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Birla Sun Life Insurance India

Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Ltd. is a joint venture company between Aditya Birla Group and Sun Life Financial Inc. of Canada. It started its operation in March 2001 after receiving the license from IRDA in January 2001. Aditya Birla holds 74% stake of the joint venture and Sun Life holds the remaining 26% of the stake as per the guidelines formulated by the government of India. Aditya Birla Group operates in 25 different countries in the world with interests in Cement, Metal, Fertilizers, etc. While, Sun Life is a leading international financial services company, building strengths for over 140 years. Birla Sun Life Insurance Company introduced pioneering insurance-related wealth accumulation products and services for individuals, groups and NRIs in the country. Birla Sun Life offers a broad array of life insurance products to meet the actual needs and expectations of individuals and groups through a multi channel distribution network across the country. The company is backed by its skilled and best sales force. It has a great support system to assist in its market penetration. It has been able to penetrate its distribution network to across 600 branches and over 100,000 advisors. Birla Sun Life Insurance was the first company to offer uniquely designed Unit Linked Life Insurance Solutions in India. Birla Sun Life has strong web-enabled IT systems for superior customer services. It is one of the first insurance providers to have issued insurance products over the Internet. With a rapid growth on the national level, the company is positioned to capture more market share in the fast growing life insurance business in the coming years.

Birla Sun Life Health Wellness Solution

With life becoming more and more unpredictable everyday, medical emergencies have become the norm of the day. Not only do these cause an increase in medical costs but also throws our complete budget into disarray. Birla group offers various Birla Sun Life Insurance Health & Wellness solutions which ensure that their customers get the best quality medical treatment without any lack of funds. Through these plans, we can insure not only ourselves but also our family against all types of injuries and illnesses. BSLI Saral Health Plan : "The Aditya Birla Group offers many comprehensive quality health plans for its customers. One of the extremely popular plans included under this umbrella is BSLI Saral Health Plan. Some of the exclusive features offered by this are:"

Covers all the hospital expenses Covers all expenses that were incurred due to some critical illness Takes care of all routine health check up expenses In case of some terminal illness, policyholder can claim the whole policy value without providing the bills.

BSLI Health Plan : In order to provide its customers the best possible medical care available without putting a strain on their budget, Birla offers BLSI health plan that guarantees a present as well as a future health cover. This plan covers the health of the policyholder till he or she attains the age of 80 years. Not only this, it offers a double cover benefit by offering mediclaim along with health cover to its customers. BSLI Universal Health Plan : With the changing times, medical costs have also increased exponentially resulting in medical care and hospitalization becoming more and more expensive for all. In order to fulfil such related costs for their customers, Birla Sun Life Insurance offers BSLI Universal Health Plan. This plan not only helps you in taking care of all medical costs of the family but also comes with a guaranteed health insurance of three years for the complete family.

Wealth with Protection Solution

Wealth Creation plans is meant to make your wishes and dreams to come true. They not only multiply your incomes but also multiply your dreams. For eg, Life Insurance plans, Child plans, Education plans, mediclaim plans, baby insurance helps you to set goals and achieve them without any difficulty Birla Sun Life Wealth Insurance plans just serve the right purpose for you and helps you maximize your income. It not only makes you happy but gives you a required peace of mind by investing your money at the right place. BSLI Vision : BSLI vision policy is meant to provide a lumpsum amount is paid over the lifetime on the date of choice of insured. It also gives a life cover for 100 years for the payment of limited years. This policy gives you enhanced protection and the end of the term it gives you a guaranteed payout. You will also get the monthly additions guaranteed if all the premiums are paid regularly. This will also give you guaranteed death and accidental benefit. BSLI Rainbow : This policy ensures you guaranteed returns on the maturity period of the policy. Moreover this will give you the Tax free benefit and a life cover too. You just need to choose the single investment you want to make and choose the term. Then you need to wait for it to over and upon completing the term you will receive, maturity sum, guaranteed monthly additions and the guaranteed final additions too. The accidental/death benefits are always attached. BSLI Platinum Advantage Plan : This plan can be linked to the market as per your needs. There are two options to manage the funds in this plan. Either you can distribute you investment in 10 funds and move as per your needs which is dependent on market or you can opt for the guaranteed option which is guarded from the downturns in the market. This way you can keep complete control over your funds as suited to your needs. This will add financial security to your family. BSLI Dream Endowment Plan : This policy gives you guaranteed savings amount on the date of your choice along with the other options and riders. There are various riders available which can be added to give the enhanced financial protection. Such as:1. 2. 3. 4. Critical Illness rider Accidental/ death Rider Hospital Care Surgical Care.

If the insured is critical unable to pay then BSLI will pay the rest of the premiums and the policy benefits will continue. BSLI Money Back Plus Plan : This plan will offer you the guaranteed amount of returns along with the powered of withdrawal of money at any point of time in the time of emergency. The minimum withdrawal has to be Rs 5000.00. However the financial protection is still a benefit in the plan. A guaranteed maturity benefit is given along with the survival benefits in the end. The younger you enroll and the longer you stay with policy will give you more savings and benefits.

BSLI Guaranteed Bachat Plan : This plan does not entirely depend on the market conditions and is safe from the downfall in the market. This will guarantee you an amount on the maturity. This amount will include the total of all base premiums along with the earnings. You can use the survival benefits for the cash withdrawals or to offset the future premiums. There is also an early exit option available to surrender the policy but the maturity amount is also reduced on the same. BSLI Bachat Endowment Plan : This plan in addition to the basic Bachat plan and also includes the protection of life cover along with the saving benefits... The benefits of this plan are:- Maturity BenefitsGuaranteed Base Premium + additional earnings+ loyalty addition. Death Benefit - In the even of death nominee gets the above said benefits. However the benefits on the surrender of policy depend on the year in which it is surrendered. The eligibility criteria remain the same as that of the basic Bachat Plan. BSLI Bachat Money Back Plan : This plan not only gives you the payout at regular intervals but also the benefit of the life cover. It will give you payouts which can be used at the time of need. You have the access to the funds anytime and survival benefits are also attached. The payout modes can be both annual and semi annual. In addition, the 20% is given on the 5, 10 & 15 years of policy anniversary and on completion a lumpsum is paid. BSLI Classic Endowment Plan : This is a market linked plan and allows you to earn handsomely on your income. You can anytime switch or transfer your savings into 10 investment funds as per the market conditions and needs. You have the privilege to choose the policy term and pay. There is a wide variety of riders available to attach to this policy. The top up premium rider allows you to invest more with base premium in order to get more financial security.

BSLI Children Future Solution

In order to meet all the future expenses of your child in relation to education, marriage, or any other, Birla offers Birla Sun Life Children's future solutions. Not only does this plan help in meeting all major future expenses in relation to your child, but it also acts as a life cover to ensure that his or her dream is completely secure. In addition, you can even watch your money grow by choosing for flexibility regarding management of the fund options. BSLI Classic Child Plan : This plan not only provides for a secure future for your child but also provides you the freedom for a better management of your savings. In addition to a joint life cover for both your child and you, it gives you the flexibility of managing your savings through a range of 10 investment funds offered by the company. In fact, one can even switch between one investment fund to another depending upon your changing requirements. BSLI Dream Child Plan : "BSLI Dream Child Plan has been designed to provide for a secure future for your child and ensure that his or her dreams are fulfilled under all circumstances. Some of the benefits offered by this plan are:"

Provides a guaranteed savings sum on the pre determined date by you

Offers a joint life cover for both you and your precious child Ensures that your loved ones get an enhanced financial security

BSLI Bachat (Child) Plan : "Most of us today want the best for our child whether we are there or not. This child plan helps you in securing your child's future even in case of any type of unforeseen circumstance. Not only this, it helps in building your funds with the help of regular savings. One can reap following benefits through this plan:"

Tax savings Policy continuance A regular growth to your savings Liquidity and safety of your savings.

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Birla Sun Life Insurance launches ULIP pension plan

MUMBAI, JAN 21: Birla Sun Life Insurance has launched its non-participating unit-linked pension plan Empower Pension. The plan enables customers to accumulate their premiums and investment returns into a corpus for their retirement needs in the accumulation phase. In the vesting phase, this corpus would be used to purchase annuity, which ensures a stream of regular income payable for the rest of their lives. The Indian economy lacks access to a comprehensive and in-built social security regime unlike other developed economies and is under strain due to rising life expectancy. This, coupled with the increasing trend of the nuclear family system in India, makes it imperative for individuals to plan their savings towards meeting their post-retirement lifestyle today, said Jayant Dua, Managing Director and CEO, Birla Sun Life Insurance. The product offers guarantee at exits like vesting and death, tax benefits and guaranteed additions from the sixth policy anniversary. Keywords: Birla Sun Life Insurance, Birla Sun Life launches ULIP pension plan, Jayant Dua, Managing Director and CEO, Birla Sun Life Insurance.

Birla Sun launches Vision Life Income

MUMBAI, JAN 23: Birla Sun Life Insurance has launched its first participating plan Vision Life Income. The traditional whole-life plan offers regular guaranteed payouts, long-term savings and life insurance benefit. With survival benefits payable every year from the end of the premium paying term till maturity and life insurance benefit, this plan offers a perfect blend of income and financial protection for the customers family, said Jayant Dua, MD & CEO, Birla Sun Life Insurance. The plan offers guaranteed regular income for life post-premium paying term, a discount in premium on high sum assured and income-tax benefits.