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Financial aspects of Experience Based Diferentiation

A global Relationship Management approach

Dip.Ing.Percy Venegas, MBA

San Jose Puebla New York

New world balances: The effect in business
and nance

EBD: Experience Based Diferentiation The returns in the relationship model The business case for Sustainability Delivering the message

What Institutional Investors cover tell us...

There are changes in balances in the world of business and nance

The journey to: Usable, Relevant, Reliable

Price, Quality or Experience?

Returns in the relationship model

Case: Datacenters in China

Social relationship marketing pays off

Consolidating local markets pushing players to go global. Local players moving from the utility side to the identity side. The effect of reputation in a context where personal and government relations are enforced by culture.
Palmatier, Gopalakrishna, and Houston. Customer-specic relationship marketing investments and short-term, customer-specic nancial outcomes.

The business case for Sustainability

Case: Solar Business Technology

technology & capital LINKING


Productivity increase: engaging collaboration technology that reduces costs

Additional revenue streams: carbon emission reduction certicates

Delivering the message

Case: Gourmet coffee importers


Communications making the diference: 10% margin in a 2% market

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