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Police pledge security, social
order during ASEM Summit
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Deal with Iran on nuclear
inspection to be signed soon
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2PM, miss A to travel Korea
with foreign K-pop fans
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4500 kip 4500 kip thursday may 24, 2012 IssuE 118
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Khonesavanh Latsaphao
The Japanese government yesterday
signed agreements to provide
fnancial support for two Lao
government development projects,
at a total cost of more than US$14.2
One grant of over US$11.2
million will be used for the clearance
of unexploded ordnance (UXO) in
areas near main roads. The second
is US$3 million for scholarships for
government offcials under the JDS
The promise of these two grants
was made by the Japanese prime
minister to Lao Prime Minister
Thongsing Thammavong when he
visited Japan in March this year,
Japanese Ambassador to Laos Ms
Junko Yokota said at the signing
Part of the US$11.2 million for
UXO clearance will go towards
the purchase of Japanese-made
specialised equipment, motor
vehicles and computers.
Im sure this support will help to
accelerate UXO clearance in Laos,
Ms Yokota said.
Japan has contributed to this effort
since 1999, through various channels
including direct contributions to the
Lao National UXO Programme
(UXO Lao), through Japanese NGOs
and the Japan-Asean Integration
Fund. The total amount so far
provided is US$26 million.
The second grant of US$3
million is intended for human
resource development and will be
used to send young Lao government
offcials to higher education
institutions in Japan, Ms Yokota
said. She confrmed that later this
year about 20 offcials will go to
Japan to study for development,
education, law, agriculture and
engineering degrees.
The JDS scholarship programme
began in 1999. In the frst 10 years of
the scheme, nearly 220 Lao offcials
studied for masters degrees in
Deputy Prime Minister and
Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr
Thongloun Sisoulith endorsed
the planned use of the grants,
saying the two projects supported
by the Japanese government will
greatly assist in human resource
development and the reduction of
UXO contamination in Laos.
UXO hazards have existed in
Laos for 37 years, since the Indochina
War. This has been detrimental to
both socio-economic development
and the countrys growth in general
for almost four decades.
Since 1996, almost 30,000
hectares of UXO-contaminated land
have been cleared but Dr Thongloun
said 87,000 square kilometres are
still affected, posing great danger to
local people.
According to the National
Regulatory Authority, hundreds of
people in Laos are killed or injured
by UXO accidents each year.
Between 1964 and 1973 a total
of 580,000 bombing missions
were conducted over Laos, which
averages out at one mission every
eight minutes around the clock for
the nine years.
It is estimated that out of the 2
million tonnes of bombs dropped,
including 288 million cluster bombs,
almost 30 percent failed to detonate.
Japan grants more than US$14m for aid projects
Dr Thongloun Sisoulith and Ms Junko Yokota shake hands after the signing ceremony.
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Times Reporters
The World Bank has raised its GDP
growth forecast for Laos this year,
expressing optimism that agricultural
output will rebound.
The bank announced the revision
of its earlier projection of 7.5
percent growth to 8.3
percent during a video
conference yesterday
from Tokyo, Japan,
when unveiling the East
Asia Economic Update
mid-year review.
According to a
World Bank Senior
Economist in Laos, Ms
Genevieve Boyreau,
the main driver of Lao
GDP growth in 2012
will be the mining
sector, which is expected to gain
a major boost from the expansion
of mining operations and the rising
price of gold and copper on the
world market.
Construction will also play an
important role in driving economic
growth. Laos is building a large
convention centre and 50 luxury
villas and expanding Vientianes
Wattay International Airport in
Lao economy will see 8.3 percent growth this year: World Bank
preparation for the Asia-Europe
Meeting Summit it will host in
The services sector is also
expected to see remarkable growth
this year. The sector will beneft from
higher wholesale and trade volumes,
and growth in tourism, transport and
The manufacturing
sector will also beneft
from the growing
demand for cement,
construction materials,
food, and beverages.
However, while the
outlook for short term
growth is positive,
growth in the medium
term remains subject to
uncertainty in external
markets as a result of
price volatility, the Euro area debt
crisis, and a slowdown in Chinas
economic growth.
Agricultural output is expected to
rebound after the adverse impacts of
tropical storms in 2011.
The World Bank had lowered the
GDP growth forecast for Laos from
8.3 to 8 percent in 2011 and to 7.5
percent in 2012 after the country
faced serious impacts from fooding.
Ms Genevieve Boyreau.
Times Reporters
The ill health of more than 100
people in Palay village, Thaphabath
district of Borikhamxay province, is
believed to been caused by inhaling
the vapours of a spilled chemical.
The unidentifed chemical is
thought to have leaked from a
truck on its way from a mine site in
Vientiane province.
Thaphabath district Deputy
Governor Mr Langsy Dalavong
told Vientiane Times yesterday that
the vehicle came through at night
recently and the drivers stopped for
dinner before heading further north.
The chemical spillage in Thaphabath district, Borikhamxay province.
Villagers fall ill after chemical
spill in Borikhamxay
According to the World Bank,
headline infation in Laos has
trended down since November 2011,
benefting from lower food and fuel
The headline infation fell from
7.9 percent year on year in November
to 5.3 percent in March.
Food infation has declined from
10.7 percent to 8.2 percent in the
same period, attributable to the rice
price decline and despite relatively
high meat prices, which resulted
from a high base effect in 2011, the
harvest season at the end of 2011, and
the governments tightened control
on rice exports.
Energy prices continue to grow
but at a slower space compared
to last year due to a high base
effect in 2011. Such slowdown
drove energy inflation downward
in March. Core inflation has also
tended down toward 3 percent year
on year in March.
According to a report from the
Lao government, it projects GDP
growth of 8 percent in 2011/2012
and plans for growth to reach at least
8 percent next year.
The Asian Development Bank
has forecast that economic growth in
Laos will be 7.8 percent this year.
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Home news
Home news Thursday May 24, 2012
Times Reporters
The Japanese Commission
for Solidarity with Asian
Underprivileged (CSA) is
providing further assistance to
Santhiphab Secondary School
in Luang Prabang province.
An agreement to continue
the provision of educational
assistance to disadvantaged
children was signed in
Vientiane yesterday by
Director General of the
Ministry of Education and
Sports Secondary Education
Department, Mr Lyfu, and
CSA General Secretary, Ms
Hinako Watanabe.
Mr Lyfu said CSA will
continue to help the school for
three more years, including
the provision of essential
educational supplies and
maintenance of the dormitory.
There are many
outstanding students in this
school, he said, so it has
a very important role in the
The dormitory in the
school was funded and built
by CSA so that students
with an excellent academic
record could continue their
Recently, CSA has
provided funds to build
several schools in Laos so
this Commission is making
an important contribution
to the improvement of
the countrys education
Although Japanese people
have been severely affected
by natural disasters recently,
we will continue to help the
Lao education sector because
we believe it is important to
secure a bright future for the
children, said Ms Watanabe.
CSA is a non-government
organisation based in Japan
that addresses issues of
concern through the support
and protection of those in need
in South-East Asia. Originally
established in 1981, largely
by trade unions and their
affliates, it was intended to
be a provider of support and
a protector of human rights
for refugees from Indochina
countries who settled in
The refugee situation in
Japan has markedly improved,
however, and the original
objectives have been more or
less achieved so CSA is now
working for the development
of South-East Asian countries,
as well as supporting those
former refugees who have
been repatriated.
Since 1995, CSA has
helped to build primary
schools in remote areas of
Laos. Most of the schools
were built in villages in
Vientiane, Luang Prabang,
Borikhamxay, Xayaboury and
Bokeo provinces, in locations
where children had no access
to formal education.
They have also provided
stationery, writing equipment
and, in some cases, textbooks.
In Laos, there are a
number of students who are
still not able to receive higher
education due to either poverty
or living in a remote area.
Japan helps Luang Prabang
students to make the grade
Mr Lyfu (right) shakes hands with Ms Hinako Watanabe after the
signing ceremony.
Xayxana Leukai
The Ministry of Health is
aiming to modernise food and
drug management systems
in Laos, in order to provide
better standards of care.
Minister of Health Prof.
Dr Eksavang Vongvichit
said recently the ministry
was focusing on upgrading
food and drug management
systems, which will include
amendments to various laws
and regulations. The aim of the
drive is to improve healthcare
service provision at hospitals,
health clinics, pharmacies and
We will focus on
advancing management
systems and quality
supervision of the food and
drug checking unit to ensure
safe and modern medical
standards, he said, adding
that the ministry would strictly
Ministry to examine medicinal standards
monitor quality standards in a
bid to weed out substandard
and fake medicines.
Under the seventh fve-year
health sector development plan
for 2011-2015, the ministry
will encourage businesses to
invest in both the conventional
and traditional medicine
markets, in a bid to increase
They will also be
encouraging all pharmaceutical
factories to ensure that their
operations meet required
standards as Laos integrates
with the rest of the region.
In terms of the development
of traditional medicine, Dr
Eksavang said they intend
to improve the traditional
medicine curriculum at the
University of Health Sciences
and public health schools
throughout the country.
They will also be promoting
treatments with traditional
medicines in hospitals and
other healthcare centres.
Dr Eksavang also suggested
herbalists should continue
researching and developing
medicinal plants for future
treatment. This included
researching potential sources
of medicinal compounds
as well as preserving and
documenting traditional
medicinal knowledge.
Herbalists are advised to
survey the market for traditional
medicines, including selection
and harvesting techniques,
as well as the cultivation,
preservation and processing
of medicinal plants.
Broadening their
knowledge will allow more
vendors to establish herbal
medicine dispensaries that
meet regional and international
standards, and offer an
alternative to conventional
Times Reporters
The brand new Savannakhet-
Quang Binh Friendship
Kindergarten in Kaysone
Phomvihane district,
Savannakhet province, is
ready to throw open its doors at
the start of next academic year.
Speaking at a handover
ceremony for the school
on May 19, Savannakhet
province Education and Sports
Department Director, Mr
Khamphoun Touphaithoun,
said how much he welcomed
the addition of the school to the
districts education system.
Mr Khamphoun said the
school cost over 4.9 billion kip
to build and was funded by the
Peoples Committee of Quang
Binh province, Vietnam, and a
contribution of more than 953
million kip from the people of
Savannakhet province.
Also present at the event
were Savannakhet provincial
Governor Dr Souphanh
Keomixay, Chairman of the
Peoples Committee of Quang
Binh province Mr Nguyen
Huu Hoai, district authority
Vietnam invests in future of Savannakhet children
offcials and other invited
guests from both sides.
Mr Khamphoun said the
two-storey school took one
year to complete after the
groundbreaking ceremony on
May 19 last year. The school
was built by a locally-based
construction company.
The school measures
10.5 x 48.5 metres and has
fve furnished classrooms,
a staffroom, medical room,
meeting room, a workshop
and toilets. Each room has
30 tables and chairs as well
as educational supplies, and
25 sets of outdoor exercise
Dr Souphanh said the
school was the outcome of the
bilateral cooperation between
the two countries and marked
the 35th anniversary of the
Friendship and Cooperation
Treaty (1977-2012) and the
50th anniversary of diplomatic
relations (1962-2012) between
Laos and Vietnam.
The schools handover
also marks 122nd anniversary
of the birth of Vietnamese
President Ho Chi Minh.
Dr Souphanh said the
kindergarten would help to
broaden the knowledge of
local children.
The children of today will
become a powerful force in
the future if they have access
to good education at an early
In national development,
the development of human
resources has come to be
considered fundamental to
economic progress, he added.
Dr Souphanh thanked
Mr Hoai and the people of
Quang Binh province for
their generous support and
expressed hope for future
Our government hopes
the authorities concerned will
cooperate with local people to
assist in this work, Mr Hoai
said. Speaking on behalf of
the people of Quang Binh
province, he added We are
very happy to bring a better
future to the children of
Savannakhet, and we hope
the local community will
work together to maintain the
Somxay Sengdara
Lao and overseas offcials
believe the 9th Asia-Europe
Meeting (ASEM) Summit
to be held in Vientiane in
November will shine a brighter
spotlight on Laos.
Ministry of Foreign
Affairs Offce Head Mr
Sayakane Sisouvong and
European Union (EU) Charge
dAffaires to Laos Mr Michel
Goffn conveyed the message
yesterday at a national seminar
to raise public awareness of the
Asia-Europe Meeting process
and Laos preparations for the
upcoming summit.
The EU congratulates
Laos for being able to organise
the summit because it will
certainly put Laos on the
map and boost the country on
the international scene, Mr
Goffn said.
He is personally confdent
that the Lao government
will hold a very successful
summit, saying the country is
preparing very seriously, while
having good capacity in terms
of logistics and protocol and,
most importantly, political
Mr Sayakane said Laos
will gain historic political
signifcance by hosting
the international meeting,
which will be attended
by more than 50 heads of
state and government, and
representatives from the EU
(From left) Mr Michel Goffn, Mr Sayakane Sisouvong, and Director General of the Department of Economic
Affairs Mr Thongphane Savanphet attend the seminar.
Offcials: ASEM Summit to spotlight Laos
and Asean Secretariat.
The summit will be
an opportunity for Laos to
showcase the success of the
governments open policy
in terms of international
relationships and cooperation
which we began in 1986 with
a view to improving living
conditions, he said.
This policy has also
facilitated international
integration and participation
in regional and international
affairs, Mr Sayakane added.
ASEM was established in
1996 to foster formal dialogue
between the Asian and
European regions on important
issues and challenges that
are of interest to both sides
and require a joint effort to
The summit will provide a
platform for ASEM members
to gain a deeper understanding
of the true situation in Laos,
especially concerning freedom
of beliefs and religion, and
human rights.
In fact, we have these
policies in place, but seeing
and believing is better.
Summit participants will be
able to visit many places and
talk with people during the
event, Mr Sayakane said.
One of the important
meetings to be held on the
sidelines is the 13th Asia-
Europe Business Forum.
This meeting will enable
investors from the two regions
to discover the potential for
investment in Laos and discuss
Other important sideline
meetings are the 9th Asia-
Europe Peoples Forum and
7th Asia-Europe Parliamentary
The Asia-Europe
Meeting has 48 members.
Twenty (including the Asean
Secretariat) are in Asia and
Oceania, and 28 (including
the European Commission)
are in Europe.
The expansion of ASEM
will be announced during the
summit with the admission
of three new members -
Switzerland, Norway, and
Bangladesh bringing the
total to 51 members.
The 1-day seminar was
co-organised by the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs and EU
Delegation to Laos, and
attended by government
offcials and civil servants
from Vientiane and Vientiane
and Borikhamxay provinces.
Cooperation between Laos
and the EU, and preparations
for the summit and its sideline
meetings were also discussed
at the seminar.
The ministry will hold
a similar seminar in Luang
Prabang and Champassak
provinces to raise awareness
of the summit among civil
servants and the public in the
northern, other central and
southern provinces.
Vientiane times 3
Volunteer Sub-Editors wanted
Vientiane Times seeks experienced writers/editors to edit copy for daily publication.
Applicants must be native English speakers, able to write perfect English, and have some
experience in journalism, editing or writing.
We require full-time assistance, with some evenings and Sundays, and will pay a
basic monthly salary.Please call in at Vientiane Times with your CV. Our ofces are on
Setthathirath Road opposite Namphou fountain.
Thursday May 24, 2012 Home news
Xieng Khuang
Temperature (C)
Min Max
23/05/2012 20 26 Light rain
24/05/2012 19 26 Mostly cloudy
25/05/2012 19 27 Scattered showers
Luang Namtha
Temperature (C)
Min Max
23/05/2012 21 32 Light rain
24/05/2012 20 32 Mostly cloudy
25/05/2012 21 33 Scattered showers
Luang Prabang
Temperature (C)
Min Max
23/05/2012 24 33 Light rain
24/05/2012 24 34 Mostly cloudy
25/05/2012 25 35 Scattered showers
Temperature (C)
Min Max
23/05/2012 25 32 Mostly cloudy
24/05/2012 26 33 Light rain
25/05/2012 26 33 Scattered showers
Temperature (C)
Min Max
23/05/2012 27 35 Partly cloudy
24/05/2012 27 36 Light rain
25/05/2012 27 36 Scattered showers
Temperature (C)
Min Max
23/05/2012 28 35 Partly cloudy
24/05/2012 27 34 Light rain
25/05/2012 28 35 Isolated showers
3 Day Weather Forecast
Somxay Sengdara
Vientiane is planning to have
its own television station next
year, with authorities hoping it
will serve them by promoting
activities in the capital.
Vientiane authorities
made the decision in 2009
to establish a TV station, but
there was a funding shortage
and they were unable to fnd
an appropriate location. The
nearly 24 billion kip project
was consequently delayed
until they could come up with
a way to operate a station
Now the Vientiane
Department of Information,
Culture and Tourism has found
a 1-hectare site in Phonpapao
village, Sisattanak district,
and funding. However, the
cost of the project has climbed
to 30 billion kip and must be
authorised by the government
and approved by the National
This is the countrys
capital, so we would like
the city to have its own TV
station, especially as many
provinces already have their
Vientiane hopes to have
own tV station soon
own, department Director Ms
Vanpheng Keonakhone told
Vientiane Times on Monday.
There are 40 domestic
television stations in Laos in
all the provinces, and many
districts have their own stations
while the capital authority
has none. Vientiane receives
airtime for programmes from
other stations, mainly Lao
National Television (LNT),
for 30 minutes each day.
The amount of time we
are currently allotted is too
short for us to communicate
the daily activities of the
Vientiane authorities and their
Party bodies, Ms Vanpheng
There are four main
domestic television channels
in Vientiane: LNTs Channels
1 and 3, Lao Star Channel, and
the Public Security Channel.
The LNT Channel 1, which
broadcasts for nearly 18 hours
a day, informs the public about
Party and government directions
and policies, providing
information and entertainment.
Channel 3 focuses on business,
entertainment, and airtime
Lao Star Channel is a
satellite station whose signal
can be received in many
countries. Programme content
is typically educational topics
and entertainment.
Meanwhile, MV Lao
screens solely entertainment
programmes like flms and
music. Even though the
channel plans to air, it has yet
to operate offcially.
The Lao Star Channel is
fnancially self-reliant and is
regarded as the most watched
Lao station. The Party and
government are aiming for
all state media organisations
to be fnancially self-reliant.
However, none are quite as
popular as they could be.
Ms Vanpheng said her
department is considering
possible options.
We are thinking about
what we can earn, but it is
diffcult as experience shows
there are many television
stations facing fnancial
diffculties right now. So we
will be reliant on the allocated
budget at frst, but we hope to
gradually become proftable
as time goes on, she said.
Villagers fall ill... FROM PAGE 1
Times Reporters
Police offcers have pledged
that security and social order
will be maintained during the
Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)
Summit which Vientiane will
host in November.
The Ministry of Public
Security has drawn up 11
strategic plans to realise
this goal, Deputy Minister
of Public Security Police
Brigadier General Kongthong
Phongvichith announced
The strategic plans are
associated with the ministrys
four-mandate targets,
involving 15 points of focus
to ensure political security,
stability and social order.
We will work to ensure
political stability and ensure
there are no instances of
undesirable social behaviour,
Brig Gen Kongthong
promised. Or if any such
events do occur, they will be
prevented from escalating.
Brig Gen Kongthong
made the announcement at
the Ministry of Information,
Culture and Tourism when he
briefed offcials on security
issues and recalled the
Police pledge security, social
order during ASEM Summit
founding of the Lao Security
To ensure the 11 strategic
plans are implemented, the
Deputy Minister said the
ministry has sent security
offcers to several provinces to
work at the grassroots level to
ensure security. This includes
mobilising local people to
participate in security operations
by using their eyes and ears to
detect any potential problems
in their communities.
Recently, the ministry has
strengthened coordination and
worked more closely with
the Vientiane authorities and
ministries concerned to ensure
all security preparations are in
place ahead of the November
summit, which will be
the biggest international
conference ever to take place
in Laos.
Brig Gen Kongthong also
said cooperation was needed
from all government agencies
and civil servants to guard
state offces.
He said security offcials
were implementing the Prime
Ministers Order concerning
security issues, which aims to
address undesirable behaviour,
but gave no details.
As Laos has already
hosted several international
events, the deputy minister
said he believed this occasion
was not beyond the countrys
In 2004, Laos hosted the
Asean Summit in Vientiane
when heads of state from
Aseans 10 member countries
and their counterparts from
dialogue partners convened
for talks.
Three years later, Laos
hosted the 23rd Francophonie
ministerial meeting, attended
by foreign ministers and
ministers in charge of
Francophonie affairs of the 55
permanent member countries.
Representatives of 13 observer
countries also attended the
Heads of state and
government from 48 countries
are expected to attend the ASEM
Summit. Three other events
will take place simultaneously:
business forums, parliamentary
meetings and people-to-people
Deputy Minister of
Information, Culture and
Tourism Mr Savankhone
Razmountry was present at
yesterdays briefng.
Brigadier General Kongthong Phongvichith (left) and Mr Savankhone Razmountry attend the security
The next day, many
villagers felt unwell after
inhaling the chemical vapours.
They developed coughs and
skin irritations, had breathing
diffculties and felt weak and
dizzy, he said. We still dont
know which company the
vehicle belonged to or what
kind of chemical it carried.
The vehicle spilled some
of its load on its way through
the village but the largest
emission occurred near a
restaurant and the market.
The Socio-Economic
Daily newspaper reported
on the issue on Wednesday,
quoting a number of affected
villagers on what symptoms
they experienced after the
chemical spill.
24-year-old Ms Not who
sells food in the village near
the main road said her eyes
turned red and were very sore.
She also felt dizzy and wanted
to vomit. Now she feels better
after going for treatment at a
nearby hospital.
Director of Thaphabath
district Health Offce Dr
Chaykeo Luangphan told
Vientiane Times yesterday that
about 44 villagers went for
treatment at the district hospital
while others went to hospitals
in the provincial capital
Pakxan or in Vientiane.
Even now, some villagers
still have health problems but
they are not as serious as they
were before, he said, saying
that the district hospital gave
them medication based on
their symptoms.
I dont know what kind of
chemical it was. I have never
treated people who were
sick because of an industrial
chemical spill.
The problem has subsided
after local authorities removed
the substance from the village
and buried it in a safer area.
A sample of the chemical
has been sent to various labs
in Vientiane and the tests
should soon be fnalised. The
identifcation of the chemical
involved could help to track
down the company that owned
the truck.
Times Reporters
Border demarcation with
Cambodia and Thailand is
progressing, while borders
with Laos other three
neighbours, China, Myanmar
and Vietnam, are already
virtually established, an
offcial has said.
Laos and Cambodia share
a 535km border and almost
86 percent of the total has
been identifed with offcials
expressing the intention to
complete as soon as possible.
Land demarcation
along the 735km border
with Thailand has reached
93 percent completion,
the Head of the National
Border Committees Office
of the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, Mr Phoukhao
Phommavongsa, told the
Vientiane Times yesterday.
However he admitted that
demarcation work on the
1,100 km water border has not
yet started.
To encourage the
demarcation effort, Deputy
Foreign Minister Ms Sounthone
Xayachak led a delegation on
a visit to the demarcation area
at the international checkpoint
of Vangtao-Chongmek in
Laos southernmost province
of Champassak and Ubon
Ratchathani in Thailand, from
May 19-21.
During the three-day trip
the delegation also visited
demarcation areas at the
international checkpoint
between Champassak and
Cambodias Stung Treng
province. The delegation
inspected border identifcation
markers as well as visiting the
site where the Laos-Cambodia
Friendship Monument will be
Whilst progress was being
made, offcials were still
unable to give target dates
for completion of border
demarcation with Cambodia
and Thailand.
Demarcation work on the
505km border with China is
almost complete although
offcials from both sides
have added a few additional
markers. The work is set for
completion this year.
Similarly, the 2,067 km-
long border shared with
Vietnam has largely been
demarcated, with both
sides currently adding more
markers. This work is set for
completion in 2014.
Mr Phoukhao added that
demarcation on the 236km
border with Myanmar has
been completed.
The Lao government
has recognised the need to
complete this demarcation
as soon as possible, saying it
would be valuable for future
Border demarcation making good progress
Vientiane times Home news Thursday May 24, 2012
News in Brief
Job Announcement
Universit Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (Gbx ABT/ULg), Hanoi University of Agriculture
(HUA) and CEDAC are going to implement a three-year project funded by the European Union (EU) titled
Promoting appropriate technology for smallholders to increase food security among ethnic groups in Cambodia
and Lao PDR". The objective of the project is to improve poor people nutritional intake and health by diversifying
and increasing quality food production thanks to appropriate technologies, while encouraging food trade and
sensitizing households to diet balance principles.
In the framework of the project, we are seeking qualifed staff to fll Thematic Supervisor position.
Thematic Supervisor: Position based in Attapeu province with feldwork in the villages of the following
districts: Phouvong, Saysettha, Sanamxay, Sanxay.
Purpose of the position:
Responsible for providing thematic technical related to Food security and Nutrition and CBOs (Community
Based Organizations) support to the feld coordinators, coordinating activities, facilitating monitoring surveys and
overseeing quality control.
Bachelor degree or equivalent on rural sociology or related felds
At least 4 years of experience in related felds
Knowledge in Food security and Nutrition, CBOs and rural development
Ability to manage staff under control to achieve the goal of project
Good level of English (speaking, listening, reading and writing)
Excellent initiative, team spirit and cross cultural sensitivity
Ability to plan, organize and coordinate activities
Willingness to work in rural and remote areas (even over night)
main duties and responsibilities:
Establish, follow up, review, adjust and implement work plan for Food security and Nutrition; CBOs; and
M&E (Monitoring & Evaluation) in Lao and English and coordination with relevant project staff.
Implement, follow up and evaluate impact of activities and coordination with relevant project staff.
Summarise activities conducted at the end of the month in a report and plan activities with respective
project staff for coming month in Lao and English.
Establish and analyse project documentation such as reports, assessment, data base and Operation and
Monitoring (O&M) data.
Ensure very good communication between project offce and feld offces, especially for Food security and
Nutrition; CBOs; training/capacity building and M&E activities for implementation of result mentioned.
Conduct regular feld visits to follow up and measure process of implementation.
Establish bill of quantity and its specifcations, quotations and its analysis for purchase of necessary
implements to conduct above mentioned activities successfully.
Coordinate activities with project offce, feld offces and relevant stakeholders to ensure effcient
implementation of all project activities.
Arrange meetings, appointments and workshops.
Write progress reports in Lao and English.
Ensure that regulations and procedures set by project and donor is respected by relevant staff and
Other tasks may be required if needed.
Interested candidates, please send cover letter and CV (indicating on the title Thematic Supervisor position) in
English to:
in cc to and
Only short-listed candidates will be informed about further selection process.
Closing date: 31 May 2012
Job Announcement
Universit Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (Gbx ABT/ULg), Hanoi University of Agriculture (HUA) and
CEDAC are going to implement a three-year project funded by the European Union (EU) titled Promoting appropriate technology
for smallholders to increase food security among ethnic groups in Cambodia and Lao PDR". The objective of the project is to
improve poor people nutritional intake and health by diversifying and increasing quality food production thanks to appropriate
technologies, while encouraging food trade and sensitizing households to diet balance principles.
In the framework of the project, we are seeking qualifed staff to fll National Coordinator position.
National Coordinator (1 position): Position based in Attapeu province with feld visits in the villages of the following
districts: Phouvong, Saysettha, Sanamxay, Sanxay.
Purpose of the position:
Responsible for coordinating project implementation in Laos (Attapeu Province); to manage local team (about 20 people) and to
act as main link agent with Cambodia team.
Bachelor degree or equivalent in Management and/or in felds related to rural development, including agriculture and
community development
At least 4 years of experience project management position, preferably in a development project
Strong ability to manage staff under control to achieve the goals of project
Ability and experience in administrative and fnancial management preferably following international donors procedures.
Experience with EU-funded project is a strong asset.
Excellent ability to plan, organize and coordinate activities
Strong experience in reporting including fnancial report
Good level of English is mandatory (speaking, listening, reading and writing)
Knowledge in Food security; Nutrition, CBOs and/or rural development
Excellent initiative, team spirit and cross cultural sensitivity
Willingness to work in rural and remote areas
main duties and responsibilities:
1 Management:
- Human resources management of local team:
o 4 Thematic Supervisors themselves coordinating 8 Extension Offcers and 5 Public Services Extension Offcers
o one Accountant and Administrative Assistant
o two Drivers, one Security Guard and one Cleaner
- Daily work coordination and follow-up of Thematic Supervisors staff and Accountant & Administrative Assistant (check
work compliance with requirements)
- In close collaboration with the implementing partners of Gbx ABT and HUA, prepare the Quarterly Work Plan and
Budget (QWPB) in relation to the Project design and available fnancing, and oversee the implementation of the activities
as per the approved QWPB;
- In close collaboration with implementing partners of Gbx ABT and HUA and the expatriate staff, participate in all
activities and budget reporting activities, whether for internal management or for audit and evaluation purpose
- In close collaboration with implementing partners of Gbx ABT;HUAand ULB, and the expatriate staff, participate in all
strategic planning and implementation procedures activities
- In close collaboration with the implementing partners of Gbx ABT and HUAand expatriate staff, participate in all project
technical, administrative and fnancial management activities, including procurements and follow-up of contractual,
budgetary and fnancial agreements
- Receive and arrange for reproduction and circulation of reports, studies and other Project documentation from all
involved staff as appropriate
2 Local interface:
- Local administration management (relationship with provincial authorities; juridical back-up and any other activities in
link with national legislation compliance).
- Ensure local offce functionality (supervise maintenance work and necessary equipment)
- Ensure information sharing with all stakeholders
- Coordinate the translation of key documents from Lao to English and English to Lao as needed ( identify translator(s),
check translation provided)
- Supervise and arrange for all activities related to local logistics as appropriate
3 Technical topics management and follow-up
- Technical management of the Thematic supervisors staff (technical guidance in their activities) in line with project
purpose as described in the project proposal approved by the EU.
Interested candidates, please send cover letter and CV (indicating on the title National Coordinator position) in English to:
in cc to and and
Only short-listed candidates will be informed about further selection process.
Closing date: 31 May 2012
Bounfaeng Phaymanivong
It is essential to change the
habits of consumers, in a bid
to save energy and possibly
obviate the need to build more
power plants in Laos.
This was the message
delivered by the head of
Sunlabob Renewable Energy
(SLB)s Energy Audit and
Effciency Department, Mr
Pierre-Marc Blanchet, at a
seminar held in Vientiane
this week. The seminar was
titled Energy effciency for
companies and institutions and
jointly organised by SLB and
the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer
Internationale Zusammenarbeit
GmbH (GIZ).
Mr Blanchet said People
must use energy wisely in order
to cut electricity bills and other
related expenses, adding that
Renewable energy company
sparks interest in power saving
Mr Pierre-Marc Blanchet (second right) poses with other energy experts at the seminar.
doing so meant more than just
saving money. If people avoid
ineffcient usage of energy,
more electricity can be sold
abroad instead of being used in
the domestic market.
Business executives,
government decision-makers
and representatives from
the international community
attended the day-long seminar
to learn about effcient energy
usage, which also allowed
participants and experts from
Laos and other countries to share
their knowledge, experience and
constructive ideas.
The seminar identifed
the issues involved and
specifcally referred to climate
change consequences in Laos.
The event also identifed
potential solutions for
excessive consumption and
encouraged awareness of and
interest in energy effciency.
Also speaking at the
seminar, SLB CEO Mr Andy
Schroeter focused on existing
possibilities for developing
energy effciency in Laos.
Mr Ir Guntor Tobeng, from
a Malaysian renewable energy
services company, presented a
Malaysian example of effcient
usage and detailed the lessons
learned from past actions. This
was followed by a rigorous
question and answer session
with feld professionals.
Climate change is usually
seen as a global subject with
only limited relevance to the
Lao situation. Yet, even if Laos
has only contributed to global
greenhouse gas emissions in a
small way, it has already been
affected by climate change
and will continue to be so, a
press release noted.
Bokeo authorities help boost wet season rice harvest
Bokeo province with the help of the provincial Agriculture and Forestry Department is
targeting over 2,700 hectares of rice crops this wet season.
The departments Head of Planning said they had sent personnel to fx irrigation systems
damaged in last years fooding, helping farmers with repairs.
Staff said that over 2,600 of the 2,700 hectares will use water from irrigation systems.
Farmers around the province are preparing to plant their rice and expect to fnish by the
beginning of July. They will use the single seedling method to plant Thadokkham 1, 3, 8
and 11 varieties, and will plant traditional rice seeds as well.
Farmers will also plant sweetcorn, soybean, peanut and vegetable seeds.
Lao Red Cross reaches out to the needy
The Lao Red Cross Offce branch in Vientiane province is focusing on further aiding the
poor, orphans, victims of natural disasters and other vulnerable people.
A provincial authority offcial attending the World Red Cross Day and World Blood
Donation Day ceremony recently said clothing worth more than 76 million kip had been
distributed to target groups.
The branch has cooperated with NGOs to fund the purchase of medicine, food, clothes
and other items to help people in need.
It is also encouraging local communities to join in blood donation activities for the beneft
of hospital patients.
The branch has collected over 1,600 bags of blood from volunteer donors so far this year,
which is 6.6 percent above the annual target.
The Red Cross has also provided 29 latrines, three bore wells, and over 2,330 sets of
materials for building toilets in rural communities. It has also helped more than 37,800
people to receive free medical check-ups by local doctors.
The branch is also assisting over 20 villages in Kasy, Maed and Hom districts with their
efforts to become model communities of health.
Saravan eyes higher GDP
Vapy district in Saravan province looks to increase its GDP by over 10 percent, or more
than 242 billion kip for the 2011-2012 fscal year.
The agriculture and forestry sector plans to increase its growth by 8.86 percent,
accounting for 53.6 percent of GDP.
The industry sector is eyeing a 20 percent growth rate, while the services sector plans for
19 percent growth which accounts for 30 percent of GDP.
In previous years, each sector grew by 3-5 percent annually. Now the average annual per
capita income in the district is over 6.5 million kip.
A Vapy district authority offcial said the district expects to produce about 56,830 tonnes
of rice on over 15,000 hectares in the coming year. This includes fve tonnes of rice per
hectare on over 2,700 hectares in the wet season.
Vientiane times 5 Thursday May 24, 2012 Photo news
Special Services Agreement (SSA) Position Vacancy Notice
The World Health Organization is seeking for a qualifed Lao National for the Position of:
Mental Health Administrative Assistant
This is a short-term 5-6 months assignment.
To provide administrative and management mental health and disability to the WHO country offce in Lao PDR, the Lao Ministry of
Health and other mental health stakeholders as needed.
1. Provide mental health and disability administrative and management support in collaboration with other non-communicable
diseases related activities and under the supervision of unit team leader/s.
2. Collaborate and coordinate with domestic and international community mental health providers for conducting mental health and
disability related workshops and training in the country under supervision of the designated supervisors.
3. Provide advocacy and networking with government, NGOs, bilateral, and other international mental health partners to increase
mental health resources and knowledge sharing and to foster mental health capacity building.
4. Assist in developing mental health standards and norms as well as develop products for mental health promotion and awareness
5. Assist in conducting mental health/disability reduction campaign and education in collaboration with other mental health partners
as required.
6. Collaborate with Laos Ministry of Health, University of Health Science, hospitals, NGOs, and other partner organizations to
organize mental health monthly Round Table meetings and monitor progress in mental health capacity building.
7. Provide management and logistic support as well as other related duties that might be required.
- BAdegree in social science, business, or management is required.
- Medical doctor (MD) or master degree relevant to mental health or social work will be advantage for this position.
- Additional education and training in program management and administration would be an advantage for the position.

Knowledge and skills:
- Cultural competence and knowledge of local systems as well as respect for confdentiality and policy of concerned
- Be able to work with multidisciplinary teams in addition to good communication and interpersonal skills. Be able to work
independently and able to run multiple tasks.
- Ability to work harmoniously as s member of a team, adapt to diverse educational and cultural backgrounds and maintain a high
standard of working ethic and professionalism.
- Be able to communicate in both English and Lao languages using multiple communication skills such as email, fax, phone,
written word, and verbal.
- Experience or skill using Microsoft Offce.
- Three to fve years working experience in administrative and management works related to medical, mental health or social
service felds with private, bilateral, and government sectors within domestic and international organizations.
- Experience networking and working collaboratively with international, bilateral, NGOs, and Government organizations.
- Excellent knowledge of speaking, reading, and writing skills in both English and Lao languages is required.
- Additional language ability is of advantage.
Interested and qualifed candidates are invited to submit applications in English language, with curriculum vitae and cover letter by
25 may 2012
Addressed to:
Dr. Asmus Hammerich
Programme Management Offcer
World health Organization
125 saphanthong road,
unit 5, Ban saphanthong tai,
Sissathanak District.
Vientiane, Lao P.D.R.
Fax: (856) 21 353 905
Tel: (856) 21 353 902-904
Vacancy Notice
Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
Peace Independent Democracy Unity Prosperity
The government of the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) has received
a grant from the Republic of Korea, through Korea International Cooperation
Agency (KOICA) to fnance the Rural Development Project for 5 villages in Vientiane
Province, hereafter referred to as the Project. The department of planning and
investment in Vientiane Province will be the Implementing Agency (IA). The grant
will be used to fnance the consulting service for the project. Department of planning
and investment in Vientiane Province now invites eligible consulting frms for the
provision of consulting services for the Project. The provision of consulting service
will cover the following areas:
Consulting services cover:
(i) Explore and assess the feasibility for establishing a new noodle manufacturing
factory in NaNin village and create an implementation plan according to its
study result (baseline data);
(ii) Explore and assess the feasibility for cow quality improvement and create an
implementation plan according to its expected result (outcome);
(iii) Formulate an operational plan of the Bamboo handicraft shop in Phonyeng
village, Keo Oudom district, Vientiane province.
Interested consulting companies may obtain further information and receive a
complete set of Term of Reference and request for Quotations (RFQ) at the address
given below.
The method of selection of the successful bidders is selected by Two-State Bidding
(Technical Proposal and Price Quotation).
The quotation documents must be submitted no later than 10:00 AM on 18th June 2012
to address below.
Mr. Khamsay Soumounthong
Department of Planning and Investment in Vientiane Province, Lao PDR
Tel/Fax: 023 431559
Mobile: 22252333 (Mr. Sithon)
23800004 (Ms. Sengmany)
77855168 (Mr. Boulouth)
22251568 (Mr. Khamxay )
The Womens International Group (WIG) held its annual Summer Ball on Saturday at the Lao
Plaza Hotel. The long awaited event gathered more than 100 members of Vientiane society,
Lao and expatriates. The guests were welcomed to the extraordinarily decorated ballroom by
WIG President Ms Terry Dyer-Adams, and members of the board. The event is one of WIGs
fundraising activities to support its projects to assist Lao women and children. The guests were
entertained by the ever popular Mega Band. --Photos Somsanouk Mixay
Deputy Director General of the Hygiene and Prevention Department of the Ministry of Health,
Dr Bounlay Phommasack (second right), presents a fower basket and T-shirts bearing slogans
to mark World No Smoking Day to Deputy Editor-In-Chief and Managing Editor of Vientiane
Times on Monday.
Deputy Minister of Public Security, Police Brigadier General Kongthong Phongvichith (left),
presents medals and certifcates of praise to offcials from the Ministry of Information, Culture
and Tourism yesterday. The presentation recognised the offcials contribution to security work
and took place before the Deputy Minister gave a talk recalling the founding of the security force
and briefed attendees on security preparations for the Asia-Europe Meeting Summit to be held
in Laos in November.
Australian Ambassador
to Laos Ms Lynda
Worthaisong hosts a
farewell lunch on Tuesday
for two Lao journalists
travelling to Australia for
the International Media
Visit Programme from
May 26 to June 3. (From
right) Vientiane Times
News Editor Mr Phonekeo
Vorakhoun, Ms Lynda
Worthaisong, English
Programme Deputy Head of
Lao National Television Ms
Malayvieng Vongchandy
and Third Secretary at the
Australian Embassy Ms
Kimberly Radford.
Vientiane times
Thursday May 24, 2012
In brief from Asia
News Network
The World Health Organization is seeking for a qualifed Lao National for position of:
Technical Offcer for Emerging Diseases, Surveillance and Response
(NPO at NO-A Level)
To provide programme management, procurement and logistical support to Emerging Diseases, Surveillance and Response (ESR),
WHO Representative Offce in Lao People's Democratic Republic, in providing technical support to the Ministry of Health, Department
of Hygiene and Prevention, and Department of Curative Medicine, National Center for Laboratory and Epidemiology (NCLE) in the
implementation of surveillance and response and laboratory programmes in the Lao People's Democratic Republic.
(1) Assists in the planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of the activities in the national work plan for emerging
infectious diseases (EIDs) with focus on public health laboratory issues related to surveillance in line with Asia Pacifc
Strategy for Emerging Diseases (APSED) and International Health Regulation (IHR) requirements;
(2) Liaises closely with the relevant section of National Centre for laboratory and Epidemiology (NCLE) and Ministry of Health
for timely provision of procured items and supplies required for the implementation of laboratory and surveillance activities
and make necessary follow-up action for timely implementation of the work plan activities;
(3) Updates and maintains the records of all inventory items in selected provincial surveillance units and laboratories according
to the WHO inventory management systems and various donors requirements. Contribution to the development of periodic
donor reporting;
(4) Assists in strengthening networking on EIDs for cross-border cooperation, surveillance and response.
(5) Assists in the establishment of an Emerging Operation Centre (EOC) in ministry of health including development of terms of
references of the centre, standard operation procedures and communication system during public health emergency;
(6) Provides program management support to the ESR unit, including a regular progress review of workplan implementation,
organization of training, meetings and workshop with NCLE, MoH and other partners, preparation for donor reporting , and
coordination for periodic program review/assessments;
(7) Maintains, update, and monitors information on project activities on the computerized database systems and generate report
as required;
(8) Performs any other tasks as requested by WHO ESR offcer.
Essential: University degree in health sciences or relevant areas.
desirable: Postgraduate degree or training in public health desirable.
Knowledge and Skills:
Knowledge and experience in surveillance and public health laboratory function, procurement and logistic coordination,
communicable disease control and public health emergency. Skills in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
of workplan activities, translation between English and Lao, and in the development of locally-adapted tools and instruments.
Good communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to interact with health professionals at various levels and to work with
national counterparts, nongovernmental organizations and international agencies. Ability to work harmoniously as a member of
a team, adapt to diverse educational and cultural backgrounds and maintain a high standard of personal conduct.
Essential: At least one year experience in public health, preferably in a large or international organization, embassy, or
multinational corporation.
desirable: Experience in working with the MOH in Lao PDR, planning implementation and monitoring of activities at a national
level work plan such as an annual national work plan.
Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English and the local language.
Other skills:
Profciency in standard MS Offce applications.
Interested and qualifed candidates are invited to submit applications in the English language, with curriculum vitae by 18 June 2012 to:
The World Health Organization
125 Saphanthong Road,
Unit 5 Ban Saphanthong Tai,
Sisathanak District.
P.O. Box 343
Vientiane, Lao P.D.R.
Fax: (856) 21 353905
Tel: (856) 21 353902-904
Vacancy Notice
Heavy rains cause
fooding in Hanoi
HANOI (Viet Nam News)
-- Large scale rains lasting
several hours were the
heaviest the city has
seen since the start of the
summer, causing fooding
in Hanoi on Tuesday.
Streets such as Linh
Nam, Ngoc Hoi, Nguyen
Tuan Streets were
fooded causing traffc
jams. Linh Nam Street
was submerged 50-60
centimetres underwater,
making cars and
motorbikes come to a
dead stop. Nguyen Tuan,
Thanh Tri, Phung Khoang,
Nguyen Huu Tho, Belt
Road No.3 in Hoang
Mai district were also
submerged under water.
Risks were increased as
spillway dams had no
warning signs.
Do Van Viet, a worker on
Linh Nam Street said that
the sewage system in the
locality was no adequate,
so even in light rain, the
streets became submerged.
Workers of Hanoi
Water Supply Sewerage
Company mobilised
mud cleaning vehicles to
dredge ditches; however it
had little effect.
Singapore to host
Asean meet on
culture and the
Straits Times) --
Singapore will host the
5th Meeting of Asean
Ministers Responsible
for Culture and the Arts
from May 24 to 25.
Minister for Information,
Communications and the
Arts Dr Yaacob Ibrahim
will host his counterparts
from Brunei, Cambodia,
Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia,
Myanmar, the Philippines,
Thailand and Vietnam.
The meeting aims to
promote arts and culture,
preserve cultural heritage
and develop arts and
cultural industries in the
Asean region.
The Asean ministers
will also call on Prime
Minister Lee Hsien
New plan to reduce
income inequality
in China
CHINA (China Daily) --A
new income-distribution
framework is set for
approval to redress the
growing gap between rich
and poor, government
offcials said.
The framework comes
at a time when the most
affuent 10 percent of the
population make 23 times
more than the poorest
10 percent. In 1988 it
was seven times. The
framework, eight years
in the making, has been
tabled for approval by the
State Council and is likely
to be introduced in the
second half of this year.
JAPAN (The Yomiuri
Shimbun) --Tokyo Skytree,
the tallest tower in the world,
opened to the public Tuesday.
Tokyos new landmark in
Sumida Ward opened after
construction began three years
and 10 months ago, fnishing
with a height of 634 metres,
and surviving the Great East
Japan Earthquake on March
11 last year.
The tower did not suffer
any damage from the disaster
and became a symbol of hope
to many Japanese people,
including survivors in the
devastated areas throughout
Tokyo Skytree will become
the new broadcasting tower
for transmitting television and
radio waves, taking over from
the 333-metre-high Tokyo
Tower, which was constructed
during the nations period of
rapid economic growth.
A commercial complex
at the foot of the tower,
Tokyo Solamachi, also
opened Tuesday. The flow
of people within the capital
is expected to change due to
the tower and the complex,
which are expected to draw
huge crowds near the heart
of Tokyo. They are also
expected to help Japan attract
more overseas tourists.
The frst visitor to reach
the 350-meter observation
deck on the opening day
was Ayumi Nakazawa of
Saitama Prefecture, who was
chosen from among 32,699
people who voted for Tokyo
Skytree when a nationwide
poll was conducted in 2008 to
decide the towers name.
The 42-year-old company
employee and her son Kenta,
12, a frst-year middle school
student, arrived at the deck at
about 10:50 am.
Although drizzle caused
poor visibility from the deck,
I was impressed that I could
see the ground, Nakazawa
said. All I can say is I felt
Tokyo Skytree
opens to public
Visitors take pictures from the base of the tower on Tuesday
morning. --Photo The Yomiuri Shimbun
Nakazawa was followed
by baseball legend Sadaharu
Oh, chairman of the Fukuoka
SoftBank Hawks. He was born
in Sumida Ward and attended
Narihira Primary School near
the tower.
I went to that school,
72-year-old Oh said as he
looked from the deck. I feel
as if Ive gone back through
About 8,000 people, who
won admission tickets at odds
of up to 335-to-1, went up to
the observation deck on the
opening day.
During an opening
ceremony starting just after
9 am ahead of the offcial
opening, Yoshizumi Nezu,
president of Tobu Railway
Co., the parent company of
the towers operator, described
the days rain as a rain of
Its unfortunate to have
weather like this, but its
blessed rain for Skytree to
grow, Nezu, 60, said in his
greeting speech. I believe we
have a promising start today.
Tokyo Solamachi has
been designed in the hope of
creating a new shitamachi,
a term describing a low-lying
part of eastern downtown
The complex, which
features more than 300 shops
and restaurants, opened at 9:40
am, 20 minutes earlier than
the scheduled time because so
many people were waiting.
Skytree and Solamachi
are likely to rank among
the nations biggest tourist
attractions, with Tobu Railway
estimating 32 million visitors
to the area each year, 7 million
more than the number who go
to Tokyo Disney Resort in
Chiba Prefecture.
The Sumida Ward Office
estimates the economic
effect of the facilities for
Tokyo will be 130 billion
yen a year, thanks to the
towers location, which is
just five kilometers from JR
MANILA (Xinhua) --
Southeast Asian countries
welcome a stronger
relationship with the United
States, and believed this
will promote stability and
growth in the region, a senior
Philippine offcial said here
Philippine Foreign Affairs
Undersecretary Erlinda F.
Basilio said senior offcials
from ASEAN and the US
acknowledged the growing
Stronger ASEAN, US ties promote
regional peace, growth
engagement between ASEAN
and the US
He made the remarks
at the 25th Association of
Southeast Asian Nations-
United States (ASEAN-US)
Dialogue that concluded
here Tuesday.
We in ASEAN appreciate
and value the constructive
engagement of the US in our
region as our longstanding and
important dialogue partner,
he said.
According to Basilio, who
also served as co-chair of the
meeting, the US-ASEAN
cooperation will contribute to
regional and global economic
prosperity, development and
peace and security.
Joseph Yousang Yun, State
Department Principal Deputy
Assistant on Security for East
Asia and the Pacifc, said the
US government is very much
committed to continue its
engagement with ASEAN.
INDONESIA (The Jakarta
Post) -- The Presidential Offce
has confrmed that President
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
has granted convicted Australian
drug smuggler Schapelle
Corbys appeal to have her
prison term cut.
Its true that the President
has signed and approved
Corbys plea for a sentence
cut, presidential spokesman
Julian Aldrin Pasha told The
Jakarta Post on Tuesday.
A high-ranking government
offcial earlier said that the
government had agreed to
cut fve years off Corbys 20-
year prison term, which was
approved by the Supreme
Corby was convicted
in 2004 for attempting to
smuggle 4.1 kilograms of
Australian drug smuggler Corby gets
5-year sentence cut
marijuana into Bali in a body-
board bag.
Corby frst launched her
bid for clemency in March
2010, arguing that she was
suffering from mental illness
at the time of the offense and
that she was struggling to cope
with life inside Balis notorious
Kerobokan Penitentiary, which
was endangering her life.
According to the 2002
Clemency Law, the President
is obliged to ask for the
Supreme Courts advice when
considering any clemency
Meanwhile, the lawyer of
Corby says he is happy with
the decision from President
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
to grant a prison-term cut.
Iskandar Nawing, said late
Tuesday that he was unaware of
the news before reading about
it in the media, adding that he
would deliver the good news
to his client on Wednesday.
I really appreciate the
Presidents decision to grant
Corbys appeal, he said.
He said that his camp
was still unsure of when the
Australian would be freed, but
added that he was hoping that it
could be as soon as possible.
Schapelle Corby.
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la.Contact Vientiane Times or send an email to: Or Tel: (856-21) 216364 Fax: (856-21) 216365, 252631
Online subscription
Vientiane times Thursday May 24, 2012
Vacancy Announcement
SAYFON Logistics is now looking for an Assistant Operations having a good a good
sense of team work :being able to manage our shipping staff, to coordinate operations
with all concerned parts, to make the following up of the fles in process.
1. A university degree with at least a strong specialization/experience in
international transport (sea, air and overland freight)
2. Solid knowledge of English (speaking, reading , writing), knowledge of French
is an advantage
3. Strong computer skill (window, words, excel, and e-mail)
4. Ability to work effciently under pressure and to handle concurrent activities
simultaneous/overtimes working
5. Excellent communication, presentation and negotiation skills
Sayfon Logistics Sole Co.Ltd
Ban Chomcheng, Unit 12, House 164
Sisatanak District, Vientiane LAO PDR
Mr Daniel BOULOM
TEL +856 20 222 30 11
Join our dynamic team!
COPE (Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise) is a local not-
for-proft organization that works in partnership with the Ministry of
Health (Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Centre) to provide people with
disabilities with quality rehabilitation services through the Lao PDR.
COPE wishes to appoint a highly motivated individual (Lao national) to support the management
of the COPE program.
Program support to COPE management team, including drafting donor reports and
logistical assistance for activities.
Manage the provision of work permits and visas for expatriate staff through the relevant
government ministries
Coordinate quarterly meetings of the COPE Board of Directors in a timely manner, including
logistical organisation, minute taking, and collecting, translating and disseminating
Support the development of the clinical governance group at the PMRC, including logistical
support, translation and distributing meeting papers.
Manage the human resources database, including time sheeting, leave register and
contract renewals.
Logistical management in recruitment, including providing induction for new staff and
assisting expatriate staff relocation to Lao PDR.
Written and verbal translation of reports, correspondence, training materials and like from
Lao to English and English to Lao language.
Qualifcation and Experience
Lao national, with proven successful track record in project support and report writing
University graduate in Management, Social Studies, Health Sciences or related feld
Minimum 5 years experience in project support or administration and/or human resource
Excellent team building, team working, and relationship building skills.
Able to prioritise tasks, manage time and work schedules effectively and meet deadlines.
Excellent communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal skills.
Fluency in spoken and written English.
Experience with verbal and written translation between Lao and English.
Excellent computer skills, including MS Offce, Outlook, Internet.
Familiarity with reporting requirements of donors an advantage, particularly USAID, CBM
and AusAID
Work experience in the disability/health sector an advantage
Experience in processing work permits and visa applications for expatriate personnel
COPE offers a dynamic work environment with continuing professional development
for all staff.
Qualifed people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
To apply send resume with a cover letter responding to required qualifcations and
experience and why you would like to work for COPE in English to Ms Kerryn Clarke at the
address below by the Monday 4 June 2012.
COPE/ c/o Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Centre, Khou Vieng Road, Vientiane, Lao PDR
E-mail: Website:
VIENNA (Xinhua) --
Agreement on probing
suspected work on Irans
controversial nuclear program
was expected to be signed
soon, said Yukiya Amano,
Director General of the
International Atomic Energy
Agency (IAEA) on Tuesday.
There was an important
development on the structured
approach document on which
we have been working
since January, Amano told
reporters at Vienna airport
after return from his one-day
trip to Tehran where he held
talks with chief Iranian nuclear
negotiator Saeed Jalili.
Amano said the decision
was made to reach agreement
on the mechanics of giving
the IAEA access to sites,
scientists and documents it
seeks to address international
concerns over the country
nuclear activities.
There remain some
differences, but Mr. Jalili
Deal with Iran on nuclear
inspection to be signed soon
Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukiya Amano (left) and Irans chief nuclear
negotiator Saeed Jalili attend a joint press conference after a meeting in Tehran. Photo Xinhua
elaborated that the differences
will not be an obstacle to reach
an agreement, Amano said.
He added that the two
sides understood each others
positions better, which was
the reason that we could make
this important development.
One priority issue for IAEA
in recent talks with Iran is the
agencys demand for access
to Irans Parchin military site
southeast of Tehran.
Media said the IAEA has
received reports that Iran had
tested explosives which could
be used to set off a nuclear
Iran denied such reports,
and insisted access to Parchin
would only be granted if Iran
and the IAEA agree on certain
conditions and steps.
In response to questions
on the matter, Amano said
I have raised this issue of
access to Parchin, and this
issue will be addressed as a
part of the implementation
of the structured approach
Amano was quoted by
Iranian semi-offcial Mehr
news agency on Monday
as saying that they held
expansive and intensive talks
in good atmosphere, and the
progress in the dialogue will
have positive impact on the
wider nuclear talks beween
Iran and the fve permanent
UN Security Council
members plus Germany in the
Iraqi capital of Baghdad on
New round of nuclear talks
over the possible military
dimensions of Irans nuclear
activities was resumed
between the IAEA and Iran
last week.
After two days of
negotiations, the two sides
agreed to meet again, and
Amano travelled to Tehran
to discuss issues of mutual
interests with high-level
Iranian offcials.
CHICAGO (Xinhua) -- NATO
leaders reached consensus at
a summit on closely-watched
issues such as missile shield
capabilities and military
operations in Afghanistan.
However, these are just
meager results, with few
alliance members willing to
come forward with pledges
of fnancial support in this
regard, as they are hard-
pressed by austerity measures
at home, observers said.
The fate of the war in
Afghanistan was the central
topic of the summit.
NATO allies declared a
shift from a combat mission
to one focused on training,
advising and assistance, after
the transition of security
responsibility is completed at
the end of 2014.
According to NATO plans,
NATO summit ends with few
tangible results, future still in doubt
the Afghan National Security
Forces (ANSF) will reach a
strength of 352,000 by the end
of 2013 and remain at that size
for two full years.
While NATO has tried
to pace allies steps in troop
withdrawal, fnancial austerity
and domestic criticism have
prompted some of them to
leave earlier.
Australia said it would
accelerate the troop drawdown
and complete the mission by
the end of 2013, a year ahead
of NATOs schedule. France
also proved to be problematic,
as its new President Francois
Hollande insisted on sticking
to his campaign pledge to
remove his countrys forces
from Afghanistan by the end
of 2012.
In anticipation of improved
security in Afghanistan, the
ANSF of 228,500 will have
an estimated annual budget of
US$4.1 billion, according to
NATO said the Afghan
government has pledged to
provide at least 500 million
dollars a year for the ANSF
beginning in 2015, while
NATO and other donors will
provide signifcant additional
However, the member
countries failed to attach a
dollar fgure for funding, which
will signifcantly undermine
the alliances credentials.
Some analysts predict
that Washington could pick
up about a quarter to half of
the price tag, but the rest of
the burden would have to fall
on the allies. However, allies
may not be able to follow the
US lead.
WELLINGTON (Xinhua) --
A contingent of United States
Marines will arrive in New
Zealand next month to mark
the 70th anniversary of the
arrival of US forces in the
country during World War II,
the New Zealand government
announced on Wednesday.
Prime Minister John
Key said a series of events
were planned to help mark
the anniversary, including
US Marines return to New Zealand to
mark anniversary of WWII
an evening reception at
parliament, following a
wreath-laying ceremony at the
National War Memorial.
Fifty US marines and a
50-person marine band will
be spending three weeks in
New Zealand participating in
commemorative events, Key
said in a statement.
These commemorations
are a reminder that New
Zealand and the US have a
long-standing and strong history
of mutual aid and support, built
on shared values. Key said the
relationship had always been
underpinned by cooperation
on region-wide issues, and was
articulated in the Wellington
Declaration signed between the
two countries in 2010.
He said New Zealand
appreciated the commitment
and courage of the US Marines
who arrived 70 years ago.
Vientiane times
Thursday May 24, 2012

I. Background:

survey (malaria parasite survey) and entomology (malaria vector) survey in 72 villages, 24 district in 8
provinces. Funding for this survey is through the GFATM Round 7 Phase 2 grant. Results of this survey
will provide useful information for the national malaria program to identify risk areas for malaria
transmission as part of a restratification exercise planned every 3 years. All technical aspects of the
survey implementation will be performed by CMPE technical staffs. CMPE will be requiring Technical

II. Scopeoftheduty:
a. Validatingcompletenessofalldatafromsurveyteamscollectedthroughvariousstandard
b. DataentryusingandanalysisusingEpidata/SPSSversion16(BloodsurveyandEntomology
c. Datatobepresentedinrelevantgraphs,tables,chartsetcwithmappingofsurveydataby
d. ProduceapreliminaryreportonthesurveyfindingstobepresentedtoCMPE
e. SubmitthefinalreportinLaoandEnglishversiontoCMPEbeforeAugust15

III. Timeframe:

a. MinimumMastersDegreeinthefieldofEpidemiology
b. Evidenceofperformingsimilardatamanagementworkforsurveys(datavalidation,entry,
c. DemonstratedskillsinSoftwareuse,ieEpiInfo,SPSS,ArcVieworsimilar.




Vientiane times 9 Thursday May 24, 2012
WWF-Greater mekong
WWF is one of the world's largest and most respected independent conservation organizations, with
almost 5 million supporters and a global network active in over 100 countries. WWF's mission is to
stop the degradation of the earth's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in
harmony with nature, by conserving the world's biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable
natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.
The Greater Mekong region is one of the biologically richest places on the planet; its varied natural
resources support the livelihoods and well-being of millions of people in mainland Southeast Asia.
WWF-Greater Mekong on the ground in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam is working to
conserve the regions biodiversity and build a secure and sustainable future for people and wildlife.
WWF-Greater Mekong is seeking to recruit a well-qualified and experienced candidate for the position
of Coordinator, Public Sector Partnership, based in Hanoi or Vientiane or Phnom Penh. The
Coordinator, Public Sector Partnership ensures that WWF-Greater Mekong develops and maintains
effective Public Sector Partnerships and ensures the effective coordination, monitoring and
implementation of Public Sector fund raising proposals relevant to the WWF-Greater Mekong Strategic
Plan FY11-15. Although coordination of fund raising from Governments and Aid Agencies, and
donor servicing is a key responsibility of the position, this goes beyond a simple funding
relationship and seeks to build and maintain a true partnership arrangement between WWF and
the Public Sector.
Key requirements are:
Masters degree in business management, conservation, development studies, or in relevant
5 years of practical experience as Fundraising Coordinator primarily from Governments and Aid
Agencies for a programme or project, 2 years of which should ideally be in the Greater Mekong
Excellent understanding of development partnerships, fund-raising, donor strategies, functions
and international relations;
Familiar with conservation and natural resource management issues and with those in Greater
Mekong Region is an advantage;
Experience in developing and writing project proposals to multi and bilateral aid agencies, trusts
and foundations;
Successful fundraising experience with large-scale, multi country proposals (2-3 millions USD at
Experience of working and negotiating with Government and donors at all levels;
Proven track record in successfully managing inter-institutional relations, preferably in
government aid agencies;
Excellent skills of proposal development writing, report writing, influencing, coordination;
Good abilities to engage stakeholders at all levels and work in multi-cultural environment;
Fluency in written and spoken English
Proficiency in MS Office
Detailed Job Description of the position is posted on and under Jobs.
Interested candidates should email a cover letter, curriculum vitae and available degrees and
qualifications in English to by 17 June 2012.
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
Come and view many kinds of furniture, wonderful home dcor items, plants,
fowers and tree saplings. Everythings waiting for you to choose and buy!
1. 30/5/2012 Interested parties are invited to attend a seminar titled Promoting export of wood
2. 31/5/2012 Contest for best interior dcor
Country: Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
Project: The Poverty Reduction Fund
Description: Accountant Assistant
Grant No.: H685-LA
Project No.: P 123480
Opening / Closing date for application: 22 - 31 May 2012; Offce based: Vientiane Capital
The Government of Laos, with support from the World Bank and the Swiss Agency for Development and
Cooperation, has set up the Poverty Reduction Fund (PRF) to deliver small scale development project including
support to livelihood activities at the Kum ban and Village levels. The project is now seeking for an Accountant
main duties and responsibilities:
Assist with inspection and oversight of fnancial requests and reports to ensure that payments and expenditures
are complied with budgets, regulations and directives of the PRF;
Check and reconcile accounts and records, and entry data into Excel and/or ACCPAC, as required;
Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual fnancial reports;
Prepare statement of expenditure (SOE) reports and fund replenishment request in timely manner;
Entry accurately all fnancial data into both Excel and ACCPAC programs, so that all relevant fnancial reports
can be well prepared and distributed;
Follow up budget and expenditures of the operating cost for the provincial and district offces.
Assist in preparation of all reports for the concerned sectors (GOL) as required.
Assist in all fnancial and administrative audits, as required;
Visit province, district and kum ban levels to conduct fnancial procedure/document checking in regular basis.
Follow up Administration Procedures and provide recommendation while visiting the provincial and district
Required qualifcations and experience:
Higher diploma or degree in fnance/accounting or other related felds;
At least 3 years experience in project accounting and fnancial reporting;
Familiarity with government and foreign aid project operations;
Experience with World Bank or other loan/donor-fnanced projects is highly desirable;
Comprehensive computer skills using Excel and other software;
Experience with a computerized accounting package and software, especially ACCPAC is highly desirable;
Good English skills;
Ability to work independently and in a team;
Willingness to work occasionally in rural areas;
Women are encouraged to apply.
The detailed job descriptions for both positions can be obtained at PRF website
or at PRF offce.
All interested applicants should submit (1) a cover letter outlining clearly how the candidate meets the
requirements of the position, (2) a detailed CV with one (3x4) photo and (3) supporting documents (certifcate
of the most recent employment, certifcates of qualifcation/graduation, transcript of graduation, a list of at least
two referees, etc) to the HR Offcer, Poverty Reduction Fund, Prime Ministers Offce 501 building, Sisavathtai
Village, Chanthabouly District, P.O Box 4625 Vientiane, Tel: 021 261479 - 80, Email:
Please note that all submitted documents will not be returned.
Deadline for applications: 31rd May 2012
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview
Poverty Reduction Fund (PRF)
Request for Expression of Interest
Vientiane times
Thursday May 24, 2012


The French Red Cross delegation in Lao PDR is seeking 1 competent Lao national to fulfil the position of Finance

Position: FinanceandLogisticAssistant
Placeofassignment: Xienghone
Languagerequired: LaowithgoodknowledgeinEnglishorFrench
Startingdate: Assoonaspossible
Duration: Oneyearwithpossibleextension
Howtoapply: SendaCVplusmotivationlettermentioningtoFrenchRedCross
Applicationdeadline: Assoonasappropriatecandidateidentified

The French Red Cross (FRC), in partnership with the Lao Red Cross (LRC), will be implementing two Food Security





The French Red Cross delegation in Lao PDR is seeking 1 competent Lao national to fulfil the position of Logistics

Position: LogisticsOfficer
Placeofassignment: Hongsa
Languagerequired: LaowithgoodknowledgeinEnglishorFrench
Startingdate: Assoonaspossible
Duration: Oneyearwithpossibleextension
Howtoapply: SendaCVplusmotivationlettermentioningtoFrenchRedCross
Applicationdeadline: Assoonasappropriatecandidateidentified

The French Red Cross (FRC), in partnership with the Lao Red Cross (LRC), will be implementing two Food Security



Vientiane times 11 Thursday May 24, 2012
TEL: 021513099, 256068-9
from initial price
- All taxes and fuel surcharges are included in the promotion fare.
- Booking Period: 22 May 2012 until 30 September 2012.
- Travel Period: 22 May 2012 until 30 September 2012.
- Name change, flight change, reroute, reissue, refund and upgrade are not permitted.
- Lao Central Airlines reserves the right to change fare and conditions without prior notice.
FL066 BKK VTE 09:45 am 10:45 am
FL065 VTE BKK 07:30 am 08:30 am
FL066 BKK VTE 09:45 am 10:45 am
FL065 VTE BKK 07:30 am 08:30 am
FL066 BKK VTE 09:45 am 10:45 am
FL065 VTE BKK 07:30 am 08:30 am
FL066 BKK VTE 09:45 am 10:45 am
FL065 VTE BKK 07:30 am 08:30 am
FL066 BKK VTE 09:45 am 10:45 am
FL065 VTE BKK 07:30 am 08:30 am
FL066 BKK VTE 09:45 am 10:45 am
FL065 VTE BKK 07:30 am 08:30 am
FL066 BKK VTE 09:45 am 10:45 am
FL065 VTE BKK 07:30 am 08:30 am
FL072 LPQ VTE 5:15 pm 5:45 pm
FL071 VTE LPQ 3:30 pm 4:00 pm
FL072 LPQ VTE 5:15 pm 5:45 pm
FL071 VTE LPQ 3:30 pm 4:00 pm
FL072 LPQ VTE 5:15 pm 5:45 pm
FL071 VTE LPQ 3:30 pm 4:00 pm
Da i l y f l i g h t s
22 MAY 2012
Round trip
Unit03, Souphanouvong Rd, Wattaiyai Thong Village, Sikhotabong District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.
Fax: (+856-21) 513 077
Vientiane times
Thursday May 24, 2012
Vientiane times 13 Thursday May 24, 2012
Vientiane times
Thursday May 24, 2012
Notice of Recruitment Lao National Staff
The Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) is a Norwegian humanitarian organization supporting
capacity building and development in many countries and has been engaged in the UXO
clearance in Laos since 1997. The strategic goal for the programme is to reduce the
humanitarian and socio-economic threat posed by unexploded ordnance (UXO). NPA Lao
PDR is regulated by the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) for the UXO Sector. The
programme currently has 200 staff and receives funding from the Norwegian Ministry of
Foreign Affairs (NMFA), Norwegian Telethon (NRK-1) and the United States Department of
State. NPA Laos wishes to recruit of a qualifed and well-motivated person for the following
1. IT Offcer (1 Position):
duties and responsibilities
Ensure compliance with NPA global policies and guidelines on information technology
in cooperation with Regional Information Management Advisor (RIMA)
Make sure that the structure and consistency of the common KnowledgeBase within
NPA offces is maintained up to set standards and accessible to all
Provide maintenance and repair of informatics hardware, software and networking
Provide upgrading system when required, data backups, antivirus installation and
update, and internet security to all users
Provide remote and on-site IT troubleshooting support to all users at country offce
and at the provincial offces when required
Develop IT training materials, system documentation, templates and other relevant
documents related to IT in dialog with RIMA
Conduct basic and frst hand IT users trainings at NPA offces when required e.g.
sharing and access resources, basic Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project, MS
Visio, etc.
Make sure that all computers in NPA offces are connected in the network and that all
staff have access to shared resources such as printers, scanners, internet, etc.
Assess needs and requirement of IT equipment (hardware and software) at all NPA
offces and make recommendation for upgrade to RIMA
Maintain and update NPA Laos PDR workspace on SharePoint with current information
and upload continuously all the key and fnalized documents in SharePoint site
Manage the overall delivery of the IT services in an effective and effcient manner and
working closely with the RIMA in SEA
Any other relevant tasks assigned to by RIMA
Qualifcations Required
Bachelor degree in IT, computer science or studies in information management
Sound IT knowledge and skills
Experienced in computer handling and data acquisition
Experience on computer maintenance and computer security software
A realistic and objective approach to new technologies and methodologies
Cooperating ability with all colleagues
At least 3 years of progressive working experience in any reputable organization or
enterprise in the feld of IT and telecommunication.
Experience in using MS Offce applications
Understanding of relational database management system (RDBMS)
Understanding and knowledge of GIS (Geographical Information Systems)
Knowledge in technical IT would be an asset
Capable of working independently and in groups
Willing to undertake domestic and international travels when required
Previous working experience in mine action would be an asset
2. Interpreter (1 Position):
duties and responsibilities
Verbal translation Lao-English during feld training and operations
Written translation Lao-English at feld camps and at base location
Assist at Vientiane Head Offce as requested
Qualifcations Required
Be between 25 and 40 year of age
High level of written and spoken English
Ability to render interpretation promptly without hesitation
Ability to render precise, accurate interpretation without omissions or additions
Good knowledge of PC operations and software (offce)
Previous working experience in mine action would be an asset
Interested candidates are requested to submit a CV and a cover letter to NPA offce: 368 Ban
Saphanthong, Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital, and Tel: +856 20 264 812; or via e-mail
The deadline for applications is may 31, 2012 (at 17:00). Women and disabled people are
encouraged to apply. Only short-listed candidates will be notifed.
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Peace Independence Democracy Unity Prosperity
ministry of health
Offce of the Principal Recipient
The Global to Fight AIDS/Tuberculosis and Malaria
Invitation of Tender of Procurement of
Motorcycles for Health Care Department
under GFatm Program
Date: May 21, 2012
to: Eligible suppliers,
1. The Lao Peoples Democratic Republic has received a grant from Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis
and malaria. Ministry of Health, Hygiene Department, The Principal Recipient (PR) intend to pay this grant to
procure Motorcycles listed below by using budget of single stream Funding year 2.

2. The Procurement Unit of Principal Recipient (PR) offce of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS/Tuberculosis/
Malaria in Lao PDR now invites sealed bid from interesting and eligible bidders to supply the following items
listed below:
3. This Procurement will follow Public procurement procedures for National Competitive Bidding (NCB) defned
in the Procurement Guideline of The Principal Recipient of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS/Tuberculosis/Malaria
in Lao PDR issue on November 2009.
4. This Procurement is open to all eligible Bidders, who have business license related to the above goods, and for
in country Bidders, they should have Business License and Updated Tax Payment Certifcate of recent year.
5. Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information and inspect Tender Documents at the address given
Attention to: Dr. Bounlay Phommasack
Director of GFATM Project
Ministry of Health, Hygiene Department, Procurement Unit of Principal Recipient of Project
supported by GFATM in Lao PDR Second foor - Room N 6 Opposite Ministry of
HealthSimeuang Road, Ban Simeuang, Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.
Tel: 856 21 242 980 / Fax: (856-21) 242 981
E-mail address: and Cc: Mr. Keophouthone Inthivong, Procurement Specialist
E-mail address:
6. A complete set of Bidding documents in English Language will be received by the interested Suppliers on the
submission of a writing application to Global fund Project Offce from may 21, 2012 to June 20, 2012 and upon
payment of a non-refundable fee of 500,000 Kip. The method of payment shall be in check or cash.
7. Bidding Documents must be delivered to the address mentioned in the Bidding documents before the June
20, 2012, 14:00 Hour (Local Time). Any Bidding Documents received later than the scheduled time will be
rejected and returned unopened to the bidders. All bids will be opened immediately after bid submission by the
Bidding Committee in presence of bidders representatives who choose to attend at address below:
The Meeting Room of PR Offce
First foor, Opposite Ministry of Health, Simeuang Road, Ban Simeuang, Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital,
Lao PDR. Tel: 856 21 242 980/Fax: 856 21 242 981
8. The supplier shall be the Brand of International Recognized.
The envelope containing the proposed Bidding must be clearly marked Bidding for supplying motorbikes and
DO NOT OPEN before June 20, 2012, 14:00 Hour (Local Time).
Bidding Documents will be opened in presence of the Suppliers representatives who choose to attend this meeting
at the address mentioned above on the June 20, 2012, 14:15 Hour (Local Time)
9. All bids shall be accompanied by a Bid Security in amount of not less than two percents (2%) of the bid price in
Lao or US currency. The Bid Security form shall be a bank guarantee in accordance with the provided form in
the Bidding Document.
Dr. Bounlay Phommasack
Director of GFATM Project
Global Fund to Fight AIDS/Tuberculosis/Malaria
No. Description QTT
1 Motorcycles 94

1. Leadtheplanning,development,implementationandreportingofprojectactivities.
2. Actasprimaryfocalpointforallpartners,government,UNagenciesandNGOsatnationalandprovincial
3. Supervisetheplanningandimplementationoffieldwork,includinglogistics,administrativeandtechnical
4. Effectivelyandefficientlymanageprojectresourcestoensuretheexpectedoutputsandobjectivesare
5. SupportrelatedactivitiestoimprovefoodsecurityinformationandanalysisinLaoPDR.
Vientiane times 15 Thursday May 24, 2012
about the Company:
Datacom Co. Ltdwas established in 1997 from fve staff members, now the company
employs more than 50 full-time employees.
Today Datacom is theleader in enterprise IT services and products in Lao PDR.
Datacom is celebrating its 15thyear Anniversary with constantly rising and fast
growing businesses. As the authorised distributor for DELL Inc. for 15 years (PCs,
Notebooks, Servers, Storage and Solution) for Lao Market, as well as other global
brand such APC (American Power Conversion now under Schneider electrics),
Emerson, Toshiba (Notebook), Level 1 and others. We are inviting new interested,
challenge loving personnel to join our family in the following position.
sales manager 1 Position
o Key responsibilities:
Develops a business plan and sales strategy for the market that ensures attainment
of company sales goals and proftability.
Responsible for the performance and development of the Sale Representatives.
Prepares action plans by individuals as well as by team for effective search of sales
leads and prospects.
Initiates and coordinates development of action plans to penetrate new markets.
Assists in the development and implementation of marketing plans as needed.
Provides timely feedback to senior management regarding performance.
Provides timely, accurate, competitive pricing on all completed prospect applications
submitted for pricing and approval, while striving to maintain maximum proft
Recruits, tests, and hires Sale Representatives based on criteria agreed upon by
senior management.
o Qualifcation Requirements:
Education background in marketing, business management , accounting or other
related felds
A minimum of 1-2 years IT Sales Experience is highly preferred(a Candidate with
more years of experience is a plus)
Experience in handling the full sales cycle is essential
Excellent communication and presentation skills
Excellent problem solving skills, with an emphasis on innovative and creative
Self-motivated, goal-driven with a strong sense of teamwork.

marketing assistant 2 Positions
o Key responsibilities:
Assists in the development and implementation of marketing plans.
Maintains close relationship with partners and clients while striving to establish
new relationship with perspective clients.
Collects necessary data of market, competitions and other relevant information for
assessing the market.
o QualifcationsRequirements:
Education background in Marketing, Business Management, or other related
Experience in IT sales or marketing is preferred.
Good communication and presentation skills.
Able to work under pressure and time constraints.
Good command of English both speaking and writing.
Work well with people from different levels.
Interest applicants are requested to submit your recent resume with cover letter
expressing your suitability for the positions before 30th May 2012.
* Successful candidate will receive a special contract agreement with multiple
benefts and income.
2nd Floor., Sihom Commerce Center Building, Souphanouvong Road,
Sihom, Chanthabuly District
Vientiane Capital, Lao P.D.R
Tel: +856 21 250850-1
Fax: +856 21 219117
Email: or
Equal Employment Opportunity statement
DATACOM isdetermined to be an equal opportunity employer and seek to employ
employee from different sections.
The aim of this statement is to make sure that no staff-member or job applicant will
be treated less fairly than other person on the grounds of ethnic origin, disability, race,
nationality, age, gender, marital status or other grounds that are unjustifable.
Job Vacancy
Vientiane times
Thursday May 24, 2012
Ofcial Dealer in Lao PDR
-- .-. -- --...-.oc,u..,-.. euu --

/Tel: (+856) 21 265 130-1
/Fax: (+856) 21 265 129
mjkolk,kfgxaog9Qk0v' wfhc]h; ,nhouh mjkolk,kfgxaog9Qk0v' wfhc]h; ,nhouh
The most reliable Power Source
for your operations
Authorized Distributor in Lao PDR
More than 17 years
experience servicing in Laos
Spare parts available
Trained technician
for installation and service
More than 17 years
experience servicing in Laos
Spare parts available
Trained technician
for installation and service
Tel: (+856 21) 315 376-8
Luang Prabang
(+856 71) 260 423
(+856 41) 260 311
(+856 31) 253 162
Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
Peace Independence Democracy Unity Prosperity
Ministry of Health PR Offce supported by Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
Invitation of Bid
International Competitive Bidding
Procurement of Trucks for Medical Product Supply Chain Centre (MPSC)
Under GFATM Program
Procurement N LAO-H-GF-MOH-Y2/Truck/MPSC/2012
Date: May 14, 2012
To: Eligible Suppliers,
1. The Lao Peoples Democratic Republic has received a grant from Global Fund to Fight aIds, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
Ministry of Health, Hygiene Department, The Principal Recipient (PR) intend to pay this grant to procure Trucks for transport of health
products listed below by using Grant of HIV - Single Stream Funding Y2012.
2. The Procurement Unit of Principal Recipient (PR) offce of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS/Tuberculosis/Malaria in Lao PDR now invites
sealed bid from interesting and eligible bidders to supply the following items listed below:
3. This Procurement will follow Public procurement procedures for International Competitive Bidding (ICB) defned in the
Procurement Guideline of The Principal Recipient of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in Lao PDR
issue on November 2009.
4. This Procurement is open to all eligible Bidders, who have business license related to the above goods, and for in country
Bidders, they should have Business License and Updated Tax Payment Certifcate of recent year.
5. Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information and inspect Tender Documents at the address given below:
Attention to: Mr. Keophouthone Inthivong, Procurement Specialist, GFATM Project
Address: Ministry of Health, Hygiene Department, Principal Recipient Offce, supported by GFATM in Lao PDR
Opposite Ministry of Health, Simeuang Road, Ban Simeuang, Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR
Tel: 856 21 242 980/ Fax: 856 21 242 981
E-mail address:, and Cc; Dr. Viengsavanh Phanmanivong, Head of Procurement Unit, email
6. A complete set of Bidding documents in English Language will be received by the interested Suppliers on the submission of a
writing application to Global fund Project Offce from May 14, 2012 to June 29, 2012 at 14:00h and upon payment of a non-
refundable fee of 500,000 Kip. The method of payment shall be in cash and transfer to the following account:
Account Name: MPSC-HA-CONSO-P1
Account No. 1015110118725
Bank Name: Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao - BCEL
7. Bidding Documents must be delivered to the address mentioned in the Bidding documents before the June 29, 2012 at 14:00h
(Local time). Any Bidding Documents received later than the scheduled time will be rejected and returned unopened to the bidders.
All bids will be opened immediately after bid submission by the Bidding Committee in presence of bidders representatives who
choose to attend at address below.
The Meeting Room of PR Offce First foor, Opposite Ministry of Health, Simeuang Road, Ban Simeuang, Sisattanak District,
Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR. Tel: 856 21 242 980 / Fax: 856 21 242 981.
The envelope containing the proposed Bidding must be clearly marked Bidding for Supplying Trucks and DO NOT OPEN
before June 29, 2012 at 14:00h (Local time).
Bidding Documents will be opened in presence of the Suppliers representatives who choose to attend this meeting at the address
mentioned above on the June 29, 2012 at 14:15h (Local time)
8. All bids shall be accompanied by a Bid Security in amount of not less than two percents (2%) of the bid price in Lao or US
currency. The Bid Security form shall be a bank guarantee in accordance with the provided form in the Bidding Document.
Dr. Chanmy Saramay
Manager of PR Offce
Global Fund Project to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and
No. Description Quantity
1 Truck 3
Vientiane times 17 Thursday May 24, 2012
On 18 May 2012, PricewaterhouseCoopers (Lao) Co., Ltd. (PwC Lao ) celebrated in
advance Plantation day and Childrens day (1 June) by providing support to Sim-
am-no school. The project was headed by Irving Sison, Ananh Sonalath , Apisit
Thientrongpinyo and Paiboon Tunkoon, PwC Laos Corporate Social Responsibility
Committee and participated by volunteered PwC Lao staffs. The school is one of
the poorest schools in Lao Pdr and it is located in Ban Simano,Hatsayfong District.
The school caters primary and secondary education to students living in Simano
and nearby poor villages. It has an estimated student population of 700. PwC Lao
activities that day included providing education and sports equipment, planted trees
and fowers as well as provided entertainment to both teachers and students.
PwC Lao has the vision to contribute to Lao DPR in its development of it Socio
economic issues through education and capacity building by not only developing
the local but also other issues such as in corporate governance, sustainability and
(Announcement No. 12/33)
OPEN tO: All interested candidates
POSITION: Surveillance Detection Coordinator, FSN-6
OPENING datE: May 14, 2012
CLOsING datE: May 29, 2012
WOrK hOurs: Full-time; 40 hours/week
saLary: Actual grade and salary will be based on the qualifcations of the applicant.
aLL OrdINarILy rEsIdENt aPPLICaNts must BE rEsIdING IN LaOs aNd haVE thE
The U.S. Embassy in Vientiane is seeking an individual for the position of Surveillance Detection Coordinator in
the Regional Security Offce (RSO).
The incumbent manages the Surveillance Detection (SD) Team. He/she is responsible, in coordination with the
RSO, for all administrative and operational aspects of the SD Team. Plans and executes SD operations, Trains SD
team with help from outside experts. He/she supervises day-to-day SD operations.
NOTE: All applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with specifc and comprehensive
information supporting each item.
1. Education: Completion of Secondary school required.
2. Prior Work Experience: One year experience in records management, budget monitoring, and data entry.
3. Language Profciency: Fluently spoken and written English and Lao (level IV).
4. Knowledge: The coordinator must have a working knowledge of local police organizations and their
operations. The coordinator must have a basic understanding of Embassy personnel policy.
5. Skills and abilities: Must be computer literate.
hOW tO aPPLy
Interested applicants for this position must submit the following for the application to be considered:
1. Universal Application for Employment (Form DS-174). Download the form at:
2. Candidates who claim U.S. Veterans preference must provide a copy of their Form DD-214 with their
3. Any other documentation (e.g., essays, certifcates, awards, copies of degrees earned) that
addresses the qualifcation requirements of the position as listed above.
Human Resources Offce
American Embassy
Rue Bartholonie, That Dam
PO Box 114, Vientiane, Laos
(Hardcopy or e-mail attachments are accepted)

Telephone: 856-21-267176
Fax: 856-21-267140
Interested persons should contact Embassy Human Resources Offce for more information. Blank application
forms may be picked up from the cabinet inside the Embassy entrance.
Only shortlisted candidates will be notifed.
CLOsING datE FOr thIs POsItION: may 29, 2012
An Equal Opportunity Employer
(Announcement No. 12/34)
OPEN tO: All interested candidates
POsItION: Financial Analyst, FSN-7
OPENING datE: May 14, 2012
CLOsING datE: May 29, 2012
WOrK hOurs: Full-time; 40 hours/week
saLary: Actual grade and salary will be based on the qualifcations of the applicant.
The U.S. Embassy in Vientiane is seeking an individual for the position of Financial Analyst in the Financial Management Offce,
Management Section.
The incumbent serves as the Financial Analyst for Embassy Vientiane. He/she estimates and maintains obligations/allotment
accounting for all serviced agencies, including DAO and CDC, using fnancial operations systems: Momentum, COAST, WebPASS
and E2. He/she reconciles expenditures for non-serviced agencies, such as APHIS and USPACOM. The incumbent determines
availability of funds, makes obligations, and assures that all budget and program requirements are met. He/she examines accounts
receivable invoices for utilities and air tickets to ensure correctness for payment. He/she assists travelers in preparation of travel
vouchers using E2. Examines petty cash vouchers from non-State agencies for correctness and serves as primary backup to the
Voucher Examiner and as secondary backup to the Class B Cashier.

NOTE: All applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with specifc and comprehensive information
supporting each item.
1. Education: At least two years of university level courses in fnance/accounting related courses required.
2. Prior Work Experience: At least two years of experience required in fnance/accounting feld.
3. Language Profciency: Good working knowledge of English in both spoken and written (level III) to understand fnancial
regulations and provides explanations to American staff. Fluently spoken and written Lao (level IV) to deal with local
4. Knowledge: Must have a thorough knowledge of statutory and regulatory requirements and restrictions concerning the
management of U.S. government funds. Must be familiar with State Departments automated Financial Management Systems.
5. Skills and Abilities: Good typing skills. Must be able to use computer software including accounting packages and Microsoft
Offce Suite. Must be able to prepare Excel spreadsheets to track accounting data.
hOW tO aPPLy
Interested applicants for this position must submit the following for the application to be considered:
1. Universal Application for Employment (Form DS-174). Download the form at:
2. Candidates who claim U.S. Veterans preference must provide a copy of their Form DD-214 with their application.
3. Any other documentation (e.g., essays, certifcates, awards, copies of degrees earned) that
addresses the qualifcation requirements of the position as listed above.
Human Resources Offce
American Embassy
Rue Bartholonie, That Dam
PO Box 114, Vientiane, Laos
(Hardcopy or e-mail attachments are accepted)

Telephone: 856-21-267176
Fax: 856-21-267140
Interested persons should contact Embassy Human Resources Offce for more information. Blank application forms may be picked
up from the cabinet inside the Embassy entrance.
Only shortlisted candidates will be notifed.
CLOsING datE FOr thIs POsItION: may 29, 2012
An Equal Opportunity Employer
Vientiane times
What the Lao papers say
Thursday May 24, 2012
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The authorities in Pakxe
district, Champassak
province, need to do more to
address the traffc disorder
that results from buses parking
haphazardly and stopping to
pick up passengers.
Vice President of the
provincial Bus Operator
Association Mr Somneuk
Vongchan said the association
divided domestic, provincial
and international buses
into separate groups and
designated their routes in order
to ensure some semblance of
He said the association is
responsible for supervising
the northern and southern bus
stations in Pakxe, but there
are several other bus stops
close by which they arent
responsible for.
Mr Somneuk said the
association is mainly responsible
for planning routes and schedules
at the north and south bus
stations, as well as encouraging
drivers and passengers to keep
the buses and the station area
clean and tidy.
Buses travelling from
other areas which stop and
pick up passengers are not
the responsibility of the
association and if they were
creating traffc problems that
was a matter for traffc police.
Provincial Traffc Police
Department Deputy Director
Captain Phetsakhone
Keovongphet said it is diffcult
to resolve the problem of
inappropriate parking as there
are no signs designating it as
Another problem is that
there are not enough traffc
police because most of them
are on duty at police huts or
vehicle inspection points.
The important thing is for all
drivers to respect the traffc
Translated by Phetsamone
When June and July approach,
people in many villages
get together to hold rocket
festivals (Boun Bangfai) in
accordance with the lunar
calendar to celebrate and seek
rains from the gods.
The festival is one of
most signifcant activities that
takes place before the rice
cultivation season and is also
an important symbol of unity
and friendship. The festival
has been held for as long as
anyone can remember.
Many people have already
celebrated the festival this year
while others are preparing
Traditional rocket festivals
are different from other
festivals as the spectacular
Roads are a critical aspect of
basic transport infrastructure,
and they are also the backbone
of the countrys predominantly
rural economy.
If road conditions are good,
transport is easy and effcient
and will fuel the growth of the
This year, it has been
observed that major roads
rules, Captain Phetsakhone
He said the provincial
transport section should look
for appropriate ways to resolve
the problem of disorderly bus
parking in order to ease the
fow of traffc.
Capt Phetsamone wants
the association to tackle the
problem, saying there are
many parking stations in the
district such as Sengchaleun,
Kiengkai, Chitpasong, as well
as the southern and northern
bus stations.
--Champamai Weekly,
May 21
Buses blocking traffc in Pakxe
rocket launches generate
plenty of excitement among
all those who attend.
But it has been observed
that some festival goers also
bet against each other, which
is not in keeping with Lao
This behaviour presents a
bad image to everyone taking
part. All local authorities need
to ensure the festival is enjoyed
safely and responsibly.
People launching rockets
should be careful to prevent
injury or damage. In addition,
parents should look after their
children because rocket smoke
may be harmful to their health.
Rocket festivals must
be celebrated according to
tradition, and it is up to us to
preserve that together.
--Paxaxon Van-Athit
Weekly, May 20
Rough roads hamper
drivers, development
from north to south have
become damaged in many
places, creating diffculties
and dangerous conditions.
Road damage occurs for
many reasons, including
heavy traffc loads and wear
and tear, food damage,
subsoil conditions, technical
faws, and substandard
In addition, roads are not
always repaired in a timely
manner and minor potholes
become deep and wide.
In Vientiane, meanwhile,
many road users still face
traffc diffculties. One
example in particular is the
road in Khualuang Neua
village, Chanthabouly district,
which has had hundreds of
potholes for many years.
This road hasnt been
repaired for a long time, and
is dusty in the dry season and
muddy in the wet. Residents
and passers-by encounter
many diffculties here, but this
road is only one of many that
are in poor condition.
--Paxaxon Van-Athit
Weekly, May 20
Gambling risks
ruining rocket
festival traditions
Issues of Vientiane Times from 2001 to April 2012 have been
recorded on CD-ROM. Now available at Vientiane Times
offce. Corner Setthathirath/Pangkham Roads, Nam Phu,
Vientiane. P.O. Box: 5723,
Tel: (856-21) 216364, 217593. Fax: (856-21) 216365
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Vientiane times 19 Thursday May 24, 2012 Opinion

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-- - -------- --------
---, -,--, ---.

-- -- ----- ---- - -
- :
- --,,-- - ----------
-,-,,- - --------
---- - ------- --
---- : ------ , -- -,- -
--------- - ---.
, - ------ - - -.
-------- : -- -- , - , .
---, - - ---.
- -- -----: (, ---, -
------- - --------.
---, --- --- (-)
------ 1 -- ---
-: -, ----- -, --- -----
--- ,--- - --
-: 021 244220, 020 22423379 ---.
----- 31/05/2012.

Kavi Chongkittavorn
The Nation, ANN -- With six
months left in his fve-year
term, Asean Secretary General
Dr Surin Pitsuwan is making
a last-ditch effort to strengthen
his 260-strong staff, including
79 openly recruited from
all member countries, at the
Jakarta-based organisation.
The success or failure
of Asean integration in
years to come - be it in the
security/political, economic
or socio-cultural pillar - will
very much depend on the
secretariats effciency and
overall capability. After all, it
is central to the Asean process,
and to project management
and implementation, as well
as other forms of connectivity.
A better-equipped secretariat
would make Surins job - and
that of his successors as the
chief administrative offcer - in
fulflling the charters mandate
much smoother.
The secretariat was
established in 1976, 10 years
after the founding of Asean, to
serve as a loose coordinating
offce among the member
countries. Indeed, it was
not meant to be an effective
organisation that would be
able to seize control of Aseans
activities and set agendas,
as the foreign ministers and
national Asean committees still
reigned supreme. Indeed, the
position of the Asean head was
titled Secretary General of the
Asean Secretariat. Therefore,
whoever served as the Asean
secretary general would be the
subject of ridicule because the
holder was neither secretary
nor general. The job was
literally to serve as a channel
of information, in other words,
running errands as a senior
postman to deliver messages
between capitals.
After the restructuring and
expansion of Asean organs in
1992, the position of Asean
chief was created to implement
and follow up on the Asean Free
Trade Area in the same year.
Since then the international
staffers, who used to be
appointed or seconded, have
been openly recruited based
on merit. However, Asean
members in practice prefer their
own trusted diplomats, based on
rotation in alphabetical order.
Only Surin, a former Thai
foreign minister, was recruited
in Thailand as the secretary
general while other member
countries nominated their
trusted senior offcials. After
the enactment of the Asean
Charter in 2008, the secretariats
administrative mandate was
expanded, and so was the role
of secretary general, who could
now speak on behalf of Asean.
Last year, Surin
submitted a report, Aseans
Challenge: Some refections
and recommendations on
strengthening the Asean
Secretariat. He has good
insights into the charter -
being the frst Asean chief to
implement it - and what needs
to be done to realise the leaders
vision. He argued that for
Asean to meet the challenges
of integrating the Southeast
Asian region to create an Asean
community of 600 million
citizens, the secretary general
and his offce should be given
suffcient trust and latitude to
carry out their responsibilities,
as they run the only neutral
organ in Asean.
Of course, they also need
suffcient fnancial support,
personnel and infrastructure,
including modern technology.
This year the secretariat has an
annual budget of US$15.763
million, which translates into
US$1,576,300 for each member
(based on equal contributions
under Article 30, Paragraph 2
of the Asean Charter).
That means that in real
terms, Asean members spend
less than US$0.026 per person
per year for operating costs
in the service of community-
building. In comparison, the
European Union has a budget
of well over 147.2 billion euros
(US$188 billion) for this year.
It is worth nothing that
under Surins leadership, the
secretariat has maintained a high
profle beftting the new spirit
of Asean since its charter came
into force at the end of 2008.
Asean has been at the forefront
of important international
initiatives and forums.
For instance, during the post-
Cyclone Nargis rehabilitation
efforts in Myanmar, which
lasted nearly two years, Surin
and the secretariat played a
pivotal role in co-ordinating
both local and foreign aid
workers to assist in planning
and implementing plans for the
devastated Irrawaddy Delta.
Now, his offce has been
given an extra mandate by
Asean leaders to take care of
humanitarian efforts within the
region. In the past four years,
relief and rescue efforts have
become a major responsibility
for the secretariat.
Lest we forget, given
Aseans longstanding bureau-
cratic tradition, members of
the Committee of Permanent
Representatives (CPR), for-
merly known as the Standing
Julio Godoy
BONN, Germany (IPS) -- The
latest session of the United
Nations Framework Convention
on Climate Change (UNFCCC),
taking place May 15-25 in the
former German capital Bonn,
is the perfect opportunity to
reaffrm the enormous and
growing body of scientifc
expertise on policies to tackle
global warming.
During the current session,
attended by hundreds of scientists,
environmental activists, and
government delegates from all
over the world, the UNFCCC
the agency tasked with fulflling
the obligations of the Kyoto
Protocol is hosting numerous
workshops for at least fve
groups dedicated to debates
and decision-making on climate
The UNFCCC is also obliged
to hold international debates on a
follow up treaty that is expected
to take effect in 2013. Until
now, despite mounting pressure
and numerous attempts to reach
an agreement on a post-Kyoto
protocol, there is no global
consensus on how to continue
reducing greenhouse gas
emissions (GHGE), the primary
culprit of global warming.
During the negotiations
that led to the formulation of
the Kyoto protocol in 1997, the
worlds leading industrialised
countries (including the United
States, which later refused
to endorse the agreement)
collectively agreed to reduce
their greenhouse gas emissions
by 5.2 percent on average for
the period 2008-2012, relative
to their annual emissions in the
base year 1990.
Bureaucratic delays
Sadly, workshops hosted
Asean Secretariat must be empowered
Committee, also have a powerful
role to play in accelerating or
delaying programmes affecting
the livelihoods of its citizens
and the reputation of Asean.
The CPR is a new institution
that was established by the
charter. Its still wet behind the
ears, and the CPR members
have now to deal with many,
mainly non-diplomatic, issues,
especially those involving non-
state stakeholders, which they
do not properly understand
and are insuffciently equipped
to handle. Given the fast-
changing global and regional
environment, Asean as a group
needs to ensure that all key
policymakers - particularly the
secretariat and CPR - are on
the same page so that they can
make timely decisions and be
united in their vision.
Without such a
synergy, consideration and
implementation of certain
policies would get bogged
down, due to the unintended
micro-management by CPRs
members. If history is any
judge, the quality and quantity
of performances of the Asean
secretariat and its chief could be
improved and expanded, if they
are given enough space to take
up issues and policies affecting
the collective interest of Asean.
The Asean chief should be
able to use his/her reputation
and network to garner support
and secure funding for the
common good of Asean.
That helps explain why
Surin set out on his very frst day
on the job to create the so-called
Networked Secretariat, which
can tap into the vast pool of
intellectuals and local wisdom
in member countries. This kind
of outreach activity requires
bold vision and fexibility.
Therefore, the secretariat should
be given additional latitude and
trust including more respect
so that its staff can carry out
assigned work and policies
without hindrance.
At this juncture, the Asean
charter fails to clearly defne the
roles of these decision-makers,
which sometimes leads to
Quite often, ambiguity
rears its ugly head outside
the boardroom and turns into
a personal vendetta akin to a
Hollywood movie. Therefore,
it is important to clearly
defne the roles and spheres
of authority of each Asean
When Brunei takes up
the Asean chair next year,
the empowerment of the
Asean secretariat should
be on the summit agenda.
Otherwise, it will remain a
process-driven organisation
without much attention paid
to tangible outcomes. With
the Asean Community rapidly
approaching, it has become
a top priority that all Asean
leaders need to take heed of,
otherwise, the community
that we envisage will never
become a reality.
Industrialised countries under
critical spotlight at UN meet
by the UNFCCC often suffer a
loss of effciency as a result of
bureaucratic hurdles.
The titles of the many
sessions alone are often too
complicated to follow. In
Bonn, the following groups are
meeting daily: the subsidiary
body for implementation; the
subsidiary body for scientifc
and technological advice; the
ad hoc working group on long-
term cooperative action under
the convention; and the ad
hoc working group on further
commitments for 'annex 1 parties'
- UN parlance for 'industrialised
countries', or signatories of the
Kyoto protocol.
Still, the red tape surrounding
offcial procedures cannot
conceal the collective wisdom
of these committees, which
represent years of research on
how to deal with climate change.
A workshop on equitable access
to sustainable development,
held here on May 16, allowed a
brief glimpse into this wisdom.
During the workshop, a
handful of scientists explained
the empirical evidence of
climate change and the moral
consequences that follow,
stresseing that sustainable
development and climate change
mitigation burdens should, in the
future, be equitably distributed
among the worlds nations.
One of the speakers, Martin
Khor, executive director of the
Geneva-based South Centre,
stressed that in the quest for an
international climate agreement
to forestall the climate change
crisis, "three aspects have to be
the basis simultaneously: the
environmental imperative, the
developmental imperative, and
the equity imperative."
Khor insisted that setting
the global goal for emissions
reduction "has to take account of
the environmental imperative,
and also deal with the emission
reduction of Annex I and non
Annex I parties," the latter being
the developing countries not
obligated by the Kyoto protocol
to reduce their GHGE.
Khor pointed out that the
UNFCCC recognises "the
equity principle; that developed
countries take the lead in
emission reduction, and that
developing countries have
development imperatives, and
their ability to undertake climate
actions depends on the extent of
support they receive from the
developed countries "
In other words, "Annex I
countries will (have to) meet the
agreed full incremental costs
of implementing developing
countries' climate policy
measures," Khor pointed out.
Khor recalled that since
the beginning of the period of
industrialisation - in Western
Europe, North America,
Australia and Japan - until 2009,
about 1,280 gigatonnes (Gt)
of carbon dioxide (CO2) were
emitted, triggering the present
processes of global warming
and climate change.
Scientists have now
determined that, in order to
achieve a 67 percent probability
of limiting global temperature
rise to under two degrees celsius,
CO2 emissions between 2010
and 2050 must be kept below
750 Gt. If this probability is to
be increased to 75 percent, the
carbon budget for the period up
until 2050 falls to 600 Gt. Khor
said estimates for the "fair share"
of emissions for developed and
developing countries is based
on the size of the population
relative to emissions from 1850
to 2008.
The secretariat should be given additional
latitude and trust including more respect
so that its staff can carry out assigned
work and policies without hindrance.
Vientiane times
Thursday May 24, 2012

Vacancy for Lao National
Position Title: Area Development Program Supervisor.
Location: Bolikhamxay (Pakkading District)

World Vision Lao PDR (WVL), operating in the field of Community Development in Laos since 1991, wishes to invite
application for the following position. Candidate with a strong commitment to serve the poor and disadvantaged
people and willing to travel in the districts where projects operate are invited to apply.

The purpose of this position is to plan and implement project activities together with the ADP Manager
and/or Team Leader. To ensure that project goals and objectives are met in accordance with the project
implementation plan.

This position will report to Provincial Team Leader


1. Develop a yearly project plan of action and budget, in keeping with the project implementation
plan, and in consultation with the Team Leader.
2. Oversee the implementation of planned project activities, including purchase and delivery of
equipment and other approved project inputs.
3. Assist Government counterparts to prepare monthly plans and field reports, check and approve
of the plans and reports, and submit for review by the Team Leader.
4. Coordinate and facilitate project activities with District and Provincial officials.
5. Assist the Project Book keeper to prepare monthly financial reports for the project, and all other
project financial management documents as required by WVL.
6. Monitor ongoing project expenses to ensure that they are within the project budget and in
accordance with World Vision financial policy.
7. Supervise designated field staff. To ensure that they are working according to agreed plans and
taking good care of the project equipment. Report any problems to the District Officials
responsible and to the Team Leader.
8. Participate in the recruitment and selection of staff for the team.
9. Demonstrate a commitment to World Vision policies, procedures and principles, and ensure that
project activities are within World Vision guidelines and expectations.
10. Carry out other tasks as requested by organization.


Educational Qualification: University graduate with advanced degree in a relevant technical area.

Professional Experience: Five years minimum experience working in development related

Skills Required:
- Project management knowledge and skills.
- Fluency in Lao and a good working knowledge of English both written and spoken.
- Demonstrated commitment to and skill in encouraging community involvement. Well-developed
organizational, planning, and problem solving skills.
- Understand computer hardware and software functions.
- Ability to work as an effective team member.
- Ability to lead a team.
- Good interpersonal skills. Basic, practical computer skills in word processing and using spreadsheets.
- High standards of personal conduct and respect for the customs and cultures of all people in the work
- Knowledge of WV reporting and financial procedures highly desirable.

Salary is based on qualifications and experience. Interested candidates are invited to submit their CV to
Human Resources Department, World Vision Lao PDR, Box 312, Vientiane, e-mail: and E-mail:
Or Tel: 021 452 100 Fax: 021 452 101. Closing date: June 11, 2012

Features Desk
hildren who
survive UXO
accidents often
end up with mental
health issues as a result, and
need professional assistance
to help them readjust.
In Xieng Khuang
province, one of the most
heavily bombed areas of the
country, one man has started
an organisation dedicated to
doing something about it.
Mr Thoummy Silamphan
conducted a survey of children
injured by UXO, and the
fndings of that survey led him
to establish the Quality of Life
Association earlier this year,
of which he is now chairman.
He said that UXO accident
victims, particularly children,
suffer mental trauma as a
result and need help from
society, and his organisation
was dedicated to that task.
Mental health problems
manifest themselves in
various ways. Some children
are frightened by loud noises
Disabled UXO victims
also mentally scarred
after being haunted by the
blast, while others become sad
and withdrawn.
The emotions of children
who get injured by UXO
are not the same as those of
others. They tend to struggle
with their education and suffer
from health problems as well,
Mr Thoummy said.
He stressed that young
UXO accident survivors and
their families need help and
support from both professionals
and the community. We need
specialists in the feld of
psychology to help children
readjust to life after a UXO
accident, he said.
The Quality of Life
Association will hold
discussions with other
concerned organisations in
the near future, hoping to fnd
ways to deal with issues that
arise among UXO accident
survivors in Xieng Khuang
province, as well as in other
parts of Laos.
Mr Thoummy said child
victims in particular need
support and assistance to
help stave off depression.
Educational materials would
help to reduce childrens
depression, especially for
children living in rural areas.
Children living in rural
areas often dont have toys to
play with at home or school,
and those with disabilities
need special help in the form
of toys or books they are able
to use.
UXO Laos is a national
organisation dedicated to
removing unexploded ordnance,
educating villagers about the
dangers of UXO, and providing
support to victims where they
Xieng Khuang provincial
coordinator of UXO Lao
Mr Kingphet Phimmavong
said the organisation started
working in Xieng Khuang
province in 1994. Since that
time, 744 people have been
injured in Xieng Khuang.
Out of that number, 394 were
children, which is more than
Mr Kingphet said bombs
remain in the ground in most
parts of the province, just
waiting to be struck by an
unlucky farmers pick or
discovered by an adventurous
Of Xieng Khuangs eight
districts of Paek, Kham,
Nonghet, Khoun, Mokmay,
Phoukoud, Phaxay and
Thathom, only Mokmay
and Thathom dont suffer
from widespread UXO
Mr Kingphet explained
that people get injured by
bombs fore many reasons.
Some children work in rice
felds with their parents and
can easily strike a bomb
unwittingly while clearing
scrub or cutting grass.
People living in rural areas
light fres when the weather
turns cold, and if there is a
bomb buried in the ground
beneath, it is liable to explode
as the soil heats up.
Other children play with
the bomblets, either because
they dont know what they are
or believe them to be harmless.
Many of the bomblets are
brightly coloured even after
so much time, and can easily
attract an inquisitive child.
Some older children,
however, collect UXO as
scrap metal to sell even though
they know what it is and what
it can do. This is extremely
dangerous, but they often feel
they have no option due to
being trapped in poverty.
Mr Kingphet stressed that
UXO Lao in Xieng Khuang
province is focusing on
providing information for
local people to reduce the risk
of UXO accidents in the most
affected areas of the province.
UXO accident survivors
have mental health problems
and we need to help them
in as many ways as we can,
especially the young and
Many of them have no
way to earn a living when
they can no longer work in
the rice fields anymore, and
it is up to the community to
provide them with support,
he said.
Educational materials would help
to reduce childrens depression,
especially for children living in
rural areas.
Vientiane times 21 Thursday May 24, 2012 Feature
Park Min-young
Korea Herald, ANN) -- Keen
investors are eying South
Korea's hotel industry with new
Buoyed by the Korean
Wave, more tourists have been
visiting South Korea during
the last few years and have
increased the demand for hotel
More than 10.8 million are
expected to visit Seoul this year,
needing at least 43,000 hotel
rooms, according to the Seoul
Metropolitan Government.
The number of available hotel
rooms, however, is only about
Following the demand,
high-end hotel chains, business
hotels and investors are
planning to build or invest
in new hotels throughout the
metropolitan area. Hotels are
garnering interest as they are
making high profts. Seoul will
be short of hotels until 2014, so
active investments are expected
until then, said Seong Jun-
won, a researcher at Shinhan
Investment Corp.
Hotel Shilla plans to open
several business hotels under
the name Shilla Stay. The frst
one, with 308 rooms, will open
in Yeoksam-dong, southern
Seoul, by December 2013. It
has long been planning to turn
the Shilla Duty Free building in
Jangchung-dong, central Seoul,
into a business hotel as well.
Most of our guests are
foreigners, and the hotel is
always a full house. Many
Chinese and Japanese tourists
stay in motels outside of
Seoul like Ansan (in Gyeonggi
province) because of the lack
of hotels in Seoul. So we have
been taking an interest in
business hotels since last year,
said Hong Sun-ju, a PR offcial
at Hotel Shilla.
Lotte Hotel opened the
284-room Lotte City Hotel
Mapo in February 2009 and
the 190-room Lotte City Hotel
Gimpo Airport last December.
It also plans to open about
three more business hotels
throughout Seoul until 2015, in
Cheongnyangni, Seocho-dong
and Myeong-dong. Also under
construction is JW Marriott
Seoul Dongdaemun Plaza,
which will open in central
Seoul. It will have 16 foors and
170 rooms.
Cheonwon Industrial,
owner of Ritz Carlton Seoul,
and GS Group, owner of
Intercontinental Parnas Seoul,
both situated in southern Seoul,
are each seeking to build a
business hotel and a high-end
hotel, respectively, right next to
their existing ones.
International hotel chains
are newly launching in South
Korea as well, including Conrad
Seoul, run by Hilton Worldwide,
which will open in Yeouido with
434 rooms; and Crown Plaza
Hotel, also planned to open in
Yeouido. There are rumours that
Mandarin Oriental Hotel and
Four Seasons are also looking
into advance into the market
here. Another signifcant trend
is the conversion of offce
buildings into business hotels.
About 40 buildings
have been newly approved
as tourism accommodation
facilities, according to the Seoul
Metropolitan Government,
and 24 of them will go under
construction within the year.
When completed, Seoul will
be provided with 3,557 more
rooms. Travel agencies such as
Hana Tour and Modu Tour are
some of those who stepped into
the business, looking to invest
in low and mid-price hotels.
Remodeling a building
instead of constructing a new
one can save time and money.
Seoul City also offers benefts
like alleviation of foor space
index limitations or extension
of property tax breaks when a
building is registered to convert
to a hotel, in an apparent move
to swiftly increase room supply
in the city.
Investors are already eyeing
funds that invest in hotels.
Mirae Asset MAPS
Global Investments invested
to build a 26-foor hotel near
Gwanghwamun in central Seoul,
spent 231.8 billion won to build
another in Yongsang-dong, and
also plans to open one in Pangyo
in Gyeonggi Province. Asia
Asset Management put in 64
billion won to construct a high-
end business hotel in Hwaseong
City, Gyeonggi Province, and
Japanese frm Nomurarifa Asset
Management recently opened
the offce building-turned-
Ramada Dongdaemun Hotel.
The National Pension
Service is not missing out on
the opportunity either it
made a 620 billion won worth
of real estate funding to invest
in business hotels. Individual
investors are showing interest
in opportunities to buy hotel
units as well. Such hotel funds
are expected to make about 8 to
15 percent profts.
Market insiders, however,
warn that investors should be
careful because it is only an
early stage of the hotel boom
and earnings rate may drop if
supplies get excessive or the
number of tourists suddenly
decreases. Investors should also
note that hotels require a large
initial investment that takes as
long as 20 to 30 years to get
Shi Yingying
CHINA (China Daily, ANN)
-- For Chinese children with
cleft lips, their ship - or in
this case, train - has fnally
Smile Train, the worlds
largest charity repairing cleft
lips and palates for children
in developing countries,
has pledged to banish the
congenital condition from the
mainland. Driving into China
in 1999, the Smile Train has
provided 250,000 free cleft
surgeries to poor children in
the country through its 397
partner hospitals.
The results, as expected,
are dazzling. Just ask Wang
Li, the frst of the 750,000
people Smile Train has helped
across the world.
Wang, 24, who got married
earlier this year and has just
confrmed she is pregnant,
said her memory about Smile
Train was as fresh as 13 years
ago. I was always avoiding
crowds because of my cleft
lip when I was little, said
Wang, who was born with the
congenital defect to a poor
family from Suqian, Jiangsu
province, with her fve sisters.
I used to wrap my face in a
scarf so that people couldnt
see (my nose and lips) when
I went out. Simple thing such
Hotel gold-rush starts in Seoul
A new branch of JW Marriott Seoul is under construction in Jongno,
Seoul. --Photo Park Hyun-koo The Korea Herald
Bringing a smile to distraught children
as playing with other kids was
only a dream for me.
Wang had never known
a proper school before Smile
Trains rescue. The frst few
attempts at attending were
so fraught with ridicule
and embarrassment that
she withdrew and remained
largely confned to her room.
We didnt believe it - my
father and I - when we frst
heard news of free surgery
for a condition like mine from
a rubbish collector in 1998.
However, we still sent over
an inquiry out of despair, she
Two days later, Wang
received feedback from Smile
Trains partner hospital in
Nanjing, inviting her for the
free surgery. When Wang
returned home, not only did
her neighbour not recognise
her but also her mother. Wangs
family was too poor to afford
a home phone so nobody there
knew the surgery schedule.
You know whos the
happiest when you fx a little
baby? asked Charles Wang,
chairman and co-founder of
Smile Train. The mother!
The mother will cry when she
sees that baby. We have one
in India. When the mother
took a look at the baby (after
the surgery), she gave it back,
saying, Its not my baby.
Zhu Yunlong, Wangs
husband, couldnt thank Smile
Train enough when he learned
the reason for the faint scar on
his wifes upper lip. Thank
you for putting the smile back
on her face was the frst
sentence Zhu said to Charles
Wang when they met for the
frst time.
When Zhu Yunlong and
Wang Li told Charles they had
decided to use the word xiao
(smile in English) as part of
the name for their upcoming
baby, he was relieved and
said thats exactly the reason
why he started Smile Train 13
years ago.
Theyve been given an
opportunity - the same one
as if they werent born with
the cleft, said Charles Wang.
Many people asked me Why
cleft? because therere so
many life-threatening diseases
in the world and this is not
that life-threatening. But the
thing is when you dont have
that opportunity, when all
the kids make fun of you,
the psychological damage is
Its true that we could do
lots of things as some other
charities do. But lets do one
thing and focus. Here youre
going to fx a childs cleft
and you know the cost, said
Having established
programmes in 84 countries,
the charity provides local
doctors in developing nations
with training and equipment
to perform cleft operations.
Smile Train increased the
number of partner hospitals
in China from 163 in 2007
to 397 in 2008, allowing the
organisation to change the
lives of one baby born with a
cleft in every 600 newborns
in China. There were no such
hospitals when Smile Train
frst came to China in 1999.
Li Dungang was given
a 5,000-yuan (US$790)
scholarship from Smile Train
in 1999. He lived on the sum
for the entire two years he
spent on campus. Wearing a
brand-new suit and confdent
smile, the 29-year-old assistant
judge has no trace of his cleft
I was just promoted to be
assistant judge and, hopefully,
will become the principal
judge (for a local court) within
two years, said Li, who saved
his frst two years of salary to
pay the money he borrowed
from relatives to meet tuition
fees during law school.
Apart from the fnancial
aid and free operations Li
received from Smile Train, free
career consulting including
job recommendations was
extremely helpful as well,
he said. Most children with
cleft defects shared Wang
and Lis experiences. They
were invariably born into
poor families and remained
hidden because of shame and
isolation, said Charles Wang.
Thats also why the special
task of becoming a role model
fell on Lis shoulder.
Look at Li. What a smart
and handsome young man.
Wouldnt it be nice if more
people knew what he went
through? Wouldnt it be nice
for him to be able to guide
teenagers with the same issue?
said Charles Wang, proposing
the idea of organising a Smile
Train Family. The virtual
community will become the
online association for people
aided by Smile Train to support
each other. It is expected be
launched this year.
Wang Li (second from left) and her husband (frst left) pose with chairman and co-founder of Smile Train
Charles Wang (second from right) on the Bund, Shanghai. --Photo Gao Erqiang/China Daily
Vientiane times
Whats On
Luang Prabang
Big Brother Mouse helps
young people practise their
English at free drop-in sessions,
9-11am and 5-7pm, open every
day. Just come to our offce at
9am or 5pm in Ban Vat Nong,
around the corner from 3 Nagas
Hotel. www.bigbrothermouse.
Traditional Arts and
Ethnology Centre. Open 9am-
6pm, Tues-Sun.
Ock Pop Tok
Living Crafts Centre open daily
for free guided tour. Natural
dyes, weaving and batik
drawing classes daily. 9am-
5pm. Free transfer from Ock
Pop Tok shops in town to the
weaving centre on the Mekong.
Call 071 212597
Royal Palace National
Museum. Open 8.30-11.30am
and 1.30-4.30pm from
Wednesday to Monday.
UXO Visitor Centre. Open
Mon-Fri 8.30am-12 and
2-5pm. Right turn just before
Presidents Monument on the
Northern Rd.
Lao National Museum
on Samsenthai Road opposite
National Culture Hall. Open
Mon-Fri during offce hours
and on weekends from 9am to
Horphakeo Museum
on Setthathirat Road
opposite Vat Sisaket. Open
Mon-Sun during offce hours.
ANZ Vientiane Lions
Womens Rugby Club
Wednesday night ftness
sessions from 7:30 at VIS. Pitch
trainings Thursday nights from
19:30 and Sunday from 16:00
at Polytechnic Pitch in Ban
Phonphapao. Contact Vieng
on 020 54234111 or Maggie
on 020 78110019 for more
Champa Ban Youth Rugby
Rugby activities with a focus
on fun, games and healthy
living message. Free and open
to all. Visit
or contact Noui 020 54905090
or Maggie on 020 78110019 for
more information.
Lao Elephants Australian
Rules Football Club -Meet
at 6.30 pm on Thursdays for
- Action with Lao Children Library: Open Mon to Fri
9am to 6pm and Sat 9am to 3pm. Come in and read
and borrow Lao, Japanese, Thai and English books.
Located in Ban Saphangmor, Xaysettha district.
- Permanent UXO exhibition and the provision of
artifcial limbs for victims. COPE Visitor Centre,
Khouvieng Road, opposite Green Park Hotel. Every
day: 9am-6pm.
- Chess Club meets at 1pm every Sunday at City Inn on
Pangkham Road, Vientiane.
- Womens International Group. For activities and
times email
- Toastmasters Club meets every Sun. from 4-6pm at
Khopchaideu restaurant (3F). Everyone is welcome.
- Meditation at Vat Sokpaluang every Saturday,
- English Language Church Service every Sunday
10am at the ARDA Language Centre (near the Mercure,
formerly Novotel). Call (021) 261441, or visit http://www.
training, please contact the
LE President at president_
for details and other meeting
Buffalos Rugby - mens
rugby training Tuesday
evenings 6 - 7:30pm. All
welcome. Sunday morning
social touch rugby - male,
female all ages welcome.
Free. For either, contact
John (020 77140176), Bob
(020 55510443) and Tom (020
2281111) for more information.
Wild Hogs Rugby training
at the Polytechnic pitch
in Phonpapao village,
Sisattanak, at 8pm on Tues.
and Thurs. Optional Saturday
touch session at That Luang
at 5:30pm, Sunday ftness at
That Luang at 5:30pm. Call
020 77615677
or Chris 020 77834385.
Lao Mahout Netball team
trains every Tues. at 6pm
at Vientiane International
School. For more information
contact Saeng on 020
Lions Womens Rugby from
7.30pm on Tues and Thurs at
the Polytechnic pitch. Contact
Noui on 020 4905090 or
Maggie on 020 54656153.
Youth Community Rugby
Training for U15 Boys and
U17 Girls at the Polytechnic
pitch in Phonpapao village,
Sisattanak, at 7:30pm on
Wed. Training for children of
all ages at 9am on Sunday.
Aqua-ftness Fri 10-11am;
Sat 11-12. Please contact
Sarah at 020 54147069 or
Body Language at Vientiane
Accueil, Khouvieng Rd.
Class includes stretching and
respiratory exercises with
an oriental touch. Tues. and
Thurs. from 5.30-6.30pm.
Contact 020 5612107.
Aerobics at Sokpalouang
swimming pool, Sisattanak
district. Open every day from
Vientiane Hash House Harriers
Meet at Nam Phu Fountain
every Saturday for travel to
out-of-town runs. Mixed Hash,
register at 3.45pm and depart
4pm. Monday,VH3, family
Hash. 3 runs - short, medium
and long. Meet at 5pm at
advertised venue. Phones:
223867, 217493,
mobile 020 5511293, 5514669.
Thursday May 24, 2012
Art & Entertainment
Members of the K-pop boy
band 2PM and girl group miss
A will participate in a tour
program designed to promote
Korean culture to foreign
K-pop fans in June, Korea
2PM, miss A to travel Korea
with foreign K-pop fans
Tourism Organization said on
Serving as goodwill
ambassadors to the state-run
travel agency, members of the
two groups will accompany
groups of foreign fans of
K-pop selected through a
video contest in May. The
odds of getting selected were
310-to-1, KTO said.
The program will invite
seven winners of the contest
and eight candidates selected
by KTOs offces overseas
to attend the travel program,
Touch Korea Tour, from
June 7-27.
During the week-long
schedule, three of the days will
see the foreign fans joined by
three K-pop stars.
The stars are expected to
help the visitors learn more
about Korean culture and
create memorable experiences
for them.
Junsu and Wooyoung from
2PM and Min from miss A will
join the fun tour that features
adventures on Jeju Island and
in PyeongChang, the host city
of the 2018 Winter Olympics.
Miss As Suzy and 2PMs
Chansung and Junho will
participate in the gourmet
tour of culinary pleasures in
Jeonju, Damyang, Suncheon
and Yeosu.
Fei and Jia from miss
A and Taecye on from 2PM
will also help participants
explore different shopping
experiences in Andong, North
Gyeongsang Province, Busan
and Seoul.
Members of 2PM and miss A pose for a photo for the special travel package Touch Korea Tour by
Korea Tourism Organization. --Photo Korea Tourism Organization
known French urban dance
company Compagnie Kafg
returns to Korea for the frst
time in six years with its latest
productions Agwa and
Correria on June 2-3 at the
LG Arts Center in Seoul.
Inspired by the special
encounter between Algerian-
French choreographer Mourad
Merzouki and 11 self-taught
Brazilian dancers, the two
upcoming productions are a
mix of French choreography
and Brazilian passion.
The French choreographer
said he was mesmerized
by the performances of the
dancers from favela, or slum
towns, in Brazil at the Lyon
Dance Biennial in 2006. With
the two creations, Merzouki
shows off their rough yet pure
passion for dance.
In new production Agwa,
meaning water in Portuguese,
Merzouki projects the image
of water alongside the fuidity
of the dancers movements.
The dancers, fearless and
inspirational, jump around some
100 glasses of water laid out in
parallel lines that are sometimes
barriers for them and sometimes
part of their frames.
Correria (The Rush),
meanwhile, is a portrayal of
people today who are always
busy and have no time to
think. The work depicts the
hectic nature of modern living,
with dancers running around
the stage nonstop to a fast and
funky rhythm.
The company, founded
and led by Merzouki,
has gained international
recognition for its innovative
and energetic contemporary
works based on French hip-
hop dance. Merzouki, an
acclaimed, award-winning
hip-hop dancer, has been
experimenting by constantly
combining his signature
genre with others such as
samba, acrobatics, electronic
music and even Bossa Nova.
In the last 15 years,
he and the company have
traveled to about 50 countries
around the world, staging
more than 150 performances.
In 2006, Compagnie Kafg
came to Seoul with Terrain
Vague (Wasteland), which
blended hip-hop, famenco,
contemporary and circus
performance. The works were
created as a tribute to multi-
cultural French society.
Merzouki was a recipient of
the Best Young Choreographer
prize at the International Dance
Festival of Wolfsburg and was
also awarded the Crateurs sans
Frontires trophy by the French
Compagnie Kafg will also
perform at Gyeongnam Culture
and Arts Center in Jinju, South
Gyeongsang Province, on May
30 and at Busan Cinema Center
on June 5.
French choreography meets Brazilian passion
A scene from Agwa by Compagnie Kafg. --Photo LG Arts Center
(CHINA DAILY) -- Marvel
comic book crime fghters
X-Men have put down their
weapons and picked up
wedding rings for the frst
same-sex marriage in the
superhero world, set for June.
Marvel on Tuesday said
Jean-Paul Beaubier, aka
Northstar, a Canadian with
piercing blue eyes and silver-
streaked black hair who can
move and fy at superhuman
speeds, will propose to
his longtime boyfriend
Kyle Jinadu in the issue,
Astonishing X-Men #50,
due on sale May 23.
The Marvel Universe
has always refected the
world outside your window,
so we strive to make sure
our characters, relationships
and stories are grounded in
that reality, Marvel editor-
in-chief, Axel Alonso said
in a statement. "We've been
working on this story for over
a year to ensure Northstar
and Kyle's wedding refects
Marvel's 'world outside your
window' tradition."
The pair will marry in the
next issue of Astonishing
X-Men #51, on sale June
20, and some comic book
retailers will be hosting
wedding parties on that day,
Marvel said.
Northstar and Kyle have
been a couple since 2009,
but Marvel is not promising
the pair will live happily ever
after. In fact, Marvel asks in
its wedding announcement:
Will their path to wedded
matrimony in New York City
be smooth or are there hidden
dangers around the corner?
As if battling evildoers
and saving the world weren't
X-Men plans same-sex superhero wedding
Vientiane times 23 Thursday May 24, 2012 Sports
WARSAW, Poland (AP)
-- Who's going to win the
European Championship?
Time to ask an elephant - or a
Poland's answer to Paul the
Octopus - the tentacled tipster
who gained worldwide fame for
his 2010 World Cup predictions
- is Citta the elephant. Ukraine,
however, will probably go for
an enormous beer-loving pig
but there are big doubts
about whether he can handle
the media glare.
The parade of supposedly
psychic animals comes as
the two Eastern European
nations gear up to co-host the
continent's most prestigious
soccer championship from
June 8 to July 1.
The zoo in the southern
Polish city of Krakow settled on
a temperamental 33-year-old
female pachyderm from India
while Ukraine - where slices
of hog fat are the national dish
- is contemplating a happier
destiny for a 2-year-old already
named Psychic Pig.
The pig has a fondness
for beer and fries and grunts
in pleasure when he watches
matches on television with
his farmer owner, his publicist
claimed Tuesday. But he still
needs some PR training before
he is presented to the public.
"We want to make sure he
is calm - we don't want him
to get scared," said Svitlana
Bovkun, a spokeswoman for
Kiev city administration.
Krakow zoo director
Jozef Skotnicki said Citta,
the apparently clairvoyant
elephant, was chosen over a
donkey, a parrot and another
elephant after she correctly
predicted that Chelsea would
win the Champions League last
week - the annual competition
between Europe's top clubs.
She made her winning pick by
choosing an apple above a blue-
and-white logo for Chelsea
rather one from opponent
Bayern Munich, which sports
a red, white and blue logo.
That's the same method
which will be used the
day before each of the 31
matches during the European
championship, which is held
once every four years and is
being hosted by these two ex-
communist countries for the
frst time.
The zoo is making one
exception to its predictions
schedule out of concern
for religious feelings in
predominantly Roman
Catholic Poland: Citta will
make her prediction for the
June 8 opening game two days
ahead, because June 7 falls
on the Corpus Christi holiday,
Skotnicki said.
He described Citta as a
sensitive mammal brought to
Europe by a German circus
owner. At one point she
suffered the loss of a caretaker
and went into mourning. She
has never borne offspring due
to a fear of males.
"Because of her
past experience, Citta is
unpredictable and overreacts,
and needs a special, gentle
approach," Skotnicki said.
Less is known about
the Psychic Pig due to his
protective media handlers. But
if the allegedly intuitive hog
can overcome his shyness he
will be brought to a specially-
built house in central Kiev
outside the Olympic Stadium,
where some of the Euro 2012
matches will be played.
Ahead of each game, he
will be asked to indicate the
winner by deciding whether
to eat from one of two plates
of food, each marked with
the national fags of the teams
No one is talking about
how the co-hosts might deal
with conficting predictions.
Paul the Octopus gained
fame by predicting eight 2010
World Cup matches correctly,
including Germany's run to the
semifnals and Spain's victory
over the Netherlands in the
fnal. Paul made his predictions
by opening the lid of one
of two clear plastic boxes,
each containing a mussel and
bearing a team fag. He died at
an aquarium in Germany later
that year.
Elephant and pig tapped to
predict Euro 2012 games
(Left to right) EURO 2012 mascot Slavek, tournament director in Ukraine Markiyan Lubkivsky, Ukraines
national soccer player Andriy Shevchenko, UEFA ambassador Croatian soccer star Davor Suker,
President of the Football Federation of Ukraine Hryhoriy Surkis, and mascot Slavko. --Photo AP
Hsing was 8 when she wrote
down her Olympic dream on
a piece of paper. She rolled it
up, wrapped it with a string and
tucked it into a small box.
I said something along the
lines of I wish to become an
Olympian one day, the 16-year-
old Californian recalled. Then
for eight years I convinced
myself that if I opened the piece
of paper and read it, my wish
could not come true.
She didnt, and it did.
Hsing will represent the
United States in table tennis
at the London Olympics, and
shell be going with two other
Californians who are even
younger 16-year Lily Zhang
and 15-year-old Erica Wu.
The lone mens representative
will be Tim Wang of Houston,
Hsing has suddenly become
a celebrity in a sport that gets
scant attention in the United
For starters, she is buddies
with billionaires Warren Buffett
and Bill Gates, close enough to
call them Uncle Warren and
Uncle Bill.
A ping pong buff, Buffett
met Hsing when she was only 9
and already a top youth player.
Two years later he invited her
to play against shareholders at
Berkshire Hathaways annual
meeting. She returned this
month, shortly after winning a
spot on the US team.
She faced both Buffett and
Gates this time.
Of course Uncle Warren
and Uncle Bill have won points
against me, she said in an
interview with The Associated
Press. Theyre actually pretty
good, a lot better than the
average person I would say.
Now thats ping pong
diplomacy. In an annual letter
to shareholders, Buffett wrote
of his frst experience facing
Hsing. The week I turned 75 I
played Ariel, then 9 and barely
tall enough to see across the
table, thinking I would take it
easy on her so as not to crush
her young spirit. Instead she
crushed me, he said.
In an email to The Associated
Press, Buffett said he had hoped
to go see her play in London,
but will be having treatment
that week for prostate cancer.
Buffett said he was struck by
Hsings modesty, discipline,
friendliness, and focus.
Asked if he ever won a
legitimate point off her, Buffett
replied: Perhaps one, but she
set me up for it.
Ariels father Michael
has been juggling dozens of
interview requests, and one US
television network is flming a
documentary about her.
Despite the sudden fame,
she sees herself primarily as a
junior at Valley Christian High
DEBRECEN, Hungary (AP)
-- Fabio Scozzoli of Italy
dedicated his 100-metre
breaststroke title at the
European Championships on
Tuesday to two-time champion
Alex Dale Oen, who died
suddenly three weeks ago.
Scozzoli took silver behind
Dale Oen when the Norwegian
won this event at last year's
world championships in
Shanghai his country's frst
such title in swimming.
Scozzoli touched in 1
minute, 0.55 seconds. Valeriy
Dymo of Ukraine took silver
in 1:00.68 and another Italian,
Mattia Pesce, took bronze in
1:00.93. Scozzoli propped
himself up on a lane rope and
fexed a bicep after his win,
then revealed his dedication to
Dale Oen later.
Dale Oen, who won this
race at the past two Euros,
died of cardiac arrest during
an altitude training camp in
Flagstaff, Arizona, on April 30.
"He accompanied all of
my achievements and he
accompanied me today, too,
and I really wanted to win this
to remember him," Scozzoli
Scozzoli's time was far off
the 59.42 he swam in Shanghai
last year. He attributed that to
heavy training ahead of the
London Olympics.
"I'm not in top form,
therefore I had to prepare myself
Scozzoli dedicates 100 breast gold to Dale Oen
mentally," said Scozzoli, who
will compete with two-time
defending champion Kosuke
Kitajima of Japan, Cameron
van der Burgh of South Africa
and a couple Americans for
gold in London.
Before the medal ceremony
for the 100 breast, European
swimming league (LEN)
President Nory Kruchten
presented Norwegian
Swimming Federation President
Per Rune Eknes with the
International Fair Play award
for having the entire Norway
team present and competing so
soon after Dale Oen's death.
In the women's 50 butterfy,
Ingvild Snildal won a bronze
for Norway's frst medal of
the championship. Sarah
Sjoestroem of Sweden took
gold in 25.64 and Triin Aljand
of Estonia got the silver.
The 16 Norwegian
swimmers competing here are
wearing black swim caps with
Dale Oen's initials on one side:
Snildal is the only
Norwegian qualifed for London
so far in the 100 fy. She also
took a bronze in the 50 fy at the
2009 worlds in Rome.
Rafael Munoz Perez of
Spain defended his title in
the men's 50 fy, with Fred
Bousquet of France taking
silver and Yauhen Tsurkin of
Belarus bronze, while 2008
winner Milorad Cavic settled
for a tie for ffth.
Cavic had surgery to repair
a herniated disk in July, 2010,
and failed to qualify for any
fnals at last year's worlds in
Shanghai. He is still to race the
100 fy, the event he lost by a
mere hundredth of a second
to Michael Phelps at the 2008
Beijing Olympics, the closest
threat to the American's record
eight golds.
"I'm disappointed, because
I didn't have it under control
tonight," Cavic said. "I was over
anxious. I haven't been training
at all for the 50 fy."
The 50 fy is not an Olympic
Also, Aristeidis Grigoriadis
of Greece took the men's 100
backstroke title in 53.86 ahead
of Helge Meeuw of Germany
and Yakov Yan Toumarkin
of Israel with co-world
champion Jeremy Stravius
A year ago, Stravius shared
the world title with French
teammate Camille Lacourt, who
is skipping this meet. Stravius
failed to qualify for the event at
the French Olympic trials.
In the women's 200 back,
Alexianne Castel of France
won gold in 2:08.41, beating
Jenny Mensing of Germany
and Duane Da Rocha Marce of
Spain. Elizabeth Simmonds and
Gemma Spofforth, who fnished
1-2 two years ago in Budapest,
were also absent.
Italy's Fabio Scozzoli swims to win the men's 100 metre breastroke
fnal at the European Swimming Championships in Hungary on
Tuesday. --Photo AP
Ping pong dreaming for
16-year-old Olympian
School in San Jose, California.
She just attended the junior
prom, and her attention is on
college entrance exams and
a goal of being accepted at
Stanford University to study
I dont think Im famous
at all, she said. People at my
school recognize me. They say:
Youre the ping pong girl.
Hsing offers insight into
a game now ruled by Asians,
and Chinese in particular.
Americans in the 1930s and 40s
were briefy among the best, a
period when central Europeans
held sway.
Hsing developed a love
of ping pong (thats what the
games called in China) from
her father, who emigrated 25
years ago from Taiwan, and her
mother Xin Jaing, who came to
the United States a bit earlier
from Henan province in east-
central China.
They trained as computer
engineers, and Ariel said she
started playing at 7, fetching
balls for her parents in matches
at a local recreation centre.
The frst year I could beat
her, Michael said. After 8, I
could not.
China has won 20 of 24
gold medals since table tennis
entered the Olympics in 1988,
and is expected to win all four
gold medals when the London
Olympics open on July 27. The
fve top-ranked players in the
world male and female
are all Chinese. Japan, South
Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and
Germany fll out the other top
10 spots.
Hsing is ranked No. 134,
Zhang is 145 and Wu is 465.
Wang is 381 on the mens list.
With a population of
1.3 billion, China uses its
vast numbers and a Soviet-
style sports school system to
dominate the game, putting
players through six hours of
daily practice and winnowing
the feld as players grow older.
For a lot of Americans,
ping pong it just a basement
sport, Hsing said. Its just a
sport you play with family and
friends and hit the ball around.
In China, its the national sport.
Its kind of like the NBA.
Hsing speaks Mandarin
My English is better, she said
and has spent several spells
training in China. She knows
what shell face in London. Part
of the focus this time is getting
experience and, perhaps,
looking ahead to the 2016 and
2020 Olympics.
Kids in China and kids in
the US have pretty similar levels,
but as they grow older the kids
in China train professionally,
Hsing said. Whereas kids in the
US have to balance homework
and school. So it gets harder.
We train less. Thats where the
gap starts to grow.
This Friday, April 20, 2012 fle photo shows United States Ariel
Hsing and Canadas Chris Xu during the womens fnals of the
North America Olympic Games table tennis qualifying tournament
in North Carolina. --Photo AP
Vientiane times
Thursday May 24, 2012
Sangkhomsay Bubphanouvong
udomxay provincial Education
and Sports Department is
building the main football
stadium, sports felds and other
facilities for the 10th National Games
in 2014.
Construction began in January
2010 and is on track for completion
at the end of 2013.
The main football stadium will
be used for the opening and closing
ceremonies. Also being built are a
swimming pool, a beach volleyball
court and indoor facilities for the
petanque, basketball, table tennis,
badminton, volleyball and sepak
takraw events.
Education and Sports Department
Deputy Director Mr Sivansone
Vonglome said the province is
spending 252 billion kip to build the
main stadium and other facilities.
However, budget constraints
are hampering the upgrade of the
old stadium. Furthermore, Mr
Sivansone said, Oudonxay province
lacks training centres and adequate
sporting facilities to hold the martial
arts, boat racing and cycling events.
On completion of the new venues
in 2013, the province will be able to
hold many sports competitions, he
Oudomxay athletics teams wont
be able to use the new facilities for
training this year but will train in
Luang Prabang province, which
Oudomxays new sports
stadium to be ready in 2013
hosted last years National Games
and has high standard venues.
This will be the frst time
Oudomxay province has hosted the
National Games, so sports offcials
are keen to learn from previous hosts
of the event.
The province will also spend
almost 300 million kip to prepare
teams to compete in events for
Lao Sports Day, to be hosted by
Khammuan province in July.
Oudomxay will send a team
of more than 50 contestants to
participate in beach volleyball,
football, sepak takraw, petanque,
badminton, table tennis, and track
and feld events.
Mr Sivansone said that although
Oudomxay doesnt have its new
facilities available this year it will
arrange for junior level athletes to
train in other provinces ahead of Lao
Sports Day.
Oudomxay will then train up its
most talented athletes in preparation
for the National Games in 2014. The
province will also partner with Vietnam
to hold various activities when the new
sports venues are built.
The sports department will
invite teams from Luang Prabang
and Phongsaly provinces and from
Vietnam to take part in competitions
in Oudomxay province.
Last April, the sports department
sent more than 10 table tennis players
to improve their skills at a training
camp in China.
PFALZEN, Italy (AP) -- Jon
Izaguirre of Spain won the 16th stage
of the Giro dItalia on Tuesday while
countryman Joaquin Rodriguez kept
the overall lead.
Izaguirre spent most of the day in
the lead group and broke away on the
fnal sharp climb of the mainly uphill
108-mile course from Limone sul
Garda to Pfalzen.
He fnished in 4 hours, 2 minutes
to beat Alessandro De Marchi and Stef
Clement by 16 seconds. Rodriguez was
8 minutes, 57 seconds behind.
Its true that it was a good fnish
today, which was well within my
capability, Rodriguez said. But
you mustnt get carried away, there
are still a lot of diffculties before we
get to Milan next Sunday. I have to
preserve myself and keep my energy
for the days to come.
It was Izaguirres frst win on a
grand tour.
Izaguirre, De Marchi and Clement
was among a group of riders that
broke away about 70 kilometres into
the stage, and swiftly established a
lead of six minutes.
The lead was eventually extended
to 12:30 as the peloton took it easy
since no rider in the breakaway group
was a threat to the overall leader. The
highest-placed rider in the leading
group was Jose Herrada, and he had
been 32 minutes and 26 seconds
behind Rodriguez at the start of the
16th stage.
Herrada attacked with just under
fve kilometres to go, on the short
climb to Chienes, which has an
average gradient at nine percent, and
a maximum of 12.
He was swiftly overtaken by
Izaguirre and De Marchi. The
Spaniard then opened up a gap on the
rest of the leaders, and the Euskaltel
rider sprinted clear down the fnal
200-yard straight to the line.
Wednesdays 17th stage sends the
peloton to the Dolomites mountain
range. The 116-mile route features
four tough climbs before the fnal
descent into Cortina dAmpezzo.
Im ready, Rodriquez said. I
know that it will be tough and Ive
prepared myself for it. We will know
a bit more about everyones assets,
even though I dont think the Giro
will play out only on this stage.
It will be an important day but
not decisive. There will be the chance
to win some time but not to eliminate
The Giro ends on May 27 in
Izaguirre wins Giro stage;
Rodriguez retains lead
Spains Jon
Izaguirre pedals
on his way to win
the 16th stage of
the Giro d'Italia,
Tour of Italy
cycling race on
--Photo AP
Vientiane times 25
Read more news at Thursday May 24, 2012
Vientiane times
lowers petrol
page B2
Lao stock
market moves
closer to online
page B2
project benefts
dont always
trickle down
page B3
10,108 10,158
Foreign Buying Selling
US Dollar
Thai Baht
Exchange rates as of
may 23, 2012
Banque pour le Commerce
Exterieur Lao
Advertorial Desk
he offcial launch of the
Vientiane New World
precinct on the Don Chan
riverside hit the headlines
in Laos, generating a lot of public
interest as it will be one of the biggest
urban development projects ever to
take place in the capital.
The US$600-million project
was offcially launched at a gala
ceremony in Vientiane on Monday,
with high-ranking government
offcials, ambassadors, diplomatic
representatives and business leaders
in Laos among those in attendance.
The unveiling of the concept
plan for the project left many guests
amazed with the sheer scale of
the development, which is set to
completely transform the small city of
Vientiane. Some guests in attendance
even dubbed the project the new
Hong Kong on the Mekong.
CAMCE Chairperson Ms Luo
Yan delivered a speech at the opening
ceremony, briefng guests about the
growth of her companys operations
in Laos and other parts of the world.
For a long time, with the help
from everybody present today,
CAMCE has grown rapidly in Laos.
With the support of everybody here,
the Vientiane New World project a
joint investment by CAMCE and the
Krittaphong Group - can be launched
today, she said at the unveiling of the
concept plan.
CAMCE is the developer and
New hong Kong on the mekong!
engineer of Vientiane New World.
As a benchmarking multinational
enterprise following the strategy
of Transnational Corporations for
Chinese Enterprises, CAMCE has
developed into a comprehensive
company group, focusing on its core
business of engineering contracting, as
well as various businesses involving
overseas and domestic investment,
and trade.
She said its market scope covers
Southeast Asia, Africa, the Americas,
Central Asia and the Russian-speaking
region, establishing an excellent
brand image and market infuence.
After accumulating experience in a
vast number of felds, the company
has created its core competitiveness
in a number of key felds including
industrial engineering, agricultural
engineering, water works, electrical
power engineering, and transportation
When we came to Laos for the
frst time, we were deeply attracted by
the charm and beauty of Laos. In Laos,
there are splendid mountains and
rivers, a pleasant climate, the lively
Mekong River, antique buildings,
magnifcent temples, a profound
culture, harmonious people, sincere
smiling faces and Sabaidee.
Everything here brings us a
different feeling! Many foreign
people have come to consider here
their second home. Tourists from all
over the world come here to travel
and sightsee. I believe that Laos will
become a new international centre in
the future!
CAMCE, relying on its rich
international resources, long-term
and stable strategically cooperative
partnership and effcient management
team, will spare no effort to integrate
its competitive resources to build
Vientiane New World, she said.
The company aims to retain Lao
culture and local wisdom as the
foundation of the project, but also to
meet international demand, making
the Lao people proud and overseas
visitors content.
Vientiane New World belongs
to Laos. Vientiane New World also
belongs to the world. Even more,
Vientiane New World belongs to
everybody, Ms Luo Yan said.
Managing Director of CAMCE
Investment Mr Yao also delivered a
speech during the ceremony.
He said As the developer of the
ASEM villas and mansions, which
will accommodate delegations from
all over the world, CAMCE will be
one of the most supportive partners of
the 9th Asia-Europe Meeting Summit.
With this opportunity, Vientiane New
World, which carries the dreams of
Vientiane, comes into being.
Vientiane New World will
integrate Lane Xang culture, ancient
Lao tradition, the ecological leisure
expressions of modern Laos, as well
as the international urban fashion of
the future Vientiane!
According to CAMCEs strategic
plan for the project, Vientiane New
World will be strategically positioned
as the crown of Vientiane, spirit of
the country, and will consist of three
centres: an International Cultural
and Tourist Centre, an International
Business Centre, and an International
Residence Centre.
The VNW project will encompass
high rise offce buildings and
apartments, shopping malls, cinemas,
hotels, residential villas, parks and
tree lined boulevards, and is expected
to take between six and eight years to
Meanwhile, Vice Mayor of
Vientiane Mr Keophilavanh Aphaylath
congratulated CAMCE for helping
Laos to host the ASEM Summit in
November, which would contribute to
enhancing the role and reputation of
Laos in the international arena.
He said the project is line with the
capitals intention to build Vientiane
as the centre of the Mekong sub-
region, attracting foreign investment
and tourism.
During the ceremonial launch,
guests also learned about the project
through a company promotional
video showing how Vientiane will be
transformed over the next 6-8 years.
The guests were entertained by
popular Lao singers including Aluna
and Sam from Indee Records. Lao
pop superstar Alexandra Bounxouei
also joined the event, singing both
Lao and English songs.
The guests also admired the sand
drawings by a Chinese artist, with the
art form very popular in that country.
The sand drawings featured
various landmarks in Laos, as well
as the concept plan of Vientiane New
World, including the 50 villas built to
accommodate leaders attending the
ASEM Summit.
Vientiane times B 2 Thursday May 24, 2012
Phonsavanh Vongsay
The Ministry of Industry
and Commerce lowered the
price of premium and regular
petrol in Vientiane and fve
provinces yesterday, which is
the second cut they have made
this month.
The price of petrol has
dropped by between 210
kip and 230 kip per litre in
Vientiane and the provinces
of Khammuan, Savannakhet,
Champassak, Bokeo and
Xieng Khuang, according to
a report from the ministrys
Price Planning and Marketing
Division yesterday.
In Vientiane, petrol stations
are now selling premium
petrol for 12,170 kip per litre
and regular petrol for 10,790
kip per litre, while diesel has
remained steady at 9,630 kip
per litre.
Fuel prices in the fve
provinces vary depending on
transport costs, with premium
petrol ranging from between
12,190 and 12,320 kip per
litre and regular petrol from
between 10,820 and 11,040
kip per litre, while diesel
retails for between 9,680 and
9,860 kip per litre.
Fuel prices fuctuate
depending on shifts in the
global market and fuel prices
in Laos rise and fall in line
with world oil markets, the
report noted.
In January, petrol stations
in Vientiane and the fve
provinces were selling
premium petrol for between
11,520 and 11,660 kip per
litre and regular petrol for
between 10,600 and 10,860
kip per litre. Meanwhile diesel
retailed for between 9,520 and
9,750 kip per litre.
There have been seven price
adjustments this year, fve of
which have been upward, while
the last two have reduced the
price. There were 17 fuel price
adjustments by the ministry
last year. That followed 14
adjustments in 2010 and 15
adjustments in 2009.
AP reported yesterday
that oil prices fell to a seven-
month low of around US$91 a
barrel on Wednesday in Asia
after Iran agreed to allow the
UN nuclear agency to restart
an investigation into the
countrys nuclear programme.
Benchmark oil for July
delivery was down 57 cents to
US$91.28 a barrel at midday
Singapore time in electronic
trading on the New York
Mercantile Exchange.
Fuel consumption in Laos
is expected to increase by 7
percent this year, exceeding the
previous years consumption
rate of around 750 million
litres. It is expected to increase
to more than 800 million litres
this year.
In 2009, fossil fuel
consumption was around 640
million litres and increased to
over 700 million litres in 2010,
according to the Lao Petroleum
and Gas Association.
Laos expects renewable
energy to generate around 30
percent of total energy used
nationwide by 2025. This
fgure will include a bio-
fuel component of around 10
percent, which will replace
imported fossil fuels, the
Ministry of Energy and Mines
reported recently.
The new prices are displayed at a petrol station in Vientiane.
--Photo Bounthan
Ministry lowers petrol prices
Markets factor in GREXIT
Asian stocks and the uro fell on Greece exit (GREXIT) concerns.
Markets are hostage to the outcomes of last nights EU summit.
Todays trading will be very much infuenced by the assessment of the summits political
Markets should be infuenced by fnancial performance but instead of that assessment its
Greek politicians who hold the wand.
A new Euro Bond is a headache - just try getting 17 nations of diverse political beliefs to
mutually agree to terms and guarantees.
Their biggest worry according to FX traders is assessing whether a GREXIT will be a worse
than the decision of bandying together to introduce the Euro.
Vientiane: The market pause button caused a stall in trading yesterday as the stocks are
showing signs of being oversold at discount prices. Day traders would be disappointed.
Greeces former Prime Minister Lucas Papa demos said that while its unlikely the nation
will leave the euro, its still a risk.
US Stocks reversed gains in the fnal hour on Greek worries.
A selloff across risk assets resumed on Tuesday, pushing the US dollar higher and lowering
commodity prices to a fve-month low.
Facebook lost 8.9pct to fall to US$31 down from its Friday IPO of US$38. The forensics
are being done as Morgan Stanley denies it downgraded revenues on the company just
before trading occurred. It is alleged they advised only a select few major clients. Theres
more to this story than there appears; lets see who loses face.
Standard & Poors GSCI Spot Index fell to its lowest level since Dec. 20. The index,
which tracks 24 raw materials, lost 0.7 percent to 624 points.
US Treasury yields were nine basis points from the record low on concerns Greece will
abandon the euro, increasing demand for the relative safety of US debt.
The 17-nation euro was 0.2 percent from a four-month low against the dollar.
Base metals were under pressure as the Greek crisis may hurt the EU and global growth
and sap demand.
Soybeans slid to the lowest price since March 30.
Rubber declined by the most in a week.
Palm oil fell to US$3,110.
Cotton tumbled to the lowest level in more than two years
Oil barrel prices retreated for a second day, Nymexs oil contract fell as much as 1 percent
to US$90.97.
Times Reporters
The Lao Securities Exchange
plan to offer online stock
trading has seen some positive
progress after the Lao-Korean
joint venture agreed to
purchase the necessary IT and
communication equipment
from a Korean company.
The Exchange signed an
agreement with Korea Telecom
last week to purchase, install
and maintain IT equipment in
Vientiane, to enable the Lao
Securities Exchange to offer
online stock trading services.
Under the agreement,
Korea Telecom will also train
Lao stock market staff so they
can use the equipment to boost
the effciency of stock trading,
which it is hoped will attract
more local and foreign investors
to the Lao stock market.
Lao Securities Exchange
signed an MOU with Enterprise
of Lao Telecom earlier this year
to provide the stock market
with a high speed and secure
internet signal, one of the main
requirements to enable the
market to offer smooth online
trading services.
Despite the fact that the
stock market has posted an order
to purchase the IT equipment, it
is still unclear when the system
will be operational so that online
trading can begin.
LSX Chairman and CEO Mr
Dethphouvang Moularat said
earlier this year the Exchange
would try its best to offer online
trading in the frst quarter of
this year. However, the deadline
has passed without the service
coming into effect.
The Lao stock market has
strong hopes that the online
service will make it easier for
traders to post purchase and
sell orders from home over the
internet, thus boosting trading
volumes and the number of
companies that want to list.
At present, traders have to
use telephone and fax to post
buy and sell orders with brokers,
while some traders have to visit
the stock market in person.
Most stock markets now
offer an online trading service
and many Lao people can buy
and sell stocks in foreign markets.
The fact that they cannot do so in
Laos is resulting in an outfow of
foreign currencies.
The Lao Securities Exchange
was opened in October 2010
and frst offered a stock trading
service in January last year.
Currently, only two companies,
EDL-Gen and BCEL have
listed. The management of the
exchange said earlier this year
that an average of 160,000
stocks a day traded last year,
below what had been expected.
Many Lao people consider
investment in the stock market
to be a new experience and
they need to understand more
about the process before they
are confdent about investing.
A shortage of stock market and
economic data has also made
it diffcult to convince people
to invest in the publicly listed
Lao stock market moves closer to online trading
Representatives of the Lao Securities Exchange and Korea Telecom sign an agreement to purchase
and install IT equipment for an online trading service.
Vientiane times 27
Continued from last issue
Thursday May 24, 2012 B 3
Greek banks to get
US$23 billion from
bailout fund
ATHENS, Greece (AP)
-- Greeces four biggest
commercial banks will
receive an 18 billion (US$23
billion) cash infusion from
the European bailout fund.
The recapitalisation comes
amid political uncertainty
in the debt-stricken country
after inconclusive on May 6
elections saw a rise in support
for anti-bailout parties and
cast doubt over whether
Greeces future use of the
euro currency.
Mazda, Fiat to work
together on small
TOKYO (AP) -- Mazda
Motor Corp. and Fiat
SpA are working together
on developing and
manufacturing a roadster,
or two-seater convertible,
although the automakers
will come up with different,
distinctly styled models.
The deal with Fiat of Italy,
which controls US automaker
Chrysler, serves as a perk
for a money-losing Mazda,
and highlights the Japanese
automakers trademark
product - the best-selling
roadster of all time.
Singapore infation
quickens to 4-month
Singapore says its infation
rate rose to a fourth-month
high in April as housing and
transport costs soared.
The central bank said in a
statement on Wednesday that
the consumer price index
increased 5.4 percent in
April from a year earlier, up
from 5.2 percent in March.
The bank said housing costs
jumped 11 percent while
transport prices gained 7.5
PC maker Lenovo
says proft up 59
BEIJING (AP) -- Lenovo
Group, the worlds second-
largest personal computer
maker, said on Wednesday
its quarterly proft rose 59
percent over a year earlier
on record sales. Proft for the
three months ending March
31 was US$67 million, or
0.65 US cents per share,
the company announced.
Quarterly sales rose 54
percent to US$7.5 billion.
Turkmen deal boosts
Afghan pipeline
ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan
(AP) -- Turkmenistan signed a
natural gas deal with Pakistan
and India on Wednesday,
in a signifcant boost to the
proposed construction of a
1,800-kilometer (1,100-mile)
pipeline across Afghanistan.
Representatives from Indias
state-owned Gail Ltd.
and Pakistans privately
run Pakistans Inter State
Gas System traveled to
Turkmenistan to formalise the
deal, which will see the two
countries receive gas through
a pipeline projected to pump
90 million cubic meters (3.18
billion cubic feet) a day.
Times Reporters
As Laos opens up to
international trade there are
many investment projects
taking place, but some are
not benefting rural people as
The Lao- German pro-
gramme Land Management
and Rural Economic
Development (LM-RED) and
the Ministry of Planning and
Investment this week held a
training workshop for offcials
concerning the monitoring of
ongoing investment projects
to ensure they beneft ordinary
According to information
provided by the LM-RED
project, the rural population
is not benefting suffciently
from this economic upsurge as
things currently stand, which
poses risks and challenges
when it comes to achieving
sustainable development.
Without proper mana-
gement, foreign direct
investments and other large
ventures are likely to limit
Mr Houmpheng Soulalay (centre) with trainees.
Investment project benefts
dont always trickle down
access to land and market
access for the rural poor.
The two-day workshop
held at the Ministry of
Planning and Investment was
attended by offcials from
ministries concerned with the
approval and management
of investment projects. The
trainees learned about the forms
and questionnaires required
to follow up and report on the
outcome of various projects.
The workshop was opened
by the Director General of
the Investment Promotion
Department, Mr Houmpheng
Rural communities stand to
beneft from the programme,
especially in the provinces of
Luang Namtha, Xayaboury
and Attapeu where it will be
Laos plans to graduate
from least developed country
status by 2020. To achieve its
ambitious development goals,
the country is increasingly
opening up to regional and
international markets and
encouraging more foreign
direct investment.
Land and other natural
resources are very attractive
assets for foreign investors.
Investment in mining,
agriculture and forestry and
the hydro-energy sector are of
major interest to investors in
many countries, but the benefts
must fow to those who need it
The LM-RED programme
aims to achieve the
implementation of cross-
departmental strategies and
measures for poverty orientated
rural development by supporting
the relevant government
stakeholders at the national and
sub-national level.
Institutional capacity buil-
ding and cross-sectoral
cooperation among the different
institutions responsible for land
management, development
planning, investment promotion,
and agriculture are crucial
requirements if the potential
of investments in land and
agriculture is to be realised and
social and environmental risks
(The Star) -- Salcon Bhd
is looking at mergers and
acquisitions (M&A) to grow
itself in a bid to fast track its
listing plan for its China water
and waste water concessions
within the next two years.
Salcon chief operating
offcer Ooi Cheng Swee told
reporters that the company
aimed to have a combined
plant capacity of 3,000
million litres per day (MLD)
in China and was targeting to
achieve this via a combination
of organic growth and M&As
with existing plant operators
who have sizable assets in
We do have parties talking
to us, and it is maybe too early
to disclose them, he said after
signing an agreement to acquire
a 60 percent stake in Darco
Environmental Pte Ltd, a unit
of Darco Water Technologies
Ltd, for RM47.5mil.
Darko Environmental
is an integrated engineering
and knowledge-based water
treatment solutions provider.
Darco Environmental runs
two water treatment plants in
Deqing country in the Zhejian
province in China, namely
Wukang and Qian Yuan,
which have a 60 MLD and 100
MLD capacity respectively.
The company expects to fund
80 percent of the acquisition
via bank borrowing and the
balance from internal funds.
The Wukang and Qian
Yuan plants have a 25-year
and 22-year concession period
respectively, and is estimated
to generate total revenue of
RMB1.7bil (RM842.5mil)
throughout the entire
concession. Both plants have
a second phase which would
ensure the water supply for
the next 25 years, and we are
now talking to the government
to upgrade the Wukang plants
facility. We are looking at
implementing the phase two
of an additional 60 MLD in the
next 12 months, he said.
With the acquisition,
Salcon now have a combined
capacity of 1,300 MLD and
now owns and operate a total
of 11 water and wastewater
concessions in Shandong,
Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangsu
provinces in China.
Salcon mulls expansion
through M&As
Ooi said the company is
still exploring opportunities for
other projects in China, mainly
in coastal areas and areas the
company do not have a current
presence in like Anhui and
The deal marks the frst
cooperation between Salcon
and Darco, which entails
further cooperation with Darco
in other water-related ventures,
principally in the industrial
wastewater sector which is
Darcos core strength and area
of expertise.
Darco Water chief executive
offcer Thye Kim Meng said
Darco sold its stake to Salcon
due to what the company is
offering and also the decent
price the company offered,
while Darco itself is also doing
some fnancial consolidation.
We are impressed by
Salcons aggressive attitude
towards developing the China
market and its intention to
expand its water concessions.
The two plants have a virtual
monopoly for the county and
with two more phases that
need to be completed, that
would take care of the areas
total water requirement in the
future, he said.
He also said Darco had
invited Salcon to explore
business possibilities in Taiwan
for the installation of a sewage
plant and concession and also
a project in Indonesia for the
supply of drinking water and to
upgrade the existing facilities
in the island of Bangka.
Listed on the SGX in
2002, Darco is involved in the
design, fabrication, assembly,
installation, commission and
service engineered water
systems for industrial use
in Singapore and Malaysia,
and has since expanded into
air management system, soil
remediation and solid-waste
The group, which has
operations in Singapore,
Malaysia, China, Taiwan,
Philippines and Indonesia,
serves companies across
diverse industries - electronics,
semiconductor, textile,
food and beverage, printed
circuit board, solar-energy
and pharmaceuticals, and
takes on municipal water and
wastewater projects.
Ooi (left) exchanging documents with Darco Water Technologies
Ltd CEO Thye Kim Meng.
INDONESIA (The Jakarta Post) -- Indonesias
largest telecommunication provider, PT
Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom), says due
diligence for its plan to buy a controlling stake
in Hong Kong and Singapore-based undersea
cable operator Pacnet Ltd. will be completed next
Newly appointed president director Arief
Yahya said the company planned to use both
internal and external cash to fnance the
acquisition, whose value has yet to be determined,
pending due diligence.
We have time for go or no go until this June
[...] Once we submit [the bid], we have to keep
silent about it, Arief told reporters on Monday.
Arief confrmed that Telkom submitted its bid
earlier this month, when the company was under
previous management.
Pacnet reportedly has a value of US$1 billion.
According to a report by rating agency Moodys
Investor Service, Pacnet reaped US$528.6 million
in revenue in 2011, up 4.4 percent from a year
earlier. The companys earnings before interest,
Telkom says valuation is on
track to acquire Pacnet
tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA)
stood at US$82 million last year, up 2.2 percent
from 2010.
According to Moodys, Pacnet was
incorporated in Bermuda in 2006. The company
wholly owns and operates the EAC-2C2 network,
Asias largest privately owned submarine cable
infrastructure of 36,800 kilometers.
The company also owns the EAC Pacifc
network spanning 9,620 kilometers from Japan
to the US. Pacnet provides data connectivity
solutions to major telecommunications carriers,
large multinational enterprises and small and
medium enterprises in the Asia-Pacifc region.
Telecommunication expert Danrivanto
Budhijanto said that the Pacnet acquisition
would help Telkom develop its undersea cable
network, which was important in an archipelagic
country such as Indonesia.
Telkom is trying to develop a fber-optic
network on land, operate a satellite network in
space and build an undersea cable network so
that the company can play on the global stage,
through Pacnet, which already has a global
network. This is as rare an opportunity that a
telecommunication company can get, he said.
Danrivanto said that Telkom needed to be a
player on both the regional and global stages.
Telkom is already too big to play only
in Indonesia. Not all development must be
performed by Telkom. Its time for other
operators to build their networks in Indonesia,
Danrivanto, a former member of the Indonesian
Telecommunication Regulatory Authority
(BRTI), said.
Arief Yahya.
Vientiane times Thursday May 24, 2012 B 4 B 4
Multinational mineral drilling company is seeking applications from Lao Nationals with relevant
qualifcations and experience for immediate starts at our Sepon Mining site (Savannakhet
Province) as following details:
(1) Data Entry Offcer (based atSepon Mining site, Savannakhet Province)
This position will report to Workshop Supervisor
Perform a variety of clerical offce duties such as: maintaining fles, keeping records, preparing
schedule, compiling data for reports.
Searching and investigating information contained in fles, processing department documents,
posting records and typing correspondence and reports from rough drafts.
Communication skills levels of English and be able to translate and interpreting English languages.
Computer competency skills on MS Word, Excel, Outlook, IE and etc
At least 2 years working experience in Administrative or data fles.
Be able to live in the project site at Sepon, Sevannakhet Province.
Experiences in maintenance or data felds are desirable.
(2) Site Administration Offcer (based atSepon Mining site, Savannakhet Province)
This position will report to Site Manager
The Site Administrative Offcer is responsible for ensuring that all administrative aspects of the
duties and tasks outlined and requested are undertaken in accordance with Boart Longyear policies,
procedures and practices.
Providing effective administration to the internal/ external operation and management team.
Organizing and booking of all travel both domestic & international as required for the operational and
management team.
Be responsible for a daily drill report and staff timesheet
Assisting or managing site expenses/ payment records and invoices, then report to accounting/
fnancial section.
Be Lao national male or female
Relevant academic qualifcations
At least 2 years of relevant experience, preferably with an international company
Good level of English language writing, reading, speaking and listening
Experience working with local and expatriate workers
Strong IT ability, administrative skills and experience using MS offce and web based applications
Attractive salary and AGL insurance will be provided based upon experience.
To apply, email to: Or
or deliver your CV and a statement explaining how your qualifcations and experience match the
position requirements, and expectation, to the address below:
No 135, Unit 15, Ban Phonthan Neua, Saysetha District,
Vientiane Capital, Lao P.D.R, P.O.Box 6681
Before 31st MAY 2012
HANOI, Vietnam (VNS)
-- Many retail companies in
Vietnam have tapped into new
potential markets while others
have been forced to close
down due to tough economic
The successful have
opened new stores and
supermarkets in many
disadvantaged regions, small
provinces and rural areas.
Dinh Anh Huan, general
director of, a
company selling electronic
products, said that most
companies trading in
electronics had opened
branches in HCM City and
However, he said his
company had decided to
access unexploited regions
such as Binh Thanh, Tan
Phu and Binh Tan districts of
HCM City and rural provinces
including Ba Ria-Vung Tau,
Soc Trang and Binh Duong.
Heading in the same
direction as,
the Nguyen Kim electronic
supermarket has also opened
new stores in Can Tho City
and Tien Giang, An Giang,
Kien Giang, Binh Phuoc and
Dak Lak provinces.
In the past, these companies
only operated in big cities like
HCM City and Da Nang but
now they wanted to exploit
new markets, said an offcial
from the frm.
Nguyen Duc Tai, general
director of the World Mobile
JSC, affrmed there were
many opportunities for
Retailers exploit untapped markets
Shoppers in a Vietnamese supermarket.
retail companies in virginal,
underinvested markets.
These new markets were
hungry for new business. The
question remained how to
effectively exploit them, he
The new direction
highlights the efforts made by
Vietnamese retail companies
during the world recession. It
also shows that the local retail
market still has potential to
grow with 90 million people,
but only 638 supermarkets,
120 trade centres and more
than 1,000 convenient shops.
Moreover, experts
predicted that retail sales in
Vietnam would increase by 23
per year from 2014.
In this diffcult time, retail
companies should defne
where their markets were to
have new products. They must
also fnd new markets, advised
the Association of Vietnamese
It reported that in the
frst four months of this year,
nearly 18,000 companies
closed down. Of these, about
5,300 operated in retail.
Growth in retail sales
during this time was only 5
The association attributed
the slow growth to peoples
tightened consumption policy.
The most diffcult problem
now was high production
and transportation costs.
Meanwhile, the market had
narrowed and many foreign
retailers had set foot on the
Vietnamese market, they said.
CHINA (China Daily) --
Chinas e-commerce giant
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd on
Monday announced it would
buy back some 20 percent of
its equity from Yahoo Inc for
about US$7.1 billion, a move
seen as paving the way for an
initial public offering.
Although the group said
that it has no timetable for an
IPO at the moment, Jack Ma,
Alibabas chairman and chief
executive offcer, said that
the transaction will help the
company achieve a balanced
ownership structure that will
allow it to take the business
to the next level as a public
company in the future.
Under the agreement,
Alibaba Group will pay Yahoo
at least US$6.3 billion in cash,
plus new preferred shares
worth up to US$800 million,
the companies said in a joint
The Hangzhou-based group
will hold about 51 percent of
its equity after the transaction.
The voting rights of Yahoo and
Softbank in Alibaba Group
will be diminished to under 50
percent as a result of the deal.
Tokyo-based Softbank
Corp owns about 30 percent
of Alibaba Group.
Alibaba started out as a
business-to-business website
linking factories in China to
buyers around the world. It
also operates, the
countrys version of eBay, and
TMall, which brands can use
to sell directly to consumers.
Alibaba Group regained
control in the boardroom
through this deal, and the
company will be able to
formulate its own business
strategies, said Qi Jianzhe, an
analyst at research company
Analysys International.
Ma and Alibaba Group
tried several times since last
year to buy back the stake.
Alibaba to repurchase
20 percent holding from
Yahoo for US$7.1b
In February, the group
privatized its Hong Kong-
listed business-to-business
arm, Ltd and
signed a US$3 billion loan
with up to six banks.
This year alone, Ma has
visited the headquarters of the
Industrial and Commercial
Bank of China Ltd at least
three times to seek fnancing,
said a manager in charge
of ICBCs enterprise credit
business, who declined to
disclose his name.
Analysts said that
struggling Yahoo was the
winner of this deal.
The California-based
Web portal said it will return
substantially all of the
after-tax cash proceeds to
shareholders following the
closing of the transaction.
Although the return of
capital to shareholders has
not yet been fnalised, the
board of Yahoo has increased
the companys share buyback
authorization by US$5
Yahoos shareholders
have been asking the company
to sell some of its Asian assets
to boost returns to shareholders
for a long time, and the US$7-
billion earnings will enable the
company to distribute bonuses
to its shareholders, said Qi.
We look forward to
delivering the proceeds of
the near-term transaction
to our shareholders, and to
the further enhancement
of value and the additional
monetisation in the future that
this agreement enables, said
Timothy R. Morse, Yahoos
executive vice-president and
chief fnancial offcer.
Yahoo is likely to use the
rest of the proceeds in its own
stock repurchase program
and the expansion of new
businesses, said Qi.
The deal, which closes
in six months, is good for
Yahoo because the company
gets a wad of cash but still
has exposure to fast-growing
China, said Napoleon Biggs,
head of digital integration
at public relations frm
Fleishman-Hillard Asia
China for them was like
a sore tooth, said Biggs, who
has worked in the Chinese
Internet and media industry
since 1997.
A Yahoo billboard is seen in New Yorks Times Square in this Oct 19,
2010 fle photo. --Photo Agencies
KOREA (The Korea Herald)
-- Gasoline prices in the local
market are likely to climb by
about 300 won (US$0.26) per
liter for several weeks in the
wake of the European Unions
tightened sanctions on Iran,
analysts said on Monday.
Considering the 50-liter
fuel tank of an ordinary car,
the situation means a surge
by 15,000 won in consumer
prices when a driver flls up
his gasoline-empty car at a gas
The European Union
legislated rules in March to
stop insurance coverage on all
tankers carrying Iranian crude
oil starting July 1 as part of
sanctions on the Middle East
country to make it give up its
nuclear program.
But Seoul offcials
reportedly said the EU may
apply for the halt to insurance
coverage to Korea at the end of
this month in consideration of
the some 40-day period of oil
Gas prices may surge W300
on Iran sanctions
Iranian oil accounted for
9.4 percent of Koreas crude oil
imports - or 87 million barrels
out of the total 930 million
barrels - last year.
Under the situation, the
hike in gasoline prices is
unavoidable. Considering
disconnecting contacts in
consideration of oil shipment
period, the prices could likely
be affected before July.
Some market observers
issue the possibility that a price
hike will start later this month,
citing psychological factors.
They predict the price hike
level will be at least by 200
won per liter and may surpass
the level of 300 won.
The EUs sanctions on Iran
would result in an imbalance
of global crude supply and
demand and an increase of oil
prices, weighing on the Korean
economy and exacerbating
Koreas trade terms with Iran,
the Ministry of Knowledge
Economy said in a recent
Seoul has so far focused
only on negotiations with the
US to be exempted from a law
that bans economic entities
dealing with the Iranian central
bank from doing business with
US-based fnancial institutions.
Because the Iranian central bank
collects the countrys oil export
revenues, the law essentially
forces other countries to stop
importing oil from Iran.
But even if Korea is
exempted from the US National
Defense Authorization Act, it
wont be able to import Iranian
crude if the European insurers
do not cover the tankers that
transport it.
Unlike the US Act, the
EU rule does not have any
grounds to permit exceptions.
And it will be diffcult to reach
an agreement with the EU,
which consists of 27 member
countries, to give a grace period
for Korean tankers.
Vientiane times 29
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020 77600059, 22229744, and
Offce: 021 223032 email:
We can show you Land, Houses or Apartments in any
location. Call us!
P.O. Box 1940, Vientiane, Lao PDR
Tel: 020 5571 1396, 77959199
Would you like to rent or buy property?
Available Hotel in the top of the mountion for sale in the center of
Luang Prabang Province.
House for rent with 4 room include swimming pool close to
International school and Germany embassy
House for sale Vila 2 foors
in Ban Somvang, Village:
Hadxayfong, area: 935 sq,
reasonable price.
(Not expensive)

We have great places

to rent and buy: Land,
Houses, Apartments,
Hotels, Resorts,
(Sale now, not expensive)
Sale now!
Vientiane times
*Value *Comfort *Service
In the heart of Vientiane
Ideal for business or tourist
43/7 Hengboun Road, Vientiane
Tel: (856 21) 219280-1, Fax: (856 21) 219282
City Centre, Short & long term stay
From 3,200,000 kip ($400) per month
Air-conditioning, cable TV,
housekeeping, laundry, electricity and water
Call: 020 55505840, 55023782
Spacious & tastefully decorated
Fully furnished 1 & 2 bedroom
Air-conditioning, Cable TV, Swimming pool,
Garden, Housekeeping, Laundry
MP: 020 55505840, 020 55023782
C 2 Classifeds Thursday May 24, 2012
Sale Agents for Lao Airline
Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines
& World Wide Air-Tickets service
Tel: 900241-242-243
New Tel: 454034-36
Fax: (856-21) 900244
Mobile: 856-20 5515870, 5503979
Lao Air Service Co.Ltd
1st Floor K.P Tower
Thatluang Rd (Opposite of Min. foreign
Vientiane Lao P.D.R
Lao Air Service Co.Ltd

Online advertisement
Advertising your products at will bring benefts
to your company. Customers around the
world will appreciate the quality of your products via the Vientiane Times
website. For more information please contact:
Tel: (856-21) 216364, 252631, 217593 Fax: (856-21) 216365, 252631
Email: Or
Email:, Fax: 021 217441
Tel: 021 260419/020 55878688/020 55509957
Hyundai Terracan, 2WD
Owner used it in Korea & brought
to Lao in 2009
Mainly used in Vientiane Capital
Very good condition
Price: USD 12,000 (Tax paid)
Interested please
call 020-5650-0393 (Mrs Lee)
Among cut, clarity and colour,
the cut plays a critical role in expressing the
and fre in a diamond.
It is the quality of the cut which releases the
beauty of
the diamond to your eyes. The ideal cut ensures
a bright
and lively diamond forever.
Its the moment when you look
deep within yourself; the moment when you feel
you can be everything you want to be;
the moment when you set yourself free from
lifes defnitions.
Its the moment when you realise you want just
to be you
Rashmi Diamond Jewellery
Refects your inner fre.
Rashmi Jewellers
Dealing in Diamonds, Precious and Semi-precious
Gems and Jewellery, Set in 14/18 Kt Gold
316, Samsenthai Road,
[Opposite Lao Plaza Hotel]
Tel #: [856-21] 251513,252790 Fax #: [856-21] 243791
Mob #: [856-20] 2212021, 5513101
Vientiane times 31 Thursday May 24, 2012 Classifeds C 3
Lao red Cross youth Competition!
Win a term of free English lessons by playing the Lao Red Cross Youth
Competition. From all correct entries, one winner will be drawn month. This months winner will
receive a notebook and a T-shirt promoting HIV/AIDS awareness. From all monthly winners, one
lucky winner will receive one full term of English lessons donated for free by Vientiane College.
This month we have another word game for you. Just unscramble the following 5 words
and place them in the boxes provide. For the right answers we will give you in the next month .
Cut out this entry form and send it to HIV/AIDS Project, Lao Red Cross, PO Box 2948 or take it
to the Lao Red Cross office behind Vat Xiengnhune. Closing date for the competition on
Thursday, 31 May 2012 at 9.00am.
Name: _________________ ID Card No: ________________ Address & Phone Number:
Last months winner: Mr. Vanxay Phongphanith, ID Card No: 08-0014121.
Last months answer: Essential, Geophysics, Windstorm, Warranty and Youthfulness.
Please contact to Ms. Phoutthalom for further more information at Tel: 241632.

Multinational mineral drilling company is seeking applications from Lao Nationals with relevant qualifcations and
experience for immediate starts at our offce in following location:
Positions Available
(1) HR Consultant
- Ensure HR service to operations is effective in timely manner after recruitment until termination.
- Provide HR service guide / advisory to site / local HR staff
- Advise instruction of all HR management to ensure clear HR practice for site operations
- Develop HR competency for site HR staff and offce HR assistant
- Visit and discuss with site management and HR as well as other staff for better HR improvement.
- Ensure legal requirement and awareness as well as Work Regulations.
- Indirect manage site HR to comply with HR requirements, site requirements and support.
- Support to help on trouble shooting and preventing.
- Oversee HR administration works e.g. Social Security, insurance, health assessment
- Ensure employee relation, safe workplace legal and corporate requirement conformance.
o BA and any related felds, 5+ years work experiences
o HR Experiences, mining is advantage
o Strong personality and proactive approach
o Good at English
(2) Recruitment Specialist
- Managing staff planning and requirement with operations team
- Execute recruitment planning and time line
- Processing recruitment and selection involving local HR, local management and individually
- Driving external variety sources to get alternative people resources
- Liaison with educational institute to execute trainee / apprenticeship program.
- Work with management to identify potential internal candidate and involve training & development team to develop.
- Perform frequent discussion or meeting or visiting with remote site management to get update information regarding
staff requirement.
- Report progress in company recruitment tools.
o BA and any related felds, 3 years + work experiences
o Recruitment Experiences, mining is advantage
o Strong personality and proactive approach
o Good at English
o Know HR networks, institute and employee resources
(3) HRIS Offcer
- Administrate HR information to HRIS tools, Oracle
- Support HR team on processing relevant document for HRIS tools completion.
- Run and distribute HR reports
- Work with site to better understanding of HRIS and delegation.
- Reconcile all fgures for employee base and payroll execution.
o BA or any related fles, 2 years + work experiences
o Strong computer background and understanding new technology
o Experience with Oracle HR or similar is advantage.
o Smart and willing to learns new things.
(4) Data Entry Offcer (based in PhuBia, Laos)
This position will report to Workshop Supervisor
Perform a variety of clerical offce duties such as: maintaining fles, keeping records, preparing schedule, compiling
data for reports.
Searching and investigating information contained in fles, processing department documents, posting records and
typing correspondence and reports from rough drafts.
Communication skills levels of English and be able to translate and interpreting English languages.
Computer competency skills on MS Word, Excel, Outlook, IE and etc
At least 2 years working experience in Administrative or data fles.
Be able to live in the project site at PhuBia, Phukham site
Experiences in maintenance or data felds are desirable.
Attractive salary and AGL insurance will be provided based upon experience.
To apply, email to: Or
or deliver your CV and a statement explaining how your qualifcations and experience match the position requirements,
and expectation, to the address below:
No 135, Unit 15, Ban Phonthan Neua, Saysetha District,
Vientiane Capital, Lao P.D.R, P.O.Box 6681
Before 31st MAY 2012
Vacancy Announcement
River View Resort Limited
We are currently seeking service oriented candidates with the right attitude to join
our team for the following position. The position is open to both Lao and overseas
resort manager
Skills and Responsibilities:
- Good written and spoken command of Chinese and English language.
- Persons with a strong background and experience in particular are encouraged to apply.
Salary is based on qualifcation and experience. Interested candidates with necessary
qualifcations please call: 021 212 206, 020 54082000
Fully furnished, ready to move in.
Great location.
Area 44 m
, one bedroom, living room,
kitchen, toilet.
Security cameras & guard. Parking at
Naxay village, Saysettha district
Call Mobile: 2288 8822
apartment for rent
Nongbone road
Sisangvone road


Teaching Vacancies
Oscar Bilingual School has vacancies for one Nursery class teacher,
one Kindergarten class teacher and possibly one Year 2 homeroom
teacher. All positions are full time and will commence in August 2012.
Email your CV, a cover letter, stating the position youre applying for
and a photo to:
Telephone: 021 740098, 020 77105501
Vientiane times C 4 Classifeds Thursday May 24, 2012
(Announcement No. 12/38)
OPEN tO: All interested candidates
POsItION: Guards (NEC), FsN-3
OPENING datE: May 16, 2012
CLOsING datE: May 31, 2012
CONtraCt: Less than three years
WOrK hOurs: Full-time; 48 hours/week
saLary: Actual grade and salary will be based on the qualifications of the applicant.
The U.S. Embassy in Vientiane is seeking 12 individuals for the position of Guard for the New Embassy Compound (NEC)
Incumbent serves as a guard for the New Embassy Compound (NEC) and reports to the NEC Sergeant, Shift Supervisor and NEC
Guard Commander, Site Security Manager and the Regional Security Officer (RSO). He/she is responsible for controlling access of
all personnel and vehicles into the NE, patrolling NEC grounds and responding to security incidents, operating security equipment
and raising the alarm in an emergency.
NOTE: All applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with specific and comprehensive information
supporting each item.
1. Education: Completion of Secondary School is required
2. Prior Work Experience: One year of Embassy guard duties or directly applicable military or police experience.
3. Language Proficiency: Level II English, minimal working knowledge required. Level III, good working knowledge
of Lao required.
4. Job Knowledge: Must be thoroughly familiar with all Embassy Guard orders, procedures, standards and emergency
5. skills and abilities: Must be able to operate security equipment, interpret guard orders and instructions. Must be
physically fit.
hOW tO aPPLy
Interested applicants for this position must submit the following for the application to be considered:
1. Universal Application for Employment (Form DS-174). Download the form at:
2. Candidates who claim U.S. Veterans preference must provide a copy of their Form DD-214 with their application.
3. Any other documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned) that
addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above.
Human Resources Office
American Embassy
Rue Bartholonie, That Dam
PO Box 114, Vientiane, Laos
(Hardcopy or e-mail attachments are accepted)
Telephone: 856-21-267176
Fax: 856-21-267140
Interested persons should contact Embassy Human Resources Office for more information. Blank application forms may be
picked up from the cabinet inside the Embassy entrance.
Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
CLOsING datE FOr thIs POsItION: may 31, 2012
An Equal Opportunity Employer