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CG Artist Profile

Proffesional Certified as Operator of Autodesk Maya Modeler, texturer, rigger, iluminator, animator and operator in Render y dinamycs / FX Operator with Pixologic Zbrush, Autodesk Mudbox, Headus UV Layout Experience in tracking with Boujou and retopology with Zbrush and 3DCoat Experience with Nuke, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop and Flash

Academic Formation
1998-2002 Secondary Education Montpellier College (Madrid) Bachelor´s degree Beatriz Galindo Institute (Madrid) Programation with C++ and Visual Basic course Teide Academy (Madrid) Proffesional Master of Audiovisual Production with Autodesk Maya C.I.C.E. CG Training Academy (Madrid) Official Certification of Autodesk and Pixologic Operator Professional Qualifications Autodesk Official Chinese Mandarin Language course

2003-2006 2007-2008


2012 2012-2013

Other Data
Languajes Spanish: Native. English: Intermediate / High Level Chinese: Basic Italian: Basic Other Information Experience drawing storyboards and screenplays Experience with the graphic motor Wintermute Author of the book “Tales from the Threshold” Guitarrist and composer

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Proffesional Experience
2000 2002 2009 2010-2011 Character and creature designer for the videogame – Argentum Online Creator of Mods for the videogames Doom, Hexen y Blood 3D Modeler and FX Operator in the producer El Hombre de la Cámara 3D Modeler, Texturer, Animator and Rigger of characters and props in Make & Play Studios, working in the short-films Tartaruga and Dessert Island 3D Modeler, Texturer and Rigger of characters and props for the Mod Total Conversion for Doom 3 – HeXen: Edge of Chaos Freelance Modeler for the proyect Moto-GP for the producer “Patito Feo” Freelance Modeler for the proyect Direct Seguros for Insolitas Studios Animator and Illuminator for the proyect "Sabina – More than 100 lies" for the producer "Patito Feo" Modeller, Texturer and Animator for the promotion and publicity of the proyect Follies for the Spanish Theatre Modeller, Texturer and Rigger for the Kimera videoclip. Generallist Operator at CG Hidden Place Studios Operator at the animated series Ray Ghost 3D Supervisor in the shortfilm “What the missionary gives”

2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 - 2012 2012 2012 2012

2012 2013 Award to the Best Shortfilm at the Independent Festival Festin of Petrópolis, Brazil. Shortfilm “Vallenegro”. Award to the Best Shortfilm at the Soundab Festival in Madrid, Spain. With the Shortfilm “Tartaruga”.

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