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The sociological imagination is a phrase that was created by C. Wright Mills in 1959.

It is a term that is used to describe how the average citizen in the United States understands or views their lives. Mills believes that our view of the world is limited by the social situations that we each encounter on a daily basis. The social situations we encounter are situations like who our family is and what friends and groups we associate ourselves with as well as where we go to school and where we live. Because each of us is shaped by our own social situations, this causes us to have a limited view of the world. Mills believes that the average person doesnt truly look at the bigger picture and how their lives and problems fit into the bigger picture. If we could all overcome our limited perspectives, we could possibly understand the bigger picture. Mills believed that a specific quality of mind is needed to be able to achieve this and that quality of mind is called the sociological imagination. One of the biggest examples that involves the sociological imagination is race specific problems. One main concern that is often wondered is Is it true that students cant get into certain competitive schools because so many spaces now go to minorities? When students ask themselves this question they are connecting their individual experience with the bigger picture or also known as the larger social structure. Just because students make this connection with the larger social structure does not mean that they have achieved the sociological imagination. Aquiring the sociological imagination requires more than just making the connection, you need to have evidence. There are are methods that can be used to give us firmer and better answers to these important sociological questions. There are four questions that students can ask themselves in order to achieve the sociological imagination. The first question is How are the things that we take to be natural socially constructed? The question is aimed to get people to start to think about separating what is natural from what is socially constructed and also to disentangle what is biological from what socially constructed. The second question is How is Social Order Possible? There are multiple explanations for why social order is possible. The first one is that it is in a persons best interest to follow social order and they are motivated by self-interest or their own personal incentive. Another explaination for social order is that people want to be considered normal. Also, another explanation is that social order focuses on beliefs and values and if you value or respect something or someone. The thirst question is Does the Individual life Matter?