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Sample A New Years Day Lunch at Kia Peng By Karim Raslan A New Year's Day Lunch at Jalan Kia

Peng tells the story of a richwidow, Cik Bainun. She lives with her niece, Latifah and thehouseboy, Fuad in her late husbands house at Jalan Kia Peng. Shestills follows the tradition left behind by her late husband byensuring all her (grown-up) children return to their house in JalanKia Peng for the New Year. Her husband died 18 months ago. After her husband died she went to Mecca to get gallons of holy water.She use the holy water and sprinkle the precious water over thegrave twice a week. Cik Bainun and Zul have three children whoare Mahani, Meriam and Raja Kamarul. Datuk Mahani is asuccessful woman as a Director of Hospital University and Kam isenvy with her. She was married with Mahmud who then marriedwith another woman and use the excuse of avoiding himcommitting zina. Meriam is a second daughter in the family and isa homely woman. She is married with Shahrir who is a MARAlecturer. The last one is Kam who is an architect and married toMazlinda (Chew Mei Mei) a muallaf. During the lunch, they had the conversation with each other until Kam told his plan to knock down his late fathers houseand build a condominium. However, Mahani doesnt agree because she knows that her mother really love the house. Theyargue about that and they were stop by Cik Bainun. Then, theyhave a badminton match which is another New Years Dayritual. During the match, Cik Bainun thought that both,Mahani and Kam are friends together and had already settledown with their argument about the house. But, actually Kamnever stop thinking about his plan. Therefore, he met Shahrir,Meriams huband and threat him because he is not doing hiswork on persuading Meriam to persuade Mahani. He threat totell about Shahrir mistress, an English lecturer and the abortionthat they had done before. He wanted to build thecondominium as soon as possible and he did not want to puthimself into... Sample The short story A New Years Day Lunch In Kia Peng by Karim Roslan is an interesting story. The story is about Cik Bainun, a rich widow. She lives in her late husbands house at Jalan Kia Peng. Her husband died 18 months ago. Cik Bainun lives with her niece , Latifah and the houseboy, Fuad. Cik Bainun have three children. They are Mahani, Meriam and raja Kamarul. Dato Mahani is a successful carrier woman and Kam is envy of her. DatoMahani, the director of Hospital University was married with Mahmud, who then married with another woman and use the excuse of avoiding him committing zina. Meriam, the second daughter is a homely type woman is married with Shahir. Shahir is a MARA lecturer. The

youngest child, Kamarul or Kam is married to Mazlinda (Chew Mei Mei) a mualaf. Kamarul is an arcitect. Cik Bainun went to Mecca to get gallons of holy water after her husband passed away. She sprinkled the water over her late husbands grave twice a week. The three siblings had a conversation when Kam told his plan to knock down their late fathers house and build a condominium. Dato Mahani does not agree with the plan. Then, they had a badminton match, which is another New Years Day ritual. Cik Bainun thought that Kam and Mahani had already settled down with their argument after the match. Kam met Shahir and threat him to tell about her mistress and the abortion they had done. Kam wanted to build the condominium and did not want to have another New Years day lunch in Kia Peng again. The story apply the cultural criticism and feminisme theories of literary criticism. Culture is the believe, way of life, custom and art that are showed and accepted by people in particular society. The cultural studies does not adhere to any single methodology and borrows methodologies from other approaches to analyze awide range of cultural products and practice. The events in the story A New Years Day Lunch In Kia Peng by Karim Roslan really potray the culture of elite community...