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Ser and Ir, Adjectives and Places
A. Escuchar (4 puntos)
(Texas Beginning Task 9: Describe yourself to others: Andrs V.)

As you listen to the man describe himself, use his description to answer the questions below.
Clearly circle your answer.
1. Cmo se llama?
a. Jos Guillermo
b. Alberto Vargas
c. Antonio Lopez

3. De qu color son los ojos?

a. oscuros
b. caf
c. claros

2. Cuntos aos tiene?

a. 40 aos
b. 50 aos
c. 14 aos

4. De dnde es?
a. Lima, Per
b. Len, Mxico
c. Pamplona, Espaa

B. Escuchar (4 puntos)

Watch the video and check off the four items that are depicted clearly in the video.
____ la piscina ____ la bicicleta ____la tienda ____el tren ____el avin ____ la ciudad ____ el barco
C. Gramtica (8 puntos)
Create sentences using the components given below. Be sure to conjugate your verbs!
Ejemplos: Yo/ser/guapo(a) Yo soy guapo

T/ir/escuela/autobs T vas a la escuela en autobs

1. Ella/ser/alto(a) _______________________________________________________________
2. T/ser/pelirrojo(a) ____________________________________________________________
3. l/ir/playa/carro _____________________________________________________________
4. Yo/ir/hotel/avin ____________________________________________________________

D. Vocabulario (8 puntos)
Match each picture to the vocabulary word that describes it. Be careful! Not all words will be used!
1. __________

2. ____________

3. ____________

4. ______________

5. ______________

6. ____________

7. ___________

8. _____________





D.laciudad F.mediano


I.lalibrera K.elcorreo


J.elcamin L.elsupermercado

E. Traducir (10 puntos, 2 puntos for each line)

Mara and Carlos have just met in the hallway at school. They are talking about where they are going and
their new friend, Pedro. Translate their conversation from English to Spanish. WATCH OUT for adjective
agreement (remember your masculine and feminine endings) and the correct conjugations of the verbs!
Mara: Hello Carlos! Where are you going?
Carlos: I go to the movie theater by bicycle.
Mara: Pedro goes to the pool on foot. What is Pedro like?
Carlos: He is dark-haired, handsome, and intelligent. Mara, you are short and ugly!

Mara: Carlos, you are mean! I am blond, and nice! Goodbye!

F. Crdito Extra (1 pt each): 1. How would you say dark blue in Spanish? ______________________
2. What does la mezquita mean in Spanish? _________________________________