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William Smith CHHI 301 October 10, 2012

Justo L. When the various 1 2 Gon le . The concerns of numerous church leaders and bishops from the East were that Leo was primarily focused on gaining more authority and spreading the reach of his power. the empire endured to remain unchanged. The invasion of Germanic tribes. the church acted as a guide for what used to be the empire: ancient civilization. This stability was found in the leaders of the church. This thought process was for the most part dispelled shortly after other likeable emperors came into power and wholeheartedly agreed with and supported Leo’s ideas and positions. In the West. This need for assurance and the rise of the papacy had many contributing factors. order.Following the disintegration of the mighty Roman Empire the people sought after leaders that could provide them with a stabile sense of security. One of Leo’s major strengths is considered to be is political savvy. The story of Christiany. Gon le . His opinions were not only respected because of his position as the pope. and justice.2 This imperial acceptance of Leo’s positions regarding politics and the church encouraged to expand the legitimacy and power of the papacy.1 As a result. 282. 2010). . Justo L. but also for their sound political sense. The story of Christiany. In the East. (New York: HarperOne. the bishop evolved into a beacon of hope for the people as well as a means of maintaining the unity that had been seriously jeopardized by the invasion. Leo “the Great” is considered to be one of the first modern popes. A major factor in the papacy’s quick ascension to a position of power throughout Europe is the invasion of Germanic tribes. the Huns. 282. The focus of Leo “the Great’s” attention was on matters primarily in the East. and the erosion of the political infrastructure of the Empire will be the focus. This sense of security and stability was precisely what the people were yearning for. resulting in the papacy very quickly rising to a position of power and dominance.

regions of the decaying Roman Empire were attacked by outside forces.4 The church. where the church was almost completely subject to the state. The actual range of their authority was extremely limited. the wheels began to fall off of the well-oiled political machine that had previously existed. 283. there was disagreement between popes and eastern roman emperors. Justo L. His abilities as a negotiator also proved useful in. Leo was moving forward quickly due to the time’s political situation and his belief that Jesus had divinely ordained him to the position of bishop. Justo L. . 283. ever present voice of calm that made everything seem better. such as Attila and the Huns. not always staying the surge of the invaders. Gon le . Justo Gonzales noted that The Byzantine Empire enjoyed a brief resurgence under the leadership of Emperor Justinian. 284. The story of Christiany. Odoacer created chaos in Italy by removing the last western emperor from office. after violent riots and invasions. Leo lived until 461. for a time. his successor was Hilarious. Leo appeared to be the steadying. But this did not bring a favorable change for the church in Italy.3 Following the fall of the Roman Empire. In 476. It was then that Belisarius invaded Italy and put an end to the kingdom of the Ostrogoths. Overtime. who mirrored his political policies. resulting in a schism. this schism healed. The attempts at molding 3 4 Gon le . but in most cases saving populated areas from utter destruction. experienced many changes when the Byzantine Empire took control over Italy. The story of Christiany. The story of Christiany. Leo was consistently able to prove himself while increasing his authority throughout the land. for the emperor and his functionaries tried to impose there a situation similar to that which existed in the Eastern empire. 5 Gon le . Because Italy was not part of the eastern empire. 5 While the Byzantines were in power the papacy yielded a parade of leaders that acted only as figure head. Justo L.

Pelagius II paid off the Lombards in attempt to save the city of Rome. They became responsible for protecting the city against the threat of the Lombards. Gonzales notes in The Story of Christianity (2010) that there was nobody else. Justo L.7 Over time. this group of Germanic people would have been more successful in their attempt at rule. Justo L. as well as a sickness that caused rumors to begin circulating. . The story of Christianity. Gregory’s tenure saw floods destroy a large portion of the crops. During this time. but were not able to continuously support a united front. so Pellagius II sought assistance from the Franks. nor were the state’s puppets that held the reigns of the papacy during Byzantine rule. thus beginning a long line of popes. If not for the fact that these invaders eventually split into various disagreeing factions. No help was coming from Constantinople at this time. He hoped that they would fight off the Lombards. Gregory became Pelagius’s successor. Eventually the Franks became the main supporter of the Roman Catholic papacy. and the areas of Italy that had not been taken over by the Lombards needed to regain stability. he opened direct 6 7 Gon le . and he began the rebuilding of the aqueducts.6 Stability was sought after by the papacy. The story of Christianity. Byzantines dominance was short-lived. at that time. After only a few short years. the papacy continued to endure withstanding invasions from multiple foreign powers and various political controversies. Gon le . Gregory made sure that food stores were being distributed to the less fortunate. Justo L. 285. to take on these daunting tasks and since there was little help from Constantinople. 284. At this time Byzantine power began to fade away. This was followed by negotiations that resulted in a period of peace with the Lombards. the Lombards invaded.the church into the model of the Eastern European church were not successful.

War. as a way to glorify them spiritually and to serve the alpha and omega. and good /CH. "Church History: The Enrichment of the Roman Catholic Church.Arnold.11 This contributed to the extension of Roman authority into the British Isles.D.negotiations with the Lombards. Kelly. (2009). William Ernest. famine. The political approval that he gained allowed for the support of his religious opinions as well.H. Justo L. After the fall of the Roman Empire. "Church History: The Enrichment of the Roman Catholic Church http://thirdmill. 13 Arnold.13 The Catholic Church gained an unprecedented amount of power in Western Europe as a result of 8 9 Gon le . and invasion were prominent in Western Europe. (London: C.html. and agricultural knowledge to the people living there. especially Italy.12 The balance. Beet. Western Europe was overtaken by chaos.9 Unlike Leo. 10 Gon le .8 Gregory was a very effective political leader. The story of Christianity. 287. Jack L. Gregory did an extraordinary job of growing the papacy. 12 Arnold.osb.10 This contributed greatly to the reason why the people held him in such high esteem as a leader. . but he also strived to be a great religious leader.17. morale was restored. 11 Hicks. stability. "Augustine's Mission to England. political decisions. (2001). 287." (2009). Because of Gregory. Gregory did not claim authority over all the people. and hope that the Catholic Church and the papacy provided were a comfort to the people. The story of Christianity. The rise of the papacy: A. Jack L. Dom B. Justo L. provide hospital care. 4. He preached often and encouraged celibacy among the clergy.html." http://www. he proved to be the type of leader that people trusted and liked. with whom he secured peace. Because of Gregory’s actions. He was not overbearing or strong handed in his governance of the people and this factored into his impressive ability to make political decisions that were agreeable to the masses. 1910). He is held favorably responsible for sending Augustine’s Mission: a missionary like effort of forty monks sent to England to create a church foundation.

15 Popes such as Sylvester II tried to make improvements within the Catholic Church. wealthy political families began supporting the religious leaders that they most favored. 16 This power struggle led to a controlling religious organization that implemented its opinion in political. The story of Christianity.history.18 Following the decline and eventual collapse the of the Roman Empire. such as Sergius Justo L. Luther: Man between God and the Devil. Heiko Augustinus. Leo V. (New York: Doubleday. and personal issues of the people. 14 15 Gon le . "Martin Luther and the 95 Theses. greed.). For a time. and leaders who sought after and craved power more than the best interests of the society in which they lived. the Roman Catholic papacy enjoyed a period of burgeoning hope where it thrived with great political leaders who continually endeavored to do what was in the best interests of the people. Justo L.17 The 95 Theses was a list of complaints for the Roman Catholic Church containing grievances about issues such as indulgences being sold as pardoning for sins. Justo L. and finally a fed-up. 1992). 325. Empire. 324.the sense of security and well-being offered to the people by the papacy. a corrupt church. but as with the majority of great things. popes were seen as the only real power in Western Europe.14 Rivalries between religious figure heads began to break out. (n. but their attempts at reform failed. Gon le . the papacy began to flounder due to corruption. unfairness and greed would take over. Imprisonment and murder were not uncommon ways to gain the papal throne. moral. free thinker who would post his 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church of Wittenberg. 323. 17 Oberman. The story of Christianity. Popular. creating an unhappy population. and Christopher I. 16 Gon le ." http://www. The story of Christianity. Overtime. 18 Zantine. . 190-92.d.

2010.H. 2001. http://www. Accessed October 10. 281-325." OSB. Accessed October 22. Gon le .Bibliography Arnold. "Church History: The Enrichment of the Roman Catholic Church. Kelly. Accessed October 22.osb. Empire.history. New York: Doubleday.Arnold.17. 2012. 2009. Jack. The New Order. 2-64. 385-461. 2012. Oberman.html. Zantine." Third Millennium Ministries." History. Heiko Augustinus. . Vol. Hicks. 2012. 1." In The Rise of the Papacy: A.CH. 1910.html. William Ernest. "Augustine's Mission to England. Dom B. "Martin Luther and the 95 Theses. In The Story of Christianity. London: C. Beet. New York. NY: HarperOne/HarperCollins. "Section II. Justo /CH. Luther: Man between God and the Devil.