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FEBRuARy 2013

a missionary movement at the service of the church


the new evangelization for the transmission of the christian faith

During the second vatican council there was an emotional tension as we faced the common task of making the truth and beauty of the faith shine out in our time, without sacrificing it to the demands of the present or leaving it tied to the past... therefore i believe that the most important thing, especially on such a significant occasion as this, is to revive in the whole Church that positive tension, that yearning to announce christ again to contemporary man (Pope Benedict Xvi - homily of the inaugural holy mass of the faith year, 11th oct. 2012). the synod started with this strong exultation of reviving a positive tension for new evangelization.


a beautiful practice of standing up and reciting the creed together, holding lighted candles, was begun in oct. 2012 in all the Jesus youth prayer groups i know, including my own, as part of the year of faith celebrations. the year of faith declared by Pope Benedict Xvi has opened up a great opportunity for Jesus youth, a movement with the mission of leading individuals to fullness of life through faith formation. of all the Jy programmes conducted in the context of the year of faith, i consider a Day with the lord, an initiative by a regional team of the Professionals ministry, to be one of the best, wherein professionals shouldering great responsibilities as doctors, engineers, etc., began taking a day off from work to spend in prayer before Jesus in the Blessed sacrament. similar initiatives soon sprouted elsewhere as word spread about the inspiring experiences and witness of those who participated in this prayer rally. such creative initiatives organised by Jesus youth at different levels in the church, are inspiring and enabling many to deepen, to live and proclaim their faith. here is an incident that challenged me greatly in my missionary life. a Jy couple gave me a rosary saying, these beads were strung by the two of us as we prayed the rosary together. we present this to you with a request that you will pray this rosary with your family, for Gods will to work in our lives as we go on a five-year mission to africa. rajesh and soumya spoke these words as they, along with their four children, were preparing to leave, after closing down a thriving business, to Port fortal Diocese in uganda, where the Jy intl team was sending them. even as they were ready to move to an unknown land with 4 kids, i, who should have been encouraging them, was troubled by many questions: how would they adapt to the new surroundings, leaving the comforts of their homeland and the security of a well established business? however, when i saw the way in which they were prayerfully preparing for this mission, I understood that their strength and confidence came from their absolute trust in Providence. i believe too, that their mission in uganda continues effectively today because of the prayers of more than 50 families to whom they had gifted similar rosaries, and also the continual prayer support of many others in the movement. today the catholic church is in need of many such lay missionaries and missionary families. it is my fervent prayer and desire that such missionary families may be formed and sent across the nations through Jesus youth, which is a missionary movement at the service of the church. Jesus youth, you are on the right path, moving in the right direction; continue the journey with greater zeal. this is what most of the Bishops and resource persons had to say as they addressed the Jy international leaders gathering in rome, in oct. 2012. it is through training in stages that Jys grow in their commitment to be missionaries wherever they are placed. for over 25 years, god has been revealing to the Jesus Youth these stages of growth and specific trainings at many levels. Finally, following three years of continuous consultations and discussions conducted at various levels, the JY formation modules were officially launched in Rome on 11 Oct., the day the year of faith began. there is no doubt that faith formation programmes that enable Jesus youth to take up greater commitments is the most remarkable feature of the movement, as well as its greatest need. god will never forsake committed missionaries who work diligently, having offered their lives in total surrender. not only will he bless them and lift them up, he will also bless the movement and community that formed them and to which they belong. this has been proved yet again in the invitation manoj sunny received to attend the recent synod on new evangelization. his participation in the synod is a personal gift god granted him for his tireless service over the last 25 years of which he set apart more than 14 years to work full time for the church through the Jesus youth and other catholic organisations. even as i thank god for this recognition given to Jy by the church, i am certain that this has served to remind us of our great responsibility and that every Jy needs to work with greater commitment to build the church. i wish everyone a year of faith that is truly blessed and a grace-filled Lenten season. raiju varghese Jesus youth international co-ordinator

Proclaiming christ is not only a matter of worDs, But something which involves ones whole life anD translates into signs of love. it is the love that christ has PoureD into our hearts which makes us evangelizers. consequently, our love must Become more anD more like christs own love. we shoulD always Be PrePareD, like the gooD samaritan, to Be attentive to those we meet, to listen, to Be unDerstanDing anD to helP. in this way we can leaD those who are searching for the truth anD for meaning in life to goDs house, the church, where hoPe anD salvation aBiDe (cf. lk 10:29-37). Dear frienDs, never forget that the first act of love that you can Do for others is to share the source of our hoPe. if we Do not give them goD, we give them too little!


A New Springtime

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we must deal with as we propose a new evangelization of culture and people today. already in his encyclical letter Deus caritas est, the holy father reminded us that the church is gods family in the world and that the churchs deepest nature is expressed in her three-fold responsibility: of proclaiming the word of god, celebrating the sacraments, and exercising the ministry of charity. further he points out that these duties presuppose each other and are inseparable (25). Need a re-proposal: The Holy Father has further specified the work of the New evangelization as the re-proposal of Jesus christ and his gospel in the countries where the first proclamation of the faith has already resonated and where churches with an ancient foundation exist, but are experiencing the progressive secularization of society and a sort of eclipse of the sense of god (June 28, 2010) (cf instrumentum laboris 12, 52-53, 94). The changing circumstances: the changing circumstances of today and the growing influence of secularism, materialism, individualism, fundamentalism, etc. Lack of basic catechesis: Concepts such as incarnation, resurrection, redemption, sacrament and grace core themes of theology used to explain our belief in Jesus christ have little meaning for the catholic and the fallen away catholic in a culture where rationalism prevails (il 20).

what is new?

the call still remains the same as given in march 1983 in haiti by Blessed John Paul ii it is a commitment, not to re-evangelization but rather to a new evangelization: new in its ardor, methods and expression (Bl. Pope John Paul ii qtd. in instrumentum laboris 45). the new evangelization is precisely the churchs ability to renew her communal experience of faith and to proclaim it within the new situations.

why new evangelization?

there are many reasons for announcing a new evangelization. I am listing five of them here: Solemn mandate given to the Church: As lumen gentium notes, the church has received this solemn mandate of christ to proclaim the saving truth from the apostles and must carry it out to the very ends of the earth. wherefore to promote the glory of god and procure the salvation of all of these, and mindful of the command of the lord, Preach the gospel to every creature (mk 16:15), the church fosters the missions with care and attention. the synod clearly made a proposition on the right to proclaim and to hear the gospel. to proclaim the good news and the person of Jesus is an obligation for each christian, founded in the gospel: go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit (mt 28: 19). at the same time, it is an inalienable right for each person, whatever ones religion or lack of religion, to be able to know Jesus christ and the gospel. this proclamation, given with integrity, must be offered with a total respect for each person, without any form of proselytizing (final proposition 10). Separation of God from religion: The intellectual and ideological separation of christ from his Church is one of the first realities

the objects of the new evangelization 3 categories

1. People who continue to grow in faith

It has been reaffirmed that appropriate catechesis must accompany preparation for Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. The importance of confession, the sacrament of gods mercy, has also been emphasized. this sacramental journey is where we encounter the lords call to holiness, addressed to all christians. in fact it has often been said that the real protagonists of the new evangelization are the saints: they speak a language intelligible to all through the example of their lives and their works of charity (Pope Benedict Xvi - homily of the concluding holy mass of synod, 28th oct. 2012).

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2. mission ad gentes - to people yet to accept faith

there are still many regions in africa, asia and oceania whose inhabitants await with lively expectation, sometimes without being fully aware of it, the first proclamation of the Gospel. So we must ask the holy spirit to arouse in the church a new missionary dynamism, whose protagonists are, in particular, pastoral workers and the lay faithful. globalization has led to a remarkable migration of peoples. So the first proclamation is needed even in countries that were evangelized long ago. all people have a right to know Jesus christ and his gospel: and christians, all christians priests, religious and lay faithful have a corresponding duty to proclaim the good news (Pope Benedict Xvi - homily, concluding holy mass of synod).

fire of the Spirit, so as to inflame the hearts of the faithful who regularly take part in community worship and gather on the lords Day to be nourished by his word and by the bread of eternal life (Pope Benedict Xvi homily, concluding holy mass of synod).

where to evangelize? how to evangelize?

everywhere like st. Paul as if he is the only one to tell the good news to everybody.

3. People distanced from faith and the church

the church is particularly concerned that they should encounter Jesus christ anew, rediscover the joy of faith and return to religious practice in the community of the faithful. Besides traditional and perennially valid pastoral methods, the church seeks to adopt new ones, developing new language attuned to the different world cultures, proposing the truth of christ with an attitude of dialogue and friendship rooted in god who is love. in various parts of the world, the church has already set out on this path of pastoral creativity, so as to bring back those who have drifted away or are seeking the meaning of life, happiness and, ultimately, god. we may recall some important city missions, the courtyard of the gentiles, the continental mission, and so on. there is no doubt that the lord, the good shepherd, will abundantly bless these efforts, which proceed from zeal for his Person and his gospel (Pope Benedict Xvi - homily, concluding holy mass of synod). even when there are three categories, the focus of new evangelization will be the third category people distanced from faith and the church. the holy father beautifully explains it through the encounter experience of Bartimaeus with Jesus. Bartimaeus as a man who had fallen from a condition of great prosperity, causes us to think. it invites us to reflect on the fact that our lives contain precious riches that we can lose, and i am not speaking of material riches here. from this perspective, Bartimaeus

It IS A commItmeNt, Not to re-evANgelIzAtIoN but rAther to A New evANgelIzAtIoN: New IN ItS Ardor, methodS ANd expreSSIoN (bl. pope JohN pAul II qtd. IN INStrumeNtum lAborIS 45).

two great pillars of evangelization confessio and caritas. the confessio should remain in heart and mouth. it must necessarily become public, because the faith carried within must be communicated to others, proclaimed, with the courage that derives from intelligence. caritas is the flame that kindles others and becomes the fire of charity. Word inseparably lived in love is the key to evangelization (Pope Benedict Xvi, first meditation at the beginning of the synod, 8th oct. 2012).

the 3 stages of new evangelization

at its heart the new evangelization is the re-proposing of the encounter with the risen lord, his gospel and his church to those who no longer find the Churchs message engaging. there are three distinct, but interrelated stages: 1. the renewal or deepening of our own faith both intellectually and affectively (il 24, 37-40, 118-119, 147-158) 2. A new confidence in the truth of our faith (il 31, 41, 46, 49, 120)

could represent those who live in regions that were evangelized long ago, where the light of faith has grown dim and people have drifted away from god, no longer considering him relevant for their lives. these people have therefore lost a precious treasure, they have fallen from a lofty dignity not financially or in terms of earthly power, but in a christian sense their lives have lost a secure and sound direction and they have become, often unconsciously, beggars for the meaning of existence. they are the many in need of a new evangelization, that is, a new encounter with Jesus, the christ, the son of god (cf. mk 1:1), who can open their eyes afresh and teach them the path (Pope Benedict Xvi - homily, concluding holy mass of synod).

3. willingness to share our faith with others (il 33-34, 81)

who all are involved?

everyone the new evangelization applies to the whole of the churchs life. it applies, in the first instance, to the ordinary pastoral ministry that must be more animated by the

the 4 qualities of the new evangelizers

among the qualities required for the evangelizer today, and there are many that can be identified, four stand out (cf IL 46, 49, 168):

every place on the globe can be reached by communications. indeed, the new media have become a major factor in the churchs ministry of evangelization (il 61).

7. religion

1. Boldness or courage

the boldness and courage of the apostles and saints (il 41, 128, 158).

the way people express their sense of religion. there is need of a better understanding of religion in different cultures and the need for various forms of spirituality especially among the young (il 63, 64).

2. connectedness to the church 3. sense of urgency

connectedness with the church, her gospel and her pastoral presence (il 77-78). as mary set off in haste on a long and difficult journey from Nazareth to a hill country in the village of Judea, there was no time to be lost because her mission was so important (il 138, 149).

the 10 key areas of discussion

there were around 500 interventions during the synod. Based on the interventions and small group discussions, the synod submitted 58 proposals to the holy father. i have chosen 10 key areas in the context of Jesus youth from the interventions and propositions.

4. Joy

Joy must characterize the evangelizer. ours is a message of great joy, christ is risen. christ is with us. whatever our circumstances, our witness should radiate with the fruits of the holy spirit including love, peace and joy (galatians 5:22).

the 7 sectors for new evangelization

1. cultural sector
it is the place where secularizing trends are taking place rapidly. secularization is seen as a sign of liberation without any reference to the transcendent (il 52).

2. social sector

the phenomenon of the great migration which is causing an increasing number of people to leave their country of origin in order to live in urban settings. this cultural liquidity leaves less room for long-standing traditions (il 55).

todAy, more thAN ever, evANgelIzINg meANS wItNeSSINg to the New lIfe, trANSformed by god, ANd thuS ShowINg the pAth (pope beNedIct xvI - homIly of the INAugurAl holy mASS of the fAIth yeAr).

1. witnessing and new evangelization

recent decades have seen the advance of a spiritual desertification. In the councils time it was already possible from a few tragic pages of history to know what a life or a world without god looked like, but now we see it every day around us... and in the desert people of faith are needed who, with their own lives, point out the way to the Promised land and keep hope alive. living faith opens the heart to the grace of god which frees us from pessimism. today, more than ever, evangelizing means witnessing to the new life, transformed by god, and thus showing the path (Pope Benedict Xvi - homily, inaugural holy mass of the faith year).

2. Personal encounter with Jesus christ in the church

3. economic sector

there is now a clear and decisive increase in the separation between the rich and the poor. churches are invited to live the evangelical ideal of poverty (il 56).`

4. civic life

there is an emergence on the world stage of new economic, political and religious actors from the islamic and asian worlds, and this has created a new situation, rich in potential but fraught with temptations (il 57).

faith determines everything in the relationship that we build with the person of Jesus who takes the initiative to encounter us. the work of the new evangelization consists in presenting once more the beauty and perennial newness of the encounter with christ to the often distracted and confused heart and mind of the men and women of our time, above all to ourselves (final message of the Bishops synod, 3).

5. Scientific research and technology

in a digitalized and globalized world, science can easily become our new religion (il 58). in todays globalized world, this sector affects a vast number of developing countries.

3. the importance of first Proclamation

6. communications

let us draw light from a gospel passage: Jesus encounter with the samaritan woman (cf. John 4:5-42). there is no man or woman who, in ones life, would not find oneself like the woman of Samaria beside a well with an empty bucket, with


the hope of finding the fulfillment of the hearts most profound desire, that which alone could give full meaning to life. today, many wells offer themselves to quench humanitys thirst, but we must discern in order to avoid polluted waters. we must orient the search properly, so as not to fall prey to disappointment, which can be damaging. like Jesus at the well of sychar, the church also feels obliged to sit beside todays men and women. she wants to render the lord present in their lives so that they can encounter him because his spirit alone is the water that gives true and eternal life. only Jesus can read the depths of our heart and reveal the truth about ourselves: he told me everything i have done, the woman confesses to her fellow citizens. this word of proclamation is united to the question that opens up to faith: could he possibly be the messiah? it shows that whoever receives new life from encountering Jesus cannot but proclaim truth and hope to others. the sinner who was converted becomes a messenger of salvation and leads the whole city to Jesus. the people pass from welcoming her testimony to personally experiencing the encounter: we no longer believe because of your word; for we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this is truly the savior of the world(final message, 1). the synod focused on the two most important dimensions of the first proclamation. a. The Power of the Holy Spirit in first proclamation - the principal agent of evangelisation is the holy spirit, who opens hearts and converts them to god. b. the power of the word of god in first proclamation, encounter and catechesis - the divine word will be ever more fully at the heart of every ecclesial activity (verbum Domini, 1). The first word, the true initiative, comes from god and only by inserting ourselves into the divine initiative, shall we too be able to become - with him and in him - evangelisers (Pope Benedict XVI, first meditation at the beginning of the synod, 8th oct. 2012).

sufferings that they bring are occasions of spreading the faith and communion among its various forms. New forms of poverty open new spaces for the service of charity and sharing the gospel. Dominant cultures pose questions to faith and the church; only the gospel can bring light and heal the human weaknesses.

special role without diminishing the figure and responsibility of the father. the consecrated life is the sign of a future world that relativizes everything that is good in this world. we invite them to establish themselves as witnesses and promoters of new evangelization in the various fields to which the charism of each of their institutes assigns them (final message, 7).

5. family, women and consecrated life

Ever since the first evangelization, the transmission of the faith from one generation to the next found a natural home in the family, where women play a very

wheN It comeS to youth mINIStry, AccompANyINg them plAyS A key role IN formINg the youNgSterS. durINg the luNcheoN meetINg oN 12th oct 2012, the holy fAther deScrIbed thIS AS ShAred wAlk, wAlkINg together explAININg the roAd to emmAuS.

the most compelling responsibility that the church has today is to re-awaken in all the baptized who have the common priesthood and the prophetic office (IL 118). The Second Vatican Council identifies four main aspects of the mission of the baptized: the witness of their lives, works of charity and mercy, renewing the temporal order and direct evangelization (cf. lumen gentium, apostolicam actuositatem). in this way, they will be able to give witness of a life truly coherent with their christian faith, as individual persons and as a community. the laity cooperate in the churchs work of evangelization, as witnesses and at the same time as living instruments they share in her saving mission (cf. ad gentes 41, Proposition 45). ecclesial movements are an expression of the richness of the gifts that the spirit bestows on the church. we also thank these forms of life and of commitment in the church, exhorting them to be faithful to their proper charism and to earnest ecclesial communion especially in the concrete context of the particular churches (final message, 8).

6. laity and new ecclesial movements

7. youth and the new evangelization

4. seizing new opportunities for evangelisation

Globalisation as an opportunity for expanding the presence of the gospel. Migrations with the weight of the

are we the youth lost, or has the church lost us? the question expresses a longing for a church where youth can be found by Jesus and where they can find Him. But for the church to be the space of a faithencounter with the lord, she must learn anew from Jesus in whom we meet god (intervention by most rev. archbishop tagle, cardinal-elect from manila, Philippines). the church is concerned about the youth of today, but not pessimistic. concerned because most aggressive attacks of our times happen to flow together precisely on them - we have to take particular care for the encounter of youth with christ (final message, 9). in the new evangelization, the youth are not only the future but also the present (and gift) in the church. they are not only the recipients but also agents of evangelization, especially with their peers (Proposition 51).

when it comes to youth ministry, accompanying them plays a key role in forming the youngsters. During the luncheon meeting on 12th oct. 2012, the holy father described this as shared walk, walking together explaining the road to emmaus. the famous walk of the lord with the two disciples who were going to emmaus, who are to a certain extent an image of the agnostic world of today. Jesus, their hope, had died: the world was empty. it seemed that either god did not exist or that he had no interest in us. with this despair in their hearts, and yet with a little flame of faith, they walk on. mysteriously, the lord walks beside them and helps them to understand better the mystery of god, his presence in history, his silent walk with us. todays youngsters need people to walk with them to recognise and understand the mystery of this silent walk of our lord with them.


the church is convinced that the moment has come to commit all of the churchs energies to a new evangelization and mission ad gentes (Bl. John Paul ii, mission of the redeemer, 3). cardinal luis tagle of manila, Philippines proposes three ways of preparing the church for new evangelization.

a new humility: gods power and might appears in the self-emptying of the Son, in the love that is crucified but truly saves because it is emptied of self for the sake of others. a new respect: called to follow Jesus respect for every human person. he defended the dignity of all people, in particular those neglected and despised by the world. loving his enemies, he affirmed their dignity. cArItAS IS the flAme thAt kINdleS otherS ANd becomeS the fIre of chArIty. word INSepArAbly lIved IN love IS the key to evANgelIzAtIoN (pope beNedIct xvI, fIrSt medItAtIoN At the begINNINg of the SyNod, 8th oct. 2012)
the formation of the christians to dedicate themselves to serve the human community in social and political life (final message, 12). the synod also recognizes that the many and ever new forms of poverty open new opportunities for charitable service: the proclamation of the gospel binds the church to be with the poor and to take on their sufferings like Jesus (final message, 6).

the ecumenical dimension corresponds to the prayer of the lord Jesus so that they may all be one (Jn. 17, 23). the credibility of our service to the gospel will be much greater if we can overcome our divisions. while upholding catholic identity and communion, the new evangelization promotes ecumenical collaboration, which demonstrates how much the faith given in Baptism unites us (Proposition 52). the church considers the followers of religions as her natural partners in dialogue. one is evangelized because one is convinced of the truth of christ, not because one is against the other. the gospel of Jesus is peace and joy, and his disciples are happy to recognize whatever is true and good that humanitys religious spirit has been able to glimpse in the world created by god and that it has expressed in the various religions. the dialogue among believers of various religions intends to be a contribution to peace. it rejects every fundamentalism and denounces every violence that is brought upon believers as serious violations of human rights (final message, 10).

8. ecumenical and interreligious dialogue

a new power of silence: confronted with the sorrows, doubts and uncertainties of people she cannot pretend to give easy solutions. in Jesus, silence becomes the way of attentive listening, compassion and prayer. it is the way to truth.
as we set out on this year of faith let us ask ourselves what kind of faith we transmit to those around us, especially to those entrusted to us. is it a weak faith or a faith that is strong and communicates trust and confidence? May we also, as the holy father exhorts us, have the courage to ask the lord what more can we do, especially for the poor, the lonely, the sick and the suffering, so as to be witnesses and heirs to the eternal life god promises (Pope Benedict Xvi - 14th oct. 2012).

10. importance of using

education, science and technology, social communication especially the new media, different expressions of art, etc. for new evangelization

9. option for the poor

our efforts to help the poor must also be accompanied by commitment to justice, with an appeal that concerns all, poor and rich. hence, the social doctrine of the church is integral to the pathways of the new evangelization, as well as to

the most effective form of the communication of the faith remains the sharing of the testimony of life, without which none of the media efforts will result in an effective transmission of the gospel. education in the wise and constructive use of social media is an important means to be utilized in the new evangelization (Proposition 18).

mANoJ SuNNy, senior Jy leader, having held several responsibilities and continuing to do so within the movement as well as other bodies of the catholic church, was most recently invited by the holy father to participate in the synod on new evangelization. he had the unique distinction of being the only lay indian to be present at this historic gathering.
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with intercessory prayer and celebrations in 7 different emirates throughout uae. adoration, chain prayers and rosaries, and many other prayer initiatives were part of this celebration. the one-hour adoration campaign was one of the major highlights. the 8-day long celebrations concluded with a final gathering in Abu Dhabi.

INterNAtIoNAl INterceSSIoN week

one in heart, one in mind, united in the spirit - Jesus youth across continents and countries came together in response to the call by the Jesus youth international team to celebrate the Jesus youth international intercession week from 1st to 8th september 2012. it was a time of great blessing for the movement and for each individual who was part of this week-long intercession marathon. many nations came up with unique and creative initiatives to celebrate this week. heres a brief rounding up of all those initiatives. rosary procession from circo masimo to the sanctuary of Divina amore, which is a 14-hour walk in the night, organised by an italian prayer group.

Ireland: holy hour with eucharistic adoration was organised every day from 1st 7th sept. at the church of our lady of visitation, fairview, Dublin. on 8th sept., a rosary procession (city rosarium) from Dublin city centre to fairview parish was conducted followed by eucharistic adoration and holy mass. pakistan: the week began with a meeting and an intercessory hour. chain fasting throughout the week and adoration was organised by the Jy karachi team on 6th sept. on 7th sept., a 12-hr chain rosary was conducted. efforts were taken to reach out to more people and encourage them to be part of the intercession ministry in Pakistan. a printed intercession list with prayer intentions was also distributed. Sri lanka: the celebration began with adoration on 1st sept. hospital visits were organised where Jys visited and prayed for the sick. a special 3-day intercession training was also organised. canada: a 3-level intercession was planned. at the personal level, commitments of 30-minute slots before the Blessed sacrament, holy masses and rosaries were collected. Jy groups were encouraged to come together in intercession gettogethers at the regional level. at the national level, a national intercession get-together via conference call was organised. bangladesh: a eucharistic adoration and a
one-day retreat was organised.

India: eucharistic adoration, night vigils,

chain rosaries, mass offerings, chain fasting and many other initiatives were beautifully organised across the country. kerala offered 150,000 rosaries, andhra Pradesh organised 156 hrs of eucharistic adoration, Pune organised a prayer walk, while many such initiatives were also taken up in Delhi, karnataka, north east, gujarat, Jabalpur, ranchi and numerous other places across india.

qatar: the intercession week celebrations started on 31st aug., with a gathering on the theme of intercession. there were 5-day intercessions organised in 5 different homes, with special intercessory prayers and eucharistic adoration in which nearly 80 Jys participated. a Jericho prayer was also organised wherein all travelled in cars to different areas across qatar to specially offer those places in prayer. fifteen cars covered a total of 2200 km. the sand and water collected from these places were offered during the eucharistic adoration. thailand: there was a 48-hr perpetual
adoration, daily intercession gatherings and daily mass offerings for all Jy intentions.

malaysia: there was a 24-hr adoration of the Blessed sacrament as well as chain rosary. all were encouraged to fast and attend holy mass daily. the intercession week celebration was fruitful and several people had life changing experiences. Singapore: a 48-hr adoration was
conducted besides all members offering intercessory prayers throughout the week.

uAe: The first day of the Intercession week started with a special gathering of Jys across the country for a 12-hr eucharistic adoration at the Jebel ali church. each day thereafter continued

uk: the intercession week saw gatherings for prayer conducted in more than 15 cities to pray for the various needs of the country and the movement. it culminated with the national intercession Day held at the rosmini center, leicestershire on 8th sept. and included holy mass, adoration, a rosary procession and an input session by fr. Binu Palakapally, Pastor, Jy uk.

Italy: there was a 24-hr chain rosary, which began on 1st of sept. each day of the week all attended the eucharist adoration, holy mass, prayed the rosary and fasted. it was a great experience for all Jys to have the eucharistic adoration for 7 hours on 2nd of Sept. On the final day, there was a

the seconD catholic youth conference in araBia (acyc 2012) took Place from the 15th to the 17th of novemBer 2012 anD Brought together youth anD young aDults from across the miDDle east.
the event, an initiative of the youth groups in the vicariates of northern and southern arabia, was driven mostly by the Jesus youth in the middle east and attracted more than 1,800 participants from uae, oman, Bahrain, qatar, kuwait and saudi arabia. the three-day conference that took place at st. Josephs cathedral in abu Dhabi, uae was presided over by h.e. Bishop camillo Ballin of apostolic vicariate of northern arabia (avona) and h.e. Bishop Paul hinder of apostolic vicariate of southern arabia (avosa). Reflecting on the Churchs entry into the year of faith, the theme of the conference was taken from mark 9:23 - all things are possible for the one who believes. speakers

included world renowned apologist matt fradd, catholic priest and musician fr. stan fortuna from new york, Br. george gabriel of the Preacher in Blue Jeans ministry from Philippines and fr. michael senfuma of the anawim band from uganda among other local and regional resources. a main highlight of the conference was the musical concert reJoyce which brought together catholic musicians like fr. stan fortuna, the band anawim and alphons Joseph of the rexband on one platform, along with local uae bands master Plan from Jesus youth and light of Jesus. the venue of the concert was the massive sheikh zayed cricket stadium in Abu Dhabi. It was the first time a catholic concert of such scope had been planned in the region and attracted more than 5,000 people including the conference participants.

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october 11, 2012 a day to be written in golden letters in the history of the catholic church! commemorating the 50th year of the inauguration of the second vatican council and the 20th anniversary of the publication of the catechism of the catholic church (ccc), his holiness Pope Benedict Xvi proclaimed the year as the year of faith, in the context of the most anticipated synod on new evangelization, which began on 5th october in rome. the day was indeed a blessed one for the Jesus youth movement, as many of the Jy country co-ordinators and other delegates of the Jesus youth international leaders gathering could take part in the inaugural mass of the year of faith

Dr. edward edezhath handing over the formation module to be released to his grace archbishop abraham viruthakulangara, ecclesiastical advisor of Jesus youth india.

the lAuNch of Jy formAtIoN moduleS

in resPonse to a neeD PerceiveD By the movement to reDiscover its vision anD reorDer its aPProaches to faith formation

Dr. edward edezhath, one of the pioneers of the movement, handed over the formation module booklet to be released to his grace archbishop abraham viruthakulangara, ecclesiastical advisor of Jesus youth india, who then formally launched it and handed it over to fr. tomy and fr. chilton, the animators of Jesus youth italy. During the launch, his grace restated the words of the Pope that evangelizing means witnessing to the new life, transformed by god, and thus showing the path, with an appeal to Jesus youth to become the new evangelizers of today. Dr. edward edezhath addressed the Jy leaders, reflecting on the Formation module as a great need for the movement to rediscover its vision and reorder its approaches to faith formation, leading to a renewed commitment and active mission of the future Jy generations in the church. fr. mathew abraham, the Jesus youth international team animator and manoj sunny, the former Jy international co-ordinator and a participant at the synod of Bishops on new evangelization, also shared their thoughts at the gathering. holding lighted candles, the apostles creed was recited by all, as a sign of renewing their catholic faith and re-proclaiming ones duty to share this faith with others. the launch ceremony concluded with a final blessing by his grace abp. abraham, wearing the stole and chausible of Blessed Pope John XXiii the legendary man who started the second vatican council - the great reformation in the catholic church. these relics of the Blessed Pope were venerated by the Jy leaders as a sign to deepen the deposit of faith which is entrusted by christ. the gathering was followed by an agape meal arranged by the Jesus youth of rome.

celebrated by Pope Benedict Xvi at st. Peters square. the words of the holy father the year of faith is to revive in the whole church a yearning to announce christ again to contemporary man resounded in the hearts of all gathered there. the day was even special for the movement, as the Jesus youth formation modules - that Christ may be formed in them was officially launched in rome that same evening on the very first day of the Year of Faith. The launch ceremony took place at cenacolo - the italian Pallotine Provincial house in rome, in the presence of members of Jy italy and other international Jesus youth leaders.

JeSuS youth INterNAtIoNAl

leAderS gAtherINg
over the days, a number of thoughts were discussed and reflected upon. in the context of the movement, what gained maximum priority during the meeting was the new Jesus youth formation plan. Dr. edward edezhath set the tone by addressing the group on the need for formation and presenting the document titled that christ may be formed in them. he spoke of how the holy spirit has been inspiring the movement in the area of formation right from her initial leadership and

commemorating the golden Jubilee of the second vatican council and also marking the opening of the year of faith, october 2012 was a blessed time in the life of catholics around the world. for the Jesus youth movement, the days were made even more special with the first ever Jesus Youth International leaders gathering being organised from 12th-16th october 2012 and that too in rome, the eternal city. the gathering, facilitated at opera Don calabria, saw nearly all the senior leaders of the movement coming together from the various countries that have a Jesus youth presence. in all, there were 85 delegates representing 23 countries. additionally, a number of priests and bishops visited the group throughout and spent time offering valuable guidance and encouragement.

IN the coNtext of the movemeNt, whAt gAINed mAxImum prIorIty durINg the meetINg wAS the New JeSuS youth formAtIoN plAN.

FEBRuARy 2013 PAGE 11


...the holy SpIrIt hAS beeN INSpIrINg the movemeNt IN the AreA of formAtIoN rIght from her INItIAl leAderShIp ANd dIScIpleShIp trAININgS... the formAtIoN plAN Should emphASISe chrISt ANd look INto expreSSIoNS of fAIth.

faith is a very imPortant factor in our christian witnessing - faith in Jesus anD in the sPirit. more than living for christ, ones faith shoulD enaBle one to Die for him.

cArdINAl george AleNcherry

cArdINAl bASelIoS cleemIS

i have great aPPreciation for Jesus youth, esPecially for their Prayer anD missionary commitment. i have Personally witnesseD it from the time they useD to gather at my Place During my early Days. in recent times, the kerala church is much more known arounD the worlD Because of the Jesus youth movement. may the lorD continue to Bless you all anD enaBle you to grow anD sPreaD.

discipleship trainings like Jet, set, fulltimership, DtP, history makers, master Builders, lead, step one and cultural exchange. he added that the formation plan should emphasise christ and look into expressions of faith. in the second part of his presentation, Dr. edward proceeded to explain the characteristics of the emerging Jy formation plan. the various phases of formation in depth, the duration of each phase and how it can be made practical in each countrys situation were later explained by manoj sunny. following every session, the leaders were encouraged to respond with their opinions. the group discussions too formed an integral part with leaders from the different countries joyfully adding on from their treasure of personal experiences. interspersed with these talks on formation, were smaller reflections and sessions. An eminent list of church leaders

many christians have forgotten that they are christians. the challenge Before us is to reminD them that there is christ, our vocation is to Preach the gosPel of christ anD to Be witnesses to his love. Jesus is the witness of love anD the message of love. the formation of youth ministry shoulD Be BaseD on christ eXPerience.

bIShop chrIStopher prowSe

one must cling to the lorD. we cannot go further with the churchs mission of evangelization unless there is a raDical commitment to encounter lorD Jesus. he is the first evangelizer anD the only evangelizer.

fr. erIc JAcquINet

if we follow the worD of goD, our goD will Bless us anD leaD us. if we want to commit to christ, we shoulD live a life in the sacraments to eXPerience the grace.

like most rev. ivan cardinal Dias (Prefect emeritus of the congregation for the evangelization of Peoples), most rev. george cardinal alencherry (major archbishop of ernakulam-angamaly), most rev. moran mor Baselios cardinal cleemis (major archbishop of trivandrum and vice-President, catholic Bishops conference of india), most rev. abraham viruthakulangara (archbishop of nagpur and ecclesiastical advisor, Jy india), most rev. christopher Prowse (Bishop of sale, australia), rev. fr. wojciech giertych oP (theologian of the Papal household), rev. fr. eric Jacquinet (Director, youth Section, Pontifical Council for the laity), rev. fr. fabio attard sDB (general councillor for salesian youth ministry), rev. fr. Jose Panthaplamthottiyil (cmi, Prior general), matteo calisi (President, catholic fraternity of charismatic communities), and ralph martin (word of god community) addressed the gathering. the occasion was also one for the leaders to be updated on the international projects and events

fr. woJcIech gIertych

the role of the layman Does not Primarily consist in suPPorting anD rePlacing the clergy. may Be there are situations where the assistance of the laity is neeDeD... however the Prime task of lay PeoPle is in the worlD - its within this worlD, within the marrieD life, within the various Professions, within the social, Political anD economical life that lay PeoPle shoulD live out their christian lives.

rAlph mArtIN

what is new evangelization? first of all, its aBout the new who this is DirecteD to. earlier it was DirecteD to the triBes of northern inDia or alaska who have never hearD the gosPel or to the Jungles of inDonesia But now the evangelization the church is telling us, is to Be DirecteD to our fellow catholics PeoPle who got the name of catholics, PerhaPs the PeoPle who are BaPtizeD anD living as DisciPles of christ.

FEBRuARy 2013 PAGE 13


mSgr. ANtoNy kollAmpArAmbIl

Jesus youth international is really universal. it has Become so universal that the movement has emBraceD a sense of catharsis anD we Do have a gloBal aPProach to the ProBlems faceD By the church.



of the movement. siljo thomas threw light on the activities of the mission Desk and the progress of the one month mission project, subin Jacob called attention to the happenings of the outreach child support project and raiju varghese gave a general update. the Jesus youth of rome played a key role in organising this event along with the Jesus youth international team. the Jy teens of rome also put up a special dance performance for the visiting members of the Jesus youth family. as the leaders gathering drew to a close, much support, encouragement and reassurance was offered from the participants side to ensure that the fruits of this meeting will bear richer and fuller experiences.

fr. fAbIo AttArd

society is always in constant change. there is a lack of communication; generations are not communicating with each other. unless we (Jesus youth) connect with the society, anD try to Perceive their views, listen to it, we will not connect with the longings of the hearts that are within them.

mAtteo cAlISI

the sPirituality of this movement is the root of Pentecost. when the holy sPirit DescenDs, he gives away the sPiritual gifts - the Presence of goD, the Potential Power anD the Praise & worshiP. the first fruit seen in the movement is that Jesus christ is reigning as the saviour. the seconD fruit is evangelization anD thirDly, this movement comes across as a worshiP movement.

i invite you to prepare for world youth Day in rio de Janeiro by meditating even now on the theme of the meeting: go and make disciples of all nations! (cf. mt 28:19). this is the great missionary mandate that christ gave the whole church, and today, two thousand years later, it remains as urgent as ever. this mandate should resound powerfully in your hearts. ... to make christ known is the most precious gift that you can give to others. message of his holiness benedict xvI for the 28th world youth day 2013 in response to this invitation, Jesus youth across the world are preparing for the 28th world youth Day to be held at rio de Janeiro in July 2013.


A mIssION ExpOsURE pROgRAmmE IN thE AmAZON vILLAgEs 13-19 JULY 2013


20-22 JULY 2013, cANAs


23-28 JULY 2013


A mIssION ExpOsURE pROgRAmmE IN thE shANtY-tOwNs Of RIO DE JANEIRO 30 JULY 3 AUgUst 2013 for more info, contact

it was 1999, and i was making my first trip to the capital city of the only catholic country in asia. i was there to attend an international meeting. on the third day of the meeting, the church was celebrating the feast of Pentecost and the organisers took us out on a surprise visit to a famous mall, one that was known as the largest mall in asia at that time. we reached there early in the morning - we saw a long corridor in the mall, which had been converted into an altar and a beautiful choir getting ready to sing. all of a sudden, employees dressed in uniforms started flowing into the place and soon there were thousands of people worshipping the lord together. right after the mass, they all returned to their shops for the days business. the altar was taken away. everything disappeared within minutes. i had one of the most beautiful Pentecost Day masses in that mall. i was much surprised to see such a lively expression of faith centred on the eucharist in that secular context. recently in the last week of november i was in Brazil, another totally secularised christian country, with raiju varghese for the wyD Preparatory meeting. after several days filled with meetings, we were searching for a church to attend holy mass just before we started our trip back to india. we followed the sound of church bells and reached a place where we could see a big truck fully loaded with a professional sound system; right on top of this truck was a choir. there was also a priest wearing vestments. we realised we were just in time to attend a solemn mass in the square of one of the busiest streets of downtown rio! right opposite this square, there is a street with no traffic that is lined with pubs - a few hundreds were drinking there. this was yet another beautiful experience - to join a group of faithful around the altar in contradictory surroundings - to celebrate and proclaim our faith in the eucharistic lord.

JeSuS youth ANd the yeAr of fAIth

the church is getting ready for a new springtime during this year of faith. this is going to be a time of gratitude and joy - to thank god for the gift of faith, which has been given to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus. how are we going to celebrate this year? the church recommends three ways of responding to this call. keeping this in mind, the Jesus youth movement puts forward these proposals for every Jesus youth for this year of faith.

i have a fear that many times, we, especially Jesus youth take our faith for granted - unlike in other parts of the world, we are not challenged to pay a price for this gift of faith which was transferred to us from our ancestors - it is always a sign of dignity and pride to be a catholic. But how many of us know the roots of our faith? how many of us stand strong in our faith when shaken by the difficulties in life or when it comes to facing questions from other sects? concepts such as incarnation, resurrection, redemption, sacrament and grace core themes of theology used to explain our belief in Jesus christ have little meaning for the catholic and the fallen away catholic in a culture where rationalism prevails (instrumentum laboris 20).

1. reNewINg ANd deepeNINg our fAIth

i) Form small groups to study YouCat

youcat is being proved as one of the most approachable and effective study materials for learning the fundamentals of our faith. can we form small groups

the church IS gettINg reAdy for A New SprINgtIme durINg thIS yeAr of fAIth. thIS IS goINg to be A tIme of grAtItude ANd Joy - to thANk god for the gIft of fAIth, whIch hAS beeN gIveN to uS through the deAth ANd reSurrectIoN of JeSuS. how Are we goINg to celebrAte thIS yeAr?

FEBRuARy 2013 PAGE 15

- in parishes, colleges, work places, etc., to study the youcat and to know and deepen our faith more seriously in this year of faith?

ii) A Journey with the Saints

in fact it has often been said that the real protagonists of the new evangelization are the saints: they speak a language intelligible to all through the example of their lives and their works of charity (Pope Benedict Xvi - homily of the concluding holy mass of synod, 28th oct. 2012). we can do it personally or collectively. Jesus youth is preparing a guide to journey with 12 saints during the year of 2013 - not just to know more about the saints - but to closely accompany them, allowing them to talk to us and change our lives.

in a multi-religious context how can we have a genuine expression of our faith respecting other religions and without denigrating any other beliefs in this year of faith? can we have beautiful celebrations of witnessing to this precious gift of faith we have received from him?

2. lIvINg ANd celebrAtINg our fAIth IN A New wAy

i) Praying for Priests

Jesus youth has always had great respect and love for priests. we all know that we can never do the wonderful amount of gods work that any single priest does (though sometimes some priests tell us that many of us Jesus youth do much more than any of them, i believe that our effectiveness comes from our sharing of the work of these priests). even if we cannot work like a priest, we can surely have a share in the abundant graces of priesthood by loving and praying for priests. he who receives a prophet because he is a prophet shall receive a prophets reward... (mt. 10:41) (from a mail sent to Joynet by Dr. edward edezhath). as a sign of gratitude for the gift of faith we have received from god, which is nourished through priests, can we take a commitment to pray for our priests? can each family in Jesus youth adopt one priest for prayer? will it be possible to accompany them in prayer and offer sacrifices for their priestly ministry? if every one of us takes such a commitment, i believe we will be accompanying at least 40 - 50,000 priests.

AS A SIgN of grAtItude for the gIft of fAIth we hAve receIved from god, whIch IS NourIShed through prIeStS, cAN we tAke A commItmeNt to prAy for our prIeStS? cAN eAch fAmIly IN JeSuS youth Adopt oNe prIeSt for prAyer?

today, in the Jesus youth movement, we are a multitude spread across nations. some of us have been journeying with the movement for decades while some of us have very recently encountered gods presence in our lives through the movement. yet god has endowed each one of us with diverse skill sets, talents and proficiencies that have helped many of us establish ourselves as respected professionals in todays world. These proficiencies range from student-level, amateur skill sets to extremely developed, professionally valued, expertise levels. we have, by gods grace, worked hard on these skill sets to make a living, support our families and invest in our future needs. yet, in this year of faith, our movement calls us to offer a special gift to the movement, our world and the church - a gift drawn out of the skills and professional expertise that we have honed and mastered over the years. can every one - student or professional, married or unmarried, layman or religious - offer at least one gift drawn out of their unique talent, expertise or professional skill to the mission of the church on earth? this outpouring of gifts could be collected as a large bank (perhaps the largest collection of this kind) from which anyone in the movement, the church or even the larger world could access and put them to use in their lives? this opens up millions of possibilities depending on who we are and where god has placed us. since we would be sharing the skills or the fruits of our expertise, the gift can take the form of a product, a tutorial video, a power point slide, a short film, a recipe, a farming document or any other form that suits the specific area that we are in.

in one of the consultation meetings, the present Jy india spiritual Director fr. cherian nereveettil shared a very creative idea of giving a thank you gift during this year of faith. each of us has hundreds of stories of personal encounters and moments through which our faith sprouted and grew over the years. looking back, each of these milestones seems like personal miracles that god has worked in our lives. often, we are left with a question: lord, why did you choose someone like me?

ii) Giving a Faith Gift

What would the gift actually be? Some examples.

l an art director offers (through a power point slide, a mobile video or a set of images in a word document) 20 easy ways to create great looking stage design ideas and templates across different themes and colours that can be created for different programmes. l a farmer offers an easy to follow tutorial (through a video interview) on how to start and maintain a small organic farm. l a music student offers the guitar chords and lyrics of all commonly used songs in campus prayer groups as a power point file. l a nurse offers a document with 10 tips on how to make a difference to every patient a Jesus youth nurse comes across. l a college student offers a set of 12 posters on life that can be downloaded and printed by others.

How do we say Thank You?

Deep in our hearts, we know that we can never make an adequate response to this gift. yet like the simple gifts of the shepherds of Bethlehem or those of the learned men from the orient, we see that offerings chosen from our way of life often acknowledge the presence of god in the journey of our lives.

l a web designer offers a tutorial teaching anyone to put together a basic website in a short time.

to theology - as a presentation.

l a theologian offers a short introduction

l a theatre actor offers a basic course in body movements and method acting. l an architect offers his simple, beautiful design for a low cost 1000 sq. ft. house. l a photographer offers a collection of 100 hi-res images in over 20 themes for download and use in the community. l an experienced businessman offers 5 business start-up possibilities in a country where the presence of a christian entrepreneur can make a difference. l a graphic designer offers a tutorial on how to design a professional looking, effective power point document in 20 minutes. l A short-film maker offers a video tutorial featuring five different ways in which a positive theme can be made into a short film with a minimal budget.

ANother beAutIful wAy IS to AccompANy At leASt oNe perSoN IN hIS/her fAIth wAlk. ...could All of uS Select oNe perSoN for thIS wAlkINg together, AccompANyINg SIleNtly, beINg wIth thAt perSoN IN hIS upS ANd dowNS, coNfuSIoNS ANd fruStrAtIoNS ANd feel the SAme pAIN AS St. pAul dId uNtIl chrISt IS formed IN them?

i) Sharing our faith with a new person

the recently concluded Bishops Synod had a beautiful reflection on the importance of the first proclamation specially quoting Jesus encounter with the samaritan woman (cf. John 4:5-42). like the samaritan woman, can each one of us, with our simple faith, take a commitment to share our faith with at least one new person during this year of faith? we are surrounded by people who are yet to receive this good news; if we take this challenge and prepare ourselves prayerfully, i am sure that people will go beyond welcoming the testimony of our life to personally experience the powerful encounter with Jesus which will make them tell us: we no longer believe because of your word; for we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this is truly the saviour of the world. Praise god!

a chef offers a collection of 50 healthy recipes for families - each of which can be prepared in less than 15 minutes.
l l a scripture scholar offers 5 different theme based scripture studies as documents. l a designer offers 100 Biblically themed, beautifully designed wallpapers for professionals. l a teacher offers 10 effective teaching methods as a document. l A florist offers a presentation on how to arrange flowers into different shapes. l a cinematographer offers a tutorial on the basics of using a 5D camera for video captures. l a politician offers an article on the need for people with values in the political arena. l a musician shares a video tutorial - to help budding musicians pick up the guitar in three months. l a scriptwriter offers a collection of scripts based on youth themes that can be acted out as skits. (from the write-up the thank you gift by shelton Pinheiro)

ii) A Silent Faith Walk

another beautiful way is to accompany at least one person in his/her faith walk. a silent walk in this troubled world. During the luncheon meeting on 12th oct. 2012, the holy father described this as a shared walk; walking together explaining the famous walk of the lord to emmaus with the two disciples who were going through a time of despair. todays youngsters need people to walk with them to recognise and understand the mystery of this silent walk of our lord with them. could all of us select one person for this walking together, accompanying silently, being with that person in his ups and downs, confusions and frustrations and feel the same pain as st. Paul did until christ is formed in them? it is by believing with the heart that we are justified, and by making the declaration with our lips that we are saved. may the year of faith lead all of us to learn by heart the creed and to say it everyday as a prayer, so that the breathing agrees with the heart. Let us confidently entrust ourselves to mary, our mother. for as stars shine more brightly at night in the desert, so the light of mary, star of the new evangelization, brightly shines in heaven on our way. mANoJ SuNNy

a carpenter offers 15 innovative, low cost furniture designs.


So what will your gift be?

3. ShArINg our fAIth wIth otherS

in the apostolic exhortation, verbum Domini, the holy father refers to two categories of people - those who are baptized, but not sufficiently evangelized and those who are not baptized, not evangelized. if we look closely at our ministry, we can see that we are focusing only on the first category - what can we do to reach out to the second category too?

FEBRuARy 2013 PAGE 17


Discipleship formation, Kuwait

New JY National team, singapore

kuwAIT Teens Formation Programme A formation programme for teens was organised at the city cathedral from 16 to 25 June. Around 45 students underwent this formation, under the guidance of several priests from Kuwait and george Devassy. Discipleship Formation Programme Around 35 students participated in the Discipleship formation programme, led by various resources from Kuwait and Reji Karot from Kerala from 30 July to 15 Aug. at the city cathedral. Growth Retreat Nearly 250 participants attended a growth retreat led by fr. Jose and Br. shaji from Kerala at the carmel school from 17 to 20 Aug. Retreat for Families Around 150 families participated in a family retreat organised at the carmel school from 25 to 28 Oct. sindhu and sunil Nadarajan from UsA led the retreat. Outreach Campaign Outreaches were organised for camp dwellers from 24 Oct. to 10 Nov. under the guidance of fr. Abraham pallivathukkal from Kerala. Dinoy David SRI LANkA Music Ministry Retreat A music ministry Retreat with 24 participants from different Jesus Youth prayer meetings in sri Lanka was conducted on 3 and 4 Nov.
music ministry Retreat, sri Lanka

this event was organised to encourage the JY music ministry and to help them in using music for ministering. several local musicians and resource persons conducted this retreat. Ravindha silva GERMANY you Turn 2012 thirty youngsters participated in You turn 2012 at haus venusberg, Bonn from 17 to 19 Aug., led by michael and patricia papenkordt from IcpE mission, with fr. Burghard weghaus sJ. Project 40:40 A 40- hour Eucharistic Adoration was held at herz Jesus Kirch, mannheim from 9 to 11 Nov. Anil Israel SINGAPORE New National Team the new JY National team was formed following a two-day retreat led by Raiju varghese and george Devassy. Ajith Jacob was elected as the co-ordinator and fionne Lai as the Asst. co-ordinator. Dr. Julio chacko and Dr. mathew george were chosen as the Animators. Rosarium Fiesta this years Rosarium fiesta witnessed JY outreaches to different churches along with whatsapp rosary cells and a facebook Rosary counter aimed at collecting 10,000 rosaries for vocations in singapore. It concluded with a candle-light Rosary procession on 27 Oct.

Campus Retreat Insight, an initial retreat for students from various polytechnics of singapore was held from 18 - 20 may at the choice Retreat centre. A follow up to this event YouRock, was conducted on 14 July. Teens Retreat thirty students from mary mount convent school participated in a retreat called Rainbow, conducted from 12 - 14 Oct. at st. theresas church, Kampong Bahru. Family Retreat A retreat for 22 families was conducted from 25-28 Oct. at Jurong west, led by tomas michael from Kerala. A family core team was formed at the end of the event. Evangelisation Retreat Evangelisation was the theme of a 2-day retreat organised from 2 4 Nov. at the choice Retreat house, led by fr. David Reegon and Br. Jude Antoine. Ajith Jacob uAE Lead 2 Formation the Lead 2 programme, conducted bi-monthly over weekends and holidays, brought together over 30 youth from different parts of UAE. A 6-day mission outreach to sri Lanka was conducted as part of this training. Outreach Training An Outreach training led by several resource persons including fr. varghese

Uforma National formation, Australia


Ignite 2012, Ireland

Lead 2, UAE

chempoly and george Devassy, was organised at st. francis church, Jebel Ali from 25 - 27 Oct., for 42 Jesus Youth from 8 different parishes. Discipleship Training Programme JY teens Dubai recently completed their second 6-day Discipleship training programme, which included 3 days of retreat and 3 days of training in leadership. vincy sybin IRELAND Ignite 2012 Fifty-five youth attended the annual youth training - Ignite 2012, held at the glendolough Intl Youth hostel from 25 - 28 June. c.c. Joseph was the key resource person supported by the Youth team of Ireland. Go Beyond 2012 Nearly 35 families attended a retreat go Beyond 2012 organised at the Newgrange Lodge, Drogheda from 2 to 4 Nov. A kids retreat and a teens retreat were held simultaneously at the same venue. Elvis Kotooran from India was the main resource person for the family retreat. Arun george AuSTRALIA Uforma National Formation Bro. colin calmiano from India and fr. Bony Abraham along with several JYAU leaders led 40 participants through a formation held from
midwest teens Retreat, UsA

20 - 23 sept. at Adelaide. Teens Retreat A teens retreat with 35 participants was held at Eagles Nest Retreat centre from 2 - 4 July. Reconstitution of Jy Teams the JY team in perth was reconstituted on 7 July at st. Aloysius catholic church, shenton park and the JY melbourne team was reconstituted on 30 June at the st. francis De Sales, Oak Park. For the first time in Australia, a new Youth team and family team were also formed in melbourne. Movie Night An initiative to reach out to youth through strong value-based movies followed by discussions and prayer was begun on 21 Oct. Rosarium Fiesta, Melbourne Rosary nights were organised in the North, East, south and west regions of melbourne in October. families and youth came together to meditate and pray the holy Rosary. All Saints Day Teens Weekend A follow up programme for teens was held in November at chirmside, Brisbane. Veneration of St. Francis relics Jesus Youth received an opportunity to participate in the perpetual Adoration organised by the diocese of sale on 6 Oct. many were able to carry the relic (right arm of st. francis xavier) in procession and participate in a joyous time of veneration. mayrose Abraham
Rosarium & family Retreat, singapore

uSA Cincinnati Family Retreat JY midwest Region helped conduct a 3-day retreat in April for nearly 30 youth, teens, and kids while the families were attending a family retreat. Visit of Jy International Pastor On 27 Oct., fr. Bitaju mathew met with the JY of mid-Atlantic for a meeting in Baltimore and later, at a crusader walk organised by st. John of the cross parish, Roslyn. Regional Meeting, Atlanta from 31 Aug. 2 sept., nearly 60 JY families and youth from florida and Atlanta came together at the st. Alphonsa catholic church for a gathering based on the theme Living the Jesus Youth Lifestyle. Annual Retreat 2012 with the focus on growing in holiness as a Jesus Youth, 42 adults, 15 youth, and 35 kids attended a retreat at the Bonham state park, Dallas tx from 13 - 17 June. Jy Midwest Teens Retreat from 6-9 Aug., the midwest region had their annual teens retreat at the JY house in Roselle, IL. there were 26 participants from chicago, minnesota, Ohio, florida, and texas. SKy! Kids Camp sKY! Kids camp for children between the ages of 5-10, was held in various churches of USA last summer. For the first time, the programme was also done as an outreach to
National Leaders training, India

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iturn Youth conference, UK

cultural Exchange programme, India

the southside of chicago for the working class and impoverished families. Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS) Between mar. and Oct., several Lss sessions were organised for the youth of south florida, houston and pearland, texas. Middle Schoolers Retreat A stay-in encounter retreat was conducted for 50 middle school students from 25 - 28 June at the Newark Archdiocesan Youth Retreat centre, Kearny, NJ. Mission Mexico Between 22 - 27 June, fr. vinod madathiparambil and sunil Nadarajan (IL), along with thomas pulickal (tx) journeyed to guadalajara and Reynosa in mexico. Blessed to meet with the local bishops, Jesus Youth looks forward to working together for missions in mexico and other Latin American countries in the future. Phoenix Jesus youth Gathering A long-awaited event to introduce the JY family ministry came to be when 15 families from phoenix AZ, Northern & southern california gathered together from 20 - 22 July. Recommitment Day In the week of 21 may, Jesus Youth across Us were encouraged to recommit themselves back to the movement and the faith. Abp. Abraham viruthakulangara (Ecclesiastical Advisor, JY India) specially blessed the midwest gathering with his presence at the st. thomas syro malabar cathedral in chicago. Weekend of Prayer A weekend of prayer was organised from 5-8 Oct. at the JY house, IL, for committed young adults to reflect on how to renew their identity as a christian and as a Jesus Youth. princy Abraham uk iTurn youth Conference Over 150 young people came together at UKs first youth conference iTurn, held at Grace Dieu manor school, Loughborough from 18 -22 July. Resource persons included fr. Emmanuel mansford, David payne and sr. catherine holum (former Olympian). most Rev. John

Rawsthorne, Bishop of hallam, celebrated mass on one of the days of the event. Awakening Awakening, perpetual Eucharistic Adoration for 100 days was conducted from 22 feb. to 26 may last year. the concluding day began with a witness walk through the streets of Northampton, followed by a night vigil and mass celebrated by most Rev. peter Doyle, Bishop of Northampton. Festa Familia Summer Camp A summer camp for families was held from 1 4 June at Ashburnham place, East sussex with 50 families. the main resource person was tomas michael, with music led by Binu K. p. youth Retreat, Sunderland A youth retreat was held in the north east region of UK from 13 - 15 April. fifty-three youth attended the 3-day retreat. Mix Weekend Gathering As a follow-up to talent gallery, its participants have been gathering once every 2-4 months for a weekend gathering called the mix- a mix of prayer, fellowship and workshops on how to use their talents for the Lord. Aberdeen & Belfast Summer Camps the JY UK preteens ministry organised two summer camps in Belfast and in Aberdeen, in the month of Aug. Around 120 pre-teens and 35 teenagers took part in each camp. Marian Voyage & Pilgrimage voyage was an initiative of the JY family ministry, aimed at having 24/7 Rosary for 31 days in 31 places. this journey began in preston on 1 Oct. and concluded in portsmouth on 31 Oct. A statue of Our Lady, blessed from Lourdes also journeyed through these places. As a part of this initiative, a national JY pilgrimage to walsingham was organised on 20 October. Inauguration - Jy Mission Centre A prayer and mission centre for Jesus Youth UK was officially inaugurated in Sheffield on 11 Nov. by Bishop John Rawsthorne, who also blessed the Adoration chapel within the presbytery, where Adoration of the Blessed sacrament will be held twice a week. Abhy thomas

INDIA Faith Conference 2013 The first Faith Conference of 2013, organised at Apostolic carmel generalate, Bangalore, Karnataka from 25 - 27 Jan. was attended by 650 youth from different parts of Karnataka. the conference was blessed by the presence of Bishop george Njaralakkatt, Bishop henry Dsouza and Bishop peter machado. Cultural Exchange Programme Around 160 rural and tribal youth from 15 Indian states participated in the month-long cultural Exchange programme held in Kerala from 15 Dec. National Trainings National trainings were organised for animators and leaders at goa. there were 21 participants for the Animators training and 22 leaders for the Leaders training. Asha sanil

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