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Ego (Washinton) 20 July - 25 August

Corinna Button (UK & Illinios) 4 May - 2 June

Bill Carman (Idaho) 16 March - 28 April

We have represented Corinna Buttons printmaking in the gallery for some time and are happy that her recent move to Chicago now enables us to put together an exhibition of her larger-scale paintings. Corinna is an elected member of the Royal Society of Painters & Printmakers. She has exhibited across Europe, in New Zealand, Korea and the USA.

We cant get enough of Egos particular brand of Adorable Darkness. Skeletal beings directly take your gaze and play on your sympathies like no puppy could. This Seattle-based artist has a flair for the darker side of whimsy.

Boise is indeed fortunate to count Bill Carman amongst its residents. Fresh from his successful exhibitions in California and New York, Carman is returning to Idaho to present a much anticipated hometown show. The exhibition features a strong body of previously un-shown paintings collected by the gallery over the past year alongside a collection of sketches and drawings fresh from the artists studio. Bill Carman has won awards for his illustration and fantastic paintings from many prestigious institutions, including Spectrum and the Society of Illustrators. He is currently a tenured professor of drawing and illustration at Boise State University.

Christine Brennan (California) 8 June - 13 July

Egos work is influenced by the macabre side of tattoo culture, street art and underground fine art. His work has been featured in galleries across North America and published in a varety of media, as well as worn on the skin of his tattoo clients. Ego is well known around the Seattle scene both for his gallery exhibitions and his work as a tattooist.

Christine Brennans work features a host of symbolic and allegorical references. Her images draw from the unconscious, leading the viewer into rich narratives, evoke personal stories and associations. The artist deliberately leaves these paintings untitled to allow the viewer scope to attribute their own interpretation.


Brumfields Gallery is situated in the historic Hyde Park district of Boise, Idaho. The gallery shows a program, which explores the narrative element of art through contemporary figurative painting, illustration, ceramics and sculpture, surreal, pop-surreal and fantastic art. Our opening events are always on the first Saturday of each show. We favor work that has an edginess, that demonstrates the eccentricities and fragility of human nature. Although some of the work may lean towards the strange and/or macabre, there is always a thread of humor or glimmer of optimism.

Brumfields Gallery


Brumfields Gallery 1513 N. 13th Street, Boise, Idaho, 83702

The gallery also offers quality conservation custom framing and art appraisal services. Jane Brumfield is an Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers specializing in the fine and decorative arts.

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Image: Minion Stew by Bill Carman