oventry and cars go hand in hand. Our university is famous for its automotive courses the world over. Its ties in the motoring industry have attracted many well established people who have come and shared their experience and enriched us with knowledge straight from the practical world. Unfortunately there have not been many Coventry Conversations with speakers in the automotive field. For all those who think that they are missing out on automotive conversations, several guest lectures are being organised elsewhere in the university. This week Chris Aylett - CEO of the Motorsport Industry Association - is going to give a lecture on “The Business World of Global Motorsport” on Thursday, February 26th between 6:00-7:00pm at the Goldstein Lecture Theatre - AB107 in the Alan Berry Building. Chris isn’t just the CEO of MIA though, F1 Business magazine rates Chris Aylett as one of the “most influential in world motorsport”. He was a successful sports car driver, promoter, team owner and created his own multi-million business. There have been a few other big names in the field in recent months; Phil Popham, the Managing Director of Land Rover gave a lecture in November last year on ‘Land Rover – Why the future is green’. A symposium on ‘What is the future of car design?’ was held on the 6th of this month at the university’s TechnoCentre. Eminent speakers like Dr. John Wormald – the managing partner of Autopolis, Sam Livingstone – Assistant Editor Car Design News, John Jostins – MD of Microcab and our very own Lee Hall and Nick Hull spoke at the symposium. Guest lectures are organised frequently by the Graduate and CPD centre. Please contact them if you do not get updates about these guest lectures by email. Since seats are limited, anyone interested in attending should reserve their FREE ticket by calling the Graduate Centre Reception on 02476 887644 or by emailing grad.uni@coventry.ac.uk

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24 February 2009

By Anand Mohan

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It’s SAD not to be represented
No nominations for School of Art and Design
„ The Student’s Union Campaign Board announced at the Candidates Meeting this Friday that nobody is running for the Chair of School of Art and Design. Although, nominations are expected to re-open in April, art and design students currently face the possibility of having no representation in the Students’ Union next year. In order to change this, School of Art and Design students can get themselves nominated in April and quickly run their campaign. The successful nominee then becomes the faculty chair. Each year all Coventry University students get a chance to vote and be voted for. There are a few sabbatical positions and each faculty gets a Faculty Chair position. The Chair of the School of Art and Design is a voluntary parttime job that includes representing and promoting the school. The elected student has a chance to get his voice heard and make a difference within their school. This year it could be YOU! If you are enthusiastic and if you care about the place you learn in then YOU should get yourself nominated. It’s easy! Just fill in a nomination form, get 10 signatures from your friends and get yourself into the game. Check www.cusu.org for more information on dates and campaign.

By Teodora Beleaga

Two heads are better than one
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„ This week sees the arrival of not one but two great figures in journalism as both Richard Keeble and Bob Satchwell are joining us for Coventry Conversations. ICHARD KEEBLE has been a lecturer in journalism for over 20 years. He has written many books, including ‘The Newspapers Handbook’, ‘Ethics for Journalists’ and ‘The Journalistic Imagination: Literary Journalists from Defoe to Capote and Carter ‘. Keeble will be talking about one of his particular research interests, George Orwell, and questionning his integrity in the light of new evidence. Creator of Coventry Conversations, John Mair, says “There is no better man to examine the record of Orwell than Richard Keeble. His finely tuned academic mind will be able to sort the wheat from the chaff of the Orwell legacy and myth. It will be fascinating.” Professor Richard Keeble, 25th February 13.00 ETG34 OB SATCHWELL began his illustrious career at the Lancashire Evening Post in 1970 as a graduate trainee before rising to the position of associate editor. He won Journalist of the Year and Crime Reporter of the Year in 1977. He then worked as assistant editor at the News of the World before becoming the editor of the Cambridge Evening News. He has performed many tasks and roles in the newspaper business over the last 39 years and has been the executive direcctor of the Society of Editors since it was founded a decade ago. Bob Satchwell 26th February 13.00 ETG34

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