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A photograph and interview with Damir Doma featured in the ‘Mens Style Heroes’ section on GQ Germany, July 2011

Damir Doma He was born in Croatia and raised in Bavaria – today he is one of the most important young designers in Paris. This explains the 30-year-old, what makes his style: Designing had to be a natural step for me. My mother has always been in fashion. My sister and I have always worked as children in her studio. I know fashion from childhood. Two designers: Giorgio Armani’s style because he is a god. Anne Marie Beretta because she is a goddess-section. When I was 12, my heroes were Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin, at 14 and 16 it was the Smashing Pumpkins. As well I always listened to rap. What is on my iPod today: Sigur Rós, Plastikman, Trent Reznor. David Bowie is the greatest hero of all time style. Ed Hardy Shirts, Boat Shoes, Polo Shirts – I don’t abhor any garments themselves. The problem is not the fashion, but the people who wear them. The guy in the Ed Hardy shirt is either nasty, or he just has no taste. But really I find next to men wearing wetsuits at the disco. Cashmere. No material I like better. I am a cyclist and I’ve recently bought a city bike. The Paris metro is pure horror. It has the potential to ruin your whole day. My favorite collection of the last ten years: Stefano Pilati’s fall / winter 2008 collection for YSL. He was brave, the styling was superb, energetic stage extremely beautiful and the music. I am often stuck in the Gothic corner. Western people associate the color black usually with something dark and sad. For me it is black but for elegance, depth, serenity and balance. The elegant color? Then I can give no absolute answer. I definitely love dark tones in my collections – not just black. The main thing, the color matches the person. I was born in Croatia, grew up in the Bavarian countryside. Every phase of life had an impact on my aesthetic sensibilities. Croatia stands for folklore. In Germany, I think of clear and simple lines of orderliness and sobriety. France is beauty, elegance and pride. However, one can compare fashion with architecture, but also whether they are similar, is another matter. Carlo Scarpa is certainly one of my favorite architects.

Whether I wear leather pants? Clear. but somewhere in a house by the sea – as a gardener. Disguise you would rent for a costume party? A monkey costume! The detail that kills fashion? The shoes. Elegance is instinct and intuition. Soap or shower gel? Shower gel. The best restaurant in Paris: Inaki Aizpitarte’s “Le Dauphin”. Must-have winter accessory? A cashmere scarf and a pair of paper-thin leather gloves. a cashmere knit and a pair of Damir Doma trousers! Three garments that you just can’t live without? A pair of black linen DD trousers. What are three must-have items in a good mens wardrobe? A long beautiful coat. Each year in early October. Tracksuits and sports shorts: yes or no? Tracksuit definitely not. What message would you put on a white tee shirt? “Never forget”. They are the difference between yes. To be honest. is it innate or is it learned? Style is education and intellect. Do you wash colours with whites? Yes! Whats the best accessory on a nude man? Tennis socks. Do you buy clothes online? No. But spiegel. A garment we shouldn’t wear after 40? A hoody and board shorts. the French food is better than the Bavarian. or no. I do not read fashion blogs. A vital product in your washbag? Face cream and a hair wax. My favorite beer garden is the “lake house” in – these pages are meant for an outsider. . shorts OK. Stars you would love to dress? David Bowie and Veruschka. Style. A garment or accessory that you really hate? White tank and bild. always what’s going on in Germany If I could choose to live freel. DD cashmere tee shirts and my bomber jackets. I would neither choose Paris nor Bavaria.

flap. gusset or raglan? Welt. Perfume. welt. Beauty comes from within. shaved or natural? Natural. Chest: plucked. The best place on the body for a tattoo? Please no tattoos! Except if it’s a true and profound sign. i guess it’s been about four years! . or natural? Perfume for night. Sneakers. Deodorant: Spray or stick? None. natural for daytime. The best place for a piercing? No piercing. yes or no? Yes. Do you iron your underwear? No. Makeup: for or against? I’m for natural. The pocket: patch.Your worst enemy in fashion? Time. Briefs? Boxers? Trunks? Nothing? White cotton boxers. please… When did you wear your first dress? If i think about some of my menswear designs that are like dresses. A style god? David Bowie.