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***Zagreb Focus day*** 10:30-10:45: Arrival and refreshments 10:45-11:00: Welcome and introduction, Dejan Duletic 11:00-12:00: REPO

Electronic trading, Christopher Clodius 12:00-12:15: Refreshments 12:15-13:00: Fixed income, bond spread analysis and much more, Tibor Szigeti 13:00-13:15: Refreshments 13:15-14:00: Interest rate swaps with Bloomberg, Tibor Szigeti 14:00-14:15: Refreshments 14:15-15:00: (Bloomberg + Excel) = Very strong combination, Tibor Szigeti 15:00-15:15: Refreshments 15:15-16:00: FX&Equity from a Technical Analysis Perspective, Oliver Woolf ** REPO Electronic trading** Christopher Clodius: 1. Navigation of RPOQ - REPO RFQ 2. RPOD to respond to requests from clients 3. How to enable your counterparties 4. Onboarding of new clients **Fixed income, bond spread analysis and much more** Tibor Szigeti: 1. Launchpad for bonds incl spread values, multiple px sources and more! 2. Overview of yield curves including forward curves 3. News thats important to you - nothing else! 4. Your inbox is a goldmine of prices - use them 5. Much more to YAS than just looking at yields 6. Comparable bonds; how to finds better returns! 7. Do yield calculation in Excel on your bonds without formulae! **Interest rate swaps with Bloomberg** Tibor Szigeti: 1. Setup, Calculate, Store and Mark-to-market Interest Rate Swaps & other derivatives 2. Define pricing sources for IRS curves including Future & FRA based curves 3. Create x-currency fix/flt, fix/fix and flt/flt swaps 4. Set up amortizing, accreting and rollercoaster swaps 5. Price Caps/Floors, Swaptions and more 6. Volatility Cube explained 7. Obtain market and risk values in Excel and in Launchpad **(Bloomberg + Excel) = Very strong combination** Tibor Szigeti: 1. Overview of Bloomberg data in Excel 2. Using the =BDP function (live and static data into Excel) 3. Using Bloomberg calculations in Excel (Overrides). Perform calculations based on our calculation modules without using Excels functions! 4. Bloombergs Interpolation Function 5. Using the =BDH function (historical data) 6. Using the =BDS function (Bulk data) **FX&Equity from a Technical Analysis Perspective** Oliver Woolf: Overview of both Major and Local markets (FX, Equity) from a Technical Analysis perspective with a focus on unique and innovative Bloomberg tools and indicators such as: trendstall, trender, candle sessions, automatic trendlines, fisher transform, MLRS and how to create your own technical studies, backtest and optimise them.