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Adamson University College of Science Mathematics Department Course Outline

Course Title: Advanced Engineering Algebra Credit Units: 2 Prerequisite: MH 111 Course Description: Solution sets of different types of inequalities and systems involving quadratics, ratio, proportion and variation, matrices and determinants; solution of linear equations using determinants and matrices, polynomial equations, progressions such as sequences and series, the binomial theorem, mathematical induction, counting techniques and basic probability and its applications. week 1st 2nd Learning task 1. INEQUALITIES 1.1 Linear, Quadratic Inequalities

1.2 Polynomial and rational Inequalities 1.3 Inequalities Involving Absolute Value
1.4 Inequalities in Two Variables 1.5 Graphical Solution of a System of Inequalities 2. POLYNOMIAL EQUATIONS 2.1 The Remainder and Factor Theorems 2.2 Rational Root (Zeros) Theorem 3. RATIO, PROPORTION AND VARIATION 3.1 Ratio and Proportion 3.2 Variation (Direct Linear, Direct Square, Inverse, Joint and Combined ) QUIZ2 3.3 Applications 4 5 PRELIM EXAM QUIZ1

3rd 4th


6th 7th

4. MATRICES AND DETERMINANTS 4.1 Matrices ( Transpose of a Matrix,Row/Column matrix, Equal matrices, Square matrix, Diagonal matrix, Scalar matrix, Identity matrix,Diagonal matrix, Zero/Null Matrix) 4.2 Operations on Matrices (Sum and Difference, Scalar Multiplication, Properties of Matrices 4.3 Determinants (Determinants of Order 2 and 3, Minors and Cofactors, Properties of Determinants) 4.4 The Inverse of a Matrix ( Inverse of a 2x2 Matrix, Inverse of a 3x3 Matrix) 4.5 Solution of systems of Linear Equations using Cramers Rule 4.6 Applications QUIZ3


9th 10th


5.1 Sequences 5.2 Arithmetic Progressions 5.3 Geometric Progressions 5.4 Infinite Geometric Progressions 5.5 Harmonic Progressions 5.6 Applications 6. BINOMIAL THEOREM The Binomial Theorem 6.2 The Pascals Triangle 6.3 Finding a Given Term 6.3 Applications

11th 12th 5.5 13th


14th 15th

7 MATHEMATICAL INDUCTION 7.1 Principle of Mathematical Induction QUIZ5

7.2 16th

Proof by Mathematical Induction

17th 18th

8 COUNTING TECHNIQUES AND BASIC PROBABILITY The Fundamental Principle of Counting 8.2 The Permutation and Combination (The Factorial notation, permutation,Circular Permutation, Partition, Combination 8.3 Basic Probability ( Classical Approach, Relative frequency Approach, Subjective Approach) 8.4 Applications


IV.Textbook & References Textbook: Algebra and Trigonometry 2nd ed. c 2007 by Stewart, Redlin and Watson References : 1. Algebra and Trigonometry, c.1989 by Louis Leithold 2. . College Algebra by Rees, Sparks, Rees 3. College Algebra by Eldridge Vance 4. College Algebra for College Students, 4th ed c.2006 by Mark Dugopolski 5. College Algebra by Sia, Saavedra, Gerardo and Necesito Grading System: 60% passing for courses with board exam & other Engg courses 50% passing for courses without board exam Periodic Grade = 2/3 class Standing + 1/3 Periodic Exam Semestral Grade = 30%Prelim + 30%MidTerm + 40% Final Term