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Secondary Science at Edge Hill

Secondary Science Lesson Plan Framework Lesson Title The Rock Cycle Group Year 9 Location Lab Date/Time 1-3-2013

Learning Objectives (Knowledge and Understanding)

To be able to explain the rock cycle in detail using correct scientific terminology To apply knowledge of particle model and forces to explain the formation of rock To be able to identify the three types of rocks

Learning Outcomes (Knowledge and Understanding)

The pupils will be able to describe some effects of weathering.

Most of the pupils should be able to state what weathering means. Some of the pupils should be able to demonstrate some methods of weathering. A few of the pupils should be able to describe some of the effects of weathering

Health and Safety / Other

See risk assessment. V= performing exp and pres. A= listening to explanations and discussion. K= performing exp. SEN = Unknown however, adapt to their needs and improvise when needed. Literacy incl plenary of literacy cloze exercise.

Lesson Development Timing (min)


Teacher activity


Have pres running as well as count down timer. Have weathering definition already hidden. Go through learning objectives and outcomes then set the children off for starter of finding the definition for

Presentation, countdown timer HIDE DEFINITION Blutak Keywords list x2 PRACTICAL sheet x34


Explain what needs to be done for practical and go through SAFETY and stick up keywords list in class and notify children about this Go through limewater practical with them first and then get them performing exp 2 and 3 on their own. Light bunsens and ensure safety. Set them a time for each experiment. Exp 2 = 10 mins Exp 2= 15 mins. Go through pres after each exp with timer on board.


Tripods, bunsens, H.P mats, gauze, limestone chips, white tile, beakers, HCL acid, boiling tubes, straws, paper towels, water, pH indicator, tongs, specs + timer


Go through answers then plenary cloze exercise mark out of 9

Secondary Science at Edge Hill

Assess against outcomes and dismiss class after room clean

Lesson Evaluation
Lesson Rating My Performance (To be completed at the end of every lesson)

Knowledge Resources Lesson Objectives Behaviour Management Risk Assessment Differentiation Feedback to pupils Assessment Variety & Pace Level appropriate Visuals high quality?

Very Good




General Comments (Improvements for your teaching and/or pupil learning) Were your Outcomes Achieved? (Include details of Evidence)