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ISSUE 8 APRIL 2010 Page 1: Editorial with The Wraith Page 2: News Page 4: Upcoming Shows Page 7: Match of the Month Page 7: Spotlight on Tapu Page 8: The San Count with Toshio Page 9: Massive Destroyer - Mad Mike Massive interview CONTENTS Page 11: Warriors Words with Mana Page 13: Aussie Gold - Damian Slater interview Page 15: Results - Local Shows Page 15: Results - Overseas and Interstate Page 16: Roll Call of Champions Page 16: Official Rankings Page 17: Western Wrestling Web

Welcome to the first of what we here at Westside Pro Wrestling will be a monthly feature, where we give a local wrestler the chance to do a guest editorial. Without further adieu, heres Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliances The Wraith. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??? Oh. You want to read this??? Oh I see, well um. YOU WANT SOMA THIS??? You do! Cause, you downloaded it OK. What am I doing here. Well Im doing this months Intro to the most bodacious locally based Wrestling newsletter everrr. WESTSIDE PRO WRESTLING!!! (cheap pop). But I guess you knew that. Im here to get my name flashed around (more times than SpiderMan comes out monthly). Thats right!, come down to an S.H.W.A show and youll see the Muscle Militia (more often than Wolverine is on a cover). As you can probably tell now, Im trying to push as many pop culture references in this interview as there are Pokmon. (whoop! Another one). You see, Im trying to make this fun. Sure, Im the heel, the bad guy, the villain, the antagonist . But I enjoy it. I do it for the entertainment. Many people in this diminutive sub-culture forget that wrestling IS entertainment. I dont care whats what and whos Photo: SHWA whostalk me on the internet for all I careif you are enjoying yourself thats all that matters (Not that I care for your happiness). This is article was not meant for everyone much like pro wrestling (even though we all like to think so). So its left up to people like us and this awesomeness newsletter to get this stuff out to the people who do. In conclusion, forward this on to as many people as you know (even if they dont care), that there ARE people out there who love and live local professional wrestling. The Wraith (aka 32% of the Muscle Militia)

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CORNETTE NAMED AS NEW AAW COMMISSIONER Legendary wrestling name Jim Cornette was announced as the new AAW commissioner at Road To Anniversary. Cornette will make his first appearance at Anniversary IV on April 17. Cornette debuted in 1982 for Jerry Jarrett, in Nashville managing Sherri Martel, and has worked for WWF/E, WCW, and TNA in a myriad of roles including being a Manager, Commentator, Booker and is the current Executive Producer of the ROH on HDNet weekly television program. A three time PWI and 12 time Wrestling Observer Manager of the Year, as well as being in the NWA and Wrestling Observer Hall of Fames, Cornette will bring a lot of experience and gaining his services is a coup for All Action Wrestling. MONEY CONTENDER Current PWI Independent Champion, B-Money is the new number one contender to the AAW Championship after gaining a victory over JC Blade at Road To Anniversary. Money gets his opportunity against current AAW Champion, David Nero at Anniversary IV. WPW caught up with Money and he had the following to say. This title shot has been along time coming. In the Past Year I've crossed paths with Nero many times, only too fall short at the end. Never in AAW have the fans seen B-Money and David Nero ONE on ONE. On April 17, at the Warnbro Aqua Jetty, when the final bell rings on Anniversary Four, B-Money will finally stand up and be called the AAW Champion GRACES BIG CHALLENGE After losing a non-title match against Jimmy Swell at Road to Anniversary, which was voted by WPW readers as both WPW & AAW Match of the Month, things arent getting any easier for AAW WA State Champion, James Grace. Anniversary IV sees PWA Queenslands Esteban Molina, return to WA to challenge Grace for the title. The former PWA International Champion and Rise of the Warriors Tournament winner, Molina was last seen here in August at Highway To Hell, where he took on then AAW Champion, Dustin Dice. ALLSTARS VICTORIOUS CAPTAIN Team Allstar Captain, Sebastian Sander won the second annual Beachside (Brawl/Blast) Battle Royal after last eliminating one half of the current EPW Tag Team Champions, Shane Haste. The Battle Royal featured all the victorious wrestlers from throughout the day plus Big Vin Penhero. Jay Taylor won the 2009 Battle Royal after eliminating Haste. Maybe 2011 is Hastes year? BOBBY MARSHALLS SUCCESSFUL EPW RETURN Beachside Blast saw Bobby Marshall make a victorious return to EPW after his successful US Tour, against Shotgun Tyler Jacobs. Marshall had been in the US since late November and spent most of his tour there working for NWA promotion, Mach 1 Wrestling. Marshall had a near two month reign as M1W Champion before losing the title to Chocolate Juggalo Willie Mack, two weeks before he returned home to WA. EPW GETS MAJOR NETWORK NEWS COVERAGE EPW managed to get to get coverage on both Channel Seven and Channel Nines Sunday News bulletins with Beachside Blast. Clips Photo: Explosive Pro Wrestling of the Nate Dooley vs. Alex Kingston and Shane Haste vs. Dan Moore vs. Gavin McGavin Triple Threat match

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were shown on Sevens Sports bulletin. MASSIVES HARDCORE PAIN Mad Mike Massive made his second successful title defense of the SHWA Championship against Pain in a Hardcore Match at Shock & Awe. Massive won after splashing Pain through a table, which was preceded by a spinning side slam onto a stop sign covered in thumb tacks. Weaponry used during the match, included both an ironing table and an axe handle, covered in barbed wire, as well as Pains trike, which he entered the arena riding and used to run Massive over with. WPW readers voted the match as SHWAs Match of the Month. SLATES SINGLES LOSING STREAK Muscle Militia leader Jarrad Slates singles match losing streak continued at Shock & Awe when he was defeated by newcomer Ash Lightning. Slates last victory was in a Triple Threat match over Corey and Crazy Train at National Bandanna Bash 2009 back in October. Fellow Muscle Militia member The Wraith, NC Viper, and Crazy Train have all racked up victories against Slate in this time. Slate did eventually get a tick in the win column during a Tag Team match teaming with The Wraith over Ash Lightning and Crazy Train at Shock & Awe butHow long will the losing streak last in singles competition? WPW got in contact with Slate to get his feelings on the form slump, Slate had the following to say My form of late has been quite shocking, falling to NC Viper was one thing, but now having lost falls to newcomers, that disgraceful!!! I'm Jarrad Slate, leader of the Muscle Militia and my sliding form will not do. No more playing around, its time for everyone to see a different side to Jarrad Slate. RAVAGE SNAPS AGAIN Sean Ravage for the second consecutive show viciously attacked newcomer, Avalanche, this time with Photo: Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance a claw hammer, after defeating the big man with the Fall from Grace. Jake Paragon came out to assist Avalanche and ran Ravage off saving him from any more damage. Ravage has had a few words directed at his former tag team partner, Paragon over the past few months. Only time will tell when the two men will battle it out in the ring. ECW WILDCARD NAMED FOR GLOBAL CONFLICT Original Extreme Championship Wrestling star, Balls Mahoney has been named as the ECW Wildcard for NHPWs Global Conflict tour in April/May. Mahoney had thrown out the challenge to the Aboriginal Original NC Viper in a Hardcore First Round World Shield Tournament match on Night 1. Balls is a former three time ECW Tag Team Champion, twice with Spike Dudley and once with Masato Tanaka. FIRST ANNUAL NHPW AWARDS NIGHT New Horizon Pro Wrestling will be holding their first annual awards night at the Bayswater Hotel on April 29. Awards presented to the roster of New Horizon Pro Wrestling including Heavyweight of the Year, Rookie of the Year and Elite X Student of the Year. The night will also feature a Q & A session with all eight participants of the World Shield Tournament, including the visiting US talent, Paul London, Colt Cabana and Balls Mahoney as well as a buffet meal. NHPW are hoping to make this an annual event before Global Conflict each year. Tickets for the night are $50 and can be purchased through contacting either of the following options: NHPW Office Mobile: 0403 651 034 or Ken Rivers (Bayswater Hotel) 78-80 Railway Pde, Bayswater (08) 9271 7111

Photo: TVSA

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PERCY T. AND JAXON JAMES GO HIGH RISK AAW and NHPWs Percy T. and NHPWs Jaxon James head to Adelaide on the weekend of March 26-28 to appear for High Risk Pro Wrestling. The show on the 27th is being taped for NHPWs TV pilot LiveWire. Current NPW Art of Fighting Champion, Mana had been signed to take part in the tournament to crown a new HRPW Champion over the weekend as well as take on former WWE and ECW star, Al Snow, but suffered an injury against The Mad Bastard KrackerJak on the first night of AWFs WrestleRage tour in February. KAGE KEEPS UNDEFEATED SA STREAK INTACT AAWs Daxon Kage had another successful series of matches for Pro Wrestling Ignition in March. The Son of Anarchy defeated Paul Thornton at Mayhem in Nurioopta and went to a 20 minute time limit draw against newcomer, Twin K. at Uprising in Elizabeth. Kage now has a record of three wins and one draw in PWI, since his debut in February. Photo: Pro Wrestling Ignition

April 17, 2010 AAW Anniversary IV Warnbro Aqua Jetty 87 Warnbro Sound Ave, Warnbro Tickets: Standard $15, Family Pass $50 Doors Open: 6.45 p.m. Card: Champion vs. Champion Craven (Platinum World Champion) vs. Wayne The Maniac Mattei (SA) (Platinum Australian Champion) Falls Count Anywhere The Shark vs. Joey Angel AAW Championship Match David Nero (c) vs. B-Money AAW Tag Team Championship Match (TLC) Killah & Bravo Tarir (c) vs. The Blade Brothers vs. Dustin Dice & Percy T. AAW Australian Women's Championship Imogen Jane (c) vs. Shazza McKenzie (NSW) AAW WA State Championship James Grace vs. Esteban Molina (QLD) Double or Nothing Match Jimmy Swell vs. Mark Valour vs. Blue Blood (SA) vs. Jaxx

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April 17, 2010 EPW Goldrush 3 Cyril Jackson Rec Centre Fisher St, Bassendean Tickets: Adults $16, Children (12 and under) $10* *Pre-sold prices only Doors Open: 6.30 p.m. Matches include: EPW Championship Match Richter(c) vs. Jamie Jurah

April 24, 2010 SHWA Battlegrounds Courtside Multisports Complex 35 Catalano Rd, Canning Vale Tickets: Adults $10, Children (under 16) $5 Doors Open: 7 p.m. Matches include: The Wraith vs. Avalanche

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April 29, 2010 NHPW Awards Banquet Bayswater Hotel 78-80 Railway Parade, Bayswater Tickets: $50 Doors Open: 6 p.m. Q& A Session with the World Shield Tournament Participants NHPW Awards Ceremony Buffet Meal

April 30, 2010 NHPW Global Conflict (Night 1) Les Hansman Community Centre 540 Walter Road, Morley Tickets: Adults $25, Kids $15 Doors Open: 6.45 p.m. Matches include: World Shield Tournament Round 1 Cannonball Kris Taylor (SA) vs. TAPU NC Viper vs. Balls Mahoney (USA) Colt Cabana (USA) vs. Paul London (USA) Sonjay Dutt (USA) vs. Percy T. Also featuring Blake The Man Mitchell (SA) David Hawk (SA) Matthew Hallmark (SA) Tama Williams (NSW)

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Westside Pro Wrestling through the internet polling site Poll Daddy presents Match of the Month, with separate polls for each respective federation. The match with the most amount of votes each month will be named as the WPW Match of the Month. This month saw a total of 53 votes received by WPW readers. Marchs winner is Jimmy Swell vs. James Grace from AAWs Road To Anniversary, with a total of 12 votes, beating out the Mad Mike Massive vs. Pain, Hardcore SHWA Championship match from SHWAs Shock & Awe on nine votes which tied for second place with the Team Allstar vs. Jonny Wimbledon & Chris Vice match from EPWs Beachside Blast. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to those who took the time to vote. Winners with % of votes from their relevant poll AAW Road To Anniversary Winner: Jimmy Swell vs. James Grace - 12 votes (63%) Runner-Up: Dustin Dice vs. Corvus Blade vs. Bravo Tarir - 4 votes (21%) 3rd Place: Joey Angel & Jaxx vs. Craven & The Shark - 2 votes (11%) EPW Beachside Blast Winner: Team Allstar vs. Jonny Wimbledon & Chris Vice - 9 votes (43%) Runner-Up: Bobby Marshall vs. Shotgun Tyler Jacobs - 7 votes (33%) 3rd Place: Shane Haste vs. Dan Moore vs. Gavin McGavin - 3 votes (14%) SHWA Shock & Awe Winner: Mad Mike Massive vs. Pain - 9 votes (69%) Runner-Up: Jack Lariat vs. Bad Medicine - 2 votes (15%) 3rd Place (Tie): Crazy Train vs. The Wraith/Jake Paragon vs. Dan Steel - 1 vote (8%)

Westside Pro Wrestling brings you a monthly look at the brightest talent on the Western Australian scene. This month we shine the spotlight on Killswitch Krew member, and New Horizon Pro Wrestling big man, Tapu Height: 6 1 Weight: 308 lbs Age: 32 Hometown: Wanganui, New Zealand Debut: September 2002 Trained by: Mana Finishing Move/s: Top Rope Splash Entrance Theme: Trick Daddy feat. Lil Jon and Twista - Let's Go Worked for: Australasian Wrestling Federation, Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance Photo: New Horizon Pro Wrestling

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Logo by Liam It's a new month, which means a new issue of WPW, which then means another edition of The San Count! Currently, I'm counting down the top 3 shows from each promotion in Western Australia. Last month, I listed my top AAW shows that Ive attended, and for this month, I take on the difficult task on compiling my top EPW shows in a list of three. The past couple of years has seen some great shows from EPW, with annual events like Evolution, Hell or Highwater, Re-Awakening, Goldrush as well as others. Here at the top three in my list: 3. Evolution Night 2 (2009) After a very solid show the night before, which included many surprises and the EPW Match of the Year in the main event, Evolution Night 2 would have a lot to top if it were to be the better night and the better show. Evolution Night 2 was highlighted by the following things; Bobby Marshall's return (against KrackerJak), Slex and Carlo Cannon invading and winning the EPW Tag Team titles, the continuation of the heated Don/Jose rivalry, a breakout match with Marcius Pitt (against Damian Slater) and the crowning of the EPW Champion in Richter. The show had many surprises, title changes, great matches, and overall, it was a very enjoyable show. Many events have a passable undercard, with a great main event or vice versa, but Evolution Night 2 was top to bottom a good show, and takes number three on this list. 2. Hell or Highwater (2008) Over 500 fans filled the Venville Rec Centre for what was a memorable, and emotional show. The reason why this show ranks at number two is that it witnessed the (now temporary) retirement of Nate Dooley and Jimmy Payne. The undercard of Hell or Highwater saw the 2nd annual Rising Star Cup, which saw the debut of Barry Schmidt and the breakout of many rookies who fought for the cup, which was eventually won by Sebastian Sander as he defeated Dan Moore in the finals. Also on the show was Richter's dominance ensuing (defeating Michael Morleone) as he began the hunt for the EPW title, Damian Slater and Shane Haste battling in a great match and the Brett Corvus (and co.) vs. Devlin Reeves rivalry escalating. But it was the main event which made the show what it was, as Bobby Marshall (who attacked Rick Sanders earlier in the night during a speech), JT and Tyler Jacobs took on Davis Storm, Nate Dooley and Jimmy Payne. Purple, black and white streamers filled the ring pre-match in support of the original Team EPW, which was then followed by a 50+ minute war, which earned the award of EPW Match of the Year 2008. This match saw all weapons imaginable, and Dooley reverting back to his old ways as The Vagrant. This match truly saw it all, and was one of the best matches I've seen today. With this encounter capping off the show, Hell or Highwater 2008 easily makes the list.

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1. Re-Awakening 8 Each November, EPW attempts to raise the bar as they put on their biggest show of the year, Re-Awakening. In the eight edition of this event, EPW truly blew them all out of the water. This event was not only my favourite Australian wrestling show for the year, but all time, it was really that good. The show offered something to everyone, whether it be a fastpaced matches, hardcore action, hard-hitting encounters, or just classic battles overall, Re-Awakening 8 had it. If you're still wanting reason as to why this show makes number one, here is a run-down of the show. It opened with a quick and explosive elimination 4-way tag match for the no.1 contendership which saw Chris Vice and Jonny Wimbledon defeat the teams of Alex Kingston/Adam Banks, Garry/Barry Schmidt and Dan Moore/Chase Griffin (Griffin was pinned after Moore turned on him, and was hit with a Tombstone Piledriver by Vice). In what would be one of the biggest matches in AZ Vegara's career, he broke the streak by picking up a huge victory over Jimmy Payne. (Dooley interfered, attacking Payne which led to AZ hitting Payne's own Gore maneuver on him for the pinfall victory). KrackerJak threw out an open challenge for anyone to take him on in a hardcore battle royal! Jarek Matthews, James Edwards, Marcius Pitt, Kiel Steria and Gavin McGavin stepped up to this challenge and competed in this brutal, and unique matchup! In a huge upset, Gavin McGavin won the match, and the EPW Hardcore Shield. (McGavin threw KrackerJak over the top rope for the win). In an anticipated grudge match, Devlin Reeves and Jamie Jurah ended short, as Jamie attacked Devlin prematch. (Jamie hit Devlin over the head with handcuffs to give Devlin the win via DQ). With Re-Awakening, comes the annual tradition of the Invitational Trophy finals. This year, instead of a oneon-one contest, saw four men battling for the honour to be the trophy holder. Davis Storm, Tyler Jacobs, Jay Taylor and Damian Slater were the participants for the year, and in a great match, Davis Storm prevailed. (Storm pinned Jacobs after a yakuza kick). In one of the most bloody matches in EPW history, and probably one of the best matches for both men, Richter defended his EPW Championship against Bobby Marshall in a grudge match. Weapons were used, blood was spilled and people were thrown off stands through tables, but in the end, The Blackest Hour grew 1 unit, and gave Richter the win. (Richter won after Jose Del Santo interfered, attacking Bobby Marshall, and joining the Blackest Hour). In what was dubbed a 'Special Stipulation match', Ferguson Block was set to wrestle Sebastian Sander. 96FM's Gavin Miller cornered Ferguson Block, as Brad West cornered Sebastian Sander. The stipulation for this match was if Sander lost, West would be fired, but if Ferguson lost, Brad would get five minutes in the ring with Miller. The fans were actually in the support of Brad West, but after the match was over, he was not only fired, but escorted from the building. (Block pinned Sander after hitting him with a whiteboard). The main event, which was anticipated for months, would see the Victorian invaders, and EPW Tag Team Champions, Slex and Carlo Cannon, take on Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste in a ladder match! After almost six months of interstate hatred, WA got the final victory, as Haste and Nicholls took home the gold. (Both men retrieved the belts).

Can you feel your heart pound? Do you feel it beat? Can you feel the earth quake Underneath your feet? KISS - Im an Animal (G. Simmons/P. Stanley/T. Thayer) Mike Massive is not only the biggest man on the WA scene, but he is the current, and first ever, Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance champion, and is three months into his reign. WPWs Tez Himself got the opportunity to speak to the big man and his fellow KISS Army soldier. WPW: What wrestlers influenced you to such an extent that you wanted to become a Pro Wrestler? MASSIVE: When I was growing up I always idolised William Myers better known as George The Animal

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Steele. He was one guy I could really relate too. Big, bad, crazy and ridiculously hairy. John Tenta or Earthquake is the one wrestler who showed me that, yes, big men make good wrestlers. Who needs all the high flying and speed when you got power, size, a big ass to sit on your opponents with, and most importantly, a beard!!!! WPW: You had a short run in All Action Wrestling before the beginning of SHWA. Can you tell us about your time in AAW? MASSIVE: AAW was where I made my debut as a pro wrestler. It was here where I learnt to adapt myself in and out of the ring. Instantly, I was teamed up with the AAW champ, at that time, as his personal bodyguard, and started making our dominance as a team felt throughout the AAW locker room. WPW: In the very early days of SHWA, you were a heel managed by the 2009 WPW Manager of the Year, Ebenizah J. Klaus. Do you feel your career has been on the rise, since

Photo: SHWA turning face and splitting from Klaus. MASSIVE: I will make this answer short and sweet as I don't have much time for that so called Manager of the Year, Ebenizah J. Klaus......... I HAVE THE GOLD DONT I!!!!!!!!! WPW: Mid 2009 saw you get your first Interstate booking. You have been to South Australia again since then working the Allstar Wrestling Supershow. Are there anymore Interstate bookings on the horizon for 2010? MASSIVE: Nothing yet, but it's only a matter of time before i make my presence felt in an interstate ring again. Especially those boys down in the Snakepit. They have a massive beating coming their way soon. WPW: Ascension 2009 saw you defeat the Wraith to in the final of the SHWA Championship Tournament. How does it feel to be the very first SHWA Champion? MASSIVE: Initially, words couldnt describe how I felt to be the Champ. It's something you always dream of becoming and when you do you have to pinch yourself to make sure your not dreaming. Right now, I feel overwhelmed to be the first ever SHWA Champ as I went through hell and high water to get it. Becoming Champ wasn't easy by any means and I wont make it any easier for whoever on the SHWA roster thinks he can take it away from me!!! WPW: During your first SHWA championship defense against Jake Paragon at When Mountains Collide you suffered an arm injury. Is the injury all healed up now and have you had many wrestling related injuries prior to that? MASSIVE: Yes the arm's doing fine now, after a few weeks rest. It just goes to show that injuries can happen anywhere at anytime in the ring no matter how good a wrestler you are. As far as previous injuries, I had been pretty lucky not to sustain anything serious. Every now and then I wake up with a stiff neck or an overstretched muscle but nothing serious, and I would like to keep it that way!! WPW: You are working your way through the Muscle Militia having defeated the Wraith and Pain. This just leaves their leader, Jarrad Slate, standing in the way of a clean sweep over the faction. Slate eliminated you from the Battle Royal at the Allstar Wrestling Supershow in Adelaide. Are you looking forward to a future Championship clash with Slate? MASSIVE: Absolutely!!!! Jarrad Slate and I have a lot of bad blood between us and it's only a matter of time before I get my hands on him. Being one of the last five men in the ring he ILLEGALY eliminated me and cost me the title of becoming the AWS Battle Royal winner and taking the trophy home. A trophy that would've looked good next to my SHWA Championship belt. Not only will I defeat Jarrad Slate, but I will be the one person who single handedly puts a stop to the most dominating stable in W.A., The Muscle Militia, and Ebenizah J. Klaus. WPW: What does Mike Massive still hope to achieve in his wrestling career? MASSIVE: Well since becoming SHWA Champ, I have achieved just about everything that I first set out to do. One thing that I would like to achieve is to continue working hard and making myself a better wrestler and a good role model for those climbing the ranks of the roster. A lot of people look me and up and down and I can see in their eyes what they think of me - he's to big, he's to slow blah, blah, blah. Well guess what? I'm living proof that if you work hard enough at what you set out to do, or become, then you will achieve it....successfully !!!!

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WPW: Being a fellow KISS Army soldier, I cant finish the interview without a KISS related question or two. What is your favourite KISS album and Who is your favourite member? MASSIVE: HAHA Toughest question of all this one, so I will simply say this..... Every KISS album is a work of musical genius. Nothing but pure raw energy is heard on every release. No album of theirs out does the other. Although I have Peter Criss tattooed on my upper right arm (I did that to spite Mrs. Mass, ha-ha), I have to say Gene Simmons ' The Demon is definitely my favourite member. This man, other than being a great father, business man, and the brains behind KISS is a \m/ ROCK GOD \m/ !!!! Photo: Tez Himself WPW: Thank you for taking the time to speak to Westside Pro Wrestling, Mike.

New Horizon Pro Wrestlings Mana, The Polynesian Warrior, brings Westside Pro Wrestling newsletter a monthly column in which he gives his thoughts on the current scene or talks with superstar friends from his past in the United States. MLW When I returned to America early in 2003, I was eager to get back to the Wild Samoan Training Centre. This was always my home and my Pro Wrestling mentor, Headshrinker Samu always takes training there. On my return Samu informed me that he was working on a project with a promoter named Court Bauer and that I was part of those plans. Dumbfounded I just thought it was a small show project not knowing the affect it would have on my career and my life. We cut promos at Court Bauers home in Northern New York and again when he spoke I was still thinking small show but big talk. It is talk that I had heard before and knew only to accept it on face value. Two months had passed and like I thought NOTHING I concentrated on my three or four matches a weekend we were having on the indies in America just with goals to keep developing. Then came the call, We want you at Philly Airport in three weeks Photo: World-1/Mana our federation is underway. Again I was not overwhelmed but talk of the federation was growing rapidly over the internet. I looked at the roster and thought theres no way I am on this show I must be on a B afternoon show or something or the roster page was incorrect. But reassured by Samu this was in fact the fed we were entering as Samoan Island Tribe. I got on the flight to Florida from Philadelphia at 4.00 a.m. and was absolutely stuffed arriving there at 10 a.m. knowing the show didnt start till 7.30 that night. Orlando was beautiful and reminded me a bit like Perth, I was just amped to be on my first flight tour to be honest. I arrived at a theatre like set up that was also seconded as a nightclub at night. I shook Court Bauers hand where he graciously welcomed me with Mana welcome to Major League Wrestling, Your new home. Major League Wrestling (MLW) had a short but very notorious history in wrestling which was actually touted as the next big hope to rival WWE. Considering its roast I could not have agreed more in hindsight. I was still non deplume about the situation because I figured two shows and it will be over. I look at it now and think I was very nave - prime exampleWe got there and I rested after I helped put up the ring. I went across the road to Subway for food while this tall lanky kid walked into the arena. While waiting for my food a huge line developed behind me, this dude looked at the line and just threw his hands up in the air in disgust, then

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walked back to the arena. I felt sorry for him, so at the arena I saw him he looked tired (actually sleeping on a seat) and hungry as hell. I walked over to him gave him my chips and half my sandwich but said Bro your not getting my drink. He looked back thankful but said Am I sure? Thanks so much man My name is Phil. After formal introductions I waited to see the kid in action later in the night his name was introduced as CM Punk. I never met him or seen him before that night but saw him a lot of times after and Punk always smiled and talked about that situation the next few times he saw me. After that he always shook my hand and was respectful but boy did he bust his ass every match I saw him. Amazing how a little kindness gets you a lot After giving Punk the food, Samu and I cut a promo beating up TNA Tag Team, Los Maximos (SAT). I was ushered into my changing area which Court told me he wanted me to stay in. I sat and ate and was shocked as a few of the roster walked in. First one to walk in was always an honour for me because I got to sit under the learning tree of Terry Funk for nearly an hour just listening to Funk and Dr Death Steve Williams just shoot the shit as it were. I Photo: SLAM! Sports was very saddened to hear of Docs passing this year, he was a great man and a monster in the ring. Hearing about Japan from himself and Funker made me a very thankful person. Rest In Peace Doc thanks for having One Burger and One Beer Brother with a nobody like me. You were the first to take the time to talk to a kid itching to get a break and made it easier for me to be in star studded locker rooms because you were so down to earth. All my respect and condolences to one of my all time favourite people I met in Wrestling, Dr Death Steve Williams. It kept going as I hung out with Homicide, Matt Striker, The Havana Pitbulls, and PJ who was Dr Deaths partner (We were basically the no names) watching each others back. But to be in the same locker as Raven, Vampiro, Steve Corino, Jerry Lynn, Sabu, Norman Smiley, Mikey Whipwreck, CW Anderson, Simon Diamond, Mike Awesome, Satoshi Kojima, La Parka, Masato Tanaka just to name a few (believe me there was a lot more) was such an honour. Boy the stories and the arguments were awesome one of which because of the impact a guy named Teddy Hart was causing. Teddy had made a huge deal in ROH just before joining us at MLW so guys like Punk, Homicide and in particular Steve Corino had huge problems with him. He had been kicked out of the ROH locker room for continuous back flips off a cage onto unknowing wrestlers. Some of which got injured so those guys along with Samoa Joe and others kicked him out. Teddy was cool but I only just met him and Jack Evans well lets just say his awesome flying maneuvers in the ring wasnt the only reason people would say Jack can higher than no other in wrestling. Jack was funny but just cruised while life passes him by but in the ring, oh my god - take an ass beating, didnt describe it. Court Bauer was a man of his word when he said he wanted to make an impact and when I knew one of my favourite commentators - Joey Styles- was the man on the job I was over the moon. Joey commentating on a Mana match, Yeah couldnt get much better for me than that. Before I go I wanted to mention that my student from NHPW Elite X - Silverback Mark Santoro is doing very well in America. He is training at my old school - The Wild Samoan Training Centre under Pro Wrestling Legends Afa, Haku and Pat Tanaka. Tanaka creates a lot of interest for me because Tanaka was the original trainer of Bill Goldberg. I am very proud of the fact Mark is tearing it up and talking to Afa and a few of the guys he is looking like the real deal and creating a lot of interest. He will be going to the 2010 WrestleMania so who knows the opportunities that could Photo: Highspots create from there. Mark is a great guy and I know he will always remember where he came from. I wish him all the success and look forward to updating you with any developments. Well next time I write I will go more in depth with MLW and talk a little about New Horizon Pro Wrestlings Global Conflict and World Series Wrestlings International Assault Tour 2010. Thanks for reading and take care. MANA

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Damien Slater, the Golden Boy of the Australian wrestling scene, NWA Pro star and current Warzone Champion has been wrestling since May 2003 and has wrestled all over Australia and in the United States. WPWs Tez Himself got the chance to speak to the South Aussie as he prepares himself for the upcoming Warzone show on April 16. WPW: You started wrestling as a teenager in South Australia for Joint Promotions Wrestling. How did you get your start? SLATER: Im not going to say that I was always a fan of wrestling because I wasnt. I started watching back in 1999 and immediately became obsessed. I found out my Dad was playing Rugby with a local wrestler called Otto Von Hess in a company called PWSA. So my Dad took me to see him one night and I basically went to every local show after that. I had always wanted to go and train with PWSA at their Monster Factory with Col Dervaney but I lived about an hour away and my parents wouldnt let me train unless I could find somebody to drive me. So eventually in 2002 at age 14 I talked a friend into picking me up a couple of times a week and thats my story. It was such a privilege to train with one of the only old timers left in Aussie Wrestling. I got beat up every night man. I remember having to try my best not to vomit in my mates Dads car on the way home from EVERY training for about a year straight. These days kids wanna take the easiest route but I never for one second, Photo: Explosive Pro Wrestling even as an immature 14 year old, thought that wrestling should be easy. Col taught me so much about professionalism and respect that is missing from a lot of current Aussie Wrestlers. I have a lot of love and respect for the guy that I can never truly pay back. WPW: EPWs Survival of the Fittest in 2005 saw you make your WA wrestling debut, in the past five years what have been your favourite matches in Perth? SLATER: My five or so matches with Shane Haste are at the top by far. We have a chemistry that has only been matched thus far by wrestling Davis Storm. Any time Im in the ring with those two I definitely feel like Ive been in a war, and I feel on top of my game. Id also put a match I had with Hartley Jackson for Monday Night Wrestling in the same category. We were both tired, beat up, had already wrestled about four times over the weekend and had a great 20 minute match in front of probably only as many people. My match with Rocky Romero from the NWA 2007 Tour is probably my favourite just for what it meant to me, though far from my best effort. Other than that, some surprise packages have been my matches with Dan Moore and Marcius Pitsonopolous. I love the challenge of wrestling up and comers rather than established veterans, and I think those two matches delivered when nobody really expected much from them. WPW: You have made two trips to the States first in 2007 and then early 2009. On your first trip you took part in the King of the Summit Battle Royal, as seen on the NWA Fiesta Lucha DVD, and in 2009 you got the chance to take part in a Shawn Michaels seminar while you were part of the Empire Wrestling Federation. Can you tell us about these experiences and others you have had during your time in the US? SLATER: The Shawn Michaels seminar was a let down. Dont get me wrong it was cool to meet him and wrestle a match (and lose teeth) for him, but he was really only there as a social visit and it wasnt much of a seminar at all. The Fiesta Lucha was amazing. I was 19, had barely been in the States for a week and we were put up for five days in a beautiful Vegas hotel, on the NWAs dime and had an opportunity to share a locker room with a ridiculous amount of talent and great names. It was an eye opening experience to wrestle in a

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building that seats about 4000+ and for such a rabid Lucha audience. I remember it feeling surreal when I was sitting next to Billy Kidman as we put our gear on. I had his poster on my wall as a kid Haha. But my best experience wrestling overseas was my 2007 trip. It was just me, TJ Perkins, Rocky Romero and Karl Anderson (Dont worry Ill pick those names up later) training every day for 3-6 hours. Ive never learnt so much about wrestling in my life. Often we would train, go work out, spend the day playing video games at Rockys house and then hit the bars at night. I miss those days so bad. Unfortunately TJ has moved to Florida, Karl to Japan and Rocky to Mexico, so those memories are well behind us. WPW: Are you planning on making a return to the States in the near future? SLATER: 2011 is the year. I dont think Ill be returning to California though. We will just have to wait and see where I pop up but I do already have something sorted. Im basically finishing my Sports Science degree this year and then Im free to give it my best shot at making it in this crazy industry. Education is the only thing thus far that has kept me from going all out. WPW: The 2009 PWI 500 list saw you come in at number 343. There were quite a few Aussies on the list last year. How does Australian talent get on the list? SLATER: My understanding is that you have to be recommended. Im pretty sure theres a guy up in Queensland who works for PWI who put in last years recommendations. So honestly it really isnt much of a list, but always an honour to get a bit of publicity and to be a Top 3 Australian in someones eyes. WPW: WrestleClash 2 supercard saw you become the first ever Warzone Champion. Now, at Warzone 4 in April you make your first Warzone Championship defense against Shane Haste in Victoria. You have had some classic matches with Shane in the past and. Is it a big thing for you personally, for a SA vs. WA match to be headlining at Victorian show? SLATER: Its a huge thing. I have a special interest in Warzone wrestling and am confident that they will be the breakout of all the mediocrity in Melbourne wrestling as of late. Every single guy on the roster is a great talent with a good head and the boss is about the most down to earth guy I know. As for wrestling Shane, Ive Photo: Explosive Pro Wrestling been waiting over a year to get this rematch and it will be a war. Nothing less. I owe it to myself. As far as I believe its one of the only shows in recent years that has been Main Evented by two interstaters, so I guess that counts for something too. WPW: Who would you like to compete against on the Australian scene that you havent had the opportunity to as yet? SLATER: Ive been fortunate enough to wrestle almost everybody Ive wanted to wrestle in this country. Id put Ryan Eagles and the Fitness Maniacs as three guys who I havent had the opportunity of wrestling and who would all be a perfect fit in EPW. As for local guys Chase Griffin and Jimmy Payne. Any time I think about this question those two names always pop up first. Adam Banks and Alex Kingston would also be up there. WPW: You are one of the most travelled wrestlers in the country, regularly making appearances in WA, SA, VIC and QLD. Are you hoping to one day make wrestling your full time career? SLATER: Ive spent most of my free time in the last 7 years throwing my body onto a hard mat and reducing myself to gyms at stupid hours. If I wasnt looking to get a payoff then Im a fool who has wasted most of his life. I guess Im too stubborn to live an average life, so always have my sights set extremely high and a full time Pro Wrestler has a nice ring to it. If I dont make it to where I want to be, at least I can say I spent my best years seeing Australia for free. WPW: Thank you taking the time to speak with Westside Pro Wrestling, Damian. SLATER: Ill expect my cheque in the mail. Check out Damians blog at


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AAW Road To Anniversary March 13, 2010 Warnbro, WA, Australia Warnbro Aqua Jetty - Jimmy Swell def. James Grace in a Non-Title Match - David Nero def. Killah - B-Money def. JC Blade in a AAW Championship #1 Contenders Match - Imogen Jane def. Masked Opponent - Dustin Dice def. Corvus Blade & Bravo Tarir in a Triple Threat Match - Mark Valour def. The Shark - Joey Angel & Jaxx def. Craven & The Shark Highlights:

SHWA Shock & Awe March 13, 2010 Canning Vale, WA, Australia Courtside Multisports Complex - Crazy Train def. The Wraith - Jack Lariat def. Bad Medicine - Ash Lightning def. Jarrad Slate - Sean Ravage def. Avalanche - Jake Paragon def. Dan Steel - Jarrad Slate & The Wraith def. Crazy Train & Ash Lightning via submission - Mad Mike Massive (c) def. Pain in a Hardcore SHWA Championship Match to retain the title

EPW Beachside Blast March 14, 2010 Scarborough, WA, Australia Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre - Davis Storm & Ferguson Block def. The Schmidts - Nate Dooley def. Alex The Kid Kingston - Shane Haste def. Dan Moore and Gavin McGavin in a Triple Threat Match - Mikey Nicholls def. Hollywood Kiel Steria - Bobby Marshall def. Shotgun Tyler Jacobs - Team Allstar (Sebastian Sander & The Don Michael Morleone) def. Jonny Wimbledon & Chris Vice - Richter def. Jay Taylor - Sebastian Sander won the Beachside Brawl Battle Royal, which included all the winners of the previous matches plus Big Vin Penhero

Mana (NHPW) 20/02/10AWF (Australasian Wrestling Federation) WrestleRageThe Hungarian Club of SANorwood, SA, AustraliaKrackerJak def. Mana

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MDK (AAW) 19/03/10PWI (Pro Wrestling Ignition) MayhemNuriootpa Soldiers Memorial HallNuriootpa, SA, AustraliaDaxon Kage def. Paul Thornton 20/03/10PWI UprisingEastern Park Wolves Soccer & Social ClubElizabeth East, SA, Australia...Daxon Kage went to a 20 minute time limit draw with Twin K.

ALL ACTION WRESTLING PPW Australian Champion: Wayne The Maniac Mattei (def. The Shark (c), Joey Angel, B-Money, David Nero and Brandon The Boss Bossman on October 3, 2009) AAW Champion: David Nero (def. Dustin Dice (c) and The Shark on December 12, 2009) WA State Champion: James Grace (def. Jimmy Swell on November 14, 2009) Tag Team Champions: Killah & Bravo Tarir (def. The Blade Brothers on January 15, 2010) Australian Womens Champion: Imogen Jane (def. Michelle on January 15, 2010) EXPLOSIVE PRO WRESTLING EPW Champion: Richter (def. Jamie Jurah on May 29, 2009) Tag Team Champions: Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste (def. Carlo Cannon & Slex on November 7, 2009) Hardcore Shield: Gavin McGavin (def. KrackerJak, Marcus Pitt, Kiel Steria, Jarek Matthews and James Edwards. on November 7, 2009) NEW HORIZON PRO WRESTLING Art of Fighting Champion: Mana (def. Steve Corino, Cannonball Kris Taylor and Blake Mitchell on August 1, 2009) Light-Heavyweight Champion: Heritor (def. Percy T. and Kid Impact on August 1, 2009) SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE WRESTLING ALLIANCE SHWA Champion: Mad Mike Massive (def. The Wraith on December 5, 2009) OTHER TITLES International Titles PPW Champion: Craven (AAW) (Re-awarded title on January 15, 2010) Interstate Titles PWI Independent Champion: B-Money (AAW) (def. Jaxx on November 14, 2009)

EPW This Month C 1 2 3 4 5 Last Month C 1 2 3 4 5 Months in Rankings 3 3 3 3 3 2 Wrestler Richter Davis Storm Mikey Nicholls Shane Haste Damian Slater Jamie Jurah

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SHWA This Month C 1 2 3 4 5 Last Month C 1 2 3 4 5 Months in Rankings 3 3 3 3 3 3 Wrestler Mad Mike Massive Pain Crazy Train The Wraith Jake Paragon Jarrad Slate

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