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Dear friend, Congratulations!

RIGHT NOW is your time to finally break free and earn all the money you are meant to earn so you can live the lifestyle you are truly meant to live! EVERY major athlete, chess player, skydiver, performer, musician or highly successful business owner knows that they must win the INNER GAME before they will ever win the OUTER GAME and produce the results they desire. Now you can win the inner game of money the same way! It may sound crazy to think that brain science has anything to do with achieving financial success but the latest brain research shows that it does. If you are serious about doubling your income or creating massive wealth and are now ready to learn what the next steps are, my WINNING THE GAME OF MONEY Advanced Training Session will teach you step by step how to retrain your brain so you can finally Win the Game to your financial success. Only when your Inner Game is working optimally, will your Outer Game produce the financial results you secretly want and desire. This Special Advanced Training will: 1. Provide you the knowledge and understanding of whats really holding you back from reaching your financial potential and how to break free right now. 2. Show you whats keeping you stuck at your current income level right now. 3. Spell out in detail what its really going to take to live up to your financial potential and make your dream life a reality. 4. Show you a NeuroTraining System that will help you retrain your brain for higher levels of financial success. NO MORE STORIES! NO MORE EXCUSES and NO MORE SETTLING for less than you know that you are capable of achieving!

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If you are ready to take your foot off the brake and finally speed to the next financial level, and beyond, immediately clear your schedule and attend this Special Advanced Training Session. Set this very important time aside now! Follow these two easy steps:

Step 1

Go to your calendar now and put the date and time for this Special Training into your schedule (dont forget to set a reminder). Set aside 60 minutes. Get started right away by preparing with my Pre Training exercises enclosed in this Playbook to get you thinking about your financial success.

Step 2

Get ready to learn the brain science behind thinking, feeling, acting and finally BEING financially rich. More importantly, GET READY TO PUT THIS NEW FOUND KNOWLEDGE TO WORK FOR YOU right now!! You will learn how to release any negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, doubts, fears or anxieties surrounding money and your success. You will also learn how to have the confidence, certainty, focus and clarity to set your ultimate financial goals and achieve them with precision.

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Super highly successful people are no smarter than you are, they are just neurologically wired differently than you are. Join me and learn how to re-wire your brain to Win the Game of Money easier and faster than ever before and set yourself free from lack, limitation and accepting less than you are truly capable of achieving. Review the enclosed playbook now and answer the questions Ive asked to gauge what your thoughts are around money, prior to your Special Advanced Training Session. Pay close attention during the webinar as I help you shatter your understanding, excuses and stories around money and being financially rich. This is one training session you cannot afford to miss if you are truly serious about making more money and living the masterpiece lifestyle you deserve. To your financial success, John Assaraf P Please tell your friends and family about this upcoming free Special .S. Advanced Training and have them register at

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You will need the following information for the special innercise John will guide you through on this Special Advanced Training. Take a few minutes before getting on your training to complete these Questions for your own personal use, as well as the three Questions to Consider on the next page. Doing so will help you better prepare your mind mentally for your training, and identify key areas where your brain can engage in the process John will describe in the video.

PERSONAL QUESTIONS For your use only

45 1. I want to retire on or before the age of ______________ with a net 1,000,000 worth of $___________________________

2. To live my ULTIMATE DREAM LIFESTYLE, I need to earn 125,000 $_____________________________ a year.

0 3. I am NOW earning $____________________

4. The difference between Question #2 and 125,000 Question #3 is $__________________ (this is your gap) Answer in detail the three deepest, most important reasons you REALLY want to have or earn more money. Write down what your life will be like when you are earning 25 times more income per year than you are right now. I will show you how to do this!
I will be able to take care of Cindy and Journey and give them the life 1. _____________________________________________________________ that they deserve and desire. No more run down places, or handouts. ________________________________________________________________________________________

I will be free to enjoy life, enjoy the finer things. Life will become stress 2. _____________________________________________________________

I will be in the position to help people in even better ways than i now do. 3. _____________________________________________________________
I can setup the earth changing ideas i have - education, housing. ________________________________________________________________________________________

free, we will be able to have the things we want effortlessly. ________________________________________________________________________________________

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1. What do you believe is the main reason people earn $30,000 a year, others $75,000 and others $500,000 to a $1,000,000 (MOST PEOPLE GET THIS ANSWER WRONG) i am learning that it is because of their mindset. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Do you really believe that with the right knowledge, skills and internal and external financial blueprint to follow, you can be financially free in the next 3 to 5 years? Yes or No and why? YES. Unequivically yes, becooming inline with the universe and the laws ________________________________________________________________________________________
of attraction, which i know works will be even more amazing and fruitful. ________________________________________________________________________________________


3. What do you really believe is the main reason you are earning the amount of money you are currently earning a year? Be honest! Depression, lose of myu father, and allowing negative energy to encompass ________________________________________________________________________________________ P On the webinar, I will help you break free of these beliefs and reasons. .S.
me. This extends to my family which (Cindy) is coming onboard now. ________________________________________________________________________________________

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Contest InstruCtIons
How to WIN a 2-hour consulting session

with John Assaraf worth $5,000!

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WIN! $5,000 2-Hour Consulting Session with John Assaraf!

Each winner will receive two hours of one-on-one consulting time with John Assaraf. Because contestants are from all over the world, consulting will occur by phone or Skype. Winning contestants must be available at the agreed-upon scheduled time or forfeit their consultation. To be entered in the contest, turn to page 12 and follow along in the Special Advanced Training broadcast, and John will GIVE you the correct answers to each of the simple multiple choice questions. This is designed to be more than a contest, but also a way to help the critical information stick better so you can apply it in your life to retrain your brain make more money! After the broadcast, follow the instructions below and email us your answers. Each quarter, a lucky winner will be drawn from all the applicants for that 3 month period.

Have your Playbook ready during your scheduled training time! Contest Instructions
1. As you watch the Special Advanced Training session, answer the questions on page 12 correctly. John will give you the answers during the course of the training. 2. Your FINAL question will be given at the end of the Special Advanced Training. 3. Email your answers to: and use the subject line Special Advanced Training Contest Entry.

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Contest rules
How to WIN a 2-hour consulting session

with John Assaraf worth $5,000!

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Contest Rules
1. You must answer ALL questions CORRECTLY to be included in the drawing. 2. Only one entry per attendee or email address. Entries will be reviewed to ensure this for the benefit of all contestants. Multiple entries will be disqualified from any prizes. 3. All contestants who register and submit their answers within the same quarter will be eligible for that quarters drawing: October 1 December 31: 4th quarter contestants January 1 March 31: 1st quarter contestants April 1 June 30: 2nd quarter contestants July 1 September 30: 3rd quarter contestants 4. Submissions emailed after midnight on the last day of a quarter will be added to the following quarters contestants. 5. At the end of each contest period, we will place all screened entries in a hat and pull ONE winner. 6. Winners will be contacted via email. All participants will also be notified of the winning entries. 7. If your name is drawn, you have 14 days from the drawing date to respond or your prize is forfeited and another winner will be selected in your place. 8. Each winner will receive two hours of one-on-one consulting time with John Assaraf. Because contestants are from all over the world, consulting will occur by phone or Skype. Winning contestants must be available at the agreed-upon scheduled time or forfeit their consultation. 9. Winners agree to the use of their name, likeness, testimony and case history as recorded, and agree to provide documentation for any monetary or other claims made during or after their consulting session. Winning contestants fully release and hold harmless PraxisNow and John Assaraf from any damages or other charges. 10. Contestants are responsible for their own toll charges, taxes or any other expenses associated with accepting this prize. 11. This represents the entirety of the prize being offered by PraxisNow and John Assaraf. No other promises or guarantees are given or implied.

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Contest QuestIons
Answer the following questions correctly and enter to WIN a 2-hour consulting session

with John Assaraf worth $5,000!

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Contest Questions
Be sure to have your Playbook open during the Special Advanced Training so you can take notes and answer the questions below. John will give you the correct answers throughout the Special Advanced Training. He will give you the final question near the end of the session. Follow the Contest Rules and email your answers after the Special Advanced Training session is completed. Here are your questions: 1. Brain clogs keep us from doing what we know we should be doing to improve our financial life. They are made up of: A. Silicone fibers produced by the brain B. High cholesterol diets C. Other people holding us back D. Fears, doubts and other implicit thoughts, beliefs and habits E. A & B 2. The most effective method to get started on retraining your brain is: A. Yoga B. Special medication C. Innercises D. None of the above 3. Science calls this the Discovery of the Decade: A. Cellular Fusion B. Introscopic Neuropathy C. Brain Plasticity D. Neuronic Redirection Hypothermiology

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4. Your Financial Thermostat is designed to: A. Help you keep a cool head in all your financial transactions B. Keep you hot when youre on a hot winning streak C. Allow you to breakthrough financially and live your dreams D. Hold you in your comfort zone financially 5. In Step Four John shares a crucial process that most people dont do, what is it? A. Write down the order you expect to accomplish your goals B. Visualize and emotionalize your goals like an actor C. Draw a line down the middle of the page and list pros and cons D. Use the key point system to gauge the practicality of your goals 6. John identifies this as a crucial advantage people who breakthrough financially have over those who just drift along: A. Meditation, focus and willpower B. A bedside notebook to write down moneymaking ideas C. An accountability partner D. A certified neurosurgeon qualified to reopen clogged neural pathways 7. Your final question will be given near the end of the training. Listen carefully and select your answer here: A. B. C. D.
Note your answers in an email and send to: Use the subject line Special Advanced Training Contest Entry, and you will be entered to win a 2-hour consulting session with John Assaraf worth $5,000! For more information on the contest, please review the Contest Instructions and Contest Rules.

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