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+34 676684637 (Miguel) Technical management: Encebra Travel

Tailor made trips focus on nature and culture

Trips of 5 days accommodation, meals
and transports included (even we take you from and for the airport).

Minimum groups of 4 person You can make your own trip

just choose the environmental activities of the season and your workshops or your favourite town to visit and we do the rest.

Consult us to know more sending an

email to

Wild greens near to the

rivers or deep in the forests the are really food for free. Were going to discover some of wild greens and we will show you how cook them or make differen salads.

Botanical tourism Feel

an unique sensation of the mediterranean forest, with ancients aromas, hidden botanical treasures like some orchids or an explosion of colors of rockrose blossom. You can admire more than 4000 species which 10% of them are endemic.

Mediterranean food workshop you are going to

know how to cook some dishes of Middle East, Italian or Spanish cuisin

Mediterranean aromas
in this climate so dry, plants have ways to survive to less water. The essential oils are an adaptation to endure the drought. You will know different species of this kind of plants doing workshops to show you their uses.

Wine tourism visit an

organic wine cellar, viewing the full process and finally we will taste the wines.

Ruidera Lagoons You can swim enjoying the sun and nature. Also
we are going to visit an essential oil factory.


know the me-

diterranean mushrooms and how to distinguish the different species. We have cistophilus communities unique in the world.

Saffron this autumn

flower provides one of the most appreciated and expensive spices in the world. In a workshop we are going to know how is obtained this spice.

Mundo Sources This is a very

special karst system, forming an unique landscape and a huge botanical wealth

Ethnobotany studies the

traditional uses of plants, wild vegetables, medicinal plants, crafts...try to know this ancient relation between humans and plants

Olive oil and cheese

you are going to visit a press oil and a cheese factory both of them with organic treatment.

Moorish oven this workshop is

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focus on know how is make and how can use the traditional spanish ovens. Also is completed cooking of sweets, bread and a roast lamb.

Quixote in Don

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Quixote in Don

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