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TOWER DIVISION (Madrid, February 28st, 2013) Gestamp Renewable Industries (GRI) continues its growth process in the renewable energy sector, with the addition of the hybrid wind tower to its range of industrial products, thereby reflecting the group's growth strategy to become a leading global industrial supplier for the renewable energy market. After strong international growth with the opening of several wind energy components plants, GRI has embraced product diversification to enter the world of concrete through its hybrid towers. This diversification is done through iConkrete, an engineering company mainly focused in the precast concrete business. GRI contributes its expertise in steel wind turbines and its capacity with major OEMs, while the new Hybrid Towers team, based on the iConkrete engineering services, provides expertise in concrete wind towers. According to Javier Imaz, CEO of Gestamp Renewable Industries: "GRIs entry into this sector is a great opportunity for the group because as the wind energy industry seeks more consistent winds at greater heights, the combination of steel and concrete will start to make more sense for the business." For Javier Carpintero, General Manager of the new Hybrid Towers division, "In a mature market like the current one the search for new alternatives that optimize costs and improve overall efficiency is indispensible. In this sense Hybrid Towers comply with these two essential conditions."


About Gestamp Renewable Industries (GRI)-Hybrid Towers Gestamp Renewable Industries (GRI) was created in 2008 and is the Renewable Energies industrial division for the Corporacin Gestamp. GRI shares the vision of Corporacin Gestamp: leaders in our service, applying continuous improvement, and incorporating technological innovations in all our processes. GRI, manages several factories worldwide, where it integrates the industrial process of wind towers and flanges for major OEMs in the wind energy market. In addition to the manufacture of wind turbines, it is also responsible for logistics and equipping the towers according to the specifications requested by each customer. GRI Hybrid Towers offers the wind industry innovative solutions that address the challenges posed by new generations of turbines, based on proven experience in renewable energy, steel and precast concrete mastery. About Corporacin Gestamp Corporacin Gestamp, the parent company of Gestamp Renewable Industries, is a multinational leader in Europe in the steel, automotive components and renewable energy sectors. It currently operates in 25 countries in Europe, America and Asia, with 130 industrial plants and has a global workforce of over 32,000 employees. in 2012 Corporacin Gestamp managed a turnover of 9 billion.


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