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BHM Healthcare Solutions helps Kings Pharmacy Achieve URAC Specialty Pharmacy Ac creditation Kings Pharmacy, LLC, working

in partnership with senior consultants at BHM Healt hcare Solutions, has recently earned URAC Specialty Pharmacy accreditation. St. Louis, MO, January 08, 2013 -- Kings Pharmacy, LLC was recently awarded a UR AC Specialty Pharmacy accreditation. BHM Healthcare Solutions, a comprehensive h ealthcare management consulting firm, provided assistance to Kings Pharmacy that was pivotal in helping the organization successfully achieve this important acc reditation. URAC is the largest accrediting body for healthcare organizations an d is recognized nationwide. URAC Accreditation is a symbol of excellence and val idation of an organizations commitment to quality and accountability. Kings Pharmacy provides medical products to clients throughout Newark, New Jerse y and the surrounding communities. Kings has served its clients since 1996, offe ring pharmaceutical products to patients who require long-term care for conditio ns that tend to be chronic, and which are often rare. BHMs URAC Accreditation Assistance Team conducted a thorough review of Kings Phar macys existing policies, procedures, program descriptions, reports, and other dat a to evaluate their compliance with URAC standards. After developing a detailed project plan, BHM consultants collaborated with members of Kings Pharmacy to eff iciently and cost-effectively ensure that the organization was fully prepared to meet URAC accreditation standards. We are proud to have teamed with Kings Pharmacy in achieving URAC accreditation, s tates Mark Rosenberg, President of BHM. As a specialty pharmacy, Kings is a part of one of the most rapidly growing segments in todays rapidly evolving healthcare industry. We believe that attaining this accreditation will better position Kin gs Pharmacy to develop strategic partnerships with accountable care organization s (ACOs) as they endeavor to deliver superior patient care at lower costs. BHM is a healthcare management consulting firm whose specialty is optimizing pro fitability while improving care in a variety of health care settings. BHM has wo rked both nationally and internationally with managed care organizations, provid ers, hospitals, and insurers. In addition to this BHM offers a wide breadth of s ervices ranging including accreditation, financial risk management, clinical ope rations, quality improvement, and denial management. Contact: Linda Ringquist BHM Healthcare Solutionis Suite 102, 1033 Corporate Square St. Louis, MO 63132 727-247-8251