everyday folks. The philosophy on the side of our beer packaging still captures the spirit:


In this box is our labor of love. We feel incredibly lucky to be creating something fine that enhances peoples lives.


Our Values and Beliefs

Our New Belgium Brewing Company purpose statement reads: "To operate a profitable company which makes our love and talent manifest." To accompany our purpose, we have ten Core Values and Beliefs (CVBs) that each employee here strives to live by: Remembering that we are incredibly lucky to create something fine that enhances peoples lives while striving to continue to surpass our consumers expectations. Producing world-class beers. Promoting beer culture and the responsible enjoyment of beer. Kindling social, environmental and cultural change as a role model of a sustainable business. Environmental stewardship: Honoring nature at every turn of the business. Cultivating potential through high involvement culture and the pursuit of opportunities. Balancing the myriad needs of the company, staff and their families. Trusting each other and committing to authentic relationships and communications. Continuous, innovative quality and efficiency Lauren and Penelope on NBB improvements. Cruiser Bikes. Having Fun. Our New Belgium Core Values and Beliefs evolved directly from the efforts of our co-founders. When Jeff and Kim realized that they wanted New Belgium to grow beyond their basement, they began to research and think about what sort of company they wanted to create. They set off on a day hike in the mountains, armed with a pen and a spiral notebook, and after many long hours of discussion, they scribbled out the foundation of New Belgiums purpose and values. As the company (and crew) blossomed, Kim (who is now our CEO) continued to research and cultivate our culture and business practices to keep them in line with our values and beliefs. Today, New Belgium practices open-book management, a policy of fiscal transparency. The term open-book management was coined in the early nineties by Jack Stack in his book The Great Game of Business. Following this practice means that every New Belgium employee has 100% access to all of our financial and operational information; our books are transparent except for disclosure of individual salaries and wages. We are also employee ownedNew Belgium co-workers hold 32% of the company as an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program), and our founding co-workers hold the rest. That means that we are not publicly traded, and investors cannot buy stock in New Belgium. We usually 4

recommend enjoying our brews and promptly recycling the bottles as the best way to invest in New Belgium.


Our Culture
New Belgium encourages what we call a High Involvement culture. Our co-workers are encouraged to fully participate in the business, from day to day operations to major project teams and everything in between. We wholeheartedly support co-workers in voicing their opinions and getting involved in business decisions, and we offer a variety of training/education opportunities to I IMAGINE A GROUP OF PEOPLE encourage informed, supported participation. CrossWHO ARE SO CONFIDENT IN THEIR departmental committees are common for big projects SUPPORT FROM THEIR COfor example, imagine working in marketing, but participating in meetings with engineers to give input on a WORKERS AND WHO HAVE BEEN new packaging hall design. TRAINED SO WELL IN MAKING


To facilitate trust and authentic communication practices, New Belgium also encourages all co-workers to participate in an extensive, two-day communication class, called Crucial Conversations. You can learn more about this program at

Going beyond our immediate business operations, High Involvement Culture means numerous opportunities for adventure, activities, and friendship building. Our Core Values include balancing the myriad needs of the staff and Having Fun, and we take those values very seriously. So, what are some examples of our NBB culture in action? Artwork, many of it made by in-house artists, resides throughout our work environment. We play Volley Ball on courts behind the brewery every week, and co-workers sign up to play team sports like soccer, softball, basketball, and a somewhat weird Belgian game called Rolle Bolle. Yes, we do have a slide - not just any slide, but an adult-sized, stainless steel, corkscrew shaped playground slide leading from our second floor offices to the main level. And then, there are the bikes. Several years ago, our bicycle loving co-founders saw fit to start the tradition of giving each employee a custom New Belgium cruiser bike as a first anniversary gift. Each year, we introduce a different bike design to celebrate. As such, we have become a company full of bicycle enthusiasts. On 6

New Belgium Co-Workers livin the dream.

any given day, in any season of the year, visitors will encounter a line of NBB cruisers and other bicycles in front of the brewery sure signs of employees who rode their bikes to work, rain or shine. What about the fifth-year anniversary gift? An all expense paid field trip to Belgium, to re-live the journey that inspired Jeff to start New Belgium. But perks alone do not a culture make it is truly our family of 320 (and growing) dedicated coworkers who keep New Belgiums culture thriving. It is our coworkers continuous commitment to our Core Values and Beliefs in both their work and their personal lives that sets New Belgium apart. Maybe that accounts for our 93% retention rate.
Greg, 1996, Chief Branding Officer: creative guru, quintessential soccer dad Jen, 1993, Sustainability Director: numbers whiz, started on the packaging line Jeff Lebesch and Kim Jordan, 1991, loving co-founders: the parents of New Belgium Brewing Company

Peter, 1996, Brewmaster, speaks 4 languages, known as the Andy Warhol of brewing

Nate, 1993, Sales & Operations Planning: logistics master, once rode his bike from Colorado to Maine

Our beliefs in social Some of New Belgiums Old Schoolers responsibility demonstrates another important aspect of our culture. Our environmental practices are discussed in the next section. Philanthropically, New Belgium donates $1 for every barrel of beer sold in the communities where we do business, totaling more than $2 million since our inception in 1991. Many of our co-workers spend valuable time volunteering for various nonprofit organizations and activities. Just this year, NBB co-workers have been personally involved with local literary journals and arts organizations, nature trail clean-ups, waterconservation efforts, and cancer research fundraisers, to name a few. More information on our philanthropy program, including what types of organizations we support, can be found on our website: Finally, if you havent already noticed, New Belgium is a brewery, and we do in fact make beer. Our brews represent a huge part of New Belgiums culture. Wed like to think that we make very good brews, and we strive to produce world-class beers that enhance peoples lives. Most of us have a great love for beer as a beverage, and as a vital part of human culture. But we are also quite serious about promoting the responsible enjoyment of beer. Donations to Matt and Allison prepare organizations who combat alcohol and substance abuse comprise spent grain dog biscuits a healthy share of our philanthropy program, and we sincerely
to serve at a Humane Society fundraiser.


hope that most people respect our brews enough to avoid abusing them.


Since our inception in 1991, New Belgium has never lost focus on our commitment to environmental stewardship. The balance that has been created by recognizing the potential environmental impacts of brewing and being committed to offsetting these impacts as we continue to grow largely contributes to the success achieved here at New Belgium, and to the satisfaction of our coworkers. Physically, our brewery is designed with minimal environmental impact in mind. Here at New Belgium, youll see alternative lighting sources, office furniture made from recycled materials, renewable heating and cooling systems, and world-renowned, energy-efficient brewing equipment. Outside of the immediate building and equipment design, use natural citrus-based cleaners, use office paper products made from recycled materials, and sell organic cotton t-shirts.
A wind turbine in Wyoming

In 1998, New Belgium employees decided by a unanimous vote to subscribe our electricity use to the City of Fort Collins Wind Power program. We were the first brewery in the USA to switch completely to wind power for our electrical needs. In May of 2002, we finished construction on a biodigester process wastewater facility. Treating our water also generates reusable byproducts, such as methane and nutrient rich sludge. The methane is used to fuel a co-generation plant and the sludge is used for composting. Since late 2003, the cogeneration engine has provided electricity to the brewery, allowing us to offset peak electricity loads. In 2003, we initiated a zero-waste goal with our traveling festival, Tour de Fat. In addition to encouraging alternative transportation, Tour de Fat now features composting cups and utensils, and possibly the worlds largest solar-powered performance stage. We are still striving to hit zero-waste status, but each Tour de Fat brings us closer to our goal. In 2007, Tour de Fat diverted 91% of its waste from the landfill throughout 12 cities and hosting over 46,000 festival goes. By increasing cycling awareness we hope to lower carbon emissions and promote a sustainable lifestyle. Our vision is truly one of sustainability and forward-thinking, recognizing that decisions we make now will have a huge impact on everything around us in the future. For even more 9

Techs install aeration hoses at our water treatment facility.

detailed information on our green practices, please visit the sustainability section of our website or request a copy of our Sustainability Report.


NBB Vibe
New Belgiums take on marketing and advertising is a little unconventional compared to the rest of the beer industry. Traditionally, our marketing activities have been very grass roots oriented - mainly word of mouth and person-to-person contact in all of the areas where we do business, including at the brewery and at New Belgium sponsored events. We usually call it "Barstool to Barstool" communication. Creativity in these methods is our forte. Events like our annual Tour de Fat, and fun (somewhat frivolous) ideas like our Postcoasters really exemplify where our marketing has been in the past, and we still continue this type of marketing as a
Our marketing director, Greg, dreamed up our dualpurpose postcard/beer coasters back in 1996. They are super fun, and we got to invent a new word: postcoaster. We even supply the postage for postcoasters visitors write at the brewery.

big chunk of our overall plan today.

As weve grown, we have also implemented some marketing methods with more mass appeal, like our television commercials a few years back and most recently our national print ad campaign. Weve even launched a new website recently: But in our grand view, these mass methods still take the back seat on the fun ride compared to some of our more unique endeavors. So, what types of events will you see us sponsor? We are actually pretty pickywe run everything we do through our core values, and if it doesnt feel right, we wont participate. For example, you wont see us sponsoring wet T-shirt or bikini contestsit's just not our thing. You will see us at beer festivals and charity events, buying beers for folks in hidden Mountain town hangouts, and even sponsoring urban outdoor art endeavors. We often joke that you are much more likely to see us cleaning up the beach after Spring Break than sponsoring the party.

Revelers at a Tour de Fat. New Belgium hosts Tour de Fat in many locations each year.

The one event that crowns New Belgiums sponsorship portfolio is Tour de Fat. Its been called many things: a bicycle powered circus, freaks on wheels, costumed mayhem. One thing is for certainour annual Ballyhoo of Bikes and Beer draws thousands of costumed fans for a 11

celebration of bicycles, good brew, outstanding music, and local entertainmentall to raise money for local non-profit organizations. Ultimately, our marketing vision, like all things we do, is guided by sustainable-thinking and a flair for the whimsical. New Belgium is currently the 8th largest brewer in the U.S., and we are the 3rd largest craft brewerand were still growing. We are considered a regional craft brewery, and our brews are now available in 20 states: Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota (only some parts, Iowa and Tennessee. Our overall policy on growth and taking on new territory is slow and steady. Yes, untapped markets present an amazing opportunity, and yes, we are considering all of our options. But we are also very focused on maintaining our high product To see more Tour de Fat quality, our high levels of mayhem and movies, visit our Annual Production in customer service, and our unique website, and click on films and barrels, since New corporate culture, and we do not launch the player Belgiums start in June of want to compromise these just for 1991 the sake of adding new sales Year: # of Barrels* territory quickly. 1991: 225 1992: 991 As for our core audiences, we 1993: 5830 have a few--we mainly appeal to 1994: 18,970 craft beer drinkers, which is a 1995: 31,000 different "market than beer 1996: 55,000 drinkers as a whole. Most craft 1997: 78,000 drinkers tend to be college1998: 104,000 educated, a little more affluent 1999: 148,000 than "average" beer drinkers, and in the "career years" (think 2000: 164,000 mainly early 30s through 50s). And although a good share of craft 2001: 229,000 drinkers are ladies, men still drink more as a category. New 2002: 253,000 Belgium beers also draws fans of Belgian styled brews, folks who 2003: 285,000 admire the Colorado lifestyle (cyclists, skiers), and people 2004: 331,500 with more socially aware buying habits (environmentally 2005: 370,000 conscientious types, fans of our open business practices). 2006: 430,000 2007: 473,000
*1 barrel (bbl) = 31 gallons

Because we are privately held and employee owned, we do not release any financial performance data to the public, but our yearly production provides a great example of how we have grown. You can find general information and statistics on the beer industry, and on craft brewers, on the Brewers Association website: 12

Brews and Brewing

Jeff Lebesch founded New Belgium after discovering his own passion for Belgian styled brews. We are known for making brews that are esoteric, and at root inspired by Belgian brewers creative spirit. Right now, we make 6 year-round brews, as well as many seasonal beers and limited special releases. Honestly, describing them doesnt do them proper justice, so for more information on any of them, visit our website, give us a buzz here at the brewery, or the best option for those who are at least 21 years of age: stop in and see us for a tasting. Fat Tire Amber Ales appeal is in its feat of balance: Toasty malt flavors (sorta like biscuits just pulled from the oven) coasting in equilibrium with crisp hoppiness. Fat Tire, our flagship brand, is so named for the bike trip that Jeff took through Belgium that greatly inspired his homebrewing efforts. Sunshine Wheat swirls in the mouth with ripples of coriander and orange peel tartness, settling nicely into a tranquil sea of apple and honey tones. A filtered wheat beer, Sunshine offers a crisp, refreshing alternative to heavier-bodied heffeweizens. Phil Benstein, our resident rumpled professor, stumbled onto Zwartbier in an 1888 tome creatively named Popular Beverages of Various Countries. He and brewmaster Peter Bouckaert made two trips to Belgium to research this obscure style in the archives of Belgiums specialty brewers. The oldest reference to these black beers that our dynamic duo uncovered was in the year 1554. Other than its dark color, 1554 has little in common with Porters or Stouts. The beer is fermented using a European lager yeast that imparts a refreshing, zesty acidity, and chocolate and coffee tones in the nose give way to a surprisingly clean finish. Blue Paddle Pilsener, crafted without the use of adjuncts like corn or rice, explores the boundaries where American Lagers seldom journey. Reflective of Europes finest Pilseners, Blue Paddle delivers a refreshing bitterness, vibrant finish and a subtle but intricate depth of flavor. The color of just-polished mahogany crowned with a tightly laced, mousse-like head, our Abbey Belgian Ale raises eyebrows just on sight alone. An ethereal swirl of banana, spice and smoky aromas compels further study. Cross the liquid threshold and discover flavors evoking ripe fig, caramel, coffee and clove. Abbey, the biggest medal collector in the New Belgium portfolio, is categorized as a Belgian style dubbel or Double Ale. At heart, this complex ale remains true to the Belgian beers still produced by monks to support their abbeys. Trippel Belgian Style Ale, perhaps the most intriguing of New Belgiums beers, has alluring golden color that only hints at this beers complexity. European Saaz hops 13

and an authentic Belgian yeast strain produce an earthy floral bouquet, citrus bite and woody overtones, all of which are balanced with silky malt flavors. Our Trippel is made in the same spirit as the trippels produced by Belgian monks to support their monasteries. Need to add something for Mothership and Seasonal Folly pack too? We built our current brewery in 1995, but weve expanded so many times that the brewery looks completely different now than it did back then. Our current Mothership houses two state-ofthe-art brewhouses (cleverly named BH1 and BH2), three separate fermentation cellars (with over 50 vessels), four brewing-related Quality Assurance Labs, 2 packaging facilities, limited warehouse storage, all of our offices, and our Liquid Center, where the public comes to see us and sample our brews. Also on our home site here in Fort Collins, Colorado, we house our process water treatment facility. We also host a larger, off-site warehouse a few miles down the road. Most beer is made of four basic ingredients: Water, Barely Malt, Hops, and Yeast. One of the reasons Jeff fell in love with Belgian brews, however, is that the Belgians are very creative with their beers, and dont feel limited to the basic 4many Belgian brews incorporate spices and fruits, or are made in such a way that they taste spicier or fruitier than many other brews even without the addition of extra ingredients. Here at New Belgium, we use spices like coriander, orange peel, lemon peel, lime leaf, schisandra and wormwood, to name a few. Brewing involves taking the basic ingredients (except yeast) through a multi-step cooking process, transforming those ingredients into the perfect food for yeast: a sweet, tea-like liquid called WORT. Once the wort is finished and chilled, we add the yeast, and move it all into a refrigerated fermentation tank. Then, we wait. As the yeast digests naturally occurring sugars in the wort, it produces carbonation, alcohol, and loads of flavors; this process is called fermentation. After an average of two weeks in the
NBB themed art mosaics surround the brewing vessels in BH2.

Left: the view in BH2. Right: NBB brewer Mike Cothran measures spices for a batch of brew.


fermentation cellar (depending on the type of yeast and type of brew were making) the beer is filtered, cleared by quality assurance, and moves on to packaging. We can package 700 bottles per minute, 60 cans per minute and about 120 kegs per hour in our two packaging halls.

After packaging, the beer is ready to be loaded on refrigerated trucks and taken to wholesalers in the twenty states where we sell our brew. For more detailed technical information on our brewing process, feel free to email us at with questions.

Contact Us
Got more Questions? Comments? Kudos? Criticisms? We welcome all questions and feedback; weve always thought it important to have two-way communication with our supporters. We want to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us. New Belgium Brewing Company Our phones are answered by real people, Monday through Friday, from 8am 5pm, Mountain Standard Time: 1-888-NBB-4044 (970) 221-0524 Send photos, postcards, handcrafted letters, and homemade cookies to: 500 Linden Street Fort Collins, Colorado 80524 USA For the techno-savvy, check us out on the Web or email us (emails are answered by the same real people who answer the phones): New Belgium Brewing is open to the public Tuesday Saturday from 10:00am 6:00pm. We do offer guided tours, self-guided tours, and beer tastings. Guided tours can fill up very quickly, and we occasionally have tasting room closures, so we recommend calling us ahead of time for details if you plan to visit.

Until we hear from you again, stay groovy, and thanks for the love!


Yours in Cheer and Good Beer, The co-workers of New Belgium Brewing Company