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The Uralungal Contract Society was formed during 1925 and registered under co-operative act 1967, with its head quarters in madappally in vatakara taluk of Kozhikode district. The society under takes civil construction works in infrastructure development in north Kerala region and is one of the most proffered organizations for developments of roads, bridges and allied infrastructure. Most of the local self Government departments (panchayat raj institutions) have identified ULCCS Ltd as the reliable partner for entrusting the development of roads and other facilities at the village level. On the other end of the spectrum , ULCCS Ltd is actives, the society had increased its gross revenue to 66.43 lakhs consistently registering annual growth rate of 35%, the society had completed more 4000 lakhs are various stages of completion.

The origin of the society can be traced back to the reformist movement led by Sri. Guru Vagbadananda against the rigid cast barriers that prevailed in the early half of the 20th century, under the banner “Athmavidhya Sangham”. This Sangham organized campaigns against the superstitious beliefs and practices. This innovative mass movement questioned the worst social setup in which communal classification was the criteria in education, employment and other basic human rights. Such a situation was prevailed in all over the state of Kerala. But

progressive movement which is led by Guru Vagbadanandha highly reflected in the north Malabar region. The inevitable gathering of the depressed result in formation of Uralungal Koolivelakkarude Paraspara Sahaya Sangham with initial membership of fourteen, with Shri. Chappayil Kunhekku Gurikkal as President which is now known as Uralungal Labour Contract Co-Operative Society. The objective of the formation of this organization is employment generation to the poor, provide a better living condition and up liftment of the depressed and financially backward class. The Society started off by taking up the public works of Malabar District Board.

Today.42 Crores Rs.02 Crores Rs.10.52. Water Authority. It needs no retraction that this is the best labours CoOperative society in the state executing the contract work from the Public Work Department.73 Crores Rs. Harbour Engineering and District-Block-Grama Panchayath etc.33 Crores Rs. Crores Rs.17.During the initial stages of the society.78 Crores Rs. strictly adhering to time limit and quality requirements professional outlook has earned their good reputation in construction field.36 Crores Rs.88 Crores . More than 2000 workers including 415 members and about 1749 nonmembers are engaging daily.32. Turnover of the Society 1999-00 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 Rs.50. the society has 86 years of meritorious survival and it tops the list of best working Labour Contract Co-Operatives in India. National Highways.05 Crores Rs.66 Crores Rs. the members dedicated themselves to the growth of the society by giving up by their wages.8. Various departments have complimented the society for the same.15.