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Research Paper Assessment Name: Angella Brown-Ferguson Date:July 11, 2012 Student ID:265515 Email:aferguson@grp.sandals.


Transformational CoachingRadical change from the inside out

Coaching in its highest form is about personal and organizational transformation. Alan Seale

SYNOPSIS: In todays world it is becoming more clear that true happiness does not come from material things but in knowing who you are and living each day being your truest authentic self.

This paper is based on the premise that the inner cultivation of our clients is the greatest gift they can give to themselves and Transformational Coaching can produce this miraculous change and create a shift in the way they think about themselves, their organization and the world. The world focuses on the outside in approach. People find themselves in things that becomes part of their identity. They feel successful, happy and famous based on what they have gotten not who they have become.

Key Words: Miraculous change, Shift, Inner Cultivation

INTRODUCTION : Tolle (2005: 35) states that the unconscious compulsion to enhance ones identity through association with an object is built into the very structure of the egoic mind. Television constantly bombards the mind with products suggesting people will become better by using them, so by implication be your truest authentic self and live your best life. It is said that you are not buying a product but an identity enhancer Tolle (2005: 38). It is clear then that transformation from the inside out will awaken our lifes purpose and enable our clients to achieve their highest potential.

Transformational Coaching is a personal development breakthrough, a miraculous awakening that brings fourth our greatness and beckons our authentic self to shine

so brightly that we live on purpose everyday pouring out the magnificent gifts that we have.

To be transformed from the inside out is such a powerful state of being because you can live your whole lives just existing, living below your potential and then dying never having known who you are, what you are here to do and never finding your true purpose.

Some find it too difficult to walk in their greatness and have developed a functional blindness to their own defects and they do not live in frustration and unhappiness because they cannot resolve their problems but because they cannot see their problems. They live in denial never developing themselves or the people around them.

A Transformational Coach can assist a client who is in this state but decides he or she is ready to be the master of their own destiny, not merely wanting to create themselves but wanting to know themselves..this is the essence of powerful transformation.

This transformation creates a shift that allows our clients to see their worth and potential so clearly that they are able to rise above their limitations and become fearless in executing their goals.

Transformation from the inside out does not represent a type of greatness that is deserving of attention and applause as most people look at greatness as an individual doing some heroic feat or having rare talent. Yet, when lives are transformed that takes courage, discipline and character. This is deserving of a higher honor, even more respect as you have transformed yourselves from the inside out.

WHAT IS A TRANSFORMATIONAL COACH? A transformational coach is one who allows the client to break the flow of bad the negative traditions or harmful practices or beliefs that get passed from generation to generation or from situation to situation, whether in a family, a workplace or a community. They ask questions that allow their clients to tap into the deepest resources of themselves. They reframe, listen, validate and communicate so clearly their clients worth and potential that the clients come to see it in themselves.

In times of darkness they are lights not judges; models not critics. This is done to allow clients to fully embrace and be open and honest about any negative situation facing them. This inevitably supports: Well defined goals The cultivation of awareness Alignment of empowering beliefs Realizing that fear is always present but they can live courageously through the fear embracing their greatness within

A Transformational Coach is an expert at empowering the client or an organization to commit to finding and living their vision. From these commitment comes action that produce powerful results. A Transformational Coach adopts a unique dimension to coaching because of the masterful way via questioning that clients are assisted in revealing the very core interpretations and beliefs that holds them back but can creatively and masterfully allow the clients to move through disempowering beliefs and create beliefs that propels them forward. They bypass the clients public persona and see who they are in their highest expression. The International coaching Academy Module Level 1(Coaching What Is It?) states that Coaches do not ask, how smart is this person but how is this person smart? The clients magnificence and potential are already seen no matter what they look or dress like, what their condition is emotionally, spiritually or financially in the world. The client is seen apart from the baggage they carry around. The undeniable fact is that underneath all of the clients public persona they already are that which they desire to be. Hence, this wonderful world of coaching is indeed about transformation because in time the client sees past their own limitations so that they can return to that which they already extraordinary, magnificent, human being capable of doing anything because they have found themselves, hence finding their voice. As Stephen Covey (2004: 26) puts it this transformation is when we have found our voice and inspire others to find theirs.

A Transformational coach gives you permission to own and liberate yourself.

Until now the choice belonged to those who came before usour parents, bosses or the television who told us what we should become and who we are. Coaches support the client in moving beyond their present paradigm, liberating them from limited thinking and expanding possibilities beyond their imagination.

WHAT DOES TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING PROVIDES? Transformational Coaching is far more powerful than problem solving which addresses the symptoms but not the root cause of the symptom. Discovering the

root cause gives you choice where presently there is none. Transformational Coaching according to Nemitz is getting people to see themselves differently, rather than training a person to perform in a different manner. It allows the client to think differently and not just act differently.

It is said in the International Coaching Academy Module that after the third session every coaching is Life Coaching. It is also true to say that after the third session every session becomes transformational. Wendy Nemitz, referring to Accountants says, The Transformational Model Of Coaching is not about the DO but about the BE (Dickson 2005)

Through coaching these clients have an opportunity to reveal some of those decisions that may have worked in the past but are no longer useful. They have the opportunity to choose a new decision. They are prepared to step into a relationship

with themselves that will empower them to think and act differently, to move beyond unknown possibilities. Ways that will generate fulfillment and effortless living.a balanced life.

Transformational Coaching allows the client to feel confident that they can deal with whatever comes their way, they see themselves as permeable rather than vulnerable. Zander and Zander (2000) proposes that Transformation for our central selves is a description of the mode through which we move through life.

TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING FROM THE INSIDE OUT Sometime in your life you will go on a journey. It will be the longest journey you have taken. It is the journey to find yourself. _ Katherine Sharp The Real Substance of Transformation is Awareness but where do we start this transformational awareness and what are the steps to create this shift? Because the world have taken on an outside in approach it is believed that if you have degrees then you are in great shape and is ready for anything, however one can have a degree and not be educated. It is said by Deepak Chopak (2010: 62) that the greatest leader is one who have mastered himself. For one to master themselves they must first know themselves this takes an inside out approach. People get in victimism, blaming everyone else but themselves, however it starts with self

awareness. Rohn (1985: 70) states that While the process of transformation is simple to explain it is not so easy to execute. It involves letting go of self imposed limitations and giving equal attention to every part of your nature, it involves the whole person. The client must transform themselves in order to transform their lives, their organization and multiply their positive influence in the world.

Transforming oneself from the inside out is the most crucial choice a client can make it is the decision to step out of darkness into the light and become totally aware. Chopra (2010: 58) believes that when emotional intelligence merges with spiritual intelligence, human nature is transformed. Transformation starts with awareness. Awareness is the birthplace of possibility, everything you want to do, everything you want to be starts here. At a time when people hunger for personal transformation and redemption a transformational coach is well placed to make a difference.

Nothing has more power to transform than awareness. When you become complete inside yourself the worst conditions in the world does not matter. If clients are aware of who they are, what they are here to do, realize that strongly held beliefs are a sign of restrictive boundaries and constricted awareness and they can indeed change their beliefs to better their life then the transformation from the inside begins and affects everything they do and say. It affects everything positively on the outside.



Coaches positively impact their clients when they practice specific skills using a coaching model. The International Coaching Academy Module on Coaching Module (ICA, 2010) confirms that having a coaching model to back you up in your coaching practice can give additional confidence and credibility .

This transformational coaching model supports awareness in the transformation of oneself and identifies Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values, Philosophy and Beliefs.





Goals Philosophy


Elite Model: Developed by Angella Ferguson Empowering Leaders In Transformational Excellence

Who are you and what is your purpose on this earthan important aspect of self awareness What are your values and are we living them daily, are they affecting positively the decisions you are making What is your philosophy as the greatest influence on what you decide to do with tomorrows opportunity is not going to be circumstance, but rather what and how you think What are your goals do they affect what you do all day long.write it down, be specific and devise an action plan What is your vision how do you realize it, how can you live your passion What is your personal mission statement and are you living in alignment with your lifes mission This Transformational Model supports the client to find out who they are. Are they walking a road someone else has paved or are they walking a path that they have paved. Only from the level of the soul, Chopra contends are great leaders created (1985: 73). Once that connection is made you have unlimited access to the most vital qualities a leader can possess. This model will allow the clients potential for greatness to emerge. This is the part that unites body, mind, heart and soul and makes a whole person. By finding your foundation this becomes the foundation of everything you do. Clients must become aware of disempowering beliefs and reverse them or as Tony Robbins (1991: 32) puts it, you must divorce your story and marry a new one so that you hold evolutionary beliefs instead.

You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold that desire with of purpose. -Abraham Lincoln

Rohn (1991) says the major question to ask in life is not what we are getting, the major question in life to ask is who we are becoming. A transformed life is who we have become, we have formed new habits and this does not come easy. It is usually not in one cataclysmic explosion but by changing small pieces of ourselves at a time. This is where transformation is birth from those personal changes. It is not an event its a process that gathers momentum like a snowball rolling down a hill.

Every human being that comes to this planet has seeds of greatness and comes with the inherent and divine right to be themselves. Transformation is experiencing the highest expression of ourselves. A Transformational Coach is the catalyst to support, encourage, challenge, listen and ask the right questions to begin this miraculous, powerful transformation from the inside out.

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