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Extent of Goal Achievement In the entirety of the nursing care rendered to the patient, she had exhibited behaviors that suggest improvement in her condition as well as prevention of any complication. The patient didnt was still for Total Abdominal Surgery and she still experienced menorrhagia. And that she was also participative, both in her behavior and activities, to ensure that she will be free from any avoidable complication. As for her self-care and fatigue, patient was assisted in performing the tasks that entail to her having a good hygiene. She was assisted in bathing, grooming, and changing into comfortable clothing. But in the entire time of assistance in patients self-care, she also exhibited independence in doing so within her own level of activity at the maximum level of her performance. As for the patients uncontrolled BP, she had verbalized an improvement in her blood pressure as she was able to adjust herself to cope with the environment, as well as making the environment as much as possible more conducive to resting. Moreover, she had been religiously taking her medications which had a great contribution in successfully managing her BP. Aside from that, patient had also verbalized awareness of feelings of anxiety regarding to her upcoming surgery and was able to identify healthy ways to deal and express feelings of anxiety. After, patient had appeared relaxed and reported that anxiety is reduced to a manageable level.

Recommendations This case study of a patient with uterine myoma can be useful in promoting an optimal care, especially to the following: To the student nurse, that this can serve as a guide in nursing care and management of patients with intramural uterine myoma, specifically patients with uncontrolled hypertension; that this can help him/her in widening his/her knowledge to the care that should be appropriately be rendered as being keen to the needs of the patient; and that this can help direct him/her to the improvement of his/her skills in ensuring the satisfactory care that should be provided.

To the nursing schools, that this can aid them in their curriculum to further more enhance it to build a stronger foundation for competitive future registered nurses. And to the health care team and hospitals, that they can think of more ways to improve their system to guarantee a satisfactory service for the betterment of the patients, most especially to those with uterine myomas by providing a more therapeutic approach in caring for patients with this condition.