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Work Breakdown Structure

Project: To organize Punjabi cultured Hindu Marriage ceremony

Work Breakdown Structure


Guest s







1. Guest list. 2. Prepare

1. Theme 2. Table/Chair setting

1. Deciding the Menu 2. Service

1. Music 2. Floor

1. Dresses 2. Beauty Parlor. 3. Wedding Rings.

1. Flowers 2. Table

1. Pictures 2. Video

invitations. 3. Send out invitations.

Lights 3. Arranging for generator.




Equipments. 4. Transportati on

Project: To organize Punjabi cultured Hindu Marriage ceremony Alternatives to organize ceremony: The ceremony can be organized at Marriage Palace/Banquet hall/ Hotel garden depending upon the budget and availability of recourses. Various areas of tasks which need to perform:

1) Decide the date of marriage: The first task which needs to perform is to decide the date of marriage, the expert person called Pandit match the kundli of Groom and Bride and decide the date of marriage. 2) Booking of Venue Of marriage: After the decision of date, the venue of marriage should be fixed, it depends on various parameters like: Location of various alternative available Expected number of guests and capacity of the Palace/banquet hall Charges of venue and compatibility of charges with budget of marriage

3) Arrange the caterer for marriage ceremony:

The catering service can be subdivided into different categories: The Snacks Stalls of different categories The drinks, mocktail Menu The Main course of dinner

4) Arrange the DJ for ceremony.

In Punjabi Marriage it is often seen that guests enjoy on beats of songs and dance as well so to fulfill that purpose there is need of DJ, dancing floor, lights etc. To maintain the backup for DJ there is need of Generator, if in case of power failure there should be power backup

5) Arrangement of Decorator

As Marriage function is consider to be one time activity of life, everybody wants to make it memorable and to add the spice in memories the decoration by flowers,ligths,tents plays the major roll, so choosing the decorator is another task to perform.

6) Arrangement of other necessary activities.

In case of groom, there is requirement of ghodi, musical players (band baja) and other necessary items for sehrabandi etc and on Bride side there is requirement of Beauty parlor for special bridal makeup .
Personal Booking a parlor & Photographer

Arranging Venue

Decoration & Transportation

Start Marriage

Deciding the date

Arranging Caterer

Deciding the Menu

Arranging D.J

Arranging Generator

Guest List

Preparing the Invitations

Sending out the Invitations

Complete Marriage