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Unit Author Name School District School Name School City, State Unit Overview Unit Title Kasavan Kunesegere Pendang SJK(T) Ldg Bkt Jenun Pendang, Kedah Darulaman

Let it grow
Unit Summary Our world is now encountered with global warming. This situation is not began by itself but its caused by us. Our daily activates which involve releasing hazardous sources from domestic uses, factories and so on makes the situation more worst. The dramatic increases of the number of using vehicle also be on the main reason why the global warming problem cannot been solving until now we also destroy the natural recourses such as forests which make the unbalanced in the atmosphere. In this lesson Pupil able to understand about global warming and know the importance of the natural recourses in order to overcome global warming. Pupil also will exposure with the term of greenhouse and ask them to create awareness poster and slide show to reduce the danger of global warming Subject Area Science Year/Form 6 Approximate Time Needed 6 Weeks (40 minutes lesson, 3 – 4 sessions per week) Unit Foundation Targeted Curriculum Specifications and Benchmarks Science Investigating the Living things 1.4 knowing the impact of human activities on environment Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes By the end student able to i. Understand about global warming ii. Pupil able to state the causes of the global warming iii. Pupil able to understand the importance natural resources iv. Pupil able to contribute to solve the global warming

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Ask pupil to discuss in 5 groups why the temperature in the class rise up when the entire door closed with the fan switched off. What is the cause of global warming ii. Instructional Procedures Introducing the unit (1 period. Question Trash Bin is used to help students to generate new ideas about the top. Collaboration Self-Assessment helps pupil to set individual and group goals for working together to complete the project successfully. Fundamental skills of basic computer operations and ability to use word processing. presentation. Guide student to understand that the carbon Dioxide more than oxygen in the class which cause the changes of the climate. Explain to pupil about what is the global warming © 2000-2007 Intel Corporation. Then questioning will help to enhance to pupil understanding. Students discuss and plan for their poster using the poster scoring guide. 30 minutes) Turn off the fan and closed all door in the class.Intel® Teach Program Essentials Course Curriculum-Framing Questions Essential What can I do about global warming? Question Unit Why global warming happen Questions Content Questions Assessment Plan Assessment Timeline Before project work begins Students work on projects and complete tasks After project work is completed i. All Rights Reserved. How to prevent global warming   Discussion Questioning  Collaboration SelfAssessment   Question Discussion    Presentation Checklist Presentation Rubric Poster Scoring Guide   Presentation Rubric Poster Scoring Guide  Journal Assessment Summary Firstly use the discussion techniques to enable the pupil understand about the responsibilities of the human kind to the nature. Give students the presentation checklist and presentation rubric to help guide and assess the multimedia presentations. Page 2 of 5 . At the same time it also helps to create the thinking skill. Unit Details Prerequisite Skills i. Use the same presentation rubric and poster scoring guide to assess students work. and spreadsheet software. Students’ responses to the Essential Question in their journals provide information about how students have connected their work in the unit with broader issues. Ask pupil to tell what climate that they feel. Pupil have the basic knowledge about the natural resouces and the impostance of it ii.

40 minutes) Let pupil discuss about the campaign which held in school. Ask pupil how tree that the school have three year back comparing now. Ask pupil to sing it in front of class. 30 minutes + Take Home) Bring student to school garden. make sure the pupil plan their banner in word processing to make their work more easier Planning to have let it grow campaign (1 week. Explain to them cutting down tree not only lead to global warming. Page 3 of 5 . Let the pupil know that this project is very important to the nation and school in order create awareness among the human being. Let pupil talk the responsibility of human in front of class. Pupils divided into 5 groups and ask to discuss about the responsibilities. Ask pupil to create and do a slideshow presentation so that can be present on the campaign to give information to viewer. Pupil will do the presentation in 5 group Count the trees (1 period. Before that. Play Eric Claypton Let it grow song in front class and give pupil the lyric. Show some example of poster Ask pupil to create a banner. 2 periods. 3 period. Find tree picture in internet Design poster or flyer (1 week. Ask pupil to answer the question given by discussion. Then give some homework to pupil. Inform to all © 2000-2007 Intel Corporation. Distribute the task have to be done for this project. Explain to them about the importance of the natural resources especially plants.Intel® Teach Program Essentials Course and the greenhouse effect trough slideshow presentation. 30 minutes + Take Home) Play the “cintai Alam Sekitar” which tells the effect to the nature if the human not responsible to the nature. Give some guidance to pupil in the planning. Pupil will shown how the global warming been caused and the effect. Ask pupil to take picture from school digital camera. Seek help from school gardeners about planting new plants around the school area. Creating poster Prepare for a multimedia presentation Discussion about the responsibilities of the human being (2 period. Ask the whole student work it out. 30 minutes) Explain that it is time for them to create awareness in the school community about their project. Tell pupil that plant able to reduce the temperature of the earth because it can absorb carbon dioxide. Inform to pupil about “Let it grow” project that they have to done in 5 th week. Tell pupil that the class will organize a campaign named let it grow. ii. Help pupil to ask some trees call “pokok Renek” in Sungai Petani Municipal Council (MBSP) Preparing for the Campaign (2 periods. 30 minutes + Lab Periods) Ask pupil divide into 3 groups. Ask pupil to count the trees around the school area. For example i. All Rights Reserved. we also lost beautiful scenery. Ask pupil to design a poster or flyer to inform about the campaign. The banner should place in front of school to let know public about the campaign. Give some input to pupil to help the create a simple poster. Pupil also will be exposed that destroying the forest can be make the problem more worst.

All Rights Reserved. Praise the student for their involvement in the campaign and encourage them to more care about the nature. before and after the project. Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction    Students work in a mixed ability group under the supervision of a teacher Break down the project into smaller tasks and give a checklist of tasks to be accomplished Conduct frequent meetings with students to check on the progress of their project Allow students to play the role as leaders in completing their assignment Encourage students to plan the progress of their projects and deadlines to be met Resource Student  Gifted Student  Materials and Resources Required For Unit Technology – Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed) Camera Computer(s) Digital Camera DVD Player Internet Connection Laser Disk Printer Projection System Scanner Television VCR Video Camera Video Conferencing Equip. Other © 2000-2007 Intel Corporation. Make students realize the importance of nature and let the plant grow and not destroying it. Conduct a short discussion on students’ responses on the essential question. Ask for all participants to plant. Invite the school principal to begin the planting he tree. Ask the other science teacher evaluate their presentation and the poster using the presentation rubric and poster scoring rubric. Have pupil to write a journal about the reflection.Intel® Teach Program Essentials Course teacher about the campaign and ask for their participation Have students arrange the area which be covered to plant the tree. Page 4 of 5 . 5 hour) Plant 100 “pokok Renek’ around the covered school area. Conducting the let it grow campaign (I day. 40 minutes) Have pupil to share their experience involving “let it grow”. Conclude and revise (1 period. Make holes for plant the trees with help of gardener and teacher. Arrange for display of multimedia presentation for the inauguration. Place on the banner and poster to make the event know by everyone. Clean all the area after the campaign finished. Have student to present their multimedia presentation in front of viewers and briefly explain about it. Remind student to consider safety feature before planting the trees.

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