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Bibliography Acer Aspire S5 review: a serious MacBook Air challenger. PC Retrieved 16 February 2013 from _challenger.

html Although the Acer Aspire S5 was also listed and briefly reviewed in PCWorlds Top Ten Business Laptops article, I wanted to read a more in-depth review of the product. This review provides complete spec information and a comparison between the Aspire and similar machines. Aspire S5-391-6419 data sheet. Retrieved 16 February 2013 from . This is the company-provided data sheet for the Acer Aspire. While this is a necessarily biased source, it does offer a complete list of the computers specs, including RAM, hard disk space, processor model and speed, and operating system; as well as physical characteristics, such as weight and screen size. Acer laptop (photograph). Retrieved 18 February 2013 from Ackerman, Dan. Laptops: Laptop buying guide. CNet. October 4, 2012. Retrieved 16 February 2013 from Mr. Ackerman is a well-regarded computer and technology expert, and while this article is directed at individual consumers more than business decision-makers, it offers useful advice, including a caution against buying too much laptop. Ackerman, Dan and Scott Stein. Best laptops. CNet. January 17, 2013. Retrieved 13 February 2013 from This very recent (January 2013) CNet article offers advice and recommendations on laptops in a variety of categories (best Ultrabooks, best convertible, best high-end). ZENBOOK Touch UX31A. Retrieved 17 February 2013 from Similar to the Acer page described above, this company source offers a complete spec sheet for the Zenbook. Asus laptop (photograph). Retrieved 18 February 2013 from Books (photograph). Retrieved 22 February 2013 from

Calendar (photograph). Retrieved 19 February 2013 from Case, Loyd. Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A review: ultralight, pretty, and capable. PCWorld. August 9, 2012. Retrieved 17 February 2013 from pretty_and_capable.html This is a detailed editorial review of the Zenbook (interestingly, it notes that the Zenbooks overall performance score is similar to that of the Acer Aspire S5), which offers fairly detailed criticism of the Zenbooks performance and design. The review is helpful because it compares actual performance (battery life, for example) to manufacturer claims. Case, Loyd. Top ultraportable laptops. PCWorld. October 23, 2012. Retrieved 22 February 2013 from All of our options are included among Cases choices for best ultraportables. The article defines ultraportable: screen size of 14 or less and total weight of 4 pounds or less. This was a starting point for my research, since initial feedback from the sales staff indicated strong preference for lightweight computers. Lenovo ThinkPad X230 review. May 30, 2012. Retrieved 23 February from This CNet review of the Lenovo ThinkPad X230 offers a detailed, spec-by-spec analysis of the ThinkPad, comparing it to previous ThinkPads and to other similar computers. While the review is not credited to any particular author, it was obviously written by reviewers who thoroughly tested the X230. Cross, Jason. Top 10 business laptops. PCWorld. October 5, 2012. Retrieved 13 February 2013 from Similar to the PCMag 5 Best Business Laptops article (see below), this article also focuses on criteria deemed important to business users; however, the author defines those criteria slightly differently. Cross evaluates his best choices for portability, connectivity options, and keyboard and touchpad design and ease of use. File folders (photograph). Retrieved 16 February 2013 from Ingram Publishing. Man and woman working on a laptop together (photograph). Retrieved 17 February 2013 from Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Laptop Specs. Retrieved 16 February 2013 from Like other laptop manufacturers, including Acer and Asus, Lenovo provides a table listing detailed information on RAM, disk size, processor size and speed, and other specifications. Lenovo laptop (photograph). Retrieved 18 February 2013 from Ragazi, Larni Almendrala. The 5 best business laptops. October 4, 2012. Retrieved 13 February 2013 from,2817,2362039,00.asp This article reviews laptops based on criteria judged important for business, including reliability, portability, cost-effectiveness, and productivity software. The reviewer makes a point of excluding discussion of gaming capability, video performance, and other features typically considered important to home users. Sparkle Tech News. Laptops (photograph). Retrieved 23 February 23, 2013 from Technology Service Partners Inc. People on laptops (photograph). Retrieved 14 February 2013 from