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ASA Astrographs

Before our items go on sale, the whole system is tested (auto collimation).

aSa astrographs are developed based on the experiences of some of the leading astrophotographers of our time. The heart of the system is based on the uncompromisingly optical design of German physicist philipp Keller: his field correctors will handle the largest ccD arrays commercially available today! Using the best quality materials available on the market, aSa engineers have developed a product which leaves nothing to be desired. perfect imaging performance covering a large field of view, coupled with a super fast focal ratio all packed in a lightweight but rigidly constructed optical tube made from ultra hard carbon fiber composite material. with a special corrector lens system, the H-series provides the user with finer spot sizes at greater speeds: The optical system resolution is overall higher, which makes the H-series perfectly suited for high-resolution CCD - cameras. With a fast focal ratio of f 3.0 it is also the ultimate wide field and survey instrument. No surprise therefore, that the H-series has been the choice of telescope for professional research projects such as new Super-Wasp II project, which will deploy the telescopes for search and discovery of new exo-planets. Amateurs and professionals alike will greatly appreciate these very fine optical instruments. The N-series astrographs employ a parabolic main mirror with a focal ratio of f 3.6. The N-series stands out among other Newtonian Astrograph, not alone because of its well-thought out design and great quality craftsmanship but also because of its fast system ratio and great versatility: By switching the corrector lens system the focal length of the telescope can be shortened or extended with minimum effort. This makes this telescope a flexible all-rounder tool and worthwhile the investment. Using the standard 3 Wynne corrector a focal ratio of f/3.6 can be achieved. To make the system even faster, the 2 or 3 Reducer will lower the focal ratio down to f/2.75. To increase the focal length (e.g. when imaging solar or deep sky targets) the aSa Barlow corrector will render a focal ratio of f 6.8. All ASA Astrographs are manufactured from superior Suprax glass material and polished to an accuracy of P/V = 1/7 lambda. The coating is an advanced aluminum coating employing enhanced multi layered overcoats to increase the reflectivity of telescope mirrors by an incredible 97% over a wide range of the visible spectrum. Every mirror is shipped with an individual interferogram to document the quality of the mirror surface. All of our secondary mirrors are made according to the same specifications. On request, premium Astro-Sital ceramics polished by Lomo Optics can be ordered (here, a longer delivery time has to be taken into account).

The tubes are produced with high-grade carbon and furnished with black velvet inside to avoid stray light. Astrographs with apertures of 16 and 20 inch are also offered as open truss models. Carbon used in the tubes offers a very low thermal expansion and great rigidity. Thus, the focus is very stable with no detectable tube flexure both great advantages! ASA astrographs have very fast focal ratios. Thus, one will achieve a good signal to noise ratio with short exposure times. Through the uncompromising optical design of German physicist Philipp Keller, the corrector lens system deployed in ASA telescope can handle large size CCD planes. Even with the largest available CCD cameras in use today spot sizes will be corrected perfectly all the way into the image corners. aSa astrographs are available in two distinct models: The H-series astrographs (currently available only as an 8 inch H-series astrograph) differ from the N-series in that they use a hyperbolic main mirror design. In combination

To correct the field of view of your telescope ASA uses correctors designed by the experienced German physicist and optical engineer Philipp Keller. All correctors offer sufficient back focus and can be connected to a wide variety of CCD and DSLR Cameras. Using different ASA correctors, the telescopes focal length can be altered to f/3.6, shortened to f/2.75 or extended to f/6.8. The photographer can decide which focal length to use based on the conditions (seeing, wind asa.) and the nature of the object targeted. This versatile feature is only available for the N-Serie astrographs. Here is brief example of how this would apply to a smaller telescope: ASAs 8inch N-Series astrograph would render a focal length of 730 mm at f/2.6, 558 mm at f/2.75 and 1380 mm at f/6.8 respectively. All our correctors can also be purchased individually and will work in most Newton and Dobson telescopes. ASA also manufactures correctors for classical Schmidt-Cassegrain, Cassegrain and professional Ritchey-Chrtien telescopes. Visit our website to learn more about our broad range of correctors available to date!

This high precision electric focuser developed by ASA is delivered together with all ASA Astrographs. The focuser can also be purchased as a stand alone device to upgrade your existing telescope and imaging system. The focuser can be controlled from within Autoslew or can be used by our standalone software. ASCOM compatibility is guaranteed in both options. The focuser is connected to the computer via a USB connection. Six ball bearings will ensure a perfect and torsion free focusing run. For heavy image trains and / or when using your system remotely, we highly recommend our OK3-Z model. It is delivered with an internal gear rack which has shown to enhance motion stability and focus repeatability also when using heavy imaging equipment (e.g. 6kg and more).

caMeRa aDapToR: As a part of your order, ASA can custom produce an adapter that will take into account your cameras optical back focus and connection type. TUBe RinGS: To connect the astrograph to your mount, we highly recommend using original ASA tube rings: They are CNC machined down to a tolerance of 0,01 mm and are come with a handy quick fastening system that can easily be accessed also during night operations. fliGhT caSeS: To carry your astrograph safely around with you when you travel, ASA offers a quality crafted flight case: steel ball edges, aluminum profiles, birch plywood, flip handle grips, butterfly clasps and ample space to fit your astrograph alongside the focuser, tube rings, correctors, cables and camera adapters.

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all components are crafted from high-quality aircraft aluminum (7075aiZnMgcu1,5) in our modern cnc-production facilities.


Technical SpecificaTionS n-series

aSa 8n Aperture Focal length Corrector Secondary Focuser Tube length Tube diameter Weight *corrector 4 Wynne 3 Wynne 3 Reducer 2 Reducer 2 Barlow 8 (200) 760 mm Optional* 90 mm 3 620 mm 255 mm 8 kg lenses 3 3 4 4 5 aSa 10n 10 (250) 950 mm Optional* 100 mm 3 790 mm 300 mm 11 kg corrected foV 60 mm 50 mm 30 mm 20 mm 35 mm (45 mm) aSa 12n 12 (300) 1140 mm Optional* 120 mm 3 990 mm 360 mm 18 kg focal ratio f3.8 f3.6 f2.8 f2.8 f6.8 aSa 16n 16 (400) 1520 mm Optional* 130 mm 3 1310 mm 470 mm 32 kg f-factor 0,990 0,952 0,730 0,730 1,800 aSa 20n 20 (500) 1900 mm Optional* 140 mm 3 1631 mm 590 mm 49 kg Weight 1420 g 780 g 720 g 320 g 315 g aSa 20nG** 20 (500) 1900 mm Optional* 140 mm 3 1631 mm 590 mm 54 kg

* Information relating to our new series of Newton, Schmidt-Cassegrain, Cassegrain and Ritchey-Chrtien correctors can be found on our website: ** Open truss design

Technical SpecificaTionS h-series

aSa 8h Aperture Focal length Corrector Secondary Focuser Tube length Tube diameter Weight 8 (200 mm) 560 mm Installed 100 mm 3 580 mm 255 mm 7 kg

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