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The God of Universe.

The God of Univ erse by Ted Jec.

Find your way.

Comes the Glory by Jack Haas CHECK YOUR VIBRATIONS...

Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer - Rainer Maria Rilke.

"If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes." - Albert Einstein So what is the question to everything? Why am I here? What is the Universe I am living in? What is the meaning of my life? Does everything has it's purpose and cause giving effect?

Meaning of your life

What each must seek in his life never was on land or sea. It is something out of his own unique potentiality for experience, something that never has been and never could have been experienced by anyone else - Joseph Campbell. Find your meaning, your way in life is important just like finding proper question for you or Mr. Einstein. Those who found the wisdom of the Universe search for the right questions and found the right answers specifically for the time and space they lived. Perhaps proper questions in your life give you the deepest meaning for your life.

As all of us are different we all have special gifts we were born with. We should work forward to find them and develop to the best ability we have or natural interest we display. Those gifts given to you by Universe should be used to enrich you and others. Don't waist your talent - your natural gift use it and use it wisely. Work on your awareness and it will be given to you. Look for purpose of your life and it will be given to you! The meaning there is in life is what meaning you give to life. Give the best meaning to your life you can. Then when you receive the awareness you will receive your purpose... For that, some people live their lives - some discover it early in life and they stick to it. Some people just can not find the real life purpose. Maybe sticking to some ideas in life makes us feel good? It would make sense to have your purpose for long time so you can do more good but life is complicated by itself. Those who want to do good sometimes get thrown to jail for their work or their views. Jealousy and profits get our way through our life. We learn to navigate the murky water forgetting we should be good. So it makes sense again to keep you purpose simple, long living and stick to it as long as you can. If your life is in danger - let it go - it can be picked up again by you or others giving your purpose of life continuum. It is how Universe operates so can you. The Universe has it's own course so do you as part of it. Give good meaning to your life as everything in Universe does. Your life has meaning - you need to find it and be aware of it. We are all different and that is the beauty Universe has - we just need to see it. We all have different skills and positive gifts. If you can unleash your positive, good skills in life - your life becomes rich and positive. You experience your life in positive light - you get happiness from being here. On the opposite side - if you create bad energy in your life and you release bad deeds, your life will stop in it's positive progress. If you change for positive energy - you may change your life for better. If you could imagine the real thing is Universe in which Creator and Creation are proven to be a seamless, unified whole, and in which the dualism of "mind and matter" disappears and you could find that the meaning there is in life is what meaning you give to life. You are part of the universe and you are allow to create - perhaps on different level, different dimension but you got the power of creating thing and ideas. Your purpose in life combine with creativity has deep meaning for this realm of Universe. We can make our dimension of the Universe better place to live and with free will we can make our garden of life on Earth. Working for true peace is noble by itself. Successful people carry with them the key which unlocks that awareness and lets in the universal power that has made them masters. That awareness is Energy of the Universe that set's us free. You can become aware and understand the Universe. Once you understand the Universe - you do not need to memory - you live it. Some people live meaningless lives, fueled by drugs and addiction, heading to nowhere. You may wonder what is the purpose of low life some people live. Maybe those people need more bad experience to learn the right way or they just don't know that they need to the bottom to realize they are wrong. They need to put purpose to life to start living right. Intelligent Life by itself without purpose is like a plant without water - it slowly dies, degenerates and prematurely ends it's life when it could blossom. Just like water for life is needed - self aware, intelligent life need additional state of mind - the awareness to have purpose in life. That state of mind is kind of energy that gives us purpose and awareness of it all. We all don't get this awareness equally. Meditation, quieting your mind and look of what the wisdom of Universe can offer is also the key to finding out - what is the meaning of your life. Sit still in quiet place, close your eyes and quiet your mind. There may be message waiting for you right between the Universe and your mind. Learn from it. Use it. The Universe has for you information you can not afford to miss!

The Creation
The Universe created you to experience itself and you experience the Universe.

A revolution in our thinking about the physical universe. - Today, probably more than in any other day, We are facing a revolution in our thinking about the physical Universe - the stuff that you and I are made of. This revolution, brought to a head by the discoveries of new physics, including relativity and quantum mechanics, appears to reach well beyond our preconceived vision that is based on the concept of concrete solid reality. - Dr Fred Alan Wolf, Author and Physicist

We all exist in multiple universes and create our own bubble of reality. - Gerald ODonnell, Leading expert in the military science of Remote Viewing

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force - German Physicist, Max Planck, Founder of Quantum Theory

If a universe can be imagined, it exists. - Professor M. R. Franks, Member, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. There are probably other parallel universes in our living room -this is modern physics.

There are vibrations of many different universes right here, right now. We're just not in

tune with them. There are probably other parallel universes in our living room this is modern physics. This is the modern interpretation of quantum theory, that many worlds represents reality. - Dr. Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist, Professor and Best selling Author" The galaxies, the never ending space, the energies and the law that governs everything is part of you and you are part of it all - the Universe. There is Universe inside you and you are inside the Universe. Together you are the whole, you are everything. When you learn how to live with the Universe, you get on the right wave. You get the power of Universe when you find for yourself the right way. There is always the right way - you just need to learn, feel and use the wisdom of everything - the ultimate wisdom of Universe. You are part of that great universal experience with everything right here, right now. To learn the wisdom of Universe is to enjoy your life. Happiness instead of suffering comes to you when you understand the way the Universe is. Get on the right way! Be sensitive enough to see the reality. Have a great life! The Universe has been in existence with no time or space limits. It moves its own way from smallest particles to galaxies. From the extremes always to the balanced way and order. Everything is tuned up and works. The design the Universe creates works. From simple particles to complex design of intelligent life. The more you separate from the way of Universe the more you disturb the unique balance. The more you want the more you try to change. The crucial balance in your Universe gets changed when you want change so be careful with making changes yet change is the only constant in the Universe. Everything get changed all the time. Some times changes work for your advantage, sometimes they don't. It is up to you if you change or how you change. If you change with the universal wisdom the Universe's reality awards you with positive rewards. The way how you manage and see your reality is the key to the flow of your life along the flow of universal river - the God of Universe. The God of Universe is the everything in Universe with all laws governing the everything at any time. The Universe has it's laws and the intelligent life is the ultimate creation of our Universe. Our life is here for a small spark of physical life. It took long time to create the ultimate creation - the intelligent life. Our life is the most precious thing for our Universe. The Universe created Intelligent Life to experience itself and to speed up itself in higher level of consciousness. We are the ultimate children and creation the Universe has created. Our life evolves constantly, the great mind of Universe - the God of everything grows with it's beautiful creation. We are all precious and we are all needed for great experience of life and better tomorrow. You are here for reason. Don't waist your gift of life - explore and find your gift the Universe gave you - your talent. When you find your natural talent - use it for the great good of us all. We, the People, we are always the part of this Universe and no matter what religion, race, point of view, we are the precious gift the Universe ever created. Some of us are not aware of being special. Just by being not aware with luck of awareness, sensitivity, we miss the true flow that we are emerged in - the Way of Universe. Our life is special time the Universe is giving us so go with the flow - don't waist your energy - the Universe never waist energy.

What gave birth to our life? How we got here? Where we going?

The creation of life had to begin in right place and at the right time. It had to be good place for special thing - the life. The right place had to be where all laws of environment would allow (be good) for life. The Universe created life and then the intelligent life started giving back to the Universe it's awareness from different point of existence. In essence - we are the part of Universal God on different scale and we all should have respect to each other as we all deserve being part of this all mighty God of everything - the Universe. The Universe created intelligent life by slow, steady evolution of creation the best there can be in Universe - the mind of intelligent life. The complex life that started to be aware of itself is the base of intelligence. The intelligent life is also subject to change. There is constant change all the time in development, generations of men that will one day understand that destruction, corruption, violence is not the way progress and happiness work. The consciousness of the right way, the being aware of the good way is the next step for human civilization. We became intelligent life when we realized what we do with intelligent reasoning - that is what separates us from animals. What connects us with animal world is when we act without conscious - we get lost from reality and some of us sill act like animals being lost in that state. The control of your mind is the control of your happiness. The level of intelligence and consciousness is still evolving as whole humanity evolves. The level of intelligence and consciousness in each of us is different just like we are all different. With all intelligence you received, you are needed on every level you function in society. You are - therefore you are needed. Now you need to find your way how to unleashed your best of you. Perhaps there is reason you got this writing in your hand - start being aware of what you are and what you do. You have purpose in your life. You need to find your own, unique gift and give your gift to others, give back to the Universe your best. . It took long time to create place where miracle of Universe could be created. Just like in life, there was cause and effect. The Universe cause life and then intelligent life came to existence. The Universe experience its own reality by human mind and spirit. The Universe is experiencing itself from it's own creation of intelligent life. The only forward way for creation of life was goodness - good environment for the creation. Goodness creates and allows progress. Goodness is love. Love is unconditional, positive energy that builds and allows progress. Bad destroys and allows chaos, no forward is allowed. Good life requires good way. Choose the goodness and reject bad deeds. Choose progress and good way of living. Evil and everything with bad energy will reverse progress. In the Universe there is just oneness. Universe does not care who wins in war. War is bad for every side of any conflict. The same goes in your life. The flow of universal reality states if you choose wrong way, the Universe will bring you bad effect. The Universe goes with it's own way despite your wrong doings. You never hurt the Universe, you hurt yourself. You started war - you will pay consequences with action and reaction. You steal, you may get rubbed. For Universe there is no evil or goodness there is just flow of it's own way that creates causes and effect to your own reality. It is you who get results from evil or good deeds. If you go against the law of the universe, you get negative results. The Universe has everything in itself - it is one big oneness. It is us, the people that requires energy to survive. To survive we have to have air, water and food with the right environment where

temperature does not damage our bodies. To maintain all of that requires energy. We are busy surviving. Within survival sometimes our mind likes to create desires, greed and attachments to material world. Change is everywhere and attachments purpose change. It is the material survival that sometimes people get lost in materialism. Balanced life does not see only material things. Our existence depends on balanced life between material and none material matters. What would be the reason that the powerful Universe would create different level of itself, called life? The Universe experience itself all the time. There was no beginning and there is no end to the Universe. What was not in the Universe was the level of experience that would allow it to speed up and experience itself from different view. The all mighty Universe no matter how powerful or supreme, that Universe needed intelligent life to make it more complete and speed up it's goodness using it's creation. Life is the most precious to the Universe and intelligent life as it's creation has Universe's love. Universe created life to conquer itself from it's original form where only energy moves everything without many intelligent minds that can see itself and be aware of itself within the space of everything Universe brings. The Universe is transforming itself to better level of existence and you are the connection, the vital key in universal evolution. You are precious and needed. Despite the power, the Universe will not assemble any machine. Universe can not set up by itself big jumbo jet. Perhaps it does not need jumbo jet however with human hands and human intelligence that jumbo jet can be designed and assembled. Perhaps Universe does not need any machine or human invention but it's creation can one day have effect on the Universe by itself. The Universe does experience itself by the intelligence of human mind so the mind is important with it's life. You are part of the greatest experience in the Universe. You are Unique and Precious part of Universal experience. you have effect on the part of Universe you live in. From basic life of one cell organisms to more complex life took long time, yet what is long time in never ending space and time of Universe? From simple life to intelligent life, the Universe waited long time for it's new level of creation. Intelligent life started appearing and higher level of life began learning the physical laws of Universe on Earth and beyond. Men with it's intelligence came from the long process of life evolution and creation to level of learning it's way to the future. The Universe creates and was created in the never ending time. Creation allows for experience. Experience allows for understanding and improvements. There are some people who are sensitive enough to see and feel the answers, they sense and the wisdom of God of Universe. They feel the ultimate creation, the power of mighty Universe and the beauty of it's best design there is - the law of everything everywhere at any time - the God of Universe at it's best is here and always was so do you.

What others said about creation: Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. - Steve Jobs

The Universe Is Governed By it's Laws

The Universe consists and governs everything. The Universe has it's own ways and laws. The sooner you learn how and what governs everything, the closer you get to the source of everything - the supreme power and laws of everything - the God of Universe. The Universe gives you the ultimate energy. If you can observe it, understand it, you become it. You are part of it all. Do not act like you are not part of this Universe. Once you allow delusion enter your mind, you will disappear from the oneness of Universe, you will get lost in not reality. It is choice of your mind to make the right choice and be part of the true Universe. Once you understand the laws of Universe you will become free and happiness will be at your fingertips. Get better, get closer to the ultimate wisdom of it all - the law of Universe - the God of everything. Observe, understand, cherish and apply in your life the laws of Universe. The laws of Universe are everywhere at any time as Universe is everywhere at all time. As part of the Universe you are part of these ultimate laws. You are the best there is in the Universe - you are the intelligent life - the arm and brain that can design and make what Universe could not by itself! You can design and manufacture things that make the Universe better place to be for you and others. The Universe gives you laws and matter - you can manipulate it - you can follow good cause. Bad cause will bring destruction and end of your experience. If you work for peace - you grow. If you work for war - you disappear.

The Law Of The Universe Is Ever Abiding

If you consider that every nation have to follow that nation's laws you will realized that human laws

derived from basic universal laws that clearly dictates all human laws. Human invented laws are just mimicking the ultimate laws of Universe. Some laws are not needed, other laws are not enforceable but they are all based on universal laws of everything. By knowing the wisdom of Universe, all other man made laws will be familiar to you. The Wisdom of Universe can be yours at your will. Being aware of the Universal Laws helps you. Implementing the laws is your responsibility for better life. The laws of Universe have no particular shape and they can manifest in any form. You can think of these laws as "spiritual laws" or "energy laws" because everything in the Universe is comprised of energy. These laws are in effect whether you are aware of them or not. Once you are aware of them and you understand them you can have more control over what it is that you are experiencing in your life. You get more awareness - your conscience goes to higher level. The more you are aware of universal law the closer you are to understand them. The better you understand the laws of Universe the closer you get to the God of Universe. The law of the Universe is also there to protect the order and the well being of all beings in the Universe. Liberty, Equality, Justice, Freedom is not just a slogan - it is basic human right for everybody's existence. Every place has it's unique and different quality yet the laws of Universe are the same. Every man is different despite we are all human race yet the laws of Universe are the same to us all. No matter what country you go on Earth - the law of Universe will remain the same, it is just different laws of different countries but the oneness with the source will stay the same. Most man made laws tend to be heading toward the law of Universe - the ultimate truth. The law of Universe is the basis of all other laws made by people. The law of Universe - the simplest and ultimate truth to us all, the best resolution to true reality is the universal law's base for us all. For example the people of United States elected to be closer to better life of human being and the law of Universe are contain in American Constitution. If the main laws and constitutions of each country gets closer to the laws of Universe the better prosperity and happiness shows among it's citizens. Wrong and bad traditions that are bad for human kind should give way to progress and betterment of human kind. If people resist the truth, they suffer and live in poverty. These are the laws of Universe - the true, real structure of everything around us. The God of Universe with all it's laws is here all the time. See and implement it to your life. Be aware of the law and your life will change. You can live happy, free from miserable and hurtful life. Nobody ells but you can set you free from chains of delusions, lies and wrong messages the society may feed you. The laws of God of Universe are here from eternity. Wake up and be aware of the truth of Universe - the laws of everything. The ultimate road signs on your way to eternity can be real - understand it - not fear it - your life is your reality, your mind brings your destiny:

Be Good - Be awake. Be Sensitive. Your life is your reality. Reality is dual in nature and comes from emptiness. Your mind brings your destiny. What we think we become. We are what we think, your thoughts make your world. Just because it was written, said or impose on you by anybody including tradition, does not mean it is the truth. Believe in nothing unless it agrees with your own reasoning and common sense. Truth and real meanings are more important then words or the speaker. Rely on true wisdom. Giving is good. Sharing your happiness is good. Living by good deeds is good. Love is good. You and everyone ells deserves it. Greed is bad. Hate is bad. Hate can be stopped by love and good deeds. Separation from bad is good. Freedom is good. Health is good. Contentment is good. Fill your mind with compassion and loving kindness for all. It is good. Look within, be still. Be free from fear. Be free from attachments. Live your way. Don't look at others. Your thought manifests as word, word to deed, deed to habit, habit to character. Let your thoughts be good for all. Bad words hurt - words of truth and kindness help - change the world for better. Thoughts of resentment bring anger. Anger blind your mind. You suffer from your own anger.

Habit of doubt is bad and separates people. Your mind has base for everything. Your mind leads and designs your thoughts. Bad mind will bring you suffering, good mind will bring you happiness. Faults, thing done or undone by others should not have effect on you. Do not look for faults in others - look for faults in yourself and eliminate them. Control your mind. Your freedom allows you to separate from evil people and have good friends. Those with bad, proud, arrogant, hateful, not peaceful, violent minds are not your friends. Don't do wrong to others. Do good deeds. Don't be jealous - adopt good qualities from others. No one saves you but yourself. It is your life, your way. Everything can be changed. Change is everywhere. Your salvation is in your diligence. So to help the human race, what would be the shortest advice?

Is There Universal Code?

What you see, the Universe can see. What you can imagine, the Universe can hold for you. What you use as potential, the Universe will give you. The Universe has everything - ask for what you need.
So what some people can say about Universe? You and your reality create your Universe, matter and existence means force, the Universe is as you imagine it... So reality and imagination mixed with force create what you call your Universe - the all there is for you? Add to it vibration and you exist in your own Universe with others at the same level of vibration? The right vibration bring you others with similar vibration. The law of attraction can be powerful - the Universe is the most powerful - it is everything - it is you.

The Basic Code of Universe

U (Universe) = V (vibrations ) + I ( Intelligence ) + R ( Reality ) + U (Unity) + F ( Force ) U=V+I+R+U+F Vibration - Turn your vibrations to the source - you will find the connection. Intelligence - use it wisely. Reality - see it and use it. Unity - unite and win. Force - use it for goodness not evil.
Once you know the basic - the happiness can come: - Happiness = Being Good H = BG It is easy said to be good but how you can be good when there are so many situations in life, sometimes you can not distinguish what action will lead to good or what is good? Let's give all good and bad things name, let's understand what is good and bad and we can come closer to some basic short formula ( if there are any possible formulas in this matter). Let See how you look drawing on scale of Good and bad deeds. Be honest - mark your answer on scale between good and bad deeds. Place X on any 20 dots between every good and bad deed. Connect them and see the chart, your true DNA linking you and the Universe - the real position of you on the scale of Good and Bad. This Basic Scale of Universal Rights, Freedoms and Good Deeds was successfully used by the author to fight discrimination, prejudice, corruption abuse in American Court in New Port Richey - Florida. Staying with the truth was the base. The corrupted lawyer who got corrupted judge in pocket created injustice. The victim being harass and deprived of justice used the truth and for years had to put up with the suffer, child abuse cover up and many more harassment. Yet the scale of Universal Laws kept him going. Despite the corrupted court system, the corrupted lawyer and corrupted judge, the victim of it all won. He went his right way. He got to know some of the Universal Wisdom and it's laws. You can call it Universal Code but deep inside you know it. It is just distorted in your life by the evil forces. Just like in the corrupted court in New Port Richey - Florida. Corruption tried to place the lies, yet

the truth was forwarded every time the lies were delivered. It would not matter what the corrupted court would do to forward and degrade it's victims. Sticking to the Universal Code get you on the right way for the right time. Corruption can not touch you when you know the right way - the Code of Universe - The Universal Wisdom.

Table of Good and Bad

Just like yes or no, 1 or 0, the Universe operates like one giant living computer. Simplicity of basic units can intertwine with reality. It is your own wisdom to get close to reality. It pays to be aware of what is good and bad. Your life is your school. Use it wisely - The Highest Good Should be accomplished: | |

Good (+)..........Middle Way..........(-)

Be Good Be Aware of Good and Bad Have Resentment for Bad Deeds Separate Yourself from the Bad Don't Do Wrong Deeds to Others Do Good Deeds Do Not Harm Others Treat Others Well Do Not Discriminate Be for Peace Defend Yourself from Wrong Deeds Be Compassionate Do Not Murder Learn, Practice and Use Forgiveness Know & Use Reality Be Aware & Don't Use Delusions Truth in Evidence is Not Defamatory Accept Change Be Awake No Prejudice Know and Practice True Love Be Sensitive (+)..........|..........(- Be No Good ) (+)..........|..........(- No Awareness of Good and Bad ) (+)..........|..........(- Resentment for Good Deeds ) (+)..........|..........(- No Separation from the Bad ) (+)..........|..........(- Wrong Deeds to Others ) (+)..........|..........(- Bad Deeds ) (+)..........|..........(- Harming Others ) (+)..........|..........(- Bad Treatment to Others ) (+)..........|..........(- Discrimination ) (+)..........|..........(- Reject Violence ) (+)..........|..........(- Ignoring Wrong Deeds ) (+)..........|..........(- No Compassion ) (+)..........|..........(- Murder ) (+)..........|..........(- No Forgiveness ) (+)..........|..........(- No Reality ) (+)..........|..........(- Delusions ) (+)..........|..........(- Truth in Evidence is Defamatory ) (+)..........|..........(- No Acceptance of Change ) (+)..........|..........(- Not to be Awake ) (+)..........|..........(- Prejudice ) (+)..........|..........(- No True Love ) (+)..........|..........(- No Sensitivity )

Don't Be Afraid Reject Corruption Do Not Commit Illegal Acts Do Not Steal (Do Not Take Things Not Given to You) Control Your Desires Be Truthful Set Your Mind for Truth Be Trustworthy Fulfill Your Obligations Be Self Reliant Be Industrious Be Competent and Skillful Be Content Don't Be Greedy Be Kind Have Peaceful Mind Control Your Mind Have a Good Mind Don't Be Arrogant Don't Be Violent Do Not Harm People of Good Will Support People of Good Will Be Mindful Master Good Character Learn and Know True Wisdom Don't Be Doubtful Be Happy Flourish and Prosper

(+)..........|..........(- Fear ) (+)..........|..........(- Corruption ) (+)..........|..........(- Illegal Acts ) (+)..........|..........(- Stealing (Taking Things Not Given to You) ) (+)..........|..........(- No Control of Your Desires ) (+)..........|..........(- No Truth ) (+)..........|..........(- Not Setting Your Mind for Truth ) (+)..........|..........(- Not Being Trustworthy ) (+)..........|..........(- No Obligations Fulfillment ) (+)..........|..........(- No Self Reliance ) (+)..........|..........(- Not Being Industrious ) (+)..........|..........(- Not Being Competent and Skillful ) (+)..........|..........(- No Contentment ) (+)..........|..........(- Greed ) (+)..........|..........(- No Kindness ) (+)..........|..........(- Not Peaceful Mind ) (+)..........|..........(- No Control of Your Mind ) (+)..........|..........(- Bad Mind ) (+)..........|..........(- Arrogant Mind ) (+)..........|..........(- Violent Mind ) (+)..........|..........(- Harm People of Good Will ) (+)..........|..........(- No Support For People of Good Will ) (+)..........|..........(- Not To Be Mindful ) (+)..........|..........(- Bad Character ) (+)..........|..........(- No True Wisdom ) (+)..........|..........(- Doubt ) (+)..........|..........(- No Happiness ) (+)..........|..........(- No Flourishing and Prosperity

Flourish and Prosper Don't Hate Be Humble Don't Be Attached Live Your Way Balance your Life Use Good Words Practice Good Habits Don't Be Angry Have Faith Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others Be Faithful Don't Be Jealous Be Healthy Admit and Eliminate Your Faults Don't Be Effected by Faults of Others Be Diligent Control Your Pride Take Care Of Environment Take Care of Yourself Teach, Love & Help Children Help, Respect and Love Your Parents Set Good Example Say No to Abuse and Exploitation Do Not Be Lazy Don't Torture Do Not Use Inhumane Treatment or Punishment Treat People as Innocent Until Proven Guilty

No Flourishing and Prosperity

(+)..........|..........(- Hate ) (+)..........|..........(- Not Humble Mind ) (+)..........|..........(- Attachments ) (+)..........|..........(- No Life Your Way ) (+)..........|..........(- Not Balanced Life ) (+)..........|..........(- Bad Words ) (+)..........|..........(- Bad Habits ) (+)..........|..........(- Anger ) (+)..........|..........(- No Faith ) (+)..........|..........(- No Respect to Religious Beliefs of Others ) (+)..........|..........(- No Faithfulness ) (+)..........|..........(- Jealousy ) (+)..........|..........(- No Health ) (+)..........|..........(- No Faults admission ) (+)..........|..........(- Faults of Others Effect you ) (+)..........|..........(- No Diligence ) (+)..........|..........(- Pride ) (+)..........|..........(- Not Taking Care of Environment ) (+)..........|..........(- Not Taking Care of Yourself ) (+)..........|..........(- No Teaching, Love & Help for Children ) (+)..........|..........(- No Help, Respect and Love of Your Parents ) (+)..........|..........(- No to Setting Good Example ) (+)..........|..........(- Abuse and Exploitation ) (+)..........|..........(- Laziness ) (+)..........|..........(- Torture ) (+)..........|..........(- Inhumane Treatment or Punishment ) (+)..........|..........(- Guilty Without Proof ) (+)..........|..........(-

Integrity Liberty, Justice and Equality for All Life & Security Freedom Freedom of Expression Freedom of Opinion Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Freedom of Association Freedom To Government Freedom from Corrupted Government Freedom to Vote Freedom to Public Service Freedom to Social Security Freedom to Your Own Destiny Freedom to Think & Become Freedom to Give & Share Freedom for Good Development of People Freedom of Movement Freedom of Residency Freedom from Slavery Right to Privacy Right to Home Right to Family Right to Correspondence Right to Protection by Law Right to Asylum from Injustice Right to Nationality Right to Marry

(+)..........|..........(- No Integrity ) (+)..........|..........(- No to Liberty Justice & Equality for All ) (+)..........|..........(- No Life & Security ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom of Expression ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom of Opinion ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom of Peaceful Assembly ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom of Association ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom To Government ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom from Corrupted Government ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom to Vote ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom to Public Service ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom to Social Security ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom to your own Destiny ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom to Think & Become ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom to Give or Share ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom for Good Development of People ) (+)..........|..........(- Freedom of Movement ) (+)..........|..........(- No Freedom of Residency ) (+)..........|..........(- Slavery ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Privacy ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Home ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Family ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Correspondence ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Protection by Law ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Asylum from Injustice ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Nationality ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Marry )

The Right to Own Property Right to Your Own Thoughts Right to Your Own Conscience Right to Your Own Religion Right to Human Dignity Right to Work Right to Choose Work Right to Good Condition of Work Right to Protect Work Right for Just Compensation for Work

(+)..........|..........(- No Right to Own Property ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to your own Thoughts ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Your Own Conscience ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Your Own Religion ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Human Dignity ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Work ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Choose Work ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Good Condition of Work ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right to Protect Work ) (+)..........|..........(- No Right for Just Compensation of Work )

Universal Code and how to use it.

Use your Wisdom, Universal Code to decode what is the negative, bad forces, corrupted lawyers and corrupted judges, bad people who try to take advantage of you. Then you need to apply to defend yourself. By stopping the corruption you help others. You make the world better for you and others. You find your way out of trouble - use the best, be wise. X - indicator showing on the scale where are the facts for each applying situation. It shows the strength on each side of positive and negative deed. Live Example: Corruption in the court in the case of divorce. The victim was taken to court by his wife lying she does not receive child support. She wanted to get all marital assets, house and nice, sizable monthly payments. The wife refused to work using her children to perpetuate her laziness yet she demanded all the time new house, new cars and more goods. The victim, husband lost his business, peace and family by the corrupted wife and her lawyer. The corrupted judge awarded everything to the wife. Because the lies were perpetuated by the corrupted court officials, the husband got homeless but wife hired lawyers to keep going with her crimes. The wife hired more lawyers to extort money from insurance company lying that there is sinkhole under the house, second lawyer to extort money from her husband using her children as a tool and third one to keep staying in the house without paying for mortgage. The husband not only separated from the evils of the wife, he decided to do good deeds by stopping the corruption so his and other children will not be used as extortion tools suffering from the court corruption. The husband came with this Universal Code to help him and others in dire straits as most victims of corruption can find themselves in life. The husband tried the Universal Code with table of good and bad to find step by step what he can do to help in this life situation. Life situation ( facts ) was analyzed Honestly and marked with X on the table of good and bad:

Universal Code used in Real Life - Corrupted Court in New Port Richey - Florida, USA:

Good (+)..........Middle Way..........(-) Bad

Be Good Be Aware of Good and Bad Have Resentment for Bad Deeds Separate Yourself from the Bad (+)X..........|..........(- Be No Good ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Awareness of Good and Bad ) (+)X..........|..........(- Resentment for Good Deeds ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Separation from the Bad ) (+)X..........|..........(-

Don't Do Wrong Deeds to Others Do Good Deeds Do Not Harm Others Treat Others Well Do Not Discriminate Be for Peace Defend Yourself from Wrong Deeds Be Compassionate Learn, Practice and Use Forgiveness Know & Use Reality Be Aware & Don't Use Delusions Truth in Evidence is Not Defamatory Accept Change Be Awake No Prejudice Know and Practice True Love Be Sensitive Don't Be Afraid Reject Corruption Do Not Commit Illegal Acts

(+)X..........|..........(- Wrong Deeds to Others ) (+)X..........|..........(- Bad Deeds ) (+)X..........|..........(- Harming Others ) (+)X..........|..........(- Bad Treatment to Others ) (+)X..........|..........(- Discrimination ) (+)X..........|..........(- Reject Violence ) (+)X..........|..........(- Ignoring Wrong Deeds ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Compassion ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Forgiveness ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Reality ) (+)X..........|..........(- Delusions ) (+)X..........|..........(- Truth in Evidence is Defamatory ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Acceptance of Change ) (+)X..........|..........(- Not to be Awake ) (+)X..........|..........(- Prejudice ) (+)X..........|..........(- No True Love ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Sensitivity ) (+)X..........|..........(- Fear ) (+)X..........|..........(- Corruption ) (+)X..........|..........(- Illegal Acts )

Do Not Steal (+)X..........|..........(- Stealing (Do Not Take Things Not Given to You) ) (Taking Things Not Given to You) Control Your Desires Be Truthful Set Your Mind for Truth Be Trustworthy Fulfill Your Obligations Be Self Reliant Be Industrious (+)X..........|..........(- No Control of Your Desires ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Truth ) (+)X..........|..........(- Not Setting Your Mind for Truth ) (+)X..........|..........(- Not Being Trustworthy ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Obligations Fulfillment ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Self Reliance ) (+)X..........|..........(- Not Being Industrious )

Be Competent and Skillful Be Content Don't Be Greedy Be Kind Have Peaceful Mind Control Your Mind Have a Good Mind Don't Be Arrogant Don't Be Violent Do Not Harm People of Good Will Support People of Good Will Be Mindful Master Good Character Learn and Know True Wisdom Don't Be Doubtful Be Happy Flourish and Prosper Don't Hate Be Humble Don't Be Attached Live Your Way Balance your Life Use Good Words Practice Good Habits Don't Be Angry Have Faith Be Faithful Don't Be Jealous

(+)X..........|..........(- Not Being Competent and Skillful ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Contentment ) (+)X..........|..........(- Greed ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Kindness ) (+)X..........|..........(- Not Peaceful Mind ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Control of Your Mind ) (+)X..........|..........(- Bad Mind ) (+)X..........|..........(- Arrogant Mind ) (+)X..........|..........(- Violent Mind ) (+)X..........|..........(- Harm People of Good Will ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Support For People of Good Will ) (+)X..........|..........(- Not To Be Mindful ) (+)X..........|..........(- Bad Character ) (+)X..........|..........(- No True Wisdom ) (+)X..........|..........(- Doubt ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Happiness ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Flourishing and Prosperity ) (+)X..........|..........(- Hate ) (+)X..........|..........(- Not Humble Mind ) (+)X..........|..........(- Attachments ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Life Your Way ) (+)X..........|..........(- Not Balanced Life ) (+).....X.....|..........(- Bad Words ) (+)...X.......|..........(- Bad Habits ) (+)....X......|..........(- Anger ) (+)..X........|..........(- No Faith ) (+)..X........|..........(- No Faithfulness ) (+)X..........|..........(- Jealousy

Don't Be Jealous Be Healthy Admit and Eliminate Your Faults Don't Be Effected by Faults of Others Be Diligent Control Your Pride Take Care of Yourself Teach, Love & Help Children Set Good Example Say No to Abuse and Exploitation Do Not Be Lazy


(+)...X.......|..........(- No Health ) (+)..X........|..........(- No Faults admission ) (+)..X........|..........(- Faults of Others Effect you ) (+)..X........|..........(- No Diligence ) (+)..X........|..........(- Pride ) (+)..X........|..........(- Not Taking Care of Yourself ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Teaching, Love & Help for Children ) (+)X..........|..........(- No to Setting Good Example ) (+)X..........|..........(- Abuse and Exploitation ) (+)X..........|..........(- Laziness )

Treat People as Innocent Until Proven (+).X.........|..........(Guilty Without Proof Guilty ) Integrity Liberty, Justice and Equality for All Life & Security Freedom Freedom of Expression Freedom of Opinion Freedom To Government (+).X.........|..........(- No Integrity ) (+)X..........|..........(- No to Liberty Justice & Equality for All ) (+).X.........|..........(- No Life & Security ) (+)..........|.....X.....(- No Freedom ) (+)..........|......X....(- No Freedom of Expression ) (+)..........|......X....(- No Freedom of Opinion ) (+)..........|......X....(- No Freedom To Government )

No Freedom from Corrupted Freedom from Corrupted Government (+)..........|.........X.(Government ) Freedom to Public Service Freedom to Social Security Freedom to Your Own Destiny Freedom to Think & Become Freedom to Give & Share Freedom for Good Development of People Freedom of Movement Freedom of Residency (+)..........|....X......(- No Freedom to Public Service ) (+)..........|....X......(- No Freedom to Social Security ) (+)..........|....X......(- No Freedom to your own Destiny ) (+)..........|....X......(- No Freedom to Think & Become ) (+)..........|........X..(- No Freedom to Give or Share ) (+)..........|......X....(- No Freedom for Good Development of People ) (+)..........|......X....(- Freedom of Movement ) (+)..........|......X....(- No Freedom of Residency ) (+)..........|.....X.....(-

Right to Privacy Right to Home Right to Family Right to Protection by Law Right to Asylum from Injustice Right to Marry The Right to Own Property Right to Your Own Thoughts Right to Your Own Conscience Right to Human Dignity Right to Work Right to Choose Work Right to Good Condition of Work Right to Protect Work

(+)..........|.....X.....(- No Right to Privacy ) (+)..........|.........X.(- No Right to Home ) (+)..........|..........X(- No Right to Family ) (+)..........|.........X.(- No Right to Protection by Law ) (+)..........|.....X.....(- No Right to Asylum from Injustice ) (+)..........|......X....(- No Right to Marry ) (+)..........|.....X.....(- No Right to Own Property ) (+)..........|.....X.....(- No Right to your own Thoughts ) (+)..........|.....X.....(- No Right to Your Own Conscience ) (+)X..........|..........(- No Right to Human Dignity ) (+)..........|..........X(- No Right to Work ) (+)..........|..........X(- No Right to Choose Work ) (+)..........|..........X(- No Right to Good Condition of Work ) (+)..........|..........X(- No Right to Protect Work )

Just checking the table you can learn things you have not thought that will apply to your situation. To cover up the crimes, the judge, general magistrate and the court personal erase recordings from some hearings where the victim could not defend himself. The court ordered the victim not to write to federal and state government in his defense. In 3rd year of this madness, the general magistrate lied again stating that the husband needs to go to psychological evaluation and has to pay to see his children. The next hearing she threw out the victim as she could not bear listening to the truth about her corruption. The question is - how low the corruption can go? The answer is, it can go very low...

Corruption - the Vermin of Humanity

Corruption is a crime against humanity and corruption should be fought every where it surface. If you put blind eye for any form of corruption, corruption may strike you back. Corruption is manipulating the powers of the Universe in wrong way, exploiting the laws that are used the wrong

Corruption is any abuse of a position of trust to gain an unfair advantage. This includes both corrupting someone else and being corrupted yourself.

Corruption is dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. The action of making someone or something morally depraved or the state of being so. This involves the conduct of both sides: that of the person who
abuses his position of trust as well as that of the person who seeks to gain an undue advantage by this abuse.

Going against laws of Universe is corruption. Going forward your needs screwing others is no longer your need - it is crime of corruption. Ignorance is your evil. Sensitivity in your life eliminates corruption. The reality shows that corruption has short run and always will end. Corruption may bring you goodies - it also brings you stress, bad energy. Corruption brings you chaos to your inner peace. Inner chaos stop you from being happy. You can have less goodies but inner peace and happiness. You can pretend in your mind with your delusions that it is OK to corrupt yourself or others but the reality is, you pay for corruption the second you started to be corrupted. Reality brings you the truth and the happiness, corruption brings you the opposite of happiness despite on surface it may bring you some material or mental goods.
Men kind is the highest creation of Universe and it deserves respect by all. We are part of the

most incredible miracle the Universe created. We are integral part of God of Universe. You are the most precious creation in Universe therefore your life has great meaning and purpose. By corruption you do wrong to others. It will bring you stress as well as to those you used in your corruption. If another form of intelligent life comes to Earth, it will be well aware of love over destruction and evil being done by corruption. If the level of animal like, reactive mind is not managed by men, humanity will stay at it's level without progress and no true justice and no good government can be created. Corruption stop progress.

How damaging is corruption? Real life story.

Corruption is like a cancer in a body - it does not allow healthy cells to grow and be happy. Corruption spreads like a cancer in the human society. If you do not resist it, fight it back, you get infected and eventually you may become of the corrupted system. Where there is corruption and no justice - there is poverty. Everyday corruption can touch you in the moment you would never expect. This experience is real story of corrupted individual, wife who lost her mind for material things and pleasure. Her luck of responsibility and refusal to work, seeking pleasures instead of responsibility and work made her going to meet friends in parks and various public places. It seemed she never could find good, stable friends. At the end, even the husband was no satisfaction to material desires she cultivated. At the peak of her lost mind, she decided to gain all marital assets from her own husband using her own children as tools to extort money using corrupted lawyer in the good old USA - Florida state. With violence and mental abuse she drove the husband out of the house making him homeless. She damaged her husband business and went to the court lying she does not get child support. Good friends offer her "many good advises". "Good friends" advises became action where she believed in the corruption. She got corrupted lawyer who got in pocket the judge and hearing officers. She stole money from the husband business bank account. She sacrifice her own children, using them as tool to extort money using court corruption in New Port Richey, Florida, USA. At the same time she followed advises from corrupted friends who advised her in further corruption. She field claim for not existent sinkhole under the house. The corrupted lawyer who milk the insurance company hired corrupted geological service who lied there is " evidence" of sinkhole formation under the house! The corruption started reviling even more. At the corrupted court in New Port Richey, USA hearing officer was lying in her recommendations to the judge. When the husband brought all evidence of the wife's crimes, the judge said she would not understand the objections from the victimized husband. To fuel the corruption the judge started yelling and screaming to justify her corruption for not seeing the evidence but accepting all things the corrupted lawyer was asking for. Yes, the corrupted judge refused to see the evidence and she awarded everything to her colleague lawyer who corrupted the judge, hearing officers and that was not end of corruptionchain. The corrupted lawyer went even further. She used deception and when the husband wanted the last time pleading and reconciliation between him and the wife, the lawyer wrote contract for reconciliation and $1500.00 per month to be paid to the wife. When the wife violated the agreement, the husband canceled the reconciliation agreement and sent it to the court and the corrupted lawyer. The corrupted lawyer having in pocket everybody around, went to the Florida Department of Revenue to ask for $1500.00 per month. The husband started answering harassment letters from the Florida Department of Revenue stating that there is no obligation to pay more then he already pays for child support especially when he paid 2-3 times more then the Florida Guideline are stating. The husband wanted to stop the Florida Department of Revenue from harassment but the Florida Department of Revenue refused to listen to the truth because it collects the child support money to fuel the coffers of the state. The husband refused to pay to the FDR but he sent always the child support money directly to the children. Letters to the governor, attorney general of Florida and numerous Florida agencies showed that the corruption created chain reaction just to get the money - no body cared for the truth, the reality, it was just legal extortion where the state employees had to stay on the side of the corruption, milking people from money. So the husband was being abused and exploited on regular bases by the state and court's corrupted hearing officers. The corrupted judge would not look at any evidence brought by the husband but the judge was approving anything the corrupted lawyer was asking for. The husband had no way to get any justice. With the hope perhaps the federal government can help with the corruption in New Port Richey court and Florida Department of Revenue milking thousands of innocent spouses, he started writing for help to attorney general of United States. After many months of no answer the husband new, the Attorney General would not hear the cry for help. The Attorney General of United States with ignorance to

many letters from the husband showed corruption by itself. The trust of the people was completely damaged when there was no answer for many years! The government fail on all levels but... the husband never gave up. He refused to go along with the corruption. Despite lost income and children, he say no to every level of the corruption. Then the husband along the Attorney General of USA and Department of Justice started writing to the top - the President of United States. After 2 years of writing it was clear - the corruption went from local court in New Port Richey, Florida all the way to Washington DC. The help never came even from the president of USA. The help came from the real life. The governor of Florida ignored the situation. The Florida Bar happen to be one cover up for the corrupted lawyer who was reported many times for her crimes in her legal " family practice". The husband reported the corrupted lawyer to the Florida Bar. Florida Bar would not see anything wrong with the lawyer permitting her to fuel further corruption. The child abuse by the wife and the cover up of the lawyer of child abuse reported many times to Florida bar and other agencies brought no reaction - the system was based on corruption of very large scale. Nobody in the state could or would deal with the corrupted lawyer so the children went abused for years. Then Florida Department of Revenue have stolen child support money from the husband's bank account. Money corrupts but the husband refused to go along the corruption. The bank answered it is the law made by Florida - the Florida Department of Revenue can steal "legally" from your bank if they want your money. The husband even was called to the court by the corrupted Florida Department of Revenue to have his driver license suspended! This is corruption chain that formed to exploit people like the husband who would not hire another corrupted lawyer and loose his house for the lawyer fees! This is true story of Florida corruption where in 21 century there is state with wide corruption milking spouses from their marital assets, rubbing bank accounts from innocent victims of the corruption, suspension of driver licenses just to extort money from it's victims. This is not science fiction - what happens in Florida can happen in your back yard - work toward stopping corruption any place it surface! This state wide and national corruption in USA is directly responsible of total economic collapse where manufacturers, health officials are being milked by corruption in court system like Florida and New Port Richey court. There is unemployment as manufacturers run away from corruption. Just like the husband it is difficult to live and flourish in corrupted society. The wide spread corruption is the vermin of today's society. Wherever you encounter such corruption like in Florida - you can not have healthy economy, peace and happiness of it's people. The husband devoted to fighting and defending himself from all the corruption in New Port Richey, Florida. Almost 3 years of writing and gathering evidence against the crimes of the wife and corruption of the judge, hearing officers and corrupted lawyer who got in pocket everybody handling her cases, would not bring any justice to the situation. Lost business, harassment from the Florida Department of Revenue, new law suits filed by the corrupted lawyer came to monthly regular events. The husband kept spreading the fact about corruption fighting for justice. Justice fro him and thousands of innocent victims of the corrupted system. That is why every sign of corruption should be fought back and you never should allow yourself into corruption, talk or contemplating ill deed as sometimes from thought comes action just like the corrupted judge in New Port Richey, helping her colleague lawyer to milk spouses and making their life miserable for many years to come. The chain reaction from the wife's greed, hate, ill desires, child abuse and corruption came long chain those who would serve her in the corruption corrupted lawyer, corrupted hearing officers, corrupted judge who would not even look for any evidence. The Florida Department of Revenue corrupted individuals participating in extorting everybody who got into it's web of corruption. Yes, everything was done under "the legal way". If the law gets used in corruption, it is no longer the law - it is the enemy of the society and the state and everyone is responsible to fight against the corruption. The $ corrupts, the greed corrupts even at the highest level of the government. With one greedy, criminal wife all the way to the top of the government - chain of corruption that got involved 100's of people who would just "do their jobs" having no reaction to the reality of corruption damaging life of innocent people. It is suspected by the husband that from the corrupted judge all the way to the ignorance of Attorney General of USA and American President - everybody will be effected by participating in this corruption. Future will reveal how long this will go. It took centuries to stop slavery, it took centuries to lower wide spread

discrimination, it may take long time to stop Florida's corruption but the progress has been started and the people of Florida hope that the world will learned about their life damaged by wide spread corruption. Do your part - say no to corruption live your life free and happy! How to deal with corruption? Once you find out you are dealing with corruption - the best way is not to participate in it. Defend yourself as much as you can. Spread the news, talk to everyone about it. Let others be aware of it. Let the corrupted ones know what they do is wrong and then just let it's flame of corruption extinguish itself. Start your life again even if the corrupted judge took everything you worked in your life. You need to start again. Starting again has its own positive sides - you can do it better! The husband that lost everything he worked for in his whole life made the world better by making people aware about wide spread injustice in Florida. Because of the corrupted judge and injustice she spread for so many people, there was cause for the husband to let others be aware about this vermin of human society that was trusted to upheld justice and she allowed herself to participate in injustice. The husband decided to start his life again. He met his true love - got new purpose in his life filled with love and enjoyment. He started spreading the awareness about the corruption to the people. He helped others to stop corruption in Florida and any other places in USA. The Universe always works itself always and in this case. The effect of this situation of a husband refusing the state wide corruption was bringing awareness to the people of corruption. The corrupted judge perhaps lives her life filled with her hate and she pays for her corruption already, without even thinking about it. Her corruption made thousands of people wracked their life. The Universe has it's own effect on her. Perhaps her delusions and corrupted mind does not see it but yes, she already feels the pain of all her victims... The vermin of human family always pays for it's crimes. On December 26, 1862, 38 Dakota leaders of the U.S. - Dakota War of 1862, were hung in the largest mass execution in U.S. history in Mankato, Minnesota. Innocent people
defending themselves on their land were murdered by the U.S. Government. Not even 100 years from great ideas of American Revolution for Freedom, Equality and Justice for all, the same ideas were corrupted and created the opposite of itself. The result was mass murder, atrocity, human right violation by the same country that fought against the same from England. And who was the president of the american government that allowed to murder the victims in Mankato, Minnesota? Nobody ells but the man who allegedly made slaves free - Abraham Lincoln! The Universe makes this world better despite twisted minds of some people ready to do evil in the name of this or that ideology.

In May 2005, Jim Miller, a Dakota spiritual leader, had a dream of riding across the great South Dakota plains to Minnesota and watching 38 of his ancestors being hanged. So Jim did it. With him came many. In December 2008, this 330 mile horse ride of healing and reconciliation from Lower Brule, South Dakota to arrive at Mankato, Minnesota on the anniversary of the execution came to success. One's man dream is another man's step forward. The descendants of settlers and descendants of American Indians overcame the result of big corruption in 1800's taking American Indians all they had. The ride was greeted by many residents on it's way to Mankato, MN. Humanity overcame the evil from the past. It may take long time to stop corruption. Corruption can be stop! Never let corruption take any part of your life - live free and in peace from corruption.
It can happened on any scale in your life. If you can not distinguish your reality, the truth, you can be corrupted by money. Money will not buy back damages your possible corruption have done so be careful about money, corruption, power and fame - they do not bring happiness.

The Universe does have reaction to any corruption - those who enter into corruption can not live in happiness!

The Main Law of Universe - Be Good.

The Main Law of Universe - to be Good and reject Bad. Good means go with the Universe, Bad means go against the Universe. Universe exist, it moves, it lives, it grows - it works for itself. The Universe is the ultimate Goodness - the God of Universe.
We are the ultimate beings Universe evolved and created. The Universe would never evolved intelligent life by chaos, and bad energy. We were evolved by special environment, good energy and if it worked - it survived its creation - if it was bad - it ended it's existence. This principal of creation shows that positive, good energy gives us way forward. Wrong, bad energy stops progress and ends its existence. Therefore the Universe is showing us that if you are good in your life - you move forward. If you do wrong, bad deeds - you stop your progress, you feel bad, you suffer and your life becomes meaningless. Your bad deeds may end life faster. If you are aware of this relationship there is in our Universe, you will understand the basic laws that govern everything. Good is for progress, harmony and good feelings for humans. Bad is the opposite, the way to chaos, stagnation, it is the bad feelings for human life. You need to understand the basic principal of love, happiness and goodness in your life, the way of positive energy as requirement for progress, happiness, moving forward. If you are not aware of this basic positive energy that is called love, you will not experience the positive, good, life at the highest level. Your mind has to be aware of love giving you all the best and evil deeds giving you all the worst. Your mind has the greatest power to choose good over bad. Always choose good. Bad action will bring bad reaction unless the other human being you sent your bad energy has higher level of evolution and will give you positive energy to neutralize your bad deed and perhaps give you help in your wrong way. Good reaction for bad one is one of the highest things people can do to counter react bad energy and not many of us can. It is the higher level of evolution in people, way above the animal level where survival depends on power and fear. We are the special creation - so living by ideas of goodness and progress, the components of love is the right way toward future. As great and beautiful creation of Universe we should know that wrong, bad energy we may create will stop your progress and your happiness. It may stop life short.

To Be Good
| It gives good survival, It gives progress, It brings order, It brings positive energy, It creates less problems, It makes more time, It is the way to goodness & closer to the source.

To Be Bad
| It gives less survival,
It brings no progress, It brings chaos, It brings bad energy, It brings more problems, It creates waste of time, It is the way to Evil and away from the source.

The most important law of Universe, no matter of it's location is to be good and do good. In never ending space, laws, the energy of everything is what we all live in. How to understand the basic requirements of our Universe to have good life? The short and principle law for our life is fairly simple - Do Good - Reject The Bad. You can not understand everything in your life but if you know the principal of good and evil - you know the right way to to live. The progress in Universe is based on harmony and creation of good, positive things. Only good energy can create good way. The opposite of progress in Universe is chaos that is created by bad energy. Wherever there is bad energy - chaos becomes evident. It took Universe time - a lot of time - to create special place called Earth. From Chaos to beautiful garden of life where some forms of harmony and right environment always exists for life. The positive energy of Universe created unique place for it's life and intelligence that should guard its environment. The mass consciousness is still going on. By reading these writings you also evolve. You want change in your life. Just this state of change and positive energy is your power the power of human mind. You are on your way to better life if your mind can be aware of it's power to choose between love and evil. Don't feel bad when you made mistakes. You learn by doing mistakes but you need to learn and stay being aware of them. We need time to understand the basic principle of our life - good builds and give us safety - bad destroys and give us fear. Do good - live by good deeds. Reject the evil, say no to bad deeds. These are the principles laws of Universe for our life to be good. Many religious commandments are very similar. These are basic laws that if not observed will have bad impact on you. Similarly they are all the basic laws religions teach people. Not knowing them or not observing them leads to suffer, tragedy and death. The main laws for happiness include religious commandments and lot of other laws that are not as

strong but have effect on your life and happiness:

1 Be good with love.

This is the basis of existence in Universe. What is good goes forward and survives. What is bad and defected gets eliminated by the Universe. If you are bad and wrong, the Universe may react with mortal results and actions. If you bring war and conflicts to others, you will meet with reaction and that can be deadly to you. It is like universal fuse for balance in nature.

2 Do not murder.
Murder is the unlawful killing of one or more human being by another. The basic of life continuation is law that is against murder. Whatever the life situation you get yourself, you are never allowed to think and do murder. This is the most important law of Universe. If this is not observed the Universe will extinct those who do not obey this law. Self defense allow for defending your life with all means including killing those who want to kill you. This is the fuse the Universe has for stopping evil who wants to take your life. You have the right to extinct those on behalf of your living Universe who violated the law of murder against you. Whenever is necessary, love, understanding and no retaliation should be used before self defense can be used on deadly level. As people live in material world we adopted to many different environments on Earth. Our survival is in the material world. As entity living in material world we have the right to live and survive. Our survival depends on food. If no plant food is available we have the right to survive on food from animals therefor killing for food is allowed. Killing for any other reason then food is waist full and against the law of murder. Our place in Universe allows us to multiply our sources of food and take our food resources without any waist. As long as we maintain balance in nature our food resources should be maintain with care and respect.

3 Don't do illegal acts.

As the law of Universe are set and they are not changeable, society placed detail laws governing their countries, states and municipalities including business and private property. All laws that are set to help and understand citizens duty and responsibility should be observed and respected as most of the laws are to help the society that you are part of it. Doing illegal acts is equivalent with harming you and your neighbors. As laws enacted by men are not always suited well for the society, we should be aware and for forward to improve bad laws. Corruption by government and police should be reported and eliminated as it hurts all of us. Ignorance of corruption hurts all including you. By not doing illegal acts you do not have to live with burden of it's consequences.

4 Governments run and design for all people should be supported.

When you have the right to improve your and others life, you can take happiness from helping your neighbors and countryman in their life. Support for corrupted government or individuals will not bring any happiness.

5 Do not steal.
Stealing is taking possessions of goods without paying for them. You need to have respect for the ownership of things. Stealing is never fair to hard work for those who made it and market it. The road to happiness can not be traveled with stolen goods.

6 Do not harm person of good will.

People of good will are people who mean well toward their fellow citizens and work to help them. Persons of good will are often unseen or are hidden behind everyday work. Our good society stand on everyday people of good will who are willing to do more then their official duty calls for. To support and have respect for people of good will can give you happiness.

7 Be worth of trust.
Mutual trust is the strongest building block in human relationships. Keep your words once given. People who keep their words are and admired. Those who lost their trust are treated without trust. The way to happiness is much easier to travel with people one can trust.

8 Balance and fulfill your obligations.

Our life journey creates obligations other expect us to pay back. Not fulfilling our obligations is close to theft as we got things without paying for them. Too much obligations create problems with repaying and should be discourage. As in all Universe - you need to find balance between obligations and money you can make. Happiness is to have little or no obligations to pay.

9 Be industrious.
To be industrious means applying yourself with energy to study or work and creativity. People who are idle with purposeless life are never happy. Sorrow can be eased by getting busy. Creativity brings satisfaction and need for others to use your inventions. Happiness is when your hard work of creativity and production brings happiness to others.

10 Be competent and skillful.

When you put all your skills to a problem you encounter, there is good chance you may resolve it. You need to set your mind for difficulties and hard work to resolve problems. If you choose easy and short road to success you may find it is not there. By respecting skills of others you acknowledge the greatness of their mind and skills. See what you see not what someone tells you to see. Unnecessary arguing can be eliminated by inviting others to look and compare their findings. If they are open minded and skillful people are, they will come and look. Close minded will keep arguing and never open their minds to other possibilities. Learning and improving your skills makes you better and more competitive. Strive for the best you can. The bad criminal never learn to learn. The good skilled professional learns all the time. Learn from your mistakes. Practice make you better in anything you set your mind on. Happiness

Learn from your mistakes. Practice make you better in anything you set your mind on. Happiness come from people who are competent in helping you.

11 Respect the religious beliefs of others.

There are lot of religions and lot of views on God. To have no respect with others would be meaningless to the tolerance and harmony of Universe. Respecting others gives you the right to express your views on God. The happiness is to see brother and sister who is in other religion. Other religions should be respected and understood as another window view for God.

12 Don't do things to other that you would not do to yourself.

This is simple and easy way to understand others and their feelings. If you do not want to be hurt don't hurt others. If you want avoid bad experience - don't cause others to have bad experience. Happiness is to live with those who are not willing to do harmful acts.

13 Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you.

This is another easy help if you are not sure what to do in relations to others. You want to be treated justly so be true to others. You want be your friends loyal to you - don't betray your friends. You want to be treated with professionalism and fair - be fair and professional to others. Sometimes you may need compassion in bad time - be compassionate to others. It goes on and one - good action forward you should show you good reaction to others. Some others are to be considerate, self controlled, tolerant, forgiving, benevolent meaning good and friendly, others to believe in you, respectful, polite with dignity, be appreciated and admired, be loved, be acting with integrity. Most of good deeds are welcome by most people depends on the life situations. Bad deeds are mostly not welcome by us as they hurt and make us feel bad. When you apply good deeds to others there is chance that they will reply with goodness and respect you for being good to them. You can accomplish positive resonance with most people.

14 Protect and improve your environment.

Be of good appearance. Universe has effect of resonance. If you want attract good and positive energy - you become one. Your good appearance will attract people with the same appearance. good appearance does not mean expensive cloths - it means clean, simple, good look you created with your appearance. Taking care of your own area helps you in every day functioning. When you balance chaos and progress in your space you allow yourself way forward. If you allow too much chaos in your home or life, you will encounter problems that will take your precious time. If you clean up your house or life, problems will diminish and progress will come. You will gain time as work in clean organized place will be better performed. Good job done will bring you happiness. Protecting planet Earth is our common goal. This is our home, this is our responsibility. Care of our common planet begins in your own back yard.

15 Take care of yourself.

As Universe's precious creation you are responsible for your well being. Get care when you are sick or in need of physical help. Clean body and environment makes you healthier. Good food nourish your body. Choose your food wisely. Get rest for your body is often forgotten. Regular rest is good for your body. Excellence in health means devoting your life to ending poverty - Patch Adams.

16 Get balance and control of your life.

Balanced life gives you peace, enjoyment and happiness. When your life is balanced you do not need any harmful substances. Balanced life does not require using any drugs or harmful substances. If alcohol or any controlling your mind substance does make you loose your reality, safety or health it should not be used. Any substance should not control you - your mind should control any mind controlling substance.

17 Be Faithful to your words and other people.

Jealousy is not needed between people who love each other. If you love your partner, you do not need to look for another love. Love between woman and man is fulfillment of true love that creates the beauty of another life. Faithfulness between woman and man brings healthy and joyous life. Unfaithfulness brings down love between woman and man. Unfaithfulness brings down organizations, relationships, and it damage our way of life. Be faithful to yourself and others.

18 Teach, love and help children.

Every child should be taught good morals and how to be self reliant. These are essential for good survival and future of each child. Each child needs love, help and friendship on their way to adulthood. Children are our future - make it good for them right from the beginning.

19 Help, Respect and Love your Parents.

There are differences in generations. One generation lives on the different level of reality as reality changes within time. Understanding the differences makes it easier to understand other generations. As children needs help and nourishment's from adults, elderly needs help as their health may change.

20 Set Good Example.

There are times where some people get low in their lives. One feels bad about the other one. The bad cycle can be broken toward good deeds. Once someone decide to be on good side, to set good example it will change close cycle of hate and resentment. By setting good example you will gain respect even of some week people who could not stop the bad way of life. It will help the good and bad ones to light up the right way in their life. Good example is needed for many and sometimes only few can set good example. Be one of them with goodness and love. Being good example brings happiness to you and others.

21 Seek to live with the Truth. Set your Mind for Truth. 22 Control your desires

Desires change the perception of reality and the truth. If we do not control our desires your mind gets wrong sense of need - the true need is substituted by falls need - our not needed desires.

23 Do not allow any Abuse and exploitation. 24 Flourish and Prosper. 25 Don't get Attached - Change is the Reality. 26 Keep your Freedom, Liberty, Justice and Equality for All.

Main laws
1 Be good with love. 2 Do not murder. 3 Don't do illegal acts. 4 Governments run and design for all people should be supported. 5 Do not steal. 6 Do not harm person of good will. 7 Be worth of trust. 8 Balance and fulfill your obligations. 9 Be industrious. 10 Be competent and skillful 11 Respect the religious beliefs of others. 12 Don't do things to others that you would not do to yourself. 13 Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you.______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 14 Protect and improve your environment. 15 Take care of yourself. 16 Get control of your life. 17 Be Faithful to your words and other people. 18 Teach, love and help children. 19 Help, respect and love your parents. 20 Set good example. 21 Seek to live with the truth. 22 Control your mind and desires . 23 Do not allow any exploitation and abuse. 24 Flourish and prosper. 25 Don't get attached - change is the reality. 26 Keep your freedom, liberty, justice and equality for all. _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________

Happiness is the fundamental state of mind. You should live happy life. Happiness is good! You have right to happy live! You can work toward happiness! Your inner peace can say - Don't Worry - Be Happy!

Happiness is living your life without pain in mental and physical form. Happiness is positive energy in you. Happiness is a state of mind, not a state of your relationship .
Happiness comes from your inner peace. You have the capacity for inner peace in your own mind. Your mind can give you inner piece by meditating, quieting your mind and throwing out all unnecessary negative thoughts. Practice your positive way of thinking - it helps with happiness. Unhappy world is the opposite it is world where your survival is bad and your surroundings are against you. Good survival of human being and it's relation to the Universe is important for your happiness. Happiness is a state of none attachment - be not dependable too much on material world. Attachments create problems, grief from loss of attached thing or person, depression and unnecessary emotional pain.

Observing main laws of Universe brings you happiness. Living and doing your dreams, natural talents is happiness: "It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing." A poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. Have a dream that's been gathering dust on the shelf? Take a step towards it today. The one who wrote these pages did... Consider what motivates you. What is the one thing you would do with whole heart, even if no one was to give you any kind of reward for it? You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one - Henry David Thoreau.

Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life Confucius. Using your talent and natural motivation gives you happiness.
Unbalanced pleasure, fun, excitement, thrills are not true happiness. They come and go - pain from their loss gives you unnecessary pain. Balanced life gives pleasure. Unhappy are those who got depressed because they lost their life balance in emotions, attachments, controlling, trust, suspicion, jealousy, desires, pleasure, fun, excitement, thrills and all similar, hidden problems that you may think are good.

you may think are good. The more your fight your depression with unbalanced life and it's causes, the worst it gets. Balance your life with good causes and your depression will go away. Clinical depression is imbalance of chemicals in your brain and should be helped. Get busy - exercise, get proper and balanced nutrition. Once you balance your life, happiness can be obtainable.

To find contentment in life is part of your happiness.

You get happy from enjoying living in good world. Knowledge of the Universe and it's laws gives you happiness. The good environment and good way of survival is also associated with happiness. Being happy means being content in your life. Happiness gives us good feeling and it is one of things we want in life. It can be simple process to learn happiness and yet in many people's life they can not find basic happiness. To be happy we need to realize what we have is good - we need to be content from what we got. Seeing is believing - feeling the Universe in your life is a gift that can be received by proper knowledge and ability to observe and understand your surroundings, your Universe. Happiness can be achieved by good deeds called in many religions - commandments. Even new trends, philosophies include the basic road signs to happiness. Universe shows us that happiness depends on observing basic laws of our surroundings - the Universe. These basic road signs are required to keep order in your life. If you violate any of those, you get in trouble. Violations of basic rules may end your life short. By being sensitive you are able to see and be aware of Universe laws - ignorance of anything in your life damage your well being. Ignoring anything can make you crippled, especially when you ignore the main laws of Universe. Awareness and practice of basic laws is crucial to your well being and your happiness. The more you are aware in your life the better your life gets. Sensitivity to your environment is the key to your love. If you are not aware of someone ells or your own problems, you will keep having them. How you can eliminate them if you are not aware of them? If you have problems, you need to take actions to eliminate them. Doing nothing if you or somebody ells suffer is wrong. It is wrong to do nothing when you or others need help. Your happiness depends on helping others including yourself.

Love - Hate
What is love?

True love is living and doing good things to others without expectation for return.
Love is something that if you give it away, give it away, you end up having more - Malvina Reynolds. Love is the first ingredient in the relief of suffering - Padre Pio. When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too - Paulo Cohelo. You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back - Barbara De Angelis. For most of us it is human state where people have positive feelings about each other. If you do not know love your life does not progress but if you are aware of love you can change your life for better. Love can change you. True love does not recognize beauty or ugliness. Just like rose that gives good smell to all, true love is given to all, bad and good. Love is for all equal. Love is always good energy. Love is power of your mind where you choose to be good to yourself and others. To be good and likable to others is form of love. Positive energy, good thinking toward others is love. All good deeds you do is part of love. Unconditional love is where you do good deeds without need or expectation for any return. Don't give your power of right doing away easily but your love should be given unconditionally. What it means? You should do what is right and you should not give it up despite loving the one who does wrong to you.

Love is connection
Love is the most magical connection in Universe. When knowledge fails, the faith in Universe and love connects everything - just make yourself aware of it and use it. Use love as connection between you, others and the Universe. Love is mostly associated with people we like because they showed us their good deeds toward us. Love should be also directed toward those who do wrong - they need it. They need more love then those who already got some principles about love. We all need love and we all have to give it away. Just like parents love their children - they direct extra love toward the sick child. This child need extra love so they give them that. Those who lost their health or mind, those ignorant people should receive love and compassion as they need this. It is not easy to bring love toward those who hate you, yet this is true love. Unconditional love is not easy but is possible - it is true love.

Love leads us into mystery where no one can say what comes next, or how, or why - Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg.
Love and share. He who obtains has little. He who scatters has much - Lao Tzu .

Levels of Love
There are different levels of love love like parents love toward their children, man's love toward woman, or just love towards humanity in general. Love of humanity seems to be on higher level but if you add love of humanity to love of the Universe - it is the highest level of love. It is completion of highest, positive energies toward all kind of energies - the highest level of love - the love of everything the love of God od Universe. Yes, man can get to the level of loving everything. We know individuals who got to the highest level of love like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed and many others saints, gurus and people of love. In many walks of life there are people who are just regular, average men and woman of good deeds who try to bring love in their lives. They love all people and everything around them. They loved our Universe and they live by the laws of the Universe. They understood the supreme power ruling and creating our world. The great men of our history understood the Universe and they could do what others could not - they could love everything. We, the people can be sensitive to bring love and we receive good feeling by doing it. It give us good energy. Some of us are able to bring love, some of us are not aware what true love is.

You can get to highest level of love - you can begin right now - start from being aware of what true love is. There is no love without sensitivity. Just like an orchestra playing music, if you are not sensitive to all of the instruments, you can not hear the whole creation of music being played. you may here what you want to hear. You can not hear the whole music just some instruments, If you hear all the music with all instruments, you are sensitive and able to hear the needs for your love to others. The purpose of love is creation, progress, positive things, help and understanding. Love forgives bad deeds. Love moves you forward in our life. Love is the creativity. Love is not easy for many. Love is the ultimate and only energy that bring us with the source of Universe where the ultimate laws, knowledge, space and time joined together.

What love is not

Love is not desire for someone or something. Love is not your passion. Love is not your attraction. Love is not list of requirements for others. Love is not good feeling because dependency on others bring us good feeling. Love is not between people who need each other - it is dependency. If I don't need you and you don't need me then we may have true love bringing us good deeds without any requirements, dependency or desires. If there is beautiful woman or handsome man, you like their look but is that true love? You do not even know them, you just desire them as they are beautiful, but... are they beautiful inside? May be they are spoiled, empty without love and good deeds, they could even be criminals... Desires and beauty is not love. Love is good deeds for all not only beauty. Desire for beauty is not love. Love for beauty is not true love but desire and attraction. Craving, desire, attraction for beautiful things or people is not love. That is why you can get hurt as beauty not always is good for you. Beauty gives us pleasure and good feeling but it does not give you love. Love is not to manipulates something or someone just to keep it. True love is not Hollywood romance or sex. Dependency on others is not true love. Those who do not need each other can have true love as it will not be dependency but true love.



Love makes positive outcomes. Love allows forgiveness. Love makes good deeds, Love makes positive energy. Love allows good choices. Love makes clear and peaceful mind. Love makes good survival. Love makes your more confident. Love makes blessings. Love brings love from others. Love brings hope and safety. Love makes you happy. Love brings help and understanding. Love makes more love. Love creates awareness. Love is not desire for someone or something. Love is not passion. Love is not attraction. To bring love you need to be sensitive. Love is unconditional. All words in love are in equality of goodness. Your good work is love to others. Love for pleasure is love in wrong direction. _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

Hate creates bad outcomes. Hate creates luck of forgiveness. Hate makes bad deeds. Hate makes negative Energy. Hate creates bad choices. Hate makes chaotic irrational mind. Hate makes bad survival. Hate makes you less confident and more irrational. Hate takes away any blessings and grace. Hate brings more hate and negative energy. Hate creates no hope and danger. Hate makes you suffer. Hate makes no understanding from others. Hate makes more anger and hate. Hate bring hate and resentment. Hate should be stopped unconditionally. All words in hate are unbalanced and not true - bad. Hate brings negativism. Hate brings never ending problems. Hate stops progress. Hate damage love. Hate does not allow for good work. _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________

What is Hatred or Hate?

HATRED or hate is intense feelings of dislike. It can be hatred of things, situations, feelings, other emotions or hatred of other people. One of the most powerful negative emotions that are killer of spiritual, mental and physical health is hate or hatred of people. All negative emotions are killers of spiritual, mental and physical health. Holding these emotions will shorten your life but will also make you live in the most miserable way.

Philosophers have offered many influential definitions of hatred. 1. Aristotle (Greek philosopher, 384 BCE - 322 BCE) viewed hate as a desire
for the annihilation of an object that is incurable by time. 2. Rene Descartes (French philosopher, 1596 - 1650) viewed hate as awareness that something is bad, combined with an urge to withdraw from it. He could not elaborate beyond this due to poor and limited understanding of this emotion in his time. 3. Baruch Spinoza (Dutch philosopher, 1632 - 1677) defined hate as a type of pain that is due to an external cause. The cause, however, is not real. Given Spinoza's insistence on a completely ordered world where "necessity" reigns, Good and Evil have no absolute meaning. Human catastrophes, social injustices, etc. are merely apparent. The world as it exists looks imperfect only because of our limited perception. Hate in his view was only a false perception of our poor sensory system. In other words all negative emotions are creation of our limited sensory perception. 4. David Hume (Scottish philosopher, 1711 - 1776) believed that hate is an irreducible feeling that is not definable at all. He tried to connect hatred with religion. His fear of lack

feeling that is not definable at all. He tried to connect hatred with religion. His fear of lack of tolerance in the existing church made him less transparent to objectify his view of hate in the light of religion. Nevertheless, he did try to hint that religion had lot to do with emotional aptitude of negative feelings (hatred for example) surfacing due to intolerance of the church when it came to facing reality of the time. Hume's early essay "Of Superstition and Religion" laid the foundations for nearly all subsequent secular thinking about the history of religion. Critics of religion during Hume's time had to express themselves cautiously. Less than 15 years before Hume's birth, an 18 year old University student named Thomas Aikenhead was tried, convicted, and hanged for blasphemy for saying Christianity was nonsense. Hume followed the common practice of expressing his views obliquely, through characters in dialogues. 5. Sigmund Freud (an Austrian Psychiatrist, also honored as "the Father of Psychiatry", 1856 - 1939) defined hate as an ego state that wishes to destroy the source of its unhappiness. Source is usually projected as someone other than the true source. Analytically he described it as a defense mechanism (projection) that safeguards us from hurting (hating) the real source (loved one). By projecting our hate to the third party, we feel secure and safe. Freud ascertained this hypothesis by analytically elaborating the incidence of 10 years old boy who hated his horse. Under analysis Freud discovered that the boy actually hated his father (the real source). It was too painful for the boy to hate his father; therefore, he projected his hate on to his horse. 6. In a more contemporary definition, the Penguin Dictionary of Psychology defines hate as a "deep, enduring, intense emotion expressing animosity, anger, and hostility towards a person, group, or object." 7. Because hatred is believed to be long lasting. Many psychologists consider it to be more of an attitude or disposition (personality problem) than a (temporary) emotional state. 8. Child is not born to hate anyone. During life we receive messages that are negative and our subconciousness stores them deep in our mind. The problems from negativity stored in our mind can surface under hate.

The 7 Natural Laws of the Universe

Of the 7 Laws, it may be the most important in how our everyday lives play out, but all of the laws are in effect whether we are aware of them or not. Knowing what the 7 laws is important as they can be found almost in everyday life. How they work can make a significant difference in applying them to create the life that can make you truly happy.

The 7 natural laws are in no particular order and are all on similar level showing us the nature of Universe and consequently the nature of humanity.
The Law of Vibration - attraction - states that everything vibrates and nothing rests. Mater is in constant move on its molecular level or planetary level. Vibrations of the same frequency resonate with each other, so one resonance attracts the same resonance, energy of one level attracts energy of the same level. Everything is energy, including your thoughts. Consistently focusing on a particular thought or idea attracts its vibrational match. How to apply it: Focus on what you want instead of what you don't want. The Law of Relativity states that nothing is what it is until you relate it to something. Point of view is determined by what the observer is relating to. The nature, value, or quality of something can only be measured in relation to another object. How to apply it: Practice relating your situation to something worse than yours, and you will feel good about where you are. The Law of Cause and Effect states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. Be at cause for what you want, and you will get the effect. Universe works by effect. All thoughts are creative, so be careful what you wish for You may get it and even more. How to apply it: Consistently think and act on what you want to be effective at getting it. The Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite. Hot Cold, Light Dark, Up-Down, Good-Bad. In the absence of that which you are not, that which you are is not. Polar opposites make existence possible. If what you are not didn't coexist with what you are, then what you are could not be. Therefore, do not condemn or criticize what you are not or what you don't want. How to apply it: Look for the good in people and situations. What you focus on may make this or the opposite effect.

The Law of Rhythm states that everything has a natural cycle. The tides go in and back out, night follows day, and life regenerates itself. We all have good times and bad times, but nothing stays the same. Change is constant. Knowing that This too shall pass is great wisdom about life's ebb and flow. How to apply it: When you are on a down swing, know that things will get better. Think of the good times that are coming. The Law of Gestation states that everything takes time to manifest. All things have a beginning and grow into form as more energy is added to it. Thoughts are like seeds planted in our fertile minds that bloom into our physical experience if we have nourished them. How to apply it: Stay focused and know that your goals will become reality when the time is right. The Law of Transmutation states that energy moves in and out of physical form. Your thoughts are creative energy. The more you focus your thinking on what you want, the more you harness your creative power to move that energy into results in your life. The Universe organizes itself according to your thoughts. How to apply it: Put your energy and effort, your thoughts and actions into attracting what you want, and you will surely attract the physical manifestation of that energy. The 7 Natural Laws of the Universe are working with you and for you. Take charge of your life by focusing on what is important and what natural law can do for you, and by natural law you should get closer to the source of it all.

Man Made Laws Basic Religious Laws.

When we want to live in harmony and do not incur bad situations for ourselves, we should study some universal law. Universal law is not made by man, and is not changeable like human's law. When we see the human's law, it varies from country to country. And even the standard of morality varies from country to country. So it is hard to tell people in one country to accept the other country's law. But the universal law is always and always the same. For example, in the Bible it is stated that, "You shall not kill. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not steal. You shall love your neighbor, love thy enemy, etc...." These will never change.

10 Commandments of Bible

The 10 Commandments - God's Revelation in the Old Testament 1 You must not have other gods. We must understand the true message from the Universe. Looking for gods and goddesses where there is only one supreme power and knowledge of the Universe is waist of energy. Placing your energy into understanding the true knowledge and laws of the God of Universe brings you happiness and understanding. 2 'You must not misuse your God's name. We should not use God to curse, swear, cast a spell, lie or deceive - it is waist of energy - it will not help anyone. What will help is positive energy, love, pray, praise, thank, meditate, contemplate, help yourself and others. Using The Laws of Universe in bad way brings no benefits to you or others. Using laws of Universe brings goodness and happiness. 3 Remember to keep holy the Lord's Day. Balance in life requires balance between work and rest. Taking care of yourself require rest and enjoyment from your work. Take rest when you need it. 4 You must honor your father and mother. Obeying and loving your parents is always the right choice. Love them and value them. Your parents experience is valued in your life. 5 You must not murder. Respect all life. Do not harm nor hurt your neighbor's body as it would be yours. 6 You must not commit adultery. Animal instinct of sexuality should not be reason for leaving your married partner. By leaving your married partner for sex means you can not control your sexuality and your mind. Your sexuality should be controlled so you can give it with love to your married partner. If you mistreat your spouse, your marriage will get hurt, you hurt yourself. If you let down your married partner, you let yourself down. 7 You must not steal. Take temptations of material world out of your mind. Do not take what was not given to you. 8 You must not tell lies. Be Honest. Lies hurt others. Lying bring problems. Learn to be Honest. 9 You must not desire your neighbor's house. Take desires out of your mind. Keep necessities a priority. 10 You must not desire your neighbor's goods. Be grateful for what you have. Don't be greedy. Keep what is needed and what was given to you. About 1,400 years later, the 10 Commandments were summed up in the New Testament at Matthew 22, when Jesus was confronted by the religious "experts" of the day: "Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments" (Matthew 22:36-40).

Jesus simplify 10 commandments to two: Obey and be aware of the laws of God of the Universe ( love of God) and do the same to people as they are part of the Universal God. Jesus was showing that this spiritual law was a living law , like the law of gravity or inertia. When you break it, it breaks you! Action and reaction cause and effect is the true Universe.

The Universe has the simplest and most effective laws - the main law of Universe could be made to just one: Be Good.
As easy it seams - be good - all the other laws are observed to support the basic idea of being good.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Human Right would not be needed if people would know basic information between bad and good, goodness and evil. All these declaration of human rights were outcome of basic human freedoms and rights being terribly violated. These laws are created as some people mistreated human precious life. Those who did committed atrocities against humanity were blind with hate and prejudice. Those oppressors got blind in hate and being good was not an option for their poison mind. This is like action and reaction - these right were brought to life to state clearly what is not acceptable to do to another human being. If you understand the God of Universe - you would not needed to know universal human rights. We all have them and most of people know them from daily life. Unfortunately, some of us are blind by greed and evil deeds and need to be brought to justice using basic human rights:
Article 1

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. Article 2 Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty. Article 3 Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person. Article 4 No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms. Article 5 No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment. Article 6 Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law. Article 7 All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination. Article 8 Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law. Article 9 No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile. Article 10 Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him. Article 11 Everyone charged with a penal offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defense. No one shall be held guilty of any penal offense on account of any act or omission which did not constitute a penal offense, under national or international law, at the time when it was committed. Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than the one that was applicable at the time the penal offense was committed. Article 12 No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks. Article 13 Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country. Article 14 Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution. This right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely arising from non-political crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations. Article 15 Everyone has the right to a nationality. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality. Article 16 Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution. Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses. The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State. Article 17 Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property. Article 18 Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. Article 19 Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Article 20 Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. No one may be compelled to belong to an association.

Article 21 Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives. Everyone has the right of equal access to public service in his country. The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures. Article 22 Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality. Article 23 Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favorable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment. Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work. Everyone who works has the right to just and favorable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection. Everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests. Article 24 Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay. Article 25 Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control. Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection. Article 26 Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit. Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace. Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children. Article 27 Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits. Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author. Article 28 Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized. Article 29 Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible. In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society. These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations. Article 30 Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein. The law of Universe does show clearly even when life gets complicated and people try to govern themselves. The first Bills of Rights to the United States Constitution has basic universal laws in it. They are written from the governing point of view but they are the basic human right as well.

American Constitution - Bill of Rights: Freedom, Justice,

Equality and Liberty for All!
This is bit technical associated with state functionality but it has lot of universal laws in it.
Article the first [Not Ratified] - After the first enumeration required by the first article of the Constitution, there shall be one Representative for every thirty thousand, until the number shall amount to one hundred, after which the proportion shall be so regulated by Congress, that there shall be not less than one hundred Representatives, nor less than one Representative for every forty thousand persons, until the number of Representatives shall amount to two hundred; after which the proportion shall be so regulated by Congress, that there shall not be less than two hundred Representatives, nor more than one Representative for every fifty thousand persons.

Article the second [Amendment XXVII - Ratified 1992] - No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.

Article the third [Amendment I] - Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a

redress of grievances. Article the fourth [Amendment II] - A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Article the fifth [Amendment III] - No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

Article the sixth [Amendment IV] - The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Article the seventh [Amendment V] - No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Article the eighth [Amendment VI] - In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense. Article the ninth [Amendment VII] - In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

Article the tenth [Amendment VIII] -Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Article the eleventh [Amendment IX] -The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Article the twelfth [Amendment X] - The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Mind Set
It is you that makes the decision how you set your mind. Set your Mind for good and noble things - reject the bad.

Set your mind for goodness, love and rejection of the bad. Setting your mind is like an auto pilot guiding you forward the good side of life. Consciousness can be your guide in setting your mind for goodness. ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Setting your mind for good deeds is How to Train Your Brain for Happiness.
You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. - C.S. Lewis
Canadian scientist Donald Hebb said that Neurons that fire together, wire together. You can increasingly train your neural machinery to get positive states of mind. As the brain changes, the mind changes, for better or worse. As the mind changes, the brain changes. The connections between neurons that are very busy ( for example your positive activity - love, help to others) get stronger, they get more sensitive, they start building out more receptors. People who maintain some kind of regular meditative practice actually have measurably thicker

People who maintain some kind of regular meditative practice actually have measurably thicker brains in certain areas. If you meditate and concentrate on peace of your mind - you train your brain in this direction and within time, you achieve the longing of your mind by your brain. The Brain is connected with the mind and mind does direct the brain. When the mind directs the brain to set it in specific direction, the brain neurons get together in this area, they grow and get sensitive. Once it is sensitive in this direction, the body takes advantage of better being. The mind feels better since the brain got the body in better direction. The body also will get result in negative direction when the mind orders the brain to look for the negative direction. The body gets hurt when the direction gets bad side. Your Mind, Your brain - Let your mind set it right! Your brain is the great computer alive - use it or lose it. This applies to the brain as well as to other aspects of your life. Normally, we lose about 10,000 brain cells a day - we were born with 1.1 trillion. We produce about the same - you make the choice in what directions your brain grows, in what direction you go in your own life. The experience shows you the reality, true reality helps the mind, and the brain helps the mind and eventually the body maintains itself well by good decisions of the brain. Setting your mind for goodness and peace instead of evil and enjoyment from suffering of others is the ultimate goal to set your mind for positive experience. Once you set your mind for the truth, peace and goodness it will set you free from deceptions and delusions of every day's life. Addictions with it's destructive power of your mind will be understood and they will have no effect on you. You just have to set your mind to live good life - rejection of all bad will be the right way to your progress in life. Meditation and thinking in positive way helps in setting your mind in right direction. If your mind would be computer and your awareness would like to program it for better life, it would place the right program to work your mind forward good direction not self destruction. Set your mind for good and noble things and your time will become precious. You can manipulate time - all you need is energy of thought - the energy of your mind that will manipulate your life so you get more time out ofyour balanced life. Set your mind to be not effected by others possessions and high life. Set your mind for contentment. Be happy from what you have and don't set your ambition too high as it will damage your contentment for new desires, needs and greed. Setting your mind to the energy of perseverance needs to be apply to get away from cycle of bad energies damaging your life. Set your mind to tolerance. Tolerance can balance your life. Set your mind against prejudice. Setting your mind to peace, dialog, love, understanding of cause and effect to others helps eliminate violence. Setting your mind for necessity and priority over pleasure and delusions helps in gaining more time and inner peace. Set your mind for simplicity, non violence and peace brings happiness, inner peace and freedom from crimes and danger of violence. Set your mind for good control over your attention. Most people don't have very good control over their attention keeping them in close circle of making the same mistakes.

The recognition of Good and Bad

If you can not distinguish what is right and bad, you may have problem with your reality. Most of the good deeds we do have positive outcome. The positive results of our doings are assurance of our good decisions. From good outcome we know that the decision was made right. From good decisions we have great outcomes. Good judgment depends on truthful inputs. Good life depends on learning lessons life brings to you. If you are not sensitive, you can not see what is good or what is bad. If you are sensitive to see and learn your lessons you get the idea what is good, what works and what is distracting your life. To know what is bad or good for you is to learn lessons from your life's experience. Intuition, experience, knowledge clear mind give you the ability to recognize what is good or bad in this world. This recognition and the ability to see what is bad and good is the essence of life's experience. Without the clear recognition between good and bad, you are blind member of this Universe. You are in it without knowing it. If you know it and you know you are in it, you have consciousness. Your consciousness takes your blindness away. Learn to see your Universe from the right way - the reality! If you are close to reality, you are close to know what is good or bad. Sensitivity helps your reality.

Some Do's and Don'ts of The Universal laws

DO's Be Good. Bad creates bad - stay away from it. Turn bad against other bad to win peace. Good is opposite of bad - learn to keep it. Seek and live the truth, Be truthful. Stay on the side of truth & good Be independent on the good side. Your love should be given unconditionally. Your thoughts and life should be balanced. Allow all view points without feelings and defend your own

DON'TS Don't be bad. Don't create bad. Don't allow bad to win. Bad is opposite of good - stay away from it. Don't stop seeking and living the truth, don't lye and deceit. Don't stay on the side of bad. Don't be afraid to say no to bad. Don't be programmed by society and fashion - do what is right and good. Don't give your power away easily but love unconditionally. Don't create imbalance. Don't stop any points of view and don't stop your thoughts.

Allow all view points without feelings and defend your own thoughts - argue in good way. Take care of you, your family and others. Love yourself and others. Be Happy Be responsible and rational. Observe and obey true justice. Say no to abuse in any form, any time and anywhere. Your life is precious gift and part of God - take care of it, protect and defend life if needed. Too much gain may hurt others - be reasonable andbalanced. Money is not everything - place higher values over money and profits. Greed is bad. Be tolerant. If bad touched you in life - learn from it. Learn from your mistakes. Be sensitive. Observe, understand, cherish and apply in your life the laws of Universe. Good is made by wise decisions. It takes time to do wise decision. Be aware of those who rush you to make decision - they may be hiding the real truth. Balance emotions in your life Help those who need the most help. Help those who lost connection with their reality and mind. Always prevent any war and never steer one. United with all against past, current and future wars, terrorism and any warmongering. Resist those who profit from wars and conflicts. Unite against insane rules. Force created force, war creates war, terror makes more terror - stay away from it or those who may desire them.

Don't stop any points of view and don't stop your thoughts. Don't forget to take care of you, your family and others. Don't forget to love yourself and others. Don't be unhappy Don't be irresponsible and irrational. Don't be blind to justice. Don' help in any abuse. Don't neglect life. Don't be unreasonable, out of balance. Don't abuse money or profits, don't be greedy. Don't forget tolerance. Don't ignore bad. Don't repeat your mistakes. Don't beignorant. Don't forget to observe, understand, cherish and apply in your life the laws of Universe. Don't do bad decisions. Don't rush with decisions. Don't forget that good decisions require time. Don't get emotional. Don't forget to help others. Don't deny help for those who got lost in their life. Don't do anything to make any war. Don't stop uniting for peace, freedom, love & harmony for all. Don't support war and those who profit from it. Don't stop against tyranny of insane rules. Don't allow violence, war, terrorism or any one who wants to use them.

Look for love, peace, harmony - they are essential for good Never agree to stay with those of hate, ware, slavery & chaos life. - they are against humanity. Find time for important things in your life. Time has it's limits - use it wisely. Waist is bad - avoid it. Get along with others for the truth and good. Know your limits. Respect others, especially those who differ from you - we are all part of God. State your truths freely, clearly, calmly and firmly. All people have equal rights and freedom. Those who lost themselves in bad should be treated with their basic rights. Allow others to freely express their opinions. Distance yourself from bad people. Bee equal to others. Efforts are important, achievements are even more important. Set positive objectives. Enjoy accomplishing positive objectives. Grow in positive way. Good life is your right - work forward it. Practice Integrity, Integrity is good for the truth. Give the best in every work you do. Good work is worth proper compensation. Be honest. Being lazy do not bring good life. If you get success - keep it and maintain it. Make positive goals and try to reach them. Find your true nature. Live with your real truth. Keep your good feelings toward others. Don't forget to find some time for important things in your life Don't waist your time. Don't create waist. Don't be bad to others who seek the truth and good. Do not promise what you can not deliver. Don't disrespect others even when they differ from you. Those who differ may be closer to the truth. Don't distort the truth by wrong impressions. Don't violate basic rights and freedom. Don't allow freedoms to those who violated them. Don't disregard others opinions - they all may help to find the truth. Don't forget that bad people are part of the Universe. Don't feel superior or inferior to others. We are all on different level of evolution, yet we are all part of the same Universe. Don't disregard efforts and achievements. Don't ignore negative objectives. Finish what you started. Don't stop your good, personal growth. Don't loose sight of good life. Don't loose your true integrity - it is truly positive possession you have. Don't ignore quality of every work you do. Don't ignore good work. Don't loose your honesty in every walk of life. Don't get lazy - it may hurt you. Don't loose your success. Don't loose site of your goals. Don't pretend what you are not. Don't forget about good feelings toward others.

Keep promises. Love is good - keep it as much as possible. Love is part of creation - love someone or something. Create someone or something. Love will carry you in hardship & disappointments. Love assures you with coexistence everywhere. Love is the most important asset of life - it will get you higher to the top.

Don't forget your promises. Don't forget, love is what you need. Don't forget to love and create. Don't stop loving - it will help you in bad times. Don't disregard love - you need it. Don't loose your love - it never dies and survives eternity.

Love is everlasting ingredient of creation, Love = Eternity = Don't forget love - you need to move higher in life. Creation = Harmony Change bad to good using love. Self knowledge is better then any diploma. Keep your mind open - life is tricky game. Positive knowledge helps your life. Always improve & trust your wisdom. Be happy - enjoy life in freedom, love, peace, and harmony. Control your alarm and fear emotions - too much of them are no good for you. Wise people reached higher level of wisdom - learn from them. Be self discipline in good way. Be kind to yourself and others. You are equal part of God's creation. Love can change bad. Don't fall for diplomas - self knowledge is best education. Don't close your mind - other point of view may help you. Don't accept negative knowledge - make it positive. Don't loose your wisdom Don't make yourself unhappy over things that are not in existence or not in your life. Don't get over alarmed, over feared & over stressed. Don't be afraid to ask wise people for wisdom. Don't abuse yourself. Don't forget to be good to you and others. Don't feel bad about yourself - you are great part of God.

Let others be aware of basic universal laws - all deserve to Don't hide away Universal Laws of God - everybody deserve get closer to God. the right to improve their life. You were created by Universal God - you are special and feel that way. The power of mind can get rid of some diseases. Heal yourself. You are not mistake - you are in beautiful life on Earth keep it beautiful. It is possible to reach the impossible - use your mind and thoughts - quite your mind and look into the wisdom of everything. Fight any temptation. Judging for truth is not easy - it may hurt others. Thoughtful & justify criticism is sign of true friendship. Pointing truth in difficult times is always needed. He who praises but omits criticism is not your true friend. Be gentle and receive gentleness. Be patient and receive patience. Be loving and receive love. Be friendly and receive friendship. Be merciful and receive mercy. Be truthful and receive truth. Be hopeful and receive hope. Be faithful and receive faith. Be joyful and receive joy . Be peaceful and receive peace. Be humble and receive humbleness. Be harmonious and receive harmony. Be content and receive contentment. Be appreciative and receive appreciation. Be forgiving and receive forgiveness. Be just and receive justice. Be good and receive goodness. Militarism that is not for true defense is bad. Rely upon yourself. Get only things that are needed Your pride may hurt others. Avoid selfishness.
Be self sacrificed.

Don't take away being special from every human. Don't deny your wisdom to help your health. You know your body the best. Don't forget - life can be beautiful - try to strive toward the beauty in your life. Don't forget miracles happened. You are one of them. Don't waist your miracle. Don't ignore or use the wisdom around you. Don't let temptations lead your life. Don't hide the truth. Don't be afraid to speak the truth Don't ignore the truth - there is always someone who needs it. Don't call friends those who are afraid to criticize you. Don't be rough. Don't rush. Don't forget Love. Don't forget friendships. Don't forget mercy. Don't lie. Don't forget hope. Don't forget Faith. Don't forget joy. Don't forget peace. Don't forget to be humble - it gives you sense of equality. Don't be chaotic. Don't forget to be content when you really are. Don't forget to be appreciative. Don't forget to forgive. Don't forget justice. Never forget to be good. Don't fall into militarism that is not for true defense. Do not depend upon anyone else. Do not indulge in desires Do not cherish pride Do not cherish selfishness.
Don't be egoistic.

Control your own mind and that will make you behave right. Don't be foolish - without controlling your mind

Stay on the right path. Keep your mind away from greed. Keep your mind pure and words faithful. Avoid all evils. Avoid anger. Be the master of your own mind. Suppress and control temptations. Respect others. Avoid disputes Enjoy your work, interests and creativity.

Don't stay on wrong path. Don't be greedy. Don't forget about pure words and faithfulness of your words. Don't associate with any evil. Don't use anger. Don't be victim of somebody ells pressure Don't let temptations into your mind. Don't ignore others. Don't look for disputes. Don't be idle, lazy.

Place your energy into creative work instead of lament and Don't lament in your life or use empty, meaningless talk. empty talk. Be aware that change is everywhere and nothing remains unchangeable.. Don't cherish the unworthy desire that the changeable might become the unchangeable.

Be aware that passion of extreme people can kill therefore Get away from passion and have control over it. it should be controlled. Stay on the side of truth Follow the truth of Universe and be free and happy. Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony & simplicity. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. Use your difficulties to create opportunities. Help yourself and others - be sensitive. Don't use lies. Don't ignore the laws of Universe. Don't complicate or clutter your life - use forget to use simplicity. Don't close your eyes for opportunities. Don't ignore to help yourself and others, don't ignore anything.

_____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Consciousness - Awareness is being aware of yourself and the Universe.

It is not matter that creates an illusion of consciousness, but consciousness that creates an illusion of matter.
All laws of Universe mean nothing if you can not be aware of them, if you can not see them, so open up your awareness, sensitivity and start seeing life from inside out. Most people are asleep even when they don't sleep. They need to wake up, open up their mind, see what is real, reality understanding will set them free. The greatest human gift is to be aware, to be in touch with oneself, one's body, mind, feelings, thoughts, sensations and its understanding why are you here. Consciousness is the ability to experience and be aware of yourself. Being aware of yourself is important as it is basic idea for intelligent life. Being aware of your good and bad side is even more important as it gives you good reality view of your future problems and mistakes you can make in your life. That knowledge of being aware of things and future relation you may have with your decisions is part of intelligent life we are. Consciousness gives us advantage of intelligence and makes us different from animals, plants, plain matter. Our collective consciousness place us on higher level of human intelligence. If we can be aware of our problems - we can have control over our future problems by having the ability to avoid them. To have the ability of avoiding problems is part of your intelligent life. Consciousness gives us positive way for the future. Work forward great consciousness of the Universe and it will give you guidance and better way for your future. Bringing consciousness to others is great help to humanity and it brings happiness. People who are not fully aware of their reality are dysfunctional in their life. The human consciousness is based on the right perception of reality. . If you are aware of yourself as special creation by the Universe, you would never waste your life. You need to live to the fullest potential the Universe has given you. You just need to be aware of yourself, your time and space you are living in. It is self consciousness. Being aware of yourself in this time and space as special being in Universe will help you in everything you do. Just be aware of yourself as good and great human being. Life has tremendous meaning. Your life is special so wasting it is taking your life away. Use your gifts the Universe gave you. Use your potential to help you and others on their journey to better tomorrow and ultimate positive energy of love that will bring you to the source that created you. Find and be aware of your purpose in life.

Improving your life is being aware of the Universal Laws.

Once you are aware of the Universal Laws - your life will start drifting to the better side. You need to implement your knowledge in your life, otherwise it will be wasted. You need to push yourself forward into the goodness and universal love. By creating positive energy you will attract positive energy. In most cases it is just the matter to observing the Universe's basic laws and implement them in real life. Once you are aware of the laws of Universe, your perspective on life will change and it will be easier to understand it. Once you understand it you are no longer in fear of your life and it's problems. So let's not waist a time ( important universal law) and let's explore what is good and what is not for your daily life. Priority is important. It is not important to remember all the laws - it is important to understand them and implement them in your daily life. Just by reading Universal Laws of God you will find that there is nothing new about the laws - they really govern us every day. It is a matter of understanding and be aware of them. Why suffer in life when you can improve it and live it to the fullest? Life is Good if you make it good. Be aware and improve yourself - nobody will do it for you!

Sensitivity and Ignorance

Ignorance Ignorance is when you think that somebody suffering does not have anything to do with you. Just that thought proves that it does have effect on you. That shows you are part of everything especially everything around you. Ignorance is not only not knowing, but also includes not wanting to know. Ignorance is no respond to needs of the surroundings. Ignorance refers to a lack of wisdom or insight into the nature of reality. Ignorant people can't judge what is wrong or right. Their ignorance make them insensitive to reality. Ignorance is avoiding responsibility for one's own life. Ignorance is defected, low frequency energy that can not respond to other energies. From ignorance and greed come wrong desires for things that are not necessity.

Derived from ignorance:

Concealment - hiding one's negative qualities when others with good intention talks to them - this causes regret Dullness - mind without clarity - caused by fogginess which makes mind dark/heavy. Faithlessness - no belief of that which is worthy of respect; it can be the idea that virtue is unnecessary, or a wrong view of virtue; it forms the basis for laziness. Laziness - being attached to temporary pleasure, not wanting to do virtue or only little; opposite to diligence. Forgetfulness - causes to not clearly remember virtuous acts, inducing distraction to forgetting important matters. Inattentiveness - intentional seeking mental distraction like daydreaming - lack of conscience - not fully aware of one's conduct, careless indifference and moral failings,

Derived from attachment and ignorance:

Hypocrisy - pretension - pretend non-existent qualities of oneself Dishonesty - hiding one's faults, no regret, snobbery & conceit (excessive pride in oneself), self importance and finding faults with others, giving no clear answers.

Derived from attachment, anger and ignorance:

Distraction - mental wandering - inability to focus on any object. Shamelessness - consciously not avoiding evil, it supports other delusions. Inconsiderateness - not avoiding evil, being inconsiderate of other's practice, ingratitude. Unconscientiousness - wanting to act unrestrained like without reality - carelessness - delusions and laziness; Ignorance shows in greed that goes human mind. Ignorance and greed make people feel discriminated where in reality there is no discrimination. Ignorance and delusions change people's reality. Without reality there is no truth to be experienced. Ignorant people can not know the truth and laws of the world. They are people who lost touch with reality. They lost sensitivity to the surroundings. Ignorance brings wrong thoughts and wrong point of view feeds the ego that brings wrong action. Eventually ignorance make people attached to a delusive existence. When your ego lives on your ignorance not wise mind, you start living in your delusion mind being fed by desires that fuel more egoism and the circle of mind gets trapped in egoism and self serving mode. It is the mind that creates brain so... going by the main universal laws should make you aware of all those lost connection with the source of our Universe. Ignorance is the main problem for being not aware of main laws of Universe. If you are ignorant - you are not sensitive. Human kind lived thousands of years with nature - if you were ignorant - you could not survive. Good survival requires great sensitivity to all your surroundings. If you became ignorant - the Universe does will bring you lot of problems. Maybe you should check your sensitivity? Ignorance leads to problems and destruction.

Sensitivity Sensitivity is the feeling for outside world. Sensitivity is needed to function at high level in Universe. Without sensitivity there is no love, happiness or friendship. Luck of sensitivity blocks proper way of living.

I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance - Pablo Casals. Sensitivity is the energy of high frequency that can sense and respond to most energies and people.
We sense danger and we feel good energy from our environment. We learn from early childhood what is good - it keeps us going in survival mode many times. We know also the bad side of universal laws - when you associate with the bad things in life or if you follow the bad deeds - you will get hurt. Your survival rate goes down with ignorance. For some reason people pick a lot of bad decisions in their lives. The reason is that they are not sensitive. They lost the natural connection with the universal mind of God. The luck of sensitivity got people to became wrong in their judgment and they can't not be aware of the main universal laws.



It enable us to connect with our Universe and it's laws. It stop problems before they can be created. It allows better decisions. It helps humanity. It helps in relationships. It increase survival. Sensitivity is required for true love.

It stops connection with the Universe and it's laws. It creates more problems because potential new problems can not be seen. It allows for bad judgment and bad decisions. It is destruction for humanity. It ruins relationships. It lowers survival. There is no true love with ignorance. ____________________________________________ _________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _________________________________________________

What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is a decision to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge. It is forgetting the pain somebody gave you with any act that hurt you. Forgiveness

is a commitment to a process of change. The change is very difficult aspect but without this change in thinking you can not accomplish true forgiveness.
How to forgive
Pride stops forgiveness. Be aware of importance of forgiveness. Practice forgiveness. Understanding what and why something hurts you can bring forgiveness. Understanding your mistakes can bring forgiveness. Forgiveness should be easy and instant when unintentional mistakes were made. Intentional wrong doings should be understood. All efforts for forgiveness are important. Surrender your hate and all bad energy for unconditional forgiveness. Be happy - Forgive! Have mercy, grace, forbearance. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ You can learn forgiveness by recognizing the value of forgiveness and its importance in your life. You need to be aware that forgiveness is the only way to help you function normally after somebody gave you pain, hurt, betrayal, and all things that hurt you. This awareness will help you to learn and accomplish true forgiveness. You need to learn how to practice forgiveness. Reflect on the facts of the situation that brought you hurt from somebody. When you've been hurt by someone, it can take an almost superhuman effort to move forward therefore you should help yourself to place super human effort to eliminate this difficult state of mind. If you understand the situation that brought you hurt, it will help you in forgiveness. Learn from what happened to you and try to see if this action that brought you hurt was intentional or it was completely without any control of those who hurt you. Many times you get hurt by events or people who had no idea they are hurting you or they had no choice but act the way they did. Is that worth to be angry at people who unintentionally hurt you? In case of unintentional actions of others you should easily forgive those who hurt you without intention of hurting you. In some life situations people wanted to help you but the outcome was different. Perhaps some people wanted to hurt you to stop your wrong doings against them. They have right to defend themselves from your wrong doing that sometimes you may be not aware of. Reflecting on your own action many times will show you that they were wrong. Admitting wrong doing helps in forgiveness on both sides. You should be aware that you should forgive those who forgave you. It is noble to be the first who can forgive. The most difficult cases for forgiveness are coming from worst acts against us or our loved ones like murder. It is not easy but all efforts should be done to get to forgiveness. It can take great effort to move forward. Time helps also with forgiveness but your efforts are essential. If you want others to embrace accountability and repentance, but you can't make that happen on your side then you should just surrender to unconditional forgiveness and that is another way to help with forgiveness.

Suffering from lock of forgiveness.

There is a hard law. When an injury is done to us, we never recover until we forgive - Alan Paton. Reflect on a grievance you've been holding on to. Try and release it in forgiveness today. You need to be aware that no forgiveness gives you lasting feelings of anger, bitterness and even vengeance. You need to give up your emotional pain by employing forgiveness. If there is no forgiveness coming truly from your mind, you will suffer internal pain. The anger that comes from no forgiveness can bring pain, sickness, tragedy and even murder. Luck of forgiveness can brings bad cycle of violence and hostility without end that is why forgiveness is one of most important and most difficult acts in your life. If you're unforgiving, you may pay the price over and over by bringing cycles of anger and bitterness into your life. Your relationship without forgiveness to others alienates you in society. Luck of forgiveness bringing you nothing but problems. If your life become so involved in hate against those who hurt you, you can't enjoy the present. Your anger poison your mind. Your energy goes the wrong way. You may become depressed or anxious. You may feel that your life lacks meaning or purpose, or that you're at odds with everything

anxious. You may feel that your life lacks meaning or purpose, or that you're at odds with everything around you. You may lose valuable and true happiness in your life If you allow negative feelings to overcome positive feelings, you may find yourself at the dead end by your own bitterness or sense of injustice. When you're hurt by someone you love and trust, you may become angry, sad or even violent. If you dwell on that past event that hurt you, you surrender and give over your serenity and peace of mind. The good side of forgiveness Forgiveness brings healing process and progress in life. Time and forgiveness can bring back trust and love. Forgiveness can lessen its effect on you and eventually bring you to internal peace. Forgiveness takes you out of dead end in your life. In many cases forgiveness will give you hope, gratitude, joy,peace and relief from internal pain. . Forgiveness will help you focus on other, positive parts of your life. Forgiveness can even lead to feelings of understanding, empathy and compassion for the one who hurt you. Forgiveness will allow you to stop anger and resentment toward those who hurt you. Forgiveness doesn't minimize or justify the wrong but it brings closure to bad event. You can forgive the person without excusing the act. Forgiveness brings a kind of peace that helps you go on with life. Forgiveness can change your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Letting go of grudges, bitterness and resentment makes way for compassion, kindness and peace. Forgiveness makes healthier relationships. Forgiveness is something that both people in marriage has to do. Without true forgiveness marriage can not function properly. It brings less stress and hostility. It lowers blood pressure giving you internal body peace. It does help with your mental state - it lowers symptoms of chronic pain, depression and anxiety. It truly balance your life giving you lower risk of alcohol and substance abuse. It makes you noble. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ The bad side of no forgiveness Lock of forgiveness brings anger and resentment toward those who hurt you. No forgiveness gives you lasting feelings of anger, bitterness and even vengeance. No forgiveness can bring you suffer, internal pain,sickness, tragedy, cycle of violence and even murder. Without forgiveness you can not bring back trust andlove. No forgiveness does not bring closure to bad event or hate. Without forgiveness to others you alienate yourself in society. Without forgiveness your anger poisons your mind. No forgiveness drains you from good energy and it builds a lot of bad energy. No forgiveness bringing you more problems. You can't enjoy the present. It brings hate against those who hurt you. It brings anxiety and depression. Luck of forgiveness makes your life meaningless and without good, true purpose. It stops progress and healing process in your life. It stops valuable and true happiness. It brings pain and sense of injustice. It can make you angry, sad or even violent. Without forgiveness you can not have serenity and peace of mind. It stops focus on other, positive parts of your life. It makes dead end in your life. No forgiveness will bring you luck of hope, gratitude and joy. Luck of forgiveness brings you no understanding, empathy and compassion for the one who hurt you. Without forgiveness physical, emotional and spiritual well being is difficult if not impossible. No forgiveness does not make way for compassion, kindness and peace. It does not make healthy relationships and marriage. It change blood pressure and does have effect on your health. It brings more stress and more hostility. It brings more mental stress, symptoms of chronic pain, depression and anxiety. It makes unbalanced life giving you higher risk of alcohol and substance abuse. It does not make you noble. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

Forbearance - Forgiveness, Mercy, Grace

Forbearance - Forgiveness, Mercy, Grace It
creates appreciation from others.

No Forbearance, No Forgiveness, NoMercy , No Grace

No appreciation and resentment from others. No help for others creates hardship. No hope for miracles of Universe. No hope, darkness, bad survival. It creates problems in marriage and people coexistence.
_____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________

It help others in need. It helps appreciates good events from Universe where hope is lost. It brings hope, brightness, good survival. It helps in marriage and people's coexistence.
_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

What is forbearance? In general forbearance is patience, good nature, tolerance of delay or incompetence. We are all on different level of knowledge of our surroundings and you should be aware of that. A delay in enforcing rights or claims or privileges in many cases is right thing to do. We all loose something in life, including jobs and money. Understanding to this situation will help everybody. If you are provoke, restraint under provocation is good forbearance. Withholding response to provocation in most cases is good. This luck of respond to provocation from bad deeds and bad people in many cases levels bad situations. Restraining in attacking others for unjust cause is right thing to do. Restrain in quick or wrong judgment is good thing to do. Forbearing is showing patient and self control and restraint under adversity. Be slow to retaliate or express resentment.


Mercy is compassion or forbearance shown to an offender or subject; clemency or kindness extended to someone instead of strictness or severity. To keep going in life we need to use some mercy for others as we all do mistakes. Mercy is relief of distress to others. We all find ourselves in bad time. Understanding others and giving them some compassion is good deed. Compassion shown to victims of misfortune is good thing to do.

Grace' is more than mercy and love, it adds to them something bigger then compassion and mercy. Grace is on higher level then mercy. So if you can forget and give love to your enemy - it is grace. Grace is not easy for most people. Animal instincts of getting even with your enemy in many of us takes over and we can not show grace. To get to grace takes understanding and special connection with laws and God of Universe. Work forward grace in your life. Grace comes to us giving us mercy to those who suffer.

Reality, Truth, Delusion, Deception and Lies

Lying is the lowest order of creativity drifting from reality. The Reality is your own perception and experience. The same reality for others may look different. The Universe is the ultimate reality. There is no place in this kind of new physics both for the field and matter for the field is the only reality - Albert Einstein. Just like the physics shows us the field of energy is everywhere, we are part of the oneness - we are part of the ultimate realty.
The reality of Universe is being everywhere at the same time with constant change. Universe is everything. All other perception of reality is how you see it. The closer you see the reality the better your judgment for truth. Reality give basis for truth to specific time and place. It is the reality that shows what is truth. Power of mind set for truth is energy of proper energy flow. Power of mind set for reality is energy of ultimate energy flow. Between my truth and yours, there is somewhere the real truth. Be aware that your truth may change when compare with others. Universe supports only the ultimate truth. Ignorance and delusions change people's reality. Without reality there is no truth to be experienced. In reality, many people create delusions, pain, grief, lamentation and agony. People create their own delusions as escape from reality. The right way is to live in reality. Delusions are shadow created by the mind to ease problems in reality. Escaping problems of reality is no escape, it is just creating more problems. Action creates reaction. Your have control over your life. This is reality not destiny. You can make a difference in your life not god or a chance. God is the path and road signs to its greatness and it is you that needs the knowledge and wisdom to get closer to the ultimate life's destiny and happiness. In reality the Universe is energy vibrating in many forms, scales and sizes of concentration. The movement is similar. Vibration of atoms works in similar fashion giving us matter that can be touched by us. Matter does have gravity that we can feel. It is the same on Earth. Just like gravity and spin of atomic energy the environment is similar. It moves constantly. It is homogeneous. It is in material world we create judgment what is good and what is not. According to our situation and time, we label some situation good or bad. The labeling sometimes can be wrong. Our judgment gets wrong. The better we understand the Universe the better we feel what is right and what is wrong. Good judgment of reality leads to our Wisdom. Wisdom leads to our salvation. To live within your reality, to have a grasp over reality, to understand reality is good. The opposite is to live within your delusions and lies. The reality in our life change. Sometimes our home is our place of peace. Some times the same home can feel like jail that we want to leave. Sometimes what is good for us is not so good and what was our enemy is becoming our friend. Observing reality is possible for those who are sensitive. You need to treat reality like it is. Distortion of reality will get you in trouble. If you are friendly with the fabric of reality, you can see living universe around you. You can relax knowing how Universe work. You can come home and enjoy life if you know the basic rules and knowledge of Universe. Knowing the reality of Universe around you gives you confidence in your life. We do not know things in our life, yet we can imagine why we are so little part of our Universe and yet our mind can imagine things. Thinks that are not real and yet it make sense to imagine where you do not have to understand things about Universe. Imagination is base on luck of knowledge. Reality is based on knowledge and the truth. Since we got those two factors we can use them in our

Reality is based on knowledge and the truth. Since we got those two factors we can use them in our life but... reality has it's distinctive place - it must be first in our life otherwise we would live in dream and it is not where we live - we live in our reality first. Common logic is not always what Universe is all about yet reality is important to all of us. If you use delusion in your mind just to try to get relax or explain what is going on. Delusion gets you nowhere. You will not progress forward much in your life if you are not going to live in your reality. Universe is the ultimate reality - get close to it as much as possible. Delusions of everyday life are the opposite of reality - the delusions lie to you and others. When you lie - you present yourself more problems. When you use truth - you make life easier and less complicated. You face reality with truth. The God of Universe created it's higher self - intelligent life by using evolution based on survival of the good, workable things and eliminating bad, not working creation. Dinosaurs and other animals got instinct. They could not comprehend reality - they just lived their lives in universe where conditions could become not good for life. Man survived those conditions - the survival is based on comprehending reality. We could know in advance that this reality is going the wrong way so we moved to other location on the planet - we got the skills for better survival as we knew the key to better understanding of the reality. This is how the ultimate law of Universe was derived - goodness allows progress and good outcomes - bad or negativity creates death, extinction and negative outcomes. The Universe we live in, it's laws, energy and intelligence is in reality the God of everything - the God of Universe. Think that you need to show off to others that you are rich, successful in material goods when in reality you just borrow to accomplished that. Then there is guy who swallows his pride and does not show off but works to eliminate any excessive spending. 20 years later you are chasing rainbow the other guy enjoys his time that you do not not have. In this case your emotions pushed you to lie and you placed your life on wrong track but... Yes, you can admit your problems and you can straight your act and get on right track of your life. If you are not willing to admit your problems then... you keep going on wrong track and that is track you don't want to go.

Negative emotions are delusions - misunderstandings of reality. Delusions are shadow caused by mind. Delusion is defined as any secondary mental factor that, when developed, brings about suffering and uneasiness to self or others.

Ignorance is not only not knowing, but also includes not wanting to know.

Pride is an inflated state of mind and relies on our false view of self ego over others. It puts dow others and creates not true reality for the mind.

Attachment is not wanting to be separated from someone or something. Derived from attachment: Greed - avarice - miserliness - intense clinging to possessions and their increase. Vanity- self satisfaction - seeing one's good fortune giving one a false sense of confidence; being intoxicated with oneself. Excitement - wildness - mental agitation - distraction towards desire objects, obstructs single pointed concentration. Derived from anger and attachment: Envy - Desire to have a quality, possession, or other attribute belonging to someone else, jealousy - internal anger caused by attachment. Derived from attachment and ignorance: Hypocrisy - pretension - pretend non-existent qualities of oneself Dishonesty - hiding one's faults, no regret, snobbery & conceit (excessive pride in oneself), self importance and finding faults with others, giving no clear answers. Derived from attachment, anger and ignorance: Distraction - mental wandering - inability to focus on any object. Shamelessness - consciously not avoiding evil, it supports other delusions. Inconsiderateness - not avoiding evil, being inconsiderate of other's practice, ingratitude. Unconscientiousness - wanting to act unrestrained like without reality - carelessness - delusions and laziness;

Anger is a normal, healthy response to a threat and may be used for a constructive purpose. Anger

Doubt is deluded indecisive wavering - being in two minds about reality. Doubt usually is leading to negative actions.

Jealousy is wanting an object for oneself which belongs to others, jealousy relates to attachment for things or people.

Being attached to temporary pleasure, not working, doing

nothing is laziness.

Emotions for sexual abuse

When a victim of sexual abuse feels guilty, it is the result of incorrect reasoning, as the attacker is responsible. So on that ordinary level, guilt is a mistaken view by some victims of sexual abuse.

Loneliness is state of mind not reality. You are never lonely. If you were busy, you wouldn't have time to get lonely. Happiness is a state of mind, not a state of your relationship with someone. Ultimately, every relationship breaks up, at the latest when one of people in relation dies. This is reality not loneliness that does not understand transiency and change in life. Why are we bored, lonely and lazy? Because we don't have the will to totally open our hearts to others. If you have the strength of will to totally open your heart to others, you will eliminate laziness, selfishness and loneliness.

Your ego dealing with criticism Feeling strong about your way of life and tolerance for others point of view should be able to deal with any criticism.
Main three delusions include: destiny, believe that everything is controlled by God and its will or that everything happens by chance without people control. If destiny would be truth, people would not have any chance for improvement and happiness in their lives. God or a chance is not the order of Universe. The true God has it's laws and chance is not on the agenda but lot of things happens that is is pure chance. There are miracles and unexplainable events in Universe. Delusions that use chance are very popular among people. God does not take any sides in our life. God is neutral and flows it's own path. God does not make any winner in each war - all wars create loosers not winners. The reality to those three popular delusions people use is that something or somebody cause something to happened and change is being created. Wrong views Wrong views is speculative delusions - based on emotional state of mind. Human delusions can cause delusions of grief, pain, agony and lamentation.

Talking and doing the truth is important. Deception involves acting in such a way which leads another person to believe something, that you, yourself, do not believe to be true . Deception is form of lying. Using deception in life can not give you the peace of mind and happiness if used in wrong way. If there is need to help hopeless people who are entangled in their bondage of desires and delusions, deception should be used as tool of help. Those who can not see the truth, deception may help to get them to better state. In this case deception can be used to help hopeless people. Deception used for good purpose should be used carefully with concern to safety of those being help and you. The peace of mind comes from using the truth. By using lies and deception in your life, you get problems and stress that can lead to more problems.

The Truth
The God of Universe portrays the world as it is. There is no true or falls, good or bad, it is just different state of being. The Universe is in constant and equal state at the same time. It does not matter to the Universe if you are good or bad. Universe just rewards good and condemns the bad. Universe is equal to everybody and everything. It is you who should care about the truth, the good or bad as it will effect you - not the Universe. Universe gave you it all to help you. It is you who need to use all there is. Use it wisely. You, as part of Universe receives care from Universe as much as you give it out from yourself. Universe cares about you as much as you do but Universe does not have to care more as you do. You do war - you get killed not Universe. Universe just made the awareness to you ( this is Universe's love for you ) that you should love and be good not kill and be killed. The Universal truth is equal to everybody - it is up to you how close you can get to the ultimate truth. It is the Universal truth that shows you that evil, suspicion, desires and all bad deeds are wrong and no good for you. It is up to your awareness to see what the Universal truth is showing to you. You need to follow the truth - the only one truth - it is the right and easiest way. Any other "wrong, difficult and bad truth" create entanglement in your life and will bring more problems then they are intended. Make it habit of good energy around you. Truth is what is based on facts and observations. Logical answers resulting from facts and data. Truth is conclusion based on evidence uninfluenced by desire, authority or prejudice. Setting our mind for truth is most ignored aspects of our life - setting your mind to use and give truth is essential to make wise decisions. Our life and situation we encounter show us sometimes that it could be easier to manipulate our reality with false information. The truth about truth is different. When you start manipulating your reality with false information, the false information becomes so big you will not be able to remember all the false information and eventually your reality will become chaos. The simpler and easier way to reality of your life is to seek truth and use truth. Be aware of false information and live with your truth. No one has the right to force you from your own beliefs for truth. Truth is essential to make your reality free from chaos. Lies get born from fear, malice and envy. By understanding and rejecting fear, malice and envy you can detect lies. If you are aware of lies you should reject them. To testify as false witness is called perjury. Testifying to untrue facts is very damaging to other people involved in it. Your false testifying may hurt innocent people. Truth is the opposite of lies. For many truth is what they see and believe to be truth? In many situations like that truth is relative to each situation but there is only one real truth to each situation. Reality brings truth to each situation. Some believe that there's one truth. There are so many different people, and there are so many different ways you can look at things. We see many times how there could be just one truth. It seems that between husband and wife there is always different truth. Everyone see things different and the truth is different. The good explanation about truth was said that the truth has a million faces, but there is only one truth said Hermann Hesse. To understand the nature of Universe and it's laws you could try to understand it but you need to also feel it. As many religion mention - you need to become like child - leave all the clutter behind you and just open yourself for the truth. It seems that the truth is what we all want and we all need - it is the basis for making decision. Many times the truth is very inconvenient for people so we learn right in the first decade of our life that when we twist the reality, we twist the truth - other wise speaking when we lie we can band the reality little bit in our favor. And the struggle with truth begins. We master sometimes our lies to the point we believe in them. We get so delusion that we no longer know what reality may be. In this situation the best resolution is to stop it and get yourself in the state of truth. From now on I do not say anything but the truth. When I started to be truthful to the maximum I could - even my kids started to be embarrassed telling me to stop talking about separation with my wife as it is big secret. They did not liked the situation that I separated with my wife so they created the idea of big secret. If it is secret then nobody talks about it and the problem goes away. Unfortunately - when you do not resolve, talk about problems - the problems do not resolve by themselves as we want to. As stating the truth in our life is not easy it can become bit struggle. You can start practice it. Take some time and try only say the truth. You will see life will change. The constant thinking how to

change stories to keep going. Perhaps you should keep going without making the story... When you master that you just going to say exactly the inconvenient truth - you can notices that the bad energy resolving problems run away from your mental registry. You can start embarrassing those who were asking questions to put you in trouble. You can confront evil with the truth and see how big straggle is not for you but for those who wanted to manipulate with bad , tricky questions. Because you have to speak the truth, always speak the truth. When you meditate, you only look into your own fault, don't look into the others' fault. That means you become pure, you don't criticize others, you are just like a child. Because anyone who is enlightened and who has a glimpse or many glimpses into the true nature of Universe, he will say and express the same opinion. They can not say otherwise. They can only say the truth and nothing but the truth. The truth may be strange, may be unfamiliar to many people. But nevertheless, very familiar to those who have wisdom and who are already feeling acquainted with the truth. We may say to ourselves, "I have never learned anything before"; "I have never been to church". It doesn't mean you do not know the truth. You might have known them or might have known the truth already in your previous life. Now it will take just a little more energy and thinking to bring them back. There is also worth mentioning that when you start using truth as weapon against bad energies you will notice that all games and gambits some people play with you are falling apart. Some people are so good at using and twisting human mind to not say the truth that they easily manipulate others. They create situations and to get rid of them they will ask you questions knowing that you are going to be embarrassed to answer the truth. Surprise, surprise, their game falls apart when they get the truth. This also help in your daily life when you get manipulative individuals trying to play games with your mind.

The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear. HerbertAgar Materialism coarsens and petrifies everything, making everything vulgar, and every truth false. HenriFrederic Amiel An epigram is a flashlight of a truth; a witticism, truth laughing at itself. MinnaAntrim Truth sits upon the lips of dying men. Matthew Arnold Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. Marcus Aurelius Not being known doesn't stop the truth from being true. RichardBach There is no original truth, only original error. GastonBachelard Truth is a good dog; but always beware of barking too close to the heels of an error, lest you get your brains kicked out. Francis Bacon Truth is so hard to tell, it sometimes needs fiction to make it plausible. Francis Bacon Truth emerges more readily from error than from confusion. Francis Bacon Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority. Francis Bacon What is truth? said jesting Pilate; and would not stay for an answer. Francis Bacon You never find yourself until you face the truth. Pearl Bailey Falsehood is cowardice, the truth courage. HoseaBallou Man can certainly keep on lying... but he cannot make truth falsehood. He can certainly rebel... but he can accomplish nothing which abolishes the choice of God. KarlBarth Truth is meant to save you first, and the comfort comes afterward. Georges Bernanos As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand. JoshBillings When you want to fool the world, tell the truth. Ottovon Bismarck A truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent. William Blake Truth never penetrates an unwilling mind. J . L. Brogues Truth, though it has many disadvantages, is at least changeless. You can always find it where you left it. Phyllis Bottome The truth is always exciting. Speak it, then. Life is dull without it. PearlS. Buck Truth is always strange, stranger than fiction. LordByron A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God's truth is attacked and yet would remain silent. JohnCalvin Truth, like light, blinds. Falsehood, on the contrary, is a beautiful twilight that enhances every object. AlbertCamus

Truth, of course, must of necessity be stranger than fiction; for we have made fiction to suit ourselves. G. K. Chesterton I am the way, the truth, and the life. Jesus Christ The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is. WinstonChurchill This is the truth: as from a fire aflame thousands of sparks come forth, even so from the Creator an infinity of beings have life and to him return again. Marcus Tullius Cicero Truth is so rare that it is delightful to tell it. Emily Dickinson God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. Take which you please you can never have both. RalphWaldo Emerson Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies. RalphWaldo Emerson Truth hurts not the searching after; the running from! JohnEyberg There is no truth. There is only perception. Gustave Flaubert God is, even though the whole world deny him. Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self sustained. Mohandas Gandhi I worship God as Truth only. I have not yet found Him, but I am seeking after Him. I am prepared to sacrifice the things dearest to me in pursuit of this quest. Even if the sacrifice demanded my very life, I hope I may be prepared to give it. MohandasGandhi Wisdom is found only in truth. JohannWolfgang von Goethe First and last, what is demanded of genius is love of truth. Johann Wolfgang von

The truth isn't always beauty, but the hunger for it is. NadineGordimer Truth, like a torch, the more it's shook it shines. WilliamHamilton Truth is the torch that gleams through the fog without dispelling it. ClaudAdrianHelvetius To attempt seeing Truth without knowing Falsehood. It is the attempt to see the Light without knowing the Darkness. It cannot be. FrankHerbert The truth has a million faces, but there is only one truth. HermannHesse Live truth instead of professing it. Elbert Hubbard Proverbs are always platitudes until you have personally experienced the truth of them. Aldous Huxley Truth consists of having the same idea about something that God has. JosephJoubert Truth forever on the scaffold, wrong forever on the throne. James Russell Lowell All credibility, all good conscience, all evidence of truth come only from the senses. FriedrichNietzsche There is no such thing as a harmless truth. Gregory Nunn The truth knocks on the door and you say, go away, I'm looking for the truth, and it goes away. Puzzling. RobertM. Pirsig Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away. Elvis Presley One fool will deny more truth in half an hour than a wise man can prove in seven years. Coventry Patmore The absolute truth is the thing that makes people laugh. CarlReiner People say they love truth, but in reality they want to believe that which they love is true. RobertJ. Ringer Truth does not do as much good in the world as the semblance of truth does evil. Duc de La Rochefoucauld The truth. It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and must therefore be treated with great caution. J . K. Rowling Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; its publication is a duty. Madamede Stael The truth will set you free. But first, it will p*ss you off. GloriaSteinem

If you shut the door to all errors truth will be shut out. RabindranathTagore It's no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense. MarkTwain The words of truth are always paradoxical. Lao Tzu Truth is one, but error is manifold. SimoneWeil Truth provokes those whom it does not convert. BishopThomas Wilson The logic of the world is prior to all truth and falsehood. Ludwig Wittgenstein The truth is at the beginning of anything and its end are alike touching. KenkoYoshida The truth is on the march and nothing will stop it. EmileZola

Reality, Truth - Yes

Delusions, Lies - No

Facts and truth allows good look of reality. Reality and truth allows for love. It allows progress and good outcomes. Observing reality is possible for those who are sensitive with truth. It creates way out of problems. It makes life easier and less complicated. Truth bring calm and good feeling. Telling truth brings truth to yourself. Double talk is lying. Truth makes your life simple. Truth goes along God's laws. Truth stop questions and sets you free. Working against truth is another form of lying. Power of mind set for truth is energy of proper energy flow. Power of mind set for reality is energy of ultimate energy flow. _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________

Lies do not allow for truthful look at your life and reality. Delusion and lies can not create love. Lye stops progress and creates bad outcomes. Lies are for insensitive people who want deception and manipulation out of truth. It creates more problems. It makes life more difficult and more complicated. Lies create stress and anxiety. By lying to others you lie to yourself. Delusions are lies to you and others. Lies complicate your life. Delusions and lies goes against laws of Universe. Lies bring questions until you may face the truth. Lying against lies does not make you good. Delusion is defected power of mind. Delusions can not get to ultimate truth. __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________

Your Mind
Your mind is the connection between yourself and the Universe. Without the mind your body would not have awareness for being in the Universe. Your mind is the link between the Universe you and your body. The human mind is intelligence where causes and conditions are constantly being processes. It is in constant change. The Universe set the laws for itself that govern in every point of space, yet location may change some of the laws. Change in Universe is everywhere. Every atom and energy it vibrates has it's own movement. Frequency and moving energy is surround us. Your mind is you being aware of yourself. Your mind has the power of making decision. To make right decision you need to be aware of the reality you live in. Right Decision requires truth. If your reality is distorted by lies and deception your decision outcome may be wrong. The power of our mind should know that the basic difference between good and bad. Your mind thoughts cause effects. Experience is effect of thought. You want experience things to have thoughts about it. Your mind wants pleasure experience to give it good thoughts. If you get lost in feeding your mind in too much good experience the balance will be broken and you will receive bad experience. The balance between bad and good experience is important. Bad experience teaches you what is bad for you. Thought, experience gives our mind awareness. Awareness gives you the power to make decision between good and bad. Your mind shapes and controls your surroundings. Your mind controls matter. Your mind dominate over matter as it can change it. The power of your mind makes passive matter more powerful and useful to your needs. The power of your mind energy can dominate any energy of matter around you. Mind is energy and power over matter and your environment. If the mind is aware of universal laws it can work along the laws to create new realms of reality. All human discoveries are along universal laws that change the reality we live in. The reality 2000 years ago was different then today yet the laws of Universe are still the same. If your mind can find the reality along universal laws it can be very powerful energy of your mind. Analytical, clear mind works based on reality. The reality is that there are things in our life that are unavoidable therefor they should not bring any anxiety as it does not matter. Accepting and understanding the truth of unavoidable things in our life make our minds work with peace and rationality. Unavoidable things in our life are: Growing old, Dying at the end of life. Getting sick. Realizing that everything is in constant change. Ignorance damage your life. All subjects of desire are impermanent. All things are impermanent and uncertain. Change is the only constant in your life. Your ego is illusion of your own mind. There is nothing called "ego" and there is nothing called "mine" - everything is part of the Universe as you are but you do not own anything in this Universe. When you sleep or when you dye you bring with you nothing but your soul energy.

Once you realize that everything is impermanent, passing, changing, and everything is ego less, your mind have a chance to understand the reality where it can function well and be rational not chaotic with delusions and lying to accomplish new desires. Impermanence and change are thus the undeniable truths of our existence. What is real is the existing moment, the present that is a product of the past, or a result of the previous causes and actions. Because of ignorance, an ordinary mind takes them all to be part of one continuous reality.

Reactive Mind

Reactive Mind is possessed by everyone. It disturbs your intelligent mind. Reactive Mind collects negative experiences and keeps them to help with survival. In prehistoric times it was used to survive. In present times it is source of problems for your intelligent mind. It gives you mental ills - from anxiety, nervousness to anger and delusions. It reacts with your body. It can give you high blood pressure, allergies, coronary sickness, asthma including common cold. This is mind that cause people and their lives irrational. Reactive Mind suppress people's hopes and future. You need to clear all negative thoughts and experiences, you need to start living without stress within natural laws. You have to be aware of reactive mind and that is how you can clear and shield yourself from being victim of your reactive mind. In animal world there is reason for it as survival - on the intelligent level of human living, most of the negative experience and bank of negative data can be cleared as intelligent mind can deal with survival in better, less stressful manner. The intelligence of human mind is superior over primitive, animal level of reactive mind. Use your intelligent mind over emotions and all negative outcome of your reactive mind. Your intelligent mind should be in control over your reactive mind. Once you are aware of this Reactive Mind and what it does to you, the illnesses and mental problems will leave you, giving you path to happiness in your life. The addictions can be stopped, abuse and laziness can go away and you can start operating on your optimum level. This clearing of human mind from problems of Reactive Mind is being done by Church of Scientology helping people where sometimes other religions, psychology or philosophies can not help. Reactive mind was research and study by L. Ron Hubbard who helped human kind to be aware of bad deeds of reactive mind. L. Ron Hubbard was a founder of the Church of Scientology in USA and his study helps people to find balance and happiness in their life.

Worry divides the mind - Max Lucado. If you change your perception, you change the experience of your body and your world.


Week Mind

You have awareness of the laws of the Universe. You understand problems. You can have easier life decision. You make wise decisions. You can Connect with God and the Universe. You can be happy. Life gets easier.

You have blindness to the surroundings. You have problems with understanding the reality. You have difficulty to make good decisions. You make bad decision. You have problems with connection between God and the Universe. You can not find happiness in life. Life gets difficult. ______________________________________ ________________________________________ ______________________________________ ________________________________________ ______________________________________ ________________________________________

Loving Kindness and Compassion

Compassion is about recognizing the suffering of others and wishing for that suffering to be stopped.. Compassionate people are very sensitive. Compassion is based on a love and respect for others, without prejudice for their beliefs, gender, race, religion, or nationality. We can feel compassion for others even if we disagree with their beliefs or actions. Compassion is simply a recognition and a loving response to the perception of suffering.

Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your modus operandi and change your world - Annie Lennox.

November 13th is World Kindness Day! Celebrate World Kindness Day with a kind act of your own.

Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change. Kindness that catches us by surprise brings out the best in our natures - Bob Kerrey.

Have compassion for everyone you meet, even if they don't want it. What appears bad manners, an ill temper or cynicism is always a sign of things no ears have heard, no eyes have seen. You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meets the bone - Miller Williams.
<> "As human beings, we will inevitably encounter suffering at some point in our lives. However, we also have evolved very specific social mechanisms to relieve that pain: altruism and compassion. It is not just receiving compassion that relieves our pain... The act of experiencing compassion and helping others actually leads to tremendous mental and physical well being for us as well. It is our ability to stand together as a group, to support each other, to help each other, to communicate for mutual understanding, and to cooperate, that has taken our species this far." Dr. James R. Doty, the Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University. Compassion is the key for people trying to make our life better. Compassion is the way people feel the need to help others. Helping others is salvation for many. In our compassion and loving kindness we should include people who we may consider 'neutral' but also those who do us harm. It is often natural for us to dislike or feel angry tow ards those w ho harm us. Loving kindness is something that w e have to w ork on
continually. It is the best resolution in the w orld of action and reaction, human reaction and counter reaction of bad energies. It is better to suffer from the small act of somebody's harm then get involved in never ending action and reaction of constant hate and fight that can lead to tragedy. It makes sense for you to choose loving kindness that in longer run makes you w ell being and safety for others.

To promote one's own interest is a deep motivation of human nature. The struggle for existence is strong in most of us. The luck of happiness does not make your life good. Loving kindness and compassion brings balance to our primordial urge for survival and happiness. Loving kindness and compassion equalize our imbalance of selfish mind for survival and care for others. It gives back to others the universal peace and equality to all, including yourself.

Loving compassion and kindness requires sensitivity. Loving kindness and compassion is positive thinking. Kindness and compassion is not bringing more suffering to you and others. It is avoiding causes of suffering. Violence and war is not loving kindness and compassion. Kindness and compassion is the base of love.

Kindness, Compassion

Luck of Kindness and Compassion |

Great removers of tension, Brings good energy to others, Easier to get along with others, Creates good feelings for all, Makes others happy, The great peace-makers in social conflict, The great healers of wounds suffered in the struggle of existence, It builds harmonious communities, It revives joy and promote human brotherhood, It Levels social barriers, It revives joy and promote human brotherhood, It isincompatible with a hating state of mind, Our minds should become saturated by them, We should be mindful of them, ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ Brings bad energy to others, Difficult to coexists with others, Creates bad feelings to others. Makes others not happy. It takes away all what Kindness and Compassion brings.

_________________________ _________________________ _________________________

Cheating, Lying, Stealing, Crime

There are no secrets nor hidden meanings there is only the truth as you should be true to yourself and others, otherwise you will swim against the current of the Universe.
Cheating and lying are essentially the same negative energy. From cheating and lying there is short road to crime. They always lead to some kind of crime. Allowing few, little lies, cheating widens the road of crime. The lies and cheating grow and when you find yourself in trouble you do not know how to get out of it. From lying and cheating comes stealing that follows in bigger crimes. Your life gets to dead end. If you don't feel you do wrong, your awareness is very low. If you are not aware you are wrong then your mind is on the path of self destruction. If your mind can't wake up from it's delusions, addictions and self destruction, your life will end soon. It is the power of your mind to make yourself great and also the power of your mind that can destroy your precious life. Set your mind for what is right. Stealing, cheating, lying is wrong - it seams obvious yet do you recall small lies you had to make quickly to look better? Staying true and without lies should be habit that leads you forward in life. The best prevention from crime is to stay away from anything that leads to it. Use your power of mind to make your life happy. Choose happiness over pain from your crime. Yes, every crime will bring pain. Try to set your mind in positive way, the way toward truth and goodness. Set your mind in positive direction and take benefits from truth, work and the right way of living. Get to know your Reactive Mind that may be behind your addictions or temptation to cheat, lying, stealing and crime. All your negative experience sitting in the memory bank of your Reactive Mind may be behind what you do to cheat, steal, lie or do other worst crimes. There is help - you can get rid of it. Do it now before any tragedy happens.

Humility - Being Humbled

Humility is the ability of being humble: modest, not proud, doing something out of goodness of your heart, not for yourself, posesing lack of fals pride. Self center mind, selfish, egoistic characters should learn humility and how to be humbled.

The quality or state of being humble in spirit, freedom from pride or arrogance are some of meanings for humility.
If you want to learn how to be more humble keep these things in your mind: humility admits a wrong doing and it tries to fixes it. Egoism admits no wrong doing and never tries to fix it. Humility is confident, it never tears down another to appear bigger. Humility is strong willed, never giving up on the things you truly believe in.Make sure you take every opportunity you have to thank others for what they do and what they help you with. You Don't Have to Be Right all the time.
Redirect Praise . Redirecting praise is useful to be more humble and modest. Giving credit to others for your accomplishments is a sample of redirecting praises that came to you.

A humble person never tries to out do someone else and make themselves look better or smarter.

Don't Be First. First is not always a bad thing, however being first can come across as competitive, self promoting or demoting of others.

It wasn't You Who Got You Here.People are constantly striving for success and they
often feel very proud of themselves for getting to where they are at. Humble people are not proud and know that they didn't get themselves here.

Appreciate Everything.So many things around us are not our doing, we often forget to see our
own insignificance since we get so focused on our own lives and accomplishments. Well to be humble, its importance to recognize and appreciate all the wonderful things around us.

Listen More Than You Speak. Listening more than you speak can be very powerful and if
you use this you can learn many things about others and practice humility in how you respond. It gives you time to think and provides time for others to share their own opinions. Listening more can be very respectful to others, and you can learn a lot more by listening to others than you can by speaking. Be Respectful to others.
To have respect to others shows your humility and positive personality.Don't Judge Others.It is very important aspect of being humble to not judge others. Judgment is very difficult task involved in separating truth and lies, facts and myths. You can't stay open minded, receptive to ideas, empathetic or appreciative of others if you are judging them or their ideas. Everyone is different and have different ideas and when you judge those, you are really showing that you have some power or significance to make a judgment call, which you certainly don't if you want to be a humble person.

Humility - Being Humbled

Pride and Egoism

Pride can hurt others. Egoism knows no self sacrifice. Humility is to be Humble. Egoism is to be doing nothing for others. Humbled is to be Self Sacrifice. Egoism is to be addicted to pride and Humbled is to be doing something for arrogance. Egoism admits no wrong doing others.Humbled is to have freedom from pride and and never tries to fix it. Egoism tears down arrogance. Being humbled is to admit a wrong others and always want to appear doing and try to fixes it. Being humbled is bigger. Egoism doesn't thanks to never tear down another to appear others.Egoism doesn't give credit to bigger. Being humbled is tothank others.Egoism has to be first all the others. Being humbled is to give credit to time. Egoismdoes think that it has to be right others. Being humbled is not to be first all all the time when it may be wrong. Egoism is the time. Being humbled is not to be right all not appreciative for the time. Being humbled is to everything. Egoismdoesn't listen be appreciative for everything. Being and doesn't let others speak. Egoism judge humbled is not to belistening and let others others quickly and doesn't allow reality for speak. Being humbled is to not judge better view.Egoism does not respect others. others. Being humbled is not to Egoism brings anger and hate. be respectful to others. Being humbled helps with anger andhate. __________________________________ __________________________________ ___________________________________ __________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

One day we all have to end our physical life. This is part of our Universe law. Transiency is the rhythm of the Universe. Transiency is process of transition, cycles and it's rhythms within time. Transiency never dies, it evolves, change, creates but it never dies. Your soul and mind is part of Universe. When your body dies, your soul's energy change it's form. If you are good and productive part of society - you are going to be remembered well. You generate good energy. There will be good memory associated with you. Your positive energy will live among many people. If you are bad and you have done terrible deeds to humanity, your name and energy of bad memory of you will be scaring many people. Energy never dies, it just can change so does your soul. Everything has a natural cycle. Our life has natural cycle. It is normal and natural to be born and to die. The reason people got wrong balance of feelings about death is because we all must guard our precious life during our lifetime against decease and death. It is our responsibility to function in good health. Getting scare and overwhelmed by natural end of life gives some people unnecessary anxiety. End of life is as natural as every breath you take.

Transiency Awareness

No Awareness of Transiency

It makes scared mind. It brings anxiety about your life. It lucks of awareness about normal cycle of life and death. It makes you being afraid of natural end of life and no knowledge of new life cycle created by God.

It brings you peaceful mind. It makes you strong and not effected from anxiety from loosing your life. It gives you awareness that nothing is everlasting but the God and Universe it governs. It makes you not being afraid of natural life end and never ending God giving new life. ___________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________________________

Anomalies - Miracles

You are the Miracle of the Universe!

Your body came to life from just 2 biological cells. The love of 2 people, the heart and love, spirit and their minds came together to give new life. The 2 cells grew to be 100 trillion cells, it is more then stars in the Galaxy of Milky Way! Then you are born, your existence begin. The Universe has another way to experience itself from your body and you experience the Universe. Your cells begin to do 6 trillion things per second! You begin your awareness into material world, you start talking, you fight diseases, you get emotions. Your heart beats 100 thousand times a day. Your blood travels 60 thousands of miles each day! Your blood vessels would circle the Earth 2 1/2 times! Your body renews itself by making 25 millions of cells every second! 100 billion cells in your brain controls and manage your entire body! The body code is contain in strands of information, DNA that if stretch out, it would reach the moon 6 thousand times! When you touch, your skin receives information from 280 thousand receptors that can sense heat, pain! The signal of information travel inside your body with 124 miles per hour! Each hour, 600 thousand particles from your largest organ, the skin, gets lost! Your hardest organs - the bones are 4 times stronger then concrete! You can see the real world in 100 million colors yet you can not see most of the Universe! You can smell 10 thousand different smells, you got 10 thousand taste buds! You breath 23 thousand times per day, you need millions of litters of air! Without food, water, air your body dies. Your body dies when your mind, spirit, consciousness and passion loose connection with the Universe. Your body is plugged in with all components of the best miracle the Universe created. You are connected with everything and everything is connected to you. See the miracles of the Universe. You are great combination of spirit and body - you are aware of being intelligent, self thinking beings. Keep the orchestra of your body, spirit, mind,

passion and the Universe as harmonious and beautiful as best song in the Universe. You are the genius and the conductor of the best music there is in the Universe. it is your life interacting with its rhythm of Universe. You are precious!

Take a look what a superb being you are and then think.... if you want waist all who you are? Be who you are - be the miracle! Connect with your creator by understanding it - the Universe! Your Body and Spirit - The Great Miracle of the Universe. The Universe - Your Reality The Universe
without you cannot experience itself.

Your Mind - Your Talent

The mind - your talent without body can not experience itself.

Your Conscience Your Spirit

The spirit, your conscience without body has no manifestation.

Your Passion - Your Heart

Your body without your passion, your heart and all human emotions is not complete union with the Universe.

Your Body - Your Needs Your body without

spirit, the conscience, passion, mind and reality can not fully connect with Universe.

Would you use deception, lie to save another being from dying hurt and pain? Would you use fiction of life to save someone? There are situation we need to chose for better outcome or lesser evil. Life is precious gift we have. Saving other life is worth your sacrifice. Sometimes the bad is not bad. Sometimes the good is not good for you either. Within time we see that once what was good became unworthy, unneeded. Sometimes the good has to become bad to receive goodness. You need to sweat, use some pain to create something for others. Therefore judging others can not be always true to the reality we live in. Quick judgment what is good or bad can lead to wrong conclusions and bad decisions with unjustified actions. So bad actions of others sometime are directed for greater good. Lying father to their kids trying to safe their life is noble man, despite his lying seems to be bad. These anomalies are in existence in your life almost every day. The outcome of using such anomalies can create miracles. Father lying to his kids to safe their life sacrifice using bad deeds to do greater good. For him the reality was to safe his kids from any danger. For the kids he was person who may lie to them. Within time we understand good intention of others. Quick judgment may only hurt the miracle some may give us. The power of Universe works and makes everything work but... there are anomalies we don't understand. Just like example of lying father trying to safe their kids, you may not understand everything what Universe intends for you. You create reality with your thought yet the ultimate reality is in the Universe. You can not understand everything unless you connect with the ultimate reality. So miracles, anomalies from regular events happen. Being aware of them gives you hope but the power of your mind makes hope the reality. The Universe as general whole entity is tuned and is working according to it's laws yet we see anomalies and we don't see why and how they happened. Some people win lotto, some never win lotto. The odds are you will not win lotto but if you buy just one ticket, you open gate to the possibility of winning. You can also open possibility to better odds by using your mind bringing you regular income. The difference in odds are great but it shows that there are odd situation we do not get on regular basis, yet our mind can lower the adds to get closer to the miracles of Universe. Your mind can make miracles as well. The miracles of the Universe are odd situations, not regular and they rarely happened, but they do happened. The Universe is waiting for you to create new miracles not only by itself but with your mind and body. After all, you are miracle of the Universe. Just by being, you are miracle of creation and you can create miracles yourself. Don't wait for lotto, start right now on journey of your mind toward miracles for you and others - that is power of your mind. The explanation for miracles in Universe, odd behavior of nature is that when Universe gets tuned with it's energy constantly flowing and moving things around, sometimes there are adjustments. Your mind can also adjust and adopt to new situations. Those irregular happenings, anomalies, miracles shows that the Universe is correcting itself to the general whole universe we know. The anomalies can be very interesting. The miracles make us feel different, strange and we think that God works it's unique way. We can not always understand why the Universe goes this way not that way yet if you have the whole universe picture you may say - everything can happened you just need to put your mind into that. Everything can be uncertain but your mind gives you control you in life and if you can control your mind, everything can be miracle. Miracles makes us think that God of Universe has its own ways and nothing is "guaranteed". Impossible things can happened. We study that under metaphysics, physics, philosophy, geology, anthropology, and psychology the mathematics of coincidence, the perceived acceleration of society, the truth about the paranormal, quantum entanglement, quantum physics there is always something odd, moving not the regular way. That is your mind of observer that can change events. The way Universe works is very unique and sometimes it does not work the way we want or we can imagine - but it works and it shows that the Universe is alive. This is different level of existence, the level that give everything including your life - the greatest miracle of Universe that already happened.

Embrace relational uncertainty. It's called romance. Embrace spiritual uncertainty. It's called mystery. Embrace occupational uncertainty. It's called destiny. Embrace emotional uncertainty. It's called joy. Embrace intellectual uncertainty. It's called revelation - Mark Batterson.

As long as you understand this power the Universe gave you over your body with your free spirit and intelligent mind, you should remain calm and happy. If you believe that in life everything is guaranteed and certain, you do not live in reality and that state will hurt you. Reality is - our life and everything around is is one big change - nothing is for certain. If you realize that life and surroundings are not certain, it will be easier to deal and understand all wrong changes against you in life. You can learn and you can develop your own, unique way of dealing with bad events and wrong changes in your life. Just by knowing that only one thing is certain - the change, you can learn to deal with unknown before it hits you. There is nothing certain in our world. As everything changes, certain things in your life can change too. Being prepared for uncertain situation in our life should be understood as normal events. There is no reason to become stressed when uncertain situation is encounter. More likely there will be way of resolving some uncertain situation and life will go forward. This trust in God, nature or laws of Universe should calm you down in your life. Life is one uncertain event. Fear of an uncertain future: it can stop us from doing great things and keep us doing those things that are not so good. Fear of an uncertain future affects our lives. How to get help with this state? Get to reality. Future is not scary. It seems that way if you keep negative experience in your mind but future holds good, positive change and that is what you should look for. Being positive about future will take the pain you may have about uncertainty. Be aware that clinging, getting attached to things brings you pleasure and that brings fear of the future that you may loose your pleasures of owning things. Letting go pleasures and owning things will open your mind that what is coming in life, what is uncertain can bring new experience, friends and positive thing. Do not fear uncertainty. Get used to it. Experience the joy in the unknown. Unknown can bring better life - you can make it that way so you don't have to fear it..

Uncertainty Awareness

No Awareness of Uncertainty

It brings peaceful mind for your future. It gives you skillful problems resolutions.

It makes you scare and afraid about your future.

It makes you run away from your problems. Awareness that Universe can work unexplainable ways makes you not to be afraid No awareness of uncertainty gives you or scared. stress and anxiety. Being aware of change everywhere and all the Not being aware of change everywhere time gives you understanding of uncertainty. and all the time gives you anxiety, stress and no knowledge how to deal with uncertainty. ____________________________________ ________________________________ ____________________________________ ________________________________ ____________________________________ ________________________________

Pleasures & Addictions

Pleasures, Addictions brings deception to balanced energy of your mind. Love for pleasure or addictions is love in wrong direction. Love for pleasure is not true love but it is destruction of our Reactive Minds. Being aware of problems of Reactive Mind and setting your mind toward balanced your life it the key you can use to conquer your addictions and pleasure craving mind.. We all need rest and relax, enjoyment and some pleasure to nourish our bodies but addiction to pleasure is distraction for life as it will go wrong way. All addictions have source in pleasure that creates hunger for more pleasure and the circle of destruction close for those enslaved in addictions. Those entangled in addictions and pleasures should stop it. It is wrong way to live off pleasures and live without responsibility that addictions create. Instead of taking all the time from others to enjoy yourself - why not find enjoyment in giving to others? We like positive things in life, positive energy - so we should create positive energy to others. It is true enjoyment. Our Life is full of changes in surroundings and situations. Enjoyment changes as everything around us. So placing to much importance for enjoyment in our life should not be that important. It is important to understand why we like and dislike things or life situations. Understanding this basic principle of true enjoyment is important. Our body and mind need time off from work and stress. Our brain needs time to relax by drifting to pleasure and none reality where it can relax in different state of mind. If balance between pleasure and responsibility is broken - the Universe creates tragedy, problems and bad situations in the form of addictions. It is kind of fuse we all have - too much of everything creates imbalance - try to keep balance in all aspects of your life. Pleasure can be addictive and it can destroy our life. Be on the guard for too much pleasure. Keep imbalance of pleasure out of your life. There is suffering everywhere but those blinded with search for pleasures will not realize it. Wise mind not poison with pleasure hunger will appreciate the universe gifts being around. Pleasure addicted people may poison themselves with bad substances just to get the effect of pleasure. This is life damaging pleasure state of mind and decrepitude

will be the outcome. Decrepitude is a state of deterioration due to old age or long use of something. Pleasures addiction can lead to short life and dangerous situations. Pleasure addictions may shorten your life. Pleasure addiction steals your time. Strong Will, Balanced Life Life |
It guards responsibility. Stop problems before they get created.

Pleasure, Addiction, Chaotic

Pleasures, Addictions brings deception to balanced energy of your mind. Love for pleasure or addictions is love in

Stop problems before they get created. It stop destruction and build the future. It holds life on the right track. Giving to others may help stop addiction problems. It keeps imbalance of pleasure out of your life. Balanced life gives you more precious time. _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________

Love for pleasure or addictions is love in wrong direction. It creates lock of responsibility. It makes a lot of problems. It brings destruction. It brings death. It makes you selfish. It can not keep imbalance of pleasure out of your life. It waists your time and life. ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________

Abuse is over using some powers against other people or some things. Abuse of your body may end it's life. Abuse leads to blindness for Universe surrounding you. Stay away from any abuse by others to you and by you to others. Any abuse is bad. You should not abuse others. Life without abuse is good life. In many cases abuse is set up so the thief gain and the abused one loose. Say no to abuse in any form, any time and anywhere.

Any abuse leads to unbalanced life. Unbalanced life leads to unnecessary problems and addictions. Withholding knowledge and love from others is abuse. Giving pain to others for no reason is abuse. Working too much is abuse of yourself. You need balance in your life and adequate rest. Being lazy is self abuse. Being productive, busy and industrious is resolution to laziness, empty talk and idleness. Abuse and self abuse comes from Reactive Mind. Any abuse is not beneficial and brings damages.

Prejudice is a baseless and usually negative attitude toward members of a group. Common features of prejudice include stereotyped beliefs, negative feelings, and a tendency to discriminate against members of the group. Prejudice often comes after bad experience of a member from some other group of people. Prejudice can happened after negative information from others can enter your state of mind. If someone talks bad about group of people, you should be alerted for prejudice. It is possible that the group of people is bad as common criminal but the more people in the group the less likely they are all that bad. Bad judgment can allow prejudice. All people should be judged as individual not as much as group and then prejudice should not take over our minds. Prejudice can lead to luck of justice and trust toward others. Prejudice should not be used in our minds as it creates wrong judgments, hate and being afraid of others for no other reason but being different. Prejudice comes from ancient times when different was danger. Today diversity brings us ideas and change for better tomorrow. Criticism based on prejudice is bad and does not help in any judgment as it take prejudice over the truth.

No Prejudice


It make friendships. It brings people together. It brings joy from knowing others. It brings learning and progress to our life. No prejudice brings truth in judgment.

It makes enemies from others. It brings people apart. It brings hate before knowing others. It brings luck of understanding, chaos and unjust accusations about others. Prejudice does not help in any judgment as it take prejudice over the truth. __________________________________ _______________________________ __________________________________ _______________________________ __________________________________ _______________________________

If you truly need something - it is not desire. Desire is something you truly do not need and yet your Reactive Mind imagines you need it or you like it to posses. The world is full of sorrow. The biggest cause of sorrow is desire and craving for things. Once you get aware of this cause of sorrows in your life, you can uproot your desires and become desire less - no more cravings, desires, passion. If you can remove desire, passion will disappear and your suffer will end. Desire less gives you freedom from entanglement in material world, attachments and many unnecessary problems. Desires and wealth, honor, comfort, pleasure, excitement and self indulgence are source of human suffering as they can create problems and imbalance in your life and societies. Desire is not love for someone or something. Unnecessary needs and it constant urge for more is made by desire. People suffer from situations they created in their life. Some problems you encounter come from your own actions. It come from our own passions and desires. You are passionate about something so you desire new things. If

you want something, your time and energy goes toward this thing and the question is - do you really need this? Are you aware of all situations your desire and its outcome will bring to you? Have you ever thought that if you would not posses the object of your desire you would be much happier without it and without so many problems it may bring you? Before falling into any desire, think about the results and outcome, commitments you need to make. Think if this is really needed or it just another interesting thing. Then... you may realize that this desire do not serve you right. Your new desire may be unneeded problem for you in the future. As everything is cause and effect, something is causing you to think about your desire. Getting to the root of the cause may help to uproot the desire.


No Desires

Desires create problems and sorrows. Desires create uncertain future with extra problem. Unnecessary desires create attachments that make us slaves to material world. Desires makes us to have less money for real necessities of our life. Desire is not love for something or someone. _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________

No desires gives you happiness from less entanglement in material world. No desires takes out problems and bring peace of mind, freedom. It makes us free from material attachments. No desires creates safety as necessities are priority over unnecessary desires. Desire less allows for true love. __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________


Balance your Emotions

Placing emotions in proper level is balancing your life by itself. If you control your emotions you control your mind. When you control your mind you make less mistakes and you have better control over your life.

Calm mind is better then emotional one. Would you like to be operated by surgeon who is very emotional :). Your Reactive Mind gives you emotions that damage your life and give you unnecessary pain. You can clear your Reactive Mind and help your problems with emotions, mental ills and many sicknesses you would never think are the result ofReactive Mind.
If you can balance your life properly having control of your emotion - life will improved as emotions make our mind disturbed and not work rationally. Imbalance creates chaos and emotions make imbalance in rational thinking. Chaos creates instability in your life and emotions give you instability. If you buy too much under emotion - you will be forced to work more and perhaps you may not have enough time for yourself or your family. You so not need this! You need calm mind, time and balanced life. Before you commit yourself to things in life - think if it is worth it with rational mind - not emotional one.

Calm mind is better then passionate thoughts.

Extremists are so passionate that they kill in the name of things that are wrong and unnecessary and cause great suffering. Too much passion breeds problems. Your mind has to have balanced emotions including your passion. But doesn't passion also breed other things? What about passion for saving the world and helping people. What about the passion that comes with fighting for something you believe in that helps others: like ending slavery, oppression or discrimination? Is all passion really bad?
Anything taken to extreme can cause negative results possibly causing its opposite results especially when you are not sure your action is right.. If you are extreme in your passion - you may hurt others with your passion too. If you are acting without passion you tend to act with calmness and that is the key to clear mind working out of yourself. Too much passion by the hair dresser or simply barber can make you look not the

way you want it. How about the surgeon who should conduct surgery on your body? He could be too passionate with what he does he could slice too much of your body... Excessive passion should be controlled. Passion

No passion

No passion leave you in good and peaceful happiness. No passion keeps your mind in calm state. No passion can not make you extreme in your life. No Passion makes us free from material attachments. No passion keeps your loved one close. No passion keeps balanced life. _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

Passion disturbs your peaceful happiness. Passion makes mind lost in it's energy. Passion makes your mind extreme - extremism is bad. Passion can make us attached to material things. Passion can leave your loved one behind. Passion can change your balanced life. _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________


You can not understand and learn almost everything. You have to take some things in your life as faith. You do not know if you will live, die for eternity or get reincarnated and live again. But if you learn and try understand the Universe, you know that there are signs speaking to showing you the way. This is your choice to have faith in goodness or evil. The Universe shows that you have a choice. When you choose goodness and love you go forward. Evil brings you eventually down to no existence. You can believe in faith of greater power - the power of God of everything around you - the God of Universe or you can not have any faith whatsoever. You can be sensitive and notice that life has something more to it then just existence or you can be ignorant and believe there is nothing more then end of life. What gives you hope and happiness? Does believing in something good and hopeful brings you happiness or believing in nothing, darkness, empty space and just existence on Earth gives you happiness? What gives you happy life and hope for tomorrow is faith and believing in something. If you believe in nothing your life becomes dark journey on road to nothing. Where are your friend? Is that just a pleasures, desires and empty life or it is your life rich, interesting, filled with love journey? Open your mind and see the beauty of our world. The world you were placed is a wonderful place to be. It is up to you to make it good for you. You just need to see the road the Universe is showing you. Once you become aware of the laws of Universe and problems in your life, you may place faith and practice the Universe's teachings. If you do not put into practice the laws of God and it's Universe, your reading anything here is not going to change anything in your life. The good change must come from you - have faith in yourself, have faith in others and the Universe.


No Faith

Faith gives you hope. Faith gives you trust in God and Universe - the highest power and it's law. Faith calms down your mind. Faith does not need any explanation to the existence of God. Faith and hope help your life. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________

No faith brings no hope. No faith brings no trust. No faith brings troubled mind. No faith brings no God. No faith brings no hope. ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________

Adultery, Marriage and Relationships

To have good marriage is to understand what real love is with mind set for trust and commitment.

To have good marriage is to understand what real love is with mind set for trust

To have good marriage is to understand what real love is with mind set for trust and commitment. Relationship with other person may give you negative outcome with theirReactive Mind. If there is no will from the other side to get help with their Reactive Mind's problems, it will have negative effect on you. Your Reactive Mind without your mind control may create bad vibrations and your Reactive Mind may react damaging your life and your family life.
True love between man and woman bonds them together. When one gets lost his or her mind, the marriage starts falling apart. The balance of two people is needed to keep going. When love goes away it can bring it's opposite like hate, imbalance life and stress on all family members. As everything change, the awareness of constant change help with departing from some people and perhaps getting to new relationships. If you have control over your mind - desires can be controlled too. If you commit yourself to good cause, cheating and lying to your partner should not happened and is not needed. Betraying your loved one should not happened if there is true love. Faithfulness to your commitments can give you happiness and good life. The power of true love unites every family. The power of greed and desires for something better brings delusions and destruction to every family. Once your husband or wife starts working against the other side, the beginning of an end starts. The efforts of good marriage go down. When the balance is disturb, the relation falls down. If your love partner gives you hate instead of love, greed, jealousy and deception instead of commitment, trust and openness it means that in reality there is no true love on his or her part. You can keep your unconditional love for your betraying and hateful partner, but the marriage can't be good, healthy and productive. This marriage does not bring you happiness but pain and problems. If two people in marriage cant ride on the same wagon, they will pull the wagon in not the same direction. Eventually they may go opposite way and the wagon of marriage stops everybody in the marriage. If nothing work with your life partner, he or she refuse to help, the change and separation will bring change... When you love, you love also yourself and you cannot allow yourself for any abuse and exploitation by your partner. If that happens to you - it is you who should react and refuse further abuse. If that does not stops - you have to stop it with peaceful meaning - walk your way. It is you who has the responsibility to separate yourself from bad human being. Emotions bring back good, old time, the reality is, your partner lost love and perhaps developed hate that can not be managed. You have the right to live free from abuse and exploitation. If your marriage became impossible, the possibility of change may be the only reality. If somebody leaves you in love - do not lament - try to find some positive effects from the cause you received. There is always some resolution and good way forward. Finding somebody with true love or live in peace by yourself are always available to you. Find your true way and love to someone at your level and it may give you happiness again. Emotion in adultery should be going toward finding somebody with true love instead hurting your old lover for betraying you in your love. Leave and keep loving - enjoy life. Not everything in life is your fault. Universe has its' own way dealing with bad deeds you received from others. After you understand that everything is change - even love can change. It will help you understand that being victim of adultery and bad relationship brings new challenge to your life. Treat it as beginning of new way. Hate and wrong doing to the old, broken love is just waste of your positive energy. Use your positive energy to new challenges and better love and relationship. Life is good and it should be good in your relationship with others. If you are being victim of abuse, lies, deception and all wrong doings by your spouse - you are victim and you deserve love not abuse. You have the right to live your life without abuse and wrong doing by your spouse. Look for real love not abuse. Say no to wrong doings by your spouse. Keep balanced relationship. Be open and respectful to you and your spouse. If mind was lost, keep reminding of wrong doing to your partner. If reminding does not help, you know the relationship is dying from ignorance and week mind of your spouse. Be wise when leaving. Everything is change and every marriage will end with the death of one spouse. Make the best you can from your new situation in life. There is always something positive that can be accomplished even in worst situations. Learn from your mistakes and keep going in happiness.

Faithfulness, Love

Adultery, Abuse

It is good for you. It brings happiness. It brings peace and trust for someone close to you. It brings right relationship to your life. It brings true love. It brings trust to your loved one. It keeps family, relationship together. Love is not attraction or dependency on your partner. _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________

It is no good for you. It brings delusion of happiness. It bring luck of trust, delusion for somebody better in your life. It brings wrong relationship and end to love. It brings falls love. It brings abuse to trust of your loved one. It brakes family and relationship. Adultery and abuse comes from luck of understanding what real love is. ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________


Equanimity is a fundamental skill for self exploration and emotional intelligence. It is a deep and subtle concept sometimes misunderstood and easily confused with suppression of feeling, apathy

or luck of expression. The balanced state of non self interference is equanimity. When stressful situation arises you check the situation and deal with it in calm mind. This is essentially equivalent to attempting to maintain a continuous relaxed state over your whole body as sensations (pleasant, unpleasant, strong, subtle, physical, emotional) meets your life's situation. As bad sensation encounter your life, your mind can train the body to deal with pain and discomfort. Once you learn it, equanimity will help your state of mind. pain and discomfort will have less bad effect on your positive decisions. This is anti anxiety state of mind that can be learned. You can visualize the problems and pain you encounter and try to overcome it with relax and calm thoughts. Equanimity plays a critical role in changing negative behaviors such as substance and alcohol abuse, anger, violence, compulsive eating and similar bad reaction our body does to counter react to stress. Love is kind of equanimity that helps us in the state of calming down and clearing our mind from anxiety. When you love something or someone - you like it and nothing can interfere with it - it is good and it gives you good feeling.

Eternity often simply means existence for a limitless amount of time, many have used it to refer to a timeless existence ... Don't wait for it - you are in it! As God is everything, human message can be found everywhere on Earth and perhaps beyond Earth. Open your mind for everything around you. Our bodies come and die. Just like computer hardware, it gets old, incompatible with new requirements and eventually it is put to rest. The computers change their bodies, yet somebody's ideas remain in operation. You can take your ideas from one CD to another, from one computer to another. The CD gets used but the idea lives and spreads around. If this is good and workable idea where it fills needs of others, the ideas stays and gets better. Just like life in Universe is constantly developing, changing, improving, the main idea of good and bad govern the basic process. If you are good - you survive in nature. If you are bad, you are damaging yourself and if you can not change, adopt to changes of your environment - you go away, you die. The laws of Universe refined and are transforming in human ingenuity. People change, people die and life still goes forward. Ideas and it's products live and can go forever to eternity as long as there is some force that keeps it going. That is life - the ultimate intelligent life that crystallized and is heading beyond Earth. There are many people and many levels of human development in the matter of understanding what is good and bad. If all of us would understand and practice the idea of good and reject bad - life would spread beyond Earth and beyond Solar systems - life would be in many places of Universe. Perhaps this process has begun millions years ago. we just get to the point of understanding this concept. We are destine for eternity as energy of our mind. Our bodies change we keep going, refining our souls to higher level. But what is eternity if there are no people who need use it's ideas? Intelligent life is precious vehicle to our eternity. Ideas can live forever if they are great and needed. if there are no users, learners of ideas, the world would not have special energy, the energy of intelligent life - the arm, hand and brain of all mighty Universe. The God of universe created intelligent life to not only experience itself, it created intelligent life to accelerate the knowledge to ultimate eternity. YOU ARE SMALL PART OF IT. Time is a road to eternity. TIME IS PRECIOUS - Use it wisely! Wasting time is sin like no sin around us. Waist of time in many cases is hidden and is ticking equally for all of us. Yes, you are in small part of our eternity - the continuation of intelligent life on Earth. Live it and enjoy it. One day your small road to eternity will end in this life and you will find yourself on the road that was constructed by your good or bad deeds. The construction of your future life road is build on the base of this life road. Make sure you construct your new life road in this life so your next journey will be enjoyable. The choice between bad and good is the foundation for your new journey beyond this life. Make it good.


Contentment is satisfaction from what you do and what you have in your life. Contentment is another way of being happy. Satisfaction from your life, your work and your your progress in life is good feeling. Good feeling about what you are and what you do is happiness. If you can't find contentment, your mind will look for new desires bringing you new problems. To find satisfaction and contentment in life helps in getting away with new desires and problems they bring to you.

How to find contentment?

To find contentment in life is part of your happiness.

Look into your reality. See if what you have serves your needs. If your life and needs are balanced, you don't need much to be content and satisfied from what you have in life. Maintain an appreciative attitude. Some people need to loose everything to appreciate the little

they have. Before you loose everything for greed and desires, take a look around and find satisfaction from what you have. Set your mind to be not effected by others possessions and high life. Resist the urge to compare yourself with others. Don't set your ambition too high as it will damage your contentment for new desires, needs and greed. Love people not money and possessions. Choose your friends wisely. You don't need a lot of questionable friends. Few good friends are people who bring you contentment and happiness. Do not blindly accept what others tell you - it will leave mixed thought. You need to examine, and make well thought decision in your mind. Leaving unsure decisions from questioning everything and finding your own explanation will bring you contentment. You need to be sure on your own. It gives you contentment with confidence. Listen compassionately to others. Use words that heal. Provide practical help. Care, comfort, be sensitive to others - it all will give you spiritual contentment for helping others.

What is salvation? 1. a saving or being saved; preservation from destruction; rescue. 2. a person or thing which is a means, cause, or source of preservation or rescue. 3. in theology, spiritual rescue from sin and death; saving of the soul. The question is - why should we bother with any salvation? If you feel that you loose something in your life - we all do - would it be good idea to find out what is the reason sometime we loose people, friends, money, family and all other things? To have the power of understanding the forces working against you, you have special energy to reason. If you place no importance for understanding and reasoning of matter around you - you are not getting ahead in your life. Understanding the force in Universe that works against you is fundamental for survival and happiness. Once you develop process of understanding why things in life work or why things do not work, you will have some of preservation from destruction. To some degree you saved yourself from bad happenings - the evil. In this example, understanding the destructive forces in your life is salvation by itself. Why you need salvation and how to get salvation? Salvation is needed to make your life better whether it is right now, tomorrow or after your earthly body expires and the energy of your mind will move forward in time and space to another location and another time space. Some of us never thing about why I should save myself? If you understand that obtaining the knowledge and practice it in life is oriented toward getting better. All those who are getting worst, they going backward and they are on the path to destruction. Not saving yourself from distraction means end of life and continuation of life that is not improved, life without full potential, life without happiness. Miserable life is one example why we should seek saving ourselves from bad and why we should always improve ourselves toward goodness, love and the ultimate perfection of Universe. To help others see themselves from destruction and bad life is noble cause. True salvation is your own relationship with the God of Universe not what traditions or others may see. The salvation comes from the source - the God of Universe .

Moderation and Extremes

The law of polarity applies to our life. Polarity makes things more or less extreme in their state. Somewhere in the middle lies neutral state. If we go closer to south or north pole, if we use hot or cold temperature, we feel more extreme reaction to our body. Extreme position hurts. Good, balanced place or state of mind without extreme point of view is also good for you. The more extreme you get, the more you can hurt you and others. Moderation in everything is good for you. Extreme positions whether in physical or mental state can hurt. Being modern with others in views and feelings brings good energy to them as extreme behavior can be scary and threatening bringing bad energy and bad feelings from others toward you.



It is good for you. It brings happiness and less stress. It brings peace and trust for your well being. It balance your life and mind. It keeps abuse away. Keeps your mind away from mistakes. ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

It is no good for you. It gives you more stress and anxiety. It lucks your trust, bring delusion in your life. It brings chaos. It brings abuse. It brings mistakes and wrong thoughts to your mind. _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________

The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. "Like attracts like, that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results. "I need more money" allows you to continue to "need more money". If you want to change this you would focus your thoughts on the goal (having more money) rather than the problem (needing more money). When you place your thought to make more money - you will attract on your way minds that are working toward this idea. You will be attracted to those people. They may be attracted to you and your ideas. If you can radiate more love - you will attract more love from outside. If you you shows hate, you may attract hate from others - you will produce more hate and bad energy. Think love - get more love.

Attraction for Positive Energy - Be Positive

Protect your positive mind - stay positive. Energy in Universe attracts other energy. The attraction can be also observe in our life. Positive thinking means love for others: I want you to be happy. It include love for yourself. Positive thinking include loving compassion and understanding with tolerance to others. Money earned the right way makes you happy. Stolen money, money made wrong way, money from hurt to others can not bring true happiness. Negative energy will attract negative people and events. Stay positive and enjoy life. The energies that resonate with each other tend to stay together. Creating resonance with your positive thinking like love, compassion and tolerance generates positive energies in others. Positive thinking controls Reactive Mind's destructive outcomes. Making money at the end does not mean success. Success is when you create something positive not only for you, your family or your company but the society as well. True success is when everybody benefits from your deeds. Money sometimes is not there where success is. So if you want attract success you just need to follow the right way - just create good deeds with positive mind set. If you follow the good way - business come by itself to you - people are satisfied and they bring you more business. If they do not like your bad attitude, they are hurt by you - they look for somebody ells to do business with. You get hurt by hurting others. Positive energy from you creates and attracts positive outcome. Bad energy, bad deeds, bad thoughts can attract bad outcome. Being positive attracts positive thinking and positive outcomes. Being negative attracts negativity in your life.

Approach to our life - Positive (+) and negative (-)

If you stay positive you attract positive energy. You just need to make your mind for it. We can attract positive forces by being positive. Tuning to Universe with negative energy in our mind can bring negative outcome. Positive thinking can brings good results - negative thinking can brings bad outcome and can multiply more bad energy. You can learn to stay positive and use positive thinking. Learn to use positive energy in your life. In any moment of your life if you don't know what approach to take - positive or negative concentrate on reality to get the answer with positive thought despite the situation may get pretty bad. Negativity will bring you more negative thoughts. Reality is the vehicle to your good decisions try to stay in reality.

Deception of attraction
Some people decide to attract others with their look. Great looking woman or man attracts others with their beauty. Behind beautiful face can be empty, low level mind resorting to attract others only with the outside beauty. Behind beautiful face and body can be low mind, just emptiness filled with desire to poses you and your beauty of your mind. Deception of week mind with beautiful face can use to attract others to fulfill its desire. How to protect yourself from wrong attractions? Analyze, have a conversation, and see what is behind the beauty. Human beauty is the mind of individual. It is the mind not outside beauty that brings you resonance of minds and happiness from its present.

Good Attraction

Bad Attraction

Love attracts love. Positive mind attracts positive thoughts. Attraction of positive thinking brings positive thinking. Setting your mind on good opportunities will bring them. Being trusted brings trust from others. Attraction is not love. _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________

Hate attracts more hate. Negative mind attracts negative thoughts. Attraction of negative thinking brings negative thinking. Bad deeds coming to you may be result of negative mind set. Being suspicious bring suspicion. Love can change bad attraction. _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________


What is suspicion? 1. an impression that something might be the case, 2. doubt about someone's honesty, 3. the state of being suspected, 4. being of a suspicious nature.

Being suspicious is causing bad effect on person. In general you need to trust others to go forward in life. If you suspect all the time everybody is doing something wrong against you - you will stop progress in your life. Just like Universe created the positive human being, you need to have some trust in others. Being suspicious to the large point drains energy from you. It is wise to be careful but being suspicious all the time is wrong.
Basic trust is needed to keep going in highly moral society but as always, moderation is good in most situatiuons

It enable us to connect with our Universe and it's laws, It allows to progress in unknown situations, It allows better decisions, It helps to maintain peace of mind, It helps in relationships, It helps with decision making, It helps in business, It helps with your faith.


It stops connection with the Universe and it's laws, It creates more problems because potential new problems can not be seen, It allows for bad judgment and bad decisions, It is destruction for humanity, It ruins relationships, It lowers decision making, It lowers business possibilities, It makes faith difficult if not possible. _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

The Universe and Religions

There is one Universe and many ways to it - the religions of human kind strive to show the way. Not every way leads to the source directly. Some ways are misleading to the right source. Respect for other religions is respect for God of Universe. Religions are not perfect - The Universe is. There are wares between people of different religions. There is never war that Universe starts. Universe never starts wars - it observes and ask the questions - what is the problem with my ultimate creation? Instead building, improving, being happy, people destroy themselves. What is the point when one belief wants destroy the other! The point is - that or this religion failed it's purpose when use it's believers in any war. The only war permitted is in true defense. There are no wars in good religion or in Universe. The better religion the closer it takes you to the Peace of Universe. For some people religions is energy of their mind trying to find the ultimate energy - the God of Universe. There were many wars because of religions. It shows how humanity is developing from low level of awareness toward understanding of God. Once we understand the nature of Universe, humanity will never allow wars under any cause. Life is precious and part of creation of the Universe - doing wars is against the God of Universe there are no winners in any war, everybody loose in every war. There are no winner in any war. The awareness of God of Universe can be long - it is process of discovery - once you get aware of the Universe and its laws - you will change your perception on life, the way of living and its purpose. Awareness will bring you closer to God. Religions are venues to help you but the ultimate relationship between you and everything that surrounds you is between you and your awareness of God. No organized religion can replace the awareness of Universe and its laws - the God of Universe. Religions can help humanity to understand the ultimate truth So what is the question of God. since reality is the best indicator of truth, why there is question about God when nobody can see God? Perhaps there is no old man on throne in heaven waiting for you but how do we know there is not God? If we can not see God then why there is the question? This question is being asked by most intelligent life on Earth. Why we ask and think if there is God? There must be reason. For some of us, we do not have to see to belief but some of us can see God. It is just a matter to see and feel or not to see at all. If you are sensitive enough - the God of Universe can be felt and seen everywhere. The beauty of every design of life on Earth and its creation is a fact. The laws of Universe are fact that can be seen and felt. The facts the Universe is living, moving entity in the vast space of Universe is also a fact. All you need to do is to have the sensitivity and you can touch the God of Universe - it is everywhere at any time. The God of Universe was written by average mind, not claiming any religion or against any religion. It is just view presented by Universe to it's writer who see it the way Universe revealed to him when working and writing it. The God of Universe is not taking any religion out of people's life it is just addition to everyone who strives to understand Universe and benefit from the knowledge. Being aware of the Universe's powers and knowledge makes difference in our life. There are many religions, there are many views about God but there is only one Universe with it's laws - the God of Universe. Universe created people and people created religions to understand the way to live. Since Universe created religions to help human kind in it's journey, all religions should be respected and understood that they are help to all of us. We should learn the good and reject the wrong. Our life are here to improve ourselves and get closer to the ultimate source of knowledge the Universe has for us not waste energy fighting each other. Perhaps every human being has asked the question - is there a God and where is he or she? For some it is matter of believing in religions and it's Gods, for some God does not exist, yet majority of us do not need any organized religion to see God. It is the Universe where everything in reality is created. Religions change and improve yet the Universe observe us all equally and without any judgment. There are no better or worse religions, there are no winners of any war. It is just humanity evolving and trying to understand the ultimate truth and awareness of the Universe. There should not be war, hate and intolerance between religions. Religions are just different point of view on God. If religion creates hate against other religions, the more falls the religion is. The closer you get to the truth and understanding the truth the better your own life will get. It is the laws of Universe, the greatest mind, it is there for you from the eternity and you are part of it.

Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams - they all have different names, but they all contain water. Just as religions do - they all contain truths - Muhammad Ali.

Why are you here?

Why Man came to existence - why are we here? The Mind of Universe wanted to manifest itself in intelligent form in material level but at level that can multiply it's creation and intelligence so the intelligence life came to existence. As precious creation of intelligent life, we are here to experience and develop better world at the material level to the ultimate level of energy of your mind without need of matter - pure energy of the individual mind united with the highest intelligence and it's laws - The God of Universe - the ultimate love. You are here to learn and develop toward goodness - start your part today.
The Mind of Universe is everywhere at the same time. It keeps it's laws instantly and equally for all. For those who came to the awareness of the laws and Universe, there are no winners of wars and conflicts. The greatest Mind of Universe wanted to manifest itself in intelligent, highly developed life that some men represent today on Earth. You are here to do your part in this complicated world of human problems. Man problems are made mostly by men so men can reverse the wrong doings. After your daily needs are met - why not do something for somebody ells? Why not get pleasure from constructive work? Why not doing something for free just like you would get something for free? Reverse the mentality and you are on the good path to help others. You can change the world. Stop the greed - welcome some free enterprise for others. Yes, this pleasure from helping others is good pleasure. The Mind of Universal powers evolved life and the journey of refining intelligent beings has began. We are not created as the same and our life journeys are on different paths. Free will you have does not mean you canabuse. Sensitivity and awareness brings us to the source of us all. Why the source refined its laws in us? Perhaps the Universe wants to be aware of all the problems it's creations are having. Without experience and awareness even the Universe would get confuse yet the structure allows to have connection to itself at all time just like your body - your brain feels and react to everything the body experience. Then your mind takes over and makes decisions. As small part of it all, you are here to experience and gain knowledge of the Universe you live. The Universe keeps it's laws the same and equal to everything. The ultimate peace, justice and tranquility of Universe is equal to us all. It is up to us what we make of our life - start making your life good today! We try comprehend and understand our life. The reality is that not all men got to higher level of development. Some of us got low level of awareness and animal like behavior. But it is not all men fault that some of us are lower in awareness then others. Some of us are placed in confinement of jail so we will not harm the society. As humanity we are evolving and we feel our evolution should be in the right direction. If the majority of us would not understand the good vs. bad we would have destroyed what we gained and that happened in the passed. Our collective awareness feels we need to go forward not backward. We need to go forward to the ultimate truth and love of Universe then we understand our existence and the Universe has better awareness of our life. You are here to be aware, sensitive and with love to others - start today with just that - practice what is good. One day we may get close to the source of everything but the everything we need is here on Earth. Why not take care what we have? The ignorance and careless of some people damage the fabric of society and together we are one meaning we can change the world. It starts with you and me. The rest will follow. Take care of our paradise on Earth. We are here to care for it not damage our own home. Together we feel good and happy. When more people get to understanding that we are one entity on this planet, most wars may stop. Justice should improve by refusing any corruption and injustice. You can make the difference. Stop any lying for one week and see how interesting people act. It may change you do business or life affairs. You are here to learn and improve - start today!! The human struggle with invisible energy is learning process. Some of us learn the positive energies, some of us learn how to use negative energies. We all learn in different way. The outcome is who we are.

The middle way without extremes may be the way to consider. The more extreme you get - the more extreme return you may get in your life. Keep harmony and order.

Hard work and perseverance - perfection and beauty

Perseverance and hard work makes us closer to perfection - the art of Universe with our special human touch. From chaos to order, from ideas to reality, from nothing to something - in work is freedom and happiness. A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense is a beauty. Your work should be done to the best of your ability bringing the best results. Your good work is love to others. If you took beauty as positive and good sign you could say beauty it is love. If beauty is love then art would be creation of love for others.

Beauty can be understood so is love. Beauty can be hidden so can be love. Just as truth, beauty and love does surface and make us happy - we just need to be aware of it. The work you do is art - make the best of it today! Make your work unique like every piece of art is unique. Strive to make your art the best it can be. Be an artist in your own field.

The energy of perseverance needs to be apply to your work. It will make difference. Keep up the good work!

Consciousness - Awareness
Improving your life is being aware of Universal Laws. Consciousness Awareness is being aware of yourself and the Universe. It is not matter that creates an illusion of consciousness, but consciousness that creates an illusion of matter.
All laws of Universe mean nothing if you can not be aware of them, if you can not see them, so open up your awareness, sensitivity and start seeing life from inside out. Most people are asleep even when they don't sleep. They need to wake up, open up their mind, see what is real, reality understanding will set them free. The greatest human gift is to be aware, to be in touch with oneself, one's body, mind, feelings, thoughts, sensations and its understanding why are you here.

It is not matter that creates an illusion of consciousness, but consciousness that creates an illusion of matter. Consciousness is the ability to experience and be aware of yourself. Being aware
of yourself is important as it is basic idea for intelligent life. Being aware of your good and bad side is even more important as it gives you good reality view of your future problems and mistakes you can make in your life. That knowledge of being aware of things and future relation you may have with your decisions is part of intelligent life we are. Consciousness gives us advantage of intelligence and makes us different from animals. Our collective consciousness place us on higher level of human intelligence. If we can be aware of our problems - we can have control over our future problems by having the ability to avoid them. To have the ability of avoiding problems is part of your intelligent life. Consciousness gives us positive way for the future. Work forward great consciousness of the Universe and it will give you guidance and better way for your future. Bringing consciousness to others is great help to humanity and it brings happiness. People who are not fully aware of their reality are dysfunctional in their life. The human consciousness is based on the right perception of reality. . If you are aware of yourself as special creation by the Universe, you would never waste your life. You need to live to the fullest potential the Universe has given you. You just need to be aware of yourself, your time and space you are living in. It is self consciousness. Being aware of yourself in this time and space as special being in Universe will help you in everything you do. Just be aware of yourself as good and great human being. Life has tremendous meaning. Your life is special so wasting it is taking your life away. Use your gifts the Universe gave you. Use your potential to help you and others on their journey to better tomorrow and ultimate positive energy of love that will bring you to the source that created you. Find and be aware of your purpose in life.

Improving your life is being aware of the Universal Laws.

Once you are aware of the Universal Laws - your life will start drifting to the better side. You need to implement your knowledge in your life, otherwise it will be wasted. You need to push yourself forward into the goodness and universal love. By creating positive energy you will attract positive energy. In most cases it is just the matter to observing the Universe's basic laws and implement them in real life. Once you are aware of the laws of Universe, your perspective on life will change and it will be easier to understand it. Once you understand it you are no longer in fear of your life and it's problems. So let's not waist a time ( important universal law) and let's explore what is good and what is not for your daily life. Priority is important. It is not important to remember all the laws - it is important to understand them and implement them in your daily life. Just by reading Universal Laws of the Universe you will find that there is nothing new about the laws - you know many of them by living and using them. They really govern us every day. It is a matter of understanding and be aware of them. Why suffer in life when you can improve it and live it to the fullest? Life is Good if you make it good. Be aware and improve yourself - nobody will do it for you!

The Power of Mind

The Universe reality and laws govern everything at all time. The power of mind is to be aware of the laws and understand them so it can be applied to create better life and the world for all. The power of mind is the power to choose and understand goodness, life, peace and love not evil, destruction, chaos and pain. These are basic of mind structure and processes that allows you to understand your power of mind and how it is being born: Perception of your mind is the five sense consciousness (smell, touch, taste, seeing and hearing) and mental consciousness. Feeling of your mind comes from your perception into pleasant, unpleasant and neutral feelings. Recognition of your mind is discrimination, distinguishing awareness, recognizing good from bad things in life, recognizing people things and location. Intention of your mind is mental impulse, the plan to do something, the will to do. It can be good or bad - it depends on your intention. Intention does not move objects, it just plans but bad intention could be rime. Concentration of your mind is attention, focusing on flow of thought your mind is involved with. without concentration your mind would work with chaos not going forward. Contact - every thought eventually gets to move your body and get in contact with material world. The thought create contact between the body and matter. This creates feeling in positive, negative or neutral state. Your mind determines the reality with these processes: Resolution - directing effort to fulfill desired intention, basis for diligence and enthusiasm, Interest appreciation - holding on to a particular thing, not allowing distraction , Mindfulness - recollection - repeatedly bringing objects back to mind, not forgetting, Concentration - focus on an object, basis for increasing intelligence, Intelligence - wisdom - fine discrimination, examines characteristics of objects, stops doubt, common-sense intelligence. Reactive Mind To recognize the power of your mind you need to recognize and be aware of negative factors coming from your Reactive Mind. From the prehistoric times there is Reactive Mind collecting all negative information to use it at time of danger. The time has change and Reactive Mind does not need to keep tormenting you with animal like behavior. The bank of memory of bad experience needs to be cleared to allow your intelligent mind take over with calm and intelligent decisions instead of anger, stress, wrong decisions based on anxiety and delusions. The power of mind comes from the wisdom and knowledge that intelligent, calm decisions made by your intelligent mind are not effected by animal like behavior from your Reactive Mind cluttered with memory of all bad experiences you had in your pass. The power of clear, calm, intelligent mind is the power you need. If your emotions, and all negative reactions surface from your Reactive Mind - you can not made intelligent, good decisions. Derived from anger: Wrath - Hate - hatred - by increased anger, malicious state wishing to cause immediate harm to others . Vengeance - malice - resentment - not forgetting harm done by a person, and seeking to return harm done to oneself. Cruelty - vindictiveness - mercilessness - no compassion or kindness, seeking harm to others. Rage - spite - outrage - intention to use harsh speech in reply to unpleasant words, when wrath and malice become unbearable. Derived from anger and attachment: Envy - Desire to have a quality, possession, or other attribute belonging to someone else, jealousy - internal anger caused by attachment. Derived from attachment: Greed - avarice - miserliness - intense clinging to possessions and their increase. Excitement - wildness - mental agitation - distraction towards desire objects, obstructs single pointed concentration. Vanity- self satisfaction - seeing one's good fortune, giving one a false sense of confidence, being intoxicated with oneself. Derived from ignorance: Inattentiveness - intentional seeking mental distraction like daydreaming - lack of conscience - not fully aware of one's conduct, careless indifference and moral failings; Concealment - hiding one's negative qualities when others with good intention talks to them - this causes regret Dullness - mind without clarity - caused by fogginess which makes mind dark/heavy. Faithlessness - no belief of that which is worthy of respect; it can be the idea that virtue is unnecessary, or a wrong view of virtue; it forms the basis for laziness. Laziness - being attached to temporary pleasure, not wanting to do virtue or only little; opposite to diligence. Forgetfulness - causes to not clearly remember virtuous acts, inducing distraction to forgetting important matters. Derived from attachment and ignorance: Hypocrisy - pretension - pretend non-existent qualities of oneself Dishonesty - hiding one's faults, no regret, snobbery & conceit (excessive pride in oneself), self importance and finding faults with others, giving no clear answers. Derived from attachment, anger and ignorance Distraction - mental wandering - inability to focus on any object. Shamelessness - consciously not avoiding evil, it supports other delusions. Inconsiderateness - not avoiding evil, being inconsiderate of other's practice, ingratitude. Unconscientiousness - wanting to act unrestrained like without reality - carelessness - delusions and laziness.

Low level of life use violence to survive, intelligent life use the power of mind not violence. Power of mind is the balanced energy generation source. Power of mind set for truth is energy of proper energy flow. Power of mind with Consciousness set for reality is energy of ultimate energy flow between your mind and reality. Your mind and soul is energy that changes, evolves and creates your life. Our thoughts are creation. Our thought as energy can be more powerful then material weapons. Our thoughts kill using weapons. Weapons do not kill by themselves. That is your mind that can manipulate time by allowing your life to feel time as good and precious. If you get busy and you use your time for noble things - your time will become precious. Get lazy and your time gets less value. Your body is governed by the Universe with one exception - your mind. Your mind is the connection between you and the Universe. Your mind gives you free will and power of aligning yourself within the Universe. If you could train your mind to heal yourself from ailments you could heal your body. You can become healer and you could heal yourself. The negative power of mind can place sickness over your body so the power of mind should be on the positive side. Your sub awareness can work the negative way by creating problems in the body - so make sure you stay on the positive side of your mind. Leave negativity behind so they do not damage your body and life. Mind has connection with the genes of our body as it is part of it just like you are part of the Universe. What we are is what we are thinking about. The mind is everything you need. Once you get aware of the connections in Universe you can navigate the waters of your life with success. What we think - we can become. That is the power of mind. Your mind is wired to the Universe. In life we don't connect often to the universal mind however in times od great need or danger, lot of people tune and listen to the universal wisdom. You should use the wisdom on daily basis not in emergency. Matter can be changed to energy and energy can be changed to matter. The laws and wisdom of Universe are constant and very fine tuned. You can communicate with the Universal wisdom. You can learn from the greatest library of the Universe. Quiet your mind and tune your awareness for advice right from the source. When knowledge fails the faith of Universe kicks in and love connects everything - just make yourself aware of it and use it. Use love as connection between you, others and the Universe.

Universal Mind and Yours

The power of your mind is to understand and implement the Mind of Universe with its laws

The perfect mind of Universe has these virtues:

The superior conduct, The superior point of view, The perfect wisdom, The superior talk to others about the wisdom and ultimate truth, The power to teach others wisdom and the truth, The ability to bring immediate help and benefits of the teaching to those of need, The ability to judge correctly between good and bad, right and wrong, The ability to teach others of awareness by showing them right way, The ability to lead people in equal way, The ability to be humble and to avoid pride, The ability to have and show love, The ability of compassion, The calm and peaceful mind, The ability for mercy to others, The ability for happiness, The ability for equanimity, The ability to deal equally with others, The ability to be moderate, The ability to be free from prejudice, The ability to be wise at any moment, The ability to understand transiency, The ability to understand uncertainty, The ability to understand personal ego and egoism, The ability of self sacrifice for good cause, The ability to understand and manage pleasures, The ability to live without for self indulgence, The ability to resist addictions, The ability to understand desires from real needs, The ability to understand and manage anger, The ability to be sensitive, The ability to be free from ignorance, The ability to be free from jealousy, The ability to understand passion and pride over calm mind and equality for all, The ability to control your mind, The ability to understand and control delusions, The ability to control greed, The ability to understand and control suffering, The ability for right livelihood, The ability for right effort, The ability for right mindfulness, The ability for right concentration, ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ The ability for right mindfulness, The ability for right concentration, The ability not to murder, The ability not to steal, The ability not to commit adultery, The ability not to cheat, The ability not to abuse, The ability not to manipulate for bad cause, The ability not to lose temper, The ability for justice, The ability to live without wealth, The ability to live without need for honor, The ability to live without comfort, The ability to live without excitement, The ability to live without attachments, The ability to live without hate, The ability to live without vengeance, The ability to live without vanity, The ability to live without inattentiveness, The ability to live without concealment, The ability to live without dullness, The ability to live without faithlessness, The ability to live without laziness, The ability to live without forgetfulness, The ability to live without hypocrisy, The ability to live without dishonesty, The ability to live without distraction, The ability to live without shamelessness, The ability to live without inconsiderateness, The ability to live without unconscientiousness, The ability to live without violence, The ability to accept change, The ability to be open to miracles - Universe does them all the time. The ability of your mind to heal the body. The ability to see and appreciate goodness in others. The ability to use love. The ability to reject hate. The ability to see most people as good people The ability to stay positive with good energy to others. The ability to quiet your mind and connect with the wisdom of Universe. The ability to control your ego. The ability to understand causes and condition in your life. ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

Power of Mind to Heal

The power of mind is to understand itself. Power of mind is the ability to control itself, not allowing it's ego to control your mind. Once you do know your mind, the Universe stands open for you and the miracles you can do together. The miracle of your mind being is all you need. Once you are aware of your own power of mind you can heal and be healed.

How to Heal
To learn how to heal is to learn the Universe and how it does for us. The Universe created us very similar to itself. The Universe is part of us as we are part of the Universe. Not everything in Universe is big explosion and instant result of it. Most of the time the energies work constantly moving atoms and planets within galaxies. Even galaxies move within space of Universe. Creation takes time. The same is with your healing. It took unfortunate event that you got hurt or sick. The body needs time to heal itself. Your mind mimicking the Universe has to constantly think and send healing power to effected area to start and finish process of healing. Healing takes time but it is being done almost all of the time after after birth. Our body renew itself constantly and it needs good environment with good diet to make itself in good, working order. The beginning of healing is to allow yourself to be healed. If your mind will not believe in itself or healing power of others, it will not make much progress with your sickness, it will not heal yourself. Allowing yourself to be healed is like opening gate for food supply. If it is open and energy of good food comes, you get help and progress. If the mind is closed for healing, it stops progress and keeps stagnation. Once you open the gate of your mind for healing, the process can begin. Close your eyes, quiet your mind - you can call it meditation, and try to connect with your mind to the Universe. The Universe with it's never ending energy where everything is connected instantly. Thing on molecular level and think on planetary or galaxy level. There is energy in the Universe that moves atoms and planets. The energy has it's instant laws with it. Just like string vibrates at the instrument, there is power of mind that moves hand over the string giving it very special vibration. Once the mind and hand stops moving, the vibration of the strings ends. So if you want music come out of the string, you need to constantly move some energy to make it vibrate. Just like Universe vibrates everything around us, you can repeatedly imaging your body vibration. Yes, it does have it. Everything vibrates on atom level even your body. So in your meditation repeatedly try to find the vibration of your own body - you can call it prayer as you wish, after all you communicate with the Universe, you are tuning up with the creator. In your prayer or meditation, you come close to your problem. Apply your positive energy of your body to the place where you need some healing. These days we know that very small voltage of our body does make the self healing of anything we may need. How you do it? Most of the time you know you have pain in your body in place being effected. If you try to heal somebody ells, with lot of practice, you can use your hands as antenna not only to heal but sense pain and effected areas. Cold sensation means problem with the organ or place on your body. To heal it you sense the ailment and repeatedly bring energy to the place. It can be done with hands. Nice, soothing warmth of healing the body can be felt by the receiver. Powerful and skillful mind can send positive, worm, healing energy from space without touching of hands. Have you notice that in some countries going to hospital to visits those who got hurt is very important. Just being around those who need healing is helping them. Just being around sick people helps them. Even animals like dogs and cats bring positive feeling to sick people and being around does help in healing the person in hospital. Just the presents or thought of your friend can make you feel better. Healing by touch and direct transfer of healing energy or sending good wishes with the power of your mind create that special resonance that brings positive feeling to the people who feel bad. Just like pleasure of listening to beautiful music you like, the resonance of healing energy does help in healing human bodies. Slowly and steady keep your mind on your healing part of body. Imagine you are constantly pounding it with positive, healing energy. Unleash your own body healing energy that is in reality very low voltage electricity. The electricity is being made by your body changing food to it's electrical state of healing energy. Acidic or alkali food does make difference as acid and alkali does produce electrical energy in the battery. Duality of acidic and alkali foods does help in creating good healing energy. You are what you eat... You are about 70% water. The importance of good water also makes big difference. Don't poison yourself with bad, poison water. Moving and vibrant water produce energy. It can be even seen with laboratory equipment. Moving water with it's power helps healing human body. Moving water with it's electrical current being produced when it is moving, makes the body healed. The more good, healing energy, the more time used for healing the better your health can get. Just visualize the field of energy that is around us, grab it and change it's vibration, it's frequency to vibration healing that you or someone ells needs. Practice , practice, practice and learn at energy level to use it, grab it - it is free to you. No patents on drugs are needed. If there is emergency and great lost - be reasonable and allow yourself with cautious mind to treat yourself by good medical doctor. Any energy that help your body and leaves minimum damage is better then unnecessary death. If time allows, give yourself good healing power to recovery.

Healing and abuse, the power to say "no"

Don't abuse yourself so you do not have to spend your energy on healing yourself. Any abuse and luck of balance in your life does have effect on you and your body. Just being aware of abuse somebody give you is important. It allows you the opportunity to say no. You have universal right to say NO to any abuse others may try to impose on you. Why take pain on yourself in the future when you just need to say no in the present? Learn how to say NO. It is simple and powerful word. Just say no. I am sorry Mr. or Mrs. the answer is no. If you feel like not having the guts to say it then try to practice it. You will need it sooner or later - you know it! Invitation to abuse comes from you not being able to say no. The power of mind that can say no is almost like healing power to yourself. Fell like small god - after all you are undeniable part of God of Universe. Make sure your "no" statement or answer or decision is pronounced with balanced tone not emotion and screaming or yelling. Feel love for your abuser and with smile respond, " I am sorry but this is abuse and I decided not to take part in it." It is almost like a simple statement of reality. If your reality is addiction, you will say "yes" to what is killing you. Your wrong perception of reality gives you falls sense of what is good for you pressing you deeper in bad cycle of wrong perception and slow death, self elimination for pleasure and new desires of pleasure. Saying "no" to your own abuse is perhaps most difficult as the mind with it's desire for destroying itself in pleasure is very powerful. In self addiction for any addiction saying "no" must be repeated over and over just like healing yourself or others with repetition and diligence. The resonance of simple "no" against addiction can be worst battle of healing but it can be done. You can do it. Start resonating healing with all your power of mind to "no" and the resonance with self killing mind it's desire for pleasure can be win. You just have to set your mind for "no" and keep resonating it until the mind will heal itself from self destruction. Fight with your own ego and destruction of your own addiction is within your reach.

Beauty or ugliness does not matter. What matter is set of your mindtoward goodness and the right deeds. What matter is saying no to wrong and evil deeds.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ The Universe is ultimate reality and it states that abuse is wrong and bad. What is wrong in saying it? It is easy and it makes life easier. Being open and living to your good road map of life makes it easier and less stressful. Stress does not help in healing you or others. The good relation with others and not much stress in your life does have it's effect on you. Keep your life balanced. Your energy level does not have to be depleted over anybody who tries to manipulate you to wrong deeds. Being good to people generates positive energy toward you. Learn how to use it and receive the positive energy. It is like playing with ball. You throw it gentle to somebody with good intention and that somebody more likely will return you the same ball with kindness and good energy of friendship and love. That is energy well spent. When you throw the same ball with hate and bad intention, you generate the same going back at you. This energy of hate is bad spent energy kicking you back with the same or more negativity. The choice between hate or love is yours - make it good for you - choose love and kindness. Your life is your own ball game - use it properly and wisely and the Universe will reward you properly. The Power of your mind is to control it the right way.

Tolerance - Open Mind and Free thinking

Tolerance is allowing others to be and to do. In the world where we all have different view and perception of reality, we need to be tolerant to others. Without tolerance there would be chaos, wars and murders. Tolerance is important factor in our life. Tolerance allow us to function as society or nation and as global village. Be tolerant to others.
The Universal laws are in every religion. Every religion however see the law of Universe in different light. Sometime there is no light in some religion views. One of them is competing for people to become members of any organized religion. You and the Universe is the right relation. You and church is by pass of your relation with the reality - the God of Universe. There is no better connection then direct, intimate and close relation between you and God. People are free souls and they should be always free - no religion can compete for human soul as it is free from the beginning. Religions should help us. If there is intolerance and hate toward other religion - it is prejudice and should be avoided. Prejudice people should be reminded of their wrong view on other people and religions. They may be just most aware of being wrong. It is your right to choose your understanding of God and Universe. Pressure from society or customs and traditions should not interfere with your personal understanding of God and Universe. It is your free mind and God of Universe not inheritance of traditions, believes of others. It is your mind and questioning everything to get to the truth and ultimate reality. As you are tolerant - others should be tolerant to you. Universal laws, the Universe does not compete with any religion. Religions are path to understand the God and Universe it governs but the Universe never interferes with wars, religions and human delusions. It is humans that need to find the right laws for themselves to understand the Universe. If you are not free and open minded you will close openness to others. Here is life example from people intolerant on the base of religion. When I was in Hawaii where West meets East, I discovered in motel room 3 books. Somebody had to read them as on the inside pages there were hand writings. I took the books and check them what somebody wrote in them on the first and last pages. First book was Mormon Bible:

This cover reminded mi of couple young guys who came to me once at my home and told me about Joseph Smith and his prophecies. I was not aware of that and I thought - it was very interesting. I never got that bible to check the difference from regular bible but I open my mind to the ideas. What I saw on the first page was rather clear - whoever wrote his or her thoughts was everything but open minded:

How the person knew that the other type or Christian religion is lie? It was typical closed minded person with prejudice even to other religious sect from Christianity. How about some openness and good faith towards others. How about some understanding towards other people and their understanding of God. Where is some good will for understanding others? This is exactly what some religion fundamentalists do. They do not feel the love from God - they feel good from hate to all other religions except to the one they believe. The opposite of love toward others is hate and jealousy. If you think your way in religion is the only way - you may need some view opening your mind to the reality of Universe you live in. Being intolerant to others is bad religion by itself. There is one Universal God of Universe and many ways to understand the way to it. What would say Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna and all other wise people who received the understanding and the connection between the Universe, God and people. They were good, loving people who received the wisdom and knowledge at very high level. They understood what is good and what we, the people should do to reject the evil. They lived long time ago. 2000 years after Christ, 2500 years after Buddha, about 1300 years after Mohammed died some places of our planet still live in darkness and prejudice toward people and other religions. Even in the name of Jesus some people hate others because they are different and not associated with Jesus. Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Jehovah, Buddha and all great minds that came to Earth to help people would reject intolerance and prejudice. Their original, simple teachings were changed, twisted and some people forgot that it is not religion and institution of church but personal good deeds and relationship with the ultimate power of God and Universe.

True salvation is your own relationship with the God of Universe not hate toward others. What is is good knowledge of any religious writings if you do not understand the basic principles, you do not feel that love towards the Universe and it's precious creation - the people. Next page was showing hand writing too. Since bible is holy book for christians it was OK to the writer, seems to be christian himself to force his believes in other bibles and Buddha teachings book. Whoever scribble on all these books of God, he had no tolerance for others. This shows that you can be religious but prejudice to other religions. So what is good out of being religious and at the same time prejudice and intolerant? The third book was "The Teaching of Buddha". Again, similar situation was here. One page had big statement for almost one page: "Jesus died for your sins not Buddha". I wondered if this mind who wrote in the books does get delusion, hate, discrimination - in this case some kind of religion discrimination, fanaticism or what is wrong with him? How in the world we know if this is any true what he is saying. Jesus Died and Buddha Died. They both were good souls, they both gave the humanity great teachings and they all sacrifice for others so others can learn to be better beings. This should open your eyes to people who do think their way is the only way just like Hitler and Stalin. Because their way prevail, millions of people vanished in suffer and pain. Being aware of our life and surroundings, being sensitive to wrong deeds and to be open to the Universe is the way all great people of religion felt. They new tolerance win people's hearts not war, violence and deception. Can you say this writer was close minded, ignorant, hateful and as knowledgeable about the bible as he seemed to be - he has no real connection with the true Love of God. Love is just a word for him. If you love truly - you love all nut just this religion or that one. You love all people no matter what they believe.

Next day I met a man that said to me that there are lot of Buddhists in Hawaii but that is OK - they are all converting to be Christians these days. I thought for a second I was in inquisition's time Europe. I wanted asked him why and what is wrong with the other religions and philosophy of Buddha... before I did - he left with smile... I thought this guy is either delusion minded or he feels good with his hate toward other beliefs and religions.

Next day I check the "teachings of Buddha" and the next pages showed up written in hand writing of the same person.

Buddha is Dead and Jesus is alive! Excuse me... let's check the reality here - they are all dead and they are all alive because of their good teachings. Why not learn all good deeds from them instead placing delusions in everybody's life. If you are not tolerant, you get the same delusions the anonymous writer placed on the pages. Again, there are quote in code style yet, there is no feeling of love, openness, good will toward others. There is knowledge but no love. If Buddha is dead so is Jesus but we all know they live among us with their words of knowledge and wisdom. We all know it for over 2000 years. If the soul of Jesus is alive so is Buddha's. If Jesus is alive and Buddha is not then clearly this is delusion, hate toward others and some kind of religious intolerance of the man who wrote it. Jesus and Buddha would agree with this. They were hundreds of years apart. Over half millennium after Jesus was Mohammed. Does it mean Mohammed is dead and Jesus is alive just because Jesus was before Mohammed? Or maybe Mohammed is better and Buddha is bad because he lived over thousand years before Mohammed? Religious prejudice and hate make people blind and their minds drift away from real God. Love and sensitivity open our minds to truth and the God of Universe. This is exactly why there is religious hate and skirmishes and it should never be. You should not fear God - you should understand God's way. Once you understand the way to god, fear is no longer there. If you hate other religions your religion is falls. Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and many others new tolerance and love is needed. They not only understood the way to God - they lived as example. They were close to God. They were tolerant. Just like in the hateful writing in religious books, some people without any understanding and tolerance make bad names to other religions. For thousands of years closed minded people twisted their teaching and used hate toward others. That is why there are wars and arm conflicts. Are we ready for real, global peace? If your mind is open - you know the truth. If your mind was closed by pressure of some low level society - you should have the courage to stay on the side of the truth. Stand up for what you believe not what they shove at you. It is you and God not anybody between. Universal Laws makes all people even, free and all people are brothers no matter from where they are coming from. The intention of Universal Law of God is to help all people from all walks of life. Competition with other religions is not in a question because how do you compete with all mighty Universe and God that permit the Universe everywhere at the same time? We are always part of our Universe and we do not need to destroy ourselves - we need to build and love. The laws of Universal God are very clear. Once you are aware of them, you understand the ultimate truth and the way to the reality with peace and justice for all.

No matter what your point of view or religion - be tolerant your reality and judgment are different then others. Let's discuss them not fight over them. Tolerance is the answer for intelligent discussions. Intelligent discussion does not make wars - it eliminates them. The reality is - your way is the way among many, it is not the ultimate reality.

Some religions and philosophies get close to the reality of the Universe. They are closer to the God of Universe. It is the only connection between you and the Universe that matters to your reality. People as part of the Universe may keep you off the connection. Many of them do not have the right connection. Tolerance in religion is possible. "No one owns the universal." On this International Day of Peace and Global Day of Non-violence, the Interfaith Amigos - Rabbi Ted Falcon, Pastor Don Mackenzie, and Imam Jamal Rahman - teach us, using humor and compassion, to bridge the gaps between understanding and the common points of all faiths. Though no laughing matter, these religious healers embrace inter-faith collaboration and show to be moral hope.

The Change
The Change in Universe brakes apart everything. Do not cherish the unworthy desire that the changeable might become the unchangeable. Everything changes. Change brakes routine. Change is better then any routine. Routine leads to abuse. The only constant in Universe is change. Nothing is stable in the vast space and ocean of energy. You change constantly! The Material world change but the mind of Universe, the God of Universe governs everything and makes stable all laws and reality. The God of Universe brings stability to everything.
Understanding that change is normal event will help you in better decision making process. Bear in mind the fact that change and uncertainty is the reality. Greed, attachments and desires will not help you in better feeling, peace of mind or security. Everything changes and your life change constantly. So do not lament and waste your life emotions and energy for something that changed. With change comes progress. Be open to change. Stagnation don't bring progress and keeps you idling. Change can also bring problems but the power of your mind can make it positive. The time of your life and others is limited. It is fact of life. Instead of worrying and lamenting let's use your time for what it should be - do noble things, help others and don't waist your time. Why feel bad about end of your life if you waist it? Make your life worth living! Find purpose and love. Life is worth it! If your life lost it's meaning - change it. Bring progress to your life with change!

Comes the Glory by Jack Haas. This art specially shows that illusion of human eye can see clear movement in this design. Jack made this art with the incredible effect - it is like this art is moving constantly. Special geometry gets vibration - the resonance. You can find the resonance with the Universe.

Physical Universe

The fined tuned Universe.

Universe is alive it is not fragmented but one. Despite the first perception, the Universe is "uni" as it's first part of the word sounds - it is unified and it is one whole living entity. The size of Universe is unknown to a man of 21 century and it is hard for us to imagine never ending space.

The Universal constants cancel out all of the vacuum energy in the Universe to great accuracy. Everything is tuned up instantly on all levels. The Universe is tuned by itself to perfection. Deviation in the expansion rate of universe of 1 part in a billion in either direction would have caused the Universe to immediately collapse, stars would not form, chaos would happened. Yet there is no chaos - everything works fine. Everything in Universe is synchronized. All forces of Universe are fine tuned to allow our reality to be workable . If one of any forces in Universe would be weaker or stronger we would not have our reality. Our Universe is tuning itself and programing our reality at all time. If Universe is alive it should not be fragmented. From outside you can see Universe broken for endless number of pieces, galaxies, planets, stars and never ending space. What is outside if there is no end? Despite the first perception, the Universe is "uni" as it's first part of the word sounds - it is unified and it is one whole living entity. The size of Universe is unknown to a man of 21 century and it is hard for us to imagine never ending space.

The Fabric of Universe

As 21 century science shows majority of Universe is not made from atoms we know. Even if we took atoms as vibrating energy, atoms are very small part of the Universal energy and it is about only 4 % of Universe. Higher elements like carbon, iron make only 0.03 % of the Universe where hydrogen and helium, light atoms make the majority of the 4% atoms in Universe ! So we take very small part of Universe, since we are made of higher elements of atoms and yet we represent our intelligent mind with it's is unique place of Universe. Tell me if we are not special! Tell me if our garden Mother Earth is not special where that unique intelligent life was created. We know that every force know to us works in Universe as one force of Universe. On atom's level there is force that keeps moving all it's inside components at speed about 1.3 times higher then speed of light. We could even say that atoms dimension is invisible and it could be just waves of energy, making us living in the ocean of energy. You can look at everything as manifestation of energy. What about 96% of Universe? First, it is invisible to human eye. 73 % of Universe is dark energy we call it dark because we can not see it. Dark energy makes the Universe moving and expending. Who knows what we will find in 1000 years about dark energy but... it is majority of our invisible Universe. The 23% of Universe is dark matter. That is contracting force pulling everything together. 73% minus 23 % is about 50% domination of dark energy above dark matter. So dark matter is very dominant force in Universe and we still can not see it. Perhaps we can feel it or maybe science is mistaking but some dominant force in Universe exist. Since we can not even see hydrogen or helium in it's gas state we can not see a lot in our Universe - we can say we can see just about 0.03 % of our Universe. We are not blind, yet we can not see a lot!


Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity - Henry Van Dyke

When we do not do the one thing we ought to do, we have no time for anything else - we are the busiest people in the world - Eric Hoffer.
Time is the energy conducting reality. Time is equal for all. Time is precious entity as your time on Earth has limit - use it wisely! If you waist your time, you do not receive enough energy of awareness so wasted time - the negative factor is one of the bases for awareness. No time is negative energy effecting reality. Your mind can slow or increase time - reality keeps time at the same speed. Speed change time but not reality. Good time is more valuable as it seems to go faster. Bad time has lower value as it seems to be slower. Good = Faster Time, Bad = Slower Time. Our minds in relation to time indicate that main law of Universe of good over bad is valid. What time got to do with main law of Universe? Perhaps time got nothing to do with Universe or... time moves reality.The higher speed of computer processor, the better power of computer. High speed makes better computer, better computer saves time, time gets better value. The computer processor can do more in the same time. The speed of energy seems to have better power in making time more valuable. High frequency = better time, better value of time. Would the speed of fastest energy of Universe be so fast at

such high energy, high frequency that it would make time flowing at different rate where the highest frequency energy in Universe is flowing equally with time being everywhere at the same time? What time got to do with main law of Universe? Perhaps time got nothing to do with Universe or... time moves reality. The higher speed of computer processor, the better power of computer. High speed makes better computer, better computer saves time, time gets better value. The computer processor can do more in the same time. The speed of energy seems to have better power in making time more valuable. High frequency = better time, better value of time. Would the speed of fastest energy of Universe be so fast at such high energy, high frequency that it would make time flowing at different rate where the highest frequency energy in Universe is flowing equally with time being everywhere at the same time? If time is at the highest frequency energy of the Universe, time would become different dimension as highest frequency energy in Universe could be everywhere at the same time. Time and highest frequency energy of Universe have some simple explanation to a simple human mind how everything can be everywhere at the same time. So everywhere at the same time at the highest frequency could be the The God of Universe? Could the dimension of everything, everywhere at the same time, be as the ultimate power of Universe or it is just the fabric of Universe that connects everything with energies we can not possibly see or detect? Whatever the power, force, intelligence with it's laws is - it is part of everyone of us. We are part of it and it is part of us. Each of us is it, and it is each of us. Our bodies can be destroyed and are being destroyed by time but time also builds our body and creates new bodies. Transiency works with time, cycles are continuing, bodies are changing but energy of our mind stays as energy can not be destroyed. So what is the purpose of energy of our mind being recycle or changed to new bodies? If there is cause in Universe there must be effect. If the Universe creates intelligent life, the intelligent life experience the reality. You can not experience reality when you are just energy. Life has its own energy and intelligent life has power of its mind. Intelligent life can experience reality. Perhaps the ultimate creator and powerful force of God of Universe needs intelligent life to experience reality from its different state of being. How would you like to be God among all of humans along with them all? So God among its creation has many views and feelings about it's real form and dimension. Maybe one day, intelligent life can help God? When you get busy and use your time for noble, good things - your time becomes precious. So love as ultimate good energy make our time precious. Could love be cause or effect of God? If we are the different dimension of God then more love makes more good energy among us - the different dimension of God as intelligent life spreads itself in good direction as love and goodness. If the positive balance of love over evil exists on our planet, humanity makes progress and life flourish. If the balance of evil over love is greater then chaos and destruction follows. As our global consciousness does make progress, the small step for human kind within time is not going fast. Progress in technology thought us that responsibility to all of us is required to survive as human race. The power of atom made us aware of ultimate respect. If there is no respect to humanity by humanity, humanity will disappear. God made the ultimate fuse - you love each other and you survive in peace and love, or you nuke yourself in hate and put the end to precious life on Earth. Would time in Earth dimension be the cause for love - the ultimate good energy we need to survive and continue God's existence in intelligent life? Then love is the effect we need to survive and live good life. Time and love perhaps means survival of God in intelligent life. Symbiotic relation with its creation. Love within time, within your life is perhaps all you need. Maybe love is the high frequency energy where sensitivity of highest level is required? Setting your mind for necessity and priority over pleasure and delusions helps in gaining more time. Discipline over your work and daily matters does make you more time. Your discipline and power of mind can do more in less time. Time can play positive or negative factor. When you need it most - it runs away quick. If you got lot of time - time feels slow. When you feel time is quick you need it more. When you feel time is slow, you are bore, you need everything but time. That is your mind that feels the relativity of time that can be slow or fast. That is your mind that can manipulate time by allowing your life to feel time as good and precious. Get busy and use your time for noble things - your time will become precious. Precious time is indicator you are busy, doing something worthy. You can manipulate time - all you need is energy of thought - the energy of your mind that will manipulate our life so you get more time out of balanced life. It shows that those who produce a lot of thought energy, discipline, time management - will accomplish much more then those who use negative energy of thought. Sitting at bar, whining how life is bad will not produce much good but feel of boring time and negativity - the negative energy. Any waist is bad - waist of time is bad. If you abuse yourself at work, you work too much, your time gets long. When you get depressed by work or other things in life, time gets long and time need to slow down. Balanced life is balanced time. Time in human life is relevant. It is equal to all of us and yet, it depends on each of us how we manage it, how we use it. If you compare time with what individual accomplished in life you can see that successful people get it more with balanced, managed time. Not successful people waste time, including time for unneeded desires, fantasy (escape from reality). It depends on awareness of individual how time is balanced. You can be very intelligent, educated and you can slip into waist of time. If you are aware of time flow you can manipulate the fabric of time by balancing your time and life. Machines, other people work, talent, discipline to accomplish thinks will gain you time if you are aware of it - wasting time at bar will not get you more time. Universe is not stagnant - it moves internally and externally everything we see is in motion. From planets, galaxies to small atoms. Dark, invisible energy pushes Universe apart - Universe is growing - it is living Universe but unlike human living - Universe does not worry about time of it's existence - Universe just exists - there is no end to time - time is another dimension to age of universe - it progresses forward whether it is 1000 years or billion years - it makes no difference to Universe - time does not eliminates Universe - Universe eliminates time by ending or making new creations. Universe manipulates time. Time is not obstacle to Universe progress. Thinking that you need to buy constantly things because others do is wrong. You buy things because you really need them and you can get you more time by using them. When you get loan if you don't have enough money and you get interest that works against your time you may need to think if that extra interest on the loan is worth the time you save by buying things. It reverses your time - you need more time to pay off your loan and interest. If you would take time and think if you need things to buy - you would have more time not to have them. Don't put imbalance in your life -

balance your life for those things that you really need - and yes, you also need some time for yourself.


Waist is energy that could be used in better way. Waist is lost energy, lost energy is waist - we all need energy - our food. The Universe does not waist anything so shouldn't you. Waist in Universe is everything but good. If you waist your time, you do not receive enough energy of awareness so wasted time is the negative factor for awareness. All energy that is not used should be conserved. Waist of food is sin as some go hungry. Before you waist your mind for addictions and pleasure - please set your mind for waist. Creating waist damages and rubs others from valuable resources - including food!


Our body will end it's life - the energy of our mind, our soul may wonder somewhere in the Universe. There are energies we do not know - some of unknown energies may go toward place in Universe where they come from and come back. A lot of energies in Universe are cyclical - so can be life, specially intelligent life.
We just can not see energies unless it manifests itself. The sun, our star makes energy from helium and hydrogen - we see the light and we feel the warmth. We feel the energy of Sun but what fuels our star? Dark matter, dark energy has to play roll in this process. Energies we don't see or feel yet there are energies we can not detect in out material world dimension. Maybe dark energy or dark matter fuels our Sun and everything in Universe moves by those invisible energies. The fact is that everything in Universe is moving, from planets to stars and atoms. For us it may be stable and not movable yet even our planet moves, every atom is small energy. Some energies come to our star - the Sun, transfers itself to heat and visible energy of light we can feel and light we need to see anything. Dark energy by coming to Sun gets transformed and dark matter holds planets in their orbits? Perhaps dark matter is derived from dark energy that was transformed to light and heat? Who knows as we don't know much about place we live, yet our imagination can give us helping hand but we just don't know in 21 century what dark energy is. We know dark energy is since there are great forces like dark energy moving our Universe. We know there is immense energy up there yet we can not top to it, we can use it - all we got is atomic, fossil, and natural energy from wind. sun and moving water perhaps our own muscles but it all is not reliable, it is dirty and very inefficient. The great discovery of cheap, reliable energy that is all around us awaits humanity. Just think that energy combine with time creates art just like beautiful sunsets or sunrises - the outcome can be beautiful. Dark matter accounts about 23% of universe and yet we can not see it but it has weight. It could be matter with higher vibration of energy then atoms. Dark matter can vibrate so high it cancels before our eyes that ware made from atoms and can not see anything beyond spectrum of the same matter of atoms. Would it be energy vibrating speed that we can not recognize in higher frequencies of vibrating energies? Dark energy is even more unusual. It occupies most of the Universe, we can not see it, we can not tap to it and it must have contact with us. It must flow by our bodies since it is majority of everything. Could it be higher intelligence giving us reality? Reality can go in many ways - it depends how we steer it. Can we steer or manipulate dark energy? Taking under consideration that 0.03 part of universe that we live in ( atoms dimension) can manipulate 73% of universe and it's dark energy. Maybe we can not manipulate the 73% but equal part of 0.03 from 73% about 2% of our atom dimension. If we could use 0.03% of dark energy we could have sustainable life without pollution

and wars over resources. But if we could presume dark energy is energy at incredibly high frequency, energy that is pure intelligence - the universe becomes one unit with none duality meaning whatever is going in one part of universe the intelligence of universe knows about it instantly. Using dark energy in any aspect of life, including travel would lower or eliminate using atoms and their energy that works on much lower vibration scale. Maybe when our body dies our energy of soul connects with super high vibration of dark energy. If mane soul energy would connect with dark energy we would be connected with the source at speed so high that we would be every place at the same time. Do you want to lie or cheat God of Universe when it is everywhere at all time? You can not do it - you just lie to yourself and that brings bad energy to you. Hydrogen and Helium - light elements take about 3.97% out of 4% that take atoms in Universe. Could it be that the lighter atoms are connected with super light, super high frequency of dark energy and dark matter? Maybe the higher frequency is closer to dark energy with dark matter somewhere in the middle? We can only comprehend laws that we know or we discover in observing the universe. Playing by the rules of the Universe should help us understand other dimensions and energies of Universe we live in.

Energies in human life.

Since we can not comprehend and understand our Universe completely at this moment of human evolution, we are getting forward and we can establish facts. We know for long the main laws of Universe - if something is good, if something does work well, it survives and it stays in existence. It happened that life evolved in material world - the visible energies of atoms that we see as matter. If you obey the laws of Universe, your material energy, your body survives longer - it gets more time. If you disobey, abuse and ignore the laws of Universe, your body gets destroy, it gets less time. With less time you get additional negative factor - pain. Pain is negative energy to your body. Happiness is positive energy to you. You want happiness you live along laws of Universe - so why some of us live in pain and never ending problems? Awareness of human mind - the energy of computing the reality is needed to get your life on the right track. Getting away from bad to positive energies is essential for good life. As child you need to learn awareness so time is the factor. If you waist your time, you do not receive enough energy of awareness so wasted time - the negative factor is one of the bases for awareness. It is like one bad energy of wasted time creates another bad energy of low awareness. The energy of perseverance needs to be apply to get away from cycle of bad energies whether it is addiction, laziness, bad health or any other problem we have in life.

Human thoughts as energy

Your thought is outcome of chemical electric energy of our brain but the mind controls the thought. Your thought is very week electrical impulse going in our neurons and it's outcome can move your body and the world. Ideas created in your brain by thoughts can be very powerful. Your thought can do things that can be seen impossible for others. Your thought is the power of your intelligence. Your mind shapes reality. You create reality. Your reality effects your energy - use it wisely. There are lot of different energies. Your life energy manifests by existence of your thought. Our thought is outcome of chemical electric energy of our brain but the mind controls the thought. It is very week electrical impulse going in our neurons and it's outcome can move your body and the world. Ideas created in your brain by thoughts can be very powerful. Your thought can do things that can be seen impossible for others. Your thought is power of intelligence. Wasted energy can bring stagnation and no help to anybody. Wasted mind can be terrible thing but wasted thoughts are even worst since they came from the power of universe surrounding us, giving us the resolution to better life and yet our thoughts are wasted because of manipulation, jalousie, bad energy of others. Your thoughts get manipulated and changed by others on daily basis. Everybody got some agenda, profits, motifs and all they need to get to the real truth they need in life is look around and see if they need all they are trying to accomplish by changing your thoughts, manipulating it to their side. Sometimes they have to change your wrong thoughts - sometimes they do not have to changing your good thought. Who is right? Religions is energy of human thought trying to find the understanding of ultimate energy of the Universe - the God. Religions can be misleading - Universe is not - it is the ultimate reality. The Universe is so give yourself some time and search the Universe before entangling yourself in more bad energy.

Good Energy Love, Kindness and Compassion brings clear and good energy to everyone. Contentment brings positive energy. Balance life makes positive energy. Creation- it takes energy in good direction to create good energy. Needs are not desires. Needs can create good energy as inventions and adaptations to new environment. Needs create progress - good energy. Equanimity skill for self exploration and emotional intelligence brings positive energy. Forbearance creates good energy. Forgiveness brings very positive energy of peace. It eliminates bad energy of anger and suffer from wrong doings by others. Grace brings good energy to all. Happiness is good energy. Being Humbled - creates positive energy for you and others. Mercy brings positive energy, especially to those who receive it. Positive Mid Set brings good energy to your life. Moderation neutralizes extremes and bring neutrality good, stable energy. Responsibility guards for balanced energy of your mind. Power of mind is the balanced energy generation source. Power of mind set for truth is energy of proper energy flow. Power of mind set for reality is energy of ultimate energy flow. Recognition of good and bad is part of proper energy flow. Religions is energy trying to find the ultimate energy the God of Universe. Salvation is the energy of cleaning and preserving. Sensitivity is the energy of high frequency that can sense and respond to most energies. Trust is energy making your ego's energy safe. Time is the energy conducting reality. Time is equal for all. Tolerance is energy of allowing other energies. Your mind and soul is energy that changes, evolves and creates your life. Energy of good memory is positive energy lasting long time. Uncertainty with awareness of it creates positive energy of knowledge. Creativity is positive energy of creating. Work is the positive energy creating and rearranging other energies. Perseverance is the energy not quitting. It moves work and creativity. Perfection is the energy of getting to the ultimate beauty, workability and engineering. Beauty is the energy of ultimate good look recognized by all. __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________

Bad Energy

Your Egoism drains you from positive energy. Your hate brings you negative energy. Your laziness creates falls state of good feeling. In reality laziness brings more problems and eventually it brings hardship and negative energy. Abuse brings negative energy to others and you. Adultery, brings negativity and pain in the future. Jealousy, and no faithfulness in your wife or husband brings negative energy to both. Anger brings long negative energy. No awareness brings constant negative energy your life leaks positive energy by not seeing it. Cheating, lying, stealing take negative energy just to bring you more negative energy. Creation in bad direction can bring very bad energy to many. Desires create new problems and eventually can become bad energy. Emotions create pain and make our mind not working rational - negative energy. Greed brings long and negative energy. Negative Mind Set brings negative energy from the surrounding. Extremism brings violent, unpredictable, bad energy. Passion brings unbalanced mind energy. Pleasures, Addictionsbrings deception to balanced energy of your mind. Prejudice is waist of energy, It is energy directed in wrong, bad direction. Delusions is energy wasted in wrong direction. Lies is energy wasted in wrong direction. Religions is energy trying to find the ultimate energy of Universe - it can be misleading - the Universe is not. Ignorance is defected, low frequency energy that can not respond to other energies. Suspicion is the energy draining your ego's energy. No time is negative energy effecting reality. No tolerance is energy not allowing other energies. Energy of bad memory is bad energy lasting long time. Uncertainty is energy of unpredictability. No awareness of it creates negative energy. Waist is negative energy eliminating other energies. Destruction - negative energy eliminating other energies.

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________

Neutral Energies Transiency is oscillating energy that can be good and bad and after all it is natural way the Universe lives. Natural and balanced energy is good energy in your life.

Understanding The God of Universe

Universe is energy surrounding you. Universe is everything at all time everywhere with all it's laws. Religion is energy of human thought trying to find the understanding of ultimate energy of the Universe - the God. Religions are good help to human misunderstanding of the ultimate power and wisdom there is but sometime the teachings can be misleading to people - the Universe is not - it is

the ultimate reality.

The power of Living Universe driving our lives can be understood to degree of our ability to see small fraction of Universe - the visible matter of atoms that is only about 4% of the Universe. Degree of understanding Universe is different to all of us. Some of people can understand the Universe to very high degree. By living and being aware of Universe's laws we can comprehend and understand more then we can see. The rest of understanding can be left to faith but should be understood as much as it's allows to every individual. If the wisdom of Universe it is too big for you to understand, you can use some trust and faith in the main law of Universe is the right law. You can take baby steps forward one big and ultimate Wisdom of the Universe - The God of Universe surrounding us everywhere at all time.

If you would get to the reality on many levels, understanding how the Universe works in many dimensions, the one level on atomic level and that at vast space of cosmos level, you would see that there is force self directing and making laws instantly for every place of it's existence. There is atom with energy surrounding the center, there is movement of planets, galaxies and maybe something more. Everything vibrates with it's own frequency tuning to everything around with unique resonance. The more you are aware the more you can understand the ultimate energy managing everything. It is there and you are part of it. You flow with the Universe and the better you are aware of it with your sensitivity the better you understand it. The sensitivity of your mind energy allows the understanding of the Universe. If you are blind, you are in darkness of your own mind.

Just as the matter is made of atoms that are essentially energy floating in one tiny space, we float in our Universe all the time. Everything is changing - it is just our perception that we are in one place. Because of time and change being part of our life we adopt to what the Universe bring us in every moment. Those who learn to adapt to change, know it is the change that make them adaptable. Going against the flow of the Universe If your mind goes against the laws of the Universe, you move against the way the Universe is. You spent energy that is wasted and your efforts are not getting you ahead. You suffer and your life is not getting pleasant. You refuse to change your course and you deepen in spending energy that gets you the opposite way. There is good and wrong way. There is good and bad energy. Be aware of them all and use what is really good for you not what falls imagination brings. Going with the flow of the Universe

If your mind accept change toward good direction, it allows the important energy of change and progress. If your mind accepts the wrong way, it allows itself for change toward destruction. Choose goodness - reject destruction for your life. Set your mind to live good life - rejection of all bad will be the right way to your progress in life. Understanding the positive force - love is understanding God. Love for others is the high energy not all of us can use. Understanding the God of Universe is understanding Universal Love - the unconditional good energy towards everything. If you can not make any decision how to approach the situations in your life, choose what your inner wisdom brings you - it is the love of Universe in you. You control the energies in your life, you can control your mind and you can steer yourself with the flow of the Universe.

If you understand many forces there are in Universe, you could make yourself close to the force governing everything in Universe. You would need to be sensitive, master in observation, that would bring you on the path that would show you goodness, good behavior and positive energy that the Universe uses to create itself. There is also destruction in Universe. Why you have to have evil and destruction in our life? Perhaps to learn about the point of reference, what is good and what is not, what is working for you and what brings you hardship and hard times. You learn the right flow of Universe right from your first days of your existence. Good conduct, good point of view, good wisdom, good future is making you go forward. The opposite would be bad conduct, bad point of view, foolishness that bring you to halt and destruction.

The forces of nature are unpredictable and many times overpowering us. You had to learn the way to adjust to the environment. Being good with nature makes path forward to our existence. Bad behavior toward nature will bring negative forces to you. Action and reaction in physical world can be apply to our mental state. It makes sense to reject violence yet it is necessary to keep the right to your freedom and safety. There is not magical formula to our success in life. Use goodness and be good or use evil and receive suffer or death. You need to find your own way to balance your life between extreme forces.

Our life is one big gambit of interactions, situations and changing environment. Sometimes you learn some intuition to make decisions. You can not make wise decision , unless you are receiving good information that will allow you to make good decision. It takes time to make good decision. Good information is good decision, yet there are factors that tell us to hold on, or postpone things. Our intuition does have effect on our decision making process. Our intuition does connect to the Universal Wisdom.

It is not only information that drive us to good decisions. Intuition is the force we feel from the Universe that tell us to go this way not the other way. What makes some people intuitive? They are tuned with the Universe. They are sensitive and they are good. All those with bad virtues of character can not tune in to the Universe and Universe makes them live on lower scale. As soon as people transform, they get ahead in life with their positive vibration. The transformation is available to all of us. The decision to start living good life comes from your thoughts. Once you start heading the right direction - you will notice some improvements. Sensitivity, goodness and compassion do make difference in every life. If you are positive, good person, you will attract positive people, positive energy will attract you. good energy resonate with good energy. Ignorant human being

suffers from outcome of its ignorance, it resonate with others who are ignorant. They ignore and they halt their progress - they receive bad energy from left and right. They suffer without knowing why. Does Universe ignore pack of explosives. At the right time the explosion happens in short time. Universe reacts instantly so should you. There is nothing wrong to act like Universe - you are part of it.

If you observe Universe for the time being on this planet you know that Universe reacts immediately to every change. It is everything but ignorant. It is watching everything at every time. Small change in the pattern of Universe creates action or interaction. Universe is living , intelligent process and intelligence choice of events. We are flowing in this never ending field of energy and we learn how to understand it - at least some of us at different level of understand the basics. Strive for the ultimate there is. The better you understand the nature of the Universe - the better you can interact with it. Some ideas are as simple as choosing good and bad. Some observations of Universe are complicated and we do not know what is good or bad. As logic steers us in good direction we know that sometimes following logic is not always the best choice in life. Intuition sometimes gives us not logical decisions and ... sometimes they work better then logical, well thought decisions. Universe takes it's own path we do not know. So what should we do? We should use what we know - goodness with intuition, logic, all positive energies and well thought decisions to propel us forward in this complicated world of our life. Mimicking the invisible intelligence of Universe should give us advantage to live in peace and happiness.

The more you are tuned up with nature, surrounding and the Universe as a whole unit of everything, the better connection you have toward peace and happiness. Your life is going to be at higher level.

If you look our reality the true picture is not what we always see. Our emotions create visions and dreams. Our passion tends to create pictures in our mind - pictures that in reality are not here. How is that possible? Our mind needs positive thoughts and we create virtual world where we enjoy more then reality. That is where we can get lost. Reality is the true interaction of energy around us. If you look things different you can see there is field of energies around you and you interact with it all the time. Good and evil are creation of our mind - in nature things are just living or interacting with the space around fields of energy. What is bad or good for us may be just one or other spectrum of polarity that every energy tends to have. There is north and south to things. There is bad or good but middle of that is neutral as all forces tend to keep balance. Tuning up with Universe is finding balance to your life. You are the beauty and love of Universe - you should love and cherish, see and understand the Universe and it's wisdom with beauty around you.

Tuning up with Universe

Your thoughts, words and deeds are painting the world around you Jewel Diamond Taylor
The Universe acts like great light, self aware, everything there is in the Universe, everything there was can be known to you - you are part of it. Universe is tuned up and it is tuning up at all time - you should be too. You should feel the wisdom from your environment. You should be great observer sensitive to notice everything around you. Once you lost your right path, you should tune up and jump on the the right way. Meditations, praying, thinking, talking does help in tuning up between you and the Universe. Connect all the dots of information and gather them in your life - fell the connection get the resonant with everything. Tune up your mind with everything at any time - the Universe does!

The power of mind can tune with Universe giving you the power to heal and learn the wisdom of Universe. This relationship is most personal and can only exist between you and the power of Universe.
The more you are tuned up - the more you are sensitive and aware of what is going on in your life. That is natural and you should not fall victim of what others dictate onto you - you must know and feel the right way to make you life worthy and enjoyable. Tuning up to the Universe may give you answers you were not aware - so make yourself aware of the Universe you live in. Tuning up with main universal law will help you get further and enjoy your life. If you do not have the energy of knowing the Universe you may end up on rough road going to nowhere. To learn how to tune to Universe will give you wisdom you can't find in any book - this is wisdom of Universe on your personal level. This is not organized religion but your own experience with the creator. You always can help yourself and others in their life by tuning up for answers to the Universe.. So how to tune up with the Universe? You need to understand the Universe and the power of it. No matter how overwhelming the Universe may be compare to you - you are part of it and you are

precious creation of the Universe - you are intelligent life. The power of being part of the God of Universe makes you special in every where you are. You have the ability to get into resonance and information exchange between you and the mystery of your reality. You got the power to get the wisdom of your creator. The energy surrounding you and everything around you has the knowledge and power you may tap into. You need to quiet your mind. It can be done by closing your eyes, meditating, praying and trying to resonate on the level of different then material world. It is the plain of energies and ultimate knowledge surrounding you at all time. Just like a string of instrument, you can not get any resonance and melody by applying too much or too little energy to the string. It must be very fine range of energy that will resonate with the specific environment you are trying to get the resonance. Once you learn your own energy resonating with the Universe, you can move your mind to the realm of reality where conversation with the power of Universe can happened. Information exchange, knowledge and answers to your questions may be answered by our own creator. With the melody of your own frequency, your mind can tuned with the Universe and interact with it's power, knowledge and ultimate beauty. Meditation, praying, constant look for ultimate truth can get you close to the answer. This is answer you need to get for yourself. Tuning up can improve your life. Conversation on different plain of reality brings you experience you can not compare with your material reality. Just like tuning up instrument - you need to find resonance. To find resonance with your creator is task only you can find as this resonance is only available between your personal energy resonating within you and the Universe. Quiet your mind, relax and explore your connection between your mind and the energy of Universe. This unique connection is always between you and the Universe except your mind involved in everyday information processing is constantly busy. You don't have time for that meditation or pray the conversation with higher power is not taking place or takes place only when you get yourself to great danger. Have you ever talked within your mind, perhaps not even moving your lip, talked to something or someone when you got into dangerous situation? Our calling for help, our connection with something ultimate in Universe happens to most people. There is some kind of connection we feel and we sense it does help us. Yes, many people get sometimes something that is pure chance or miracle of the Universe. Mortal situation, big danger create within us some kind of instant connection with the ultimate power governing the Universe. Sometimes the power grants us mercy and grace. Sometimes we don't get it. This is mystery of the Universe why some of us get something like mercy and grace, win in lotto or getting something for free. Some of us, despite being good get pain or death. This mystery can be discovered by your personal relation with the Universe. Nobody can do it for you. This and many other questions are waiting for you to be answered. Reach for them today - start right now! Tuning up with your attitude. Our vibrations are connected to everything that happens to us. There is only one way we can change what we do in this life, and that is by changing our attitude toward Life; this changes our consciousness. This is a cosmic law that few people know. By changing your attitude, kind of tuning up with the Universe, those two things can happen. Either person or the problem will be completely removed without any harm to anyone, or that person or problem will change so much that you will be able to live with it very easily.

Balance your life

Balancing your life create more stability and peace of mind. Your mind needs balance for better survival. The balance in Universe creates stability. Balance your needs to get away from unnecessary desires. If you have something and you enjoy it to fulfill your need, you do not need to get more of it - you are balanced in your needs. Temptations to get more despite you don't need it may push you to get more or steal more. You create greed - you create imbalance in your life. If you take more then you need you created unbalanced situation around you. Your actions can create imbalance and consequently your life gets imbalance that can overwhelm you. The same works on non material level. Your thoughts should be balanced. Allow all view points without feeling and defend your own thoughts. You know your own reality therefore no one should tell you what is your reality but as you allow all view points without feeling your mind should judge what is good or bad and what is your reality. This is balance of your reality in life. Don't give your power away easily but your love should be given unconditionally - that is the nature of balanced true love. Low or too high self esteem are unbalanced. Unbalanced personality leads to addiction. Addiction is part of unbalanced life. Unbalanced life leads to unnecessary problems.

Balance for enjoyment, work and responsibility.

Most of the time our life ends within 100 years. The laws, knowledge, the universal reality governs everything and it is matter. Matter can change - the laws change too so our life's change. We flow in Universe and it's time. The more time you waste - the less advance you get. The balance between enjoyment and work needs to be always on your mind. If your life gets unbalanced between work, family and other needs, you will feel stress. It is beginning of unbalanced and wrong way. Stay balanced and keep going the right way. Have a balance in your life for everything.

Relationships Imbalance of cause and effect between people creates most anxieties and problems in human relations. Keep balance and enjoy the life. Health
Balanced diet makes your health better. Balanced mental health makes you happier.

Balanced exercise and good physical condition makes you healthier. Balance your life for your health. Stay Healthy.

Balanced perception of need and desires

In everyday survival, getting used to things and places bring us enjoyment as life gets easier. So we try to get things that make our life easier. Easier at the end does not mean always better. We want new things because we enjoy them not as much as we need them. With all the distraction of material world you forget the basic thing - loosing balance with nature get you wrong direction. Simple is good. Complication and entanglement in material world brings more needs for repairs and maintenance. More stuff requires more energy for maintenance. You get entangled and at the end... the energy to maintain your material things cost you more then it is worth it. Your life gets hooked up with fixes and repairs instead of enjoyment from your life. Make your life simple and enjoy it. If you need it - it is not desire - you keep it. Becoming attached to material things can create more problems then we receive benefits from them. If you need it, keep it. If you do not use it - let others use it. The power of owning things that are not needed comes from protection against uncertain future. Understand uncertainty and it will help you get away from greed. It is good to protect our life for now and the future yet the balance of the needs and desire to own mate take wrong path of greediness. In greed you just want more not because you need it - you want more because you got used to bringing more and more. Owning gives you good feeling, falls security. Wake up and live your life within your means. Balanced life helps you in every day life.

Balance of Time
If you abuse yourself at work, you work too much, your health may be abused. When you get stressed by too much work or problems in your life, time gets long. You need to to slow down your time. Balanced life will bring you more time.

Balanced Life

Unbalanced Life

balance perception of real needs from desires balance your life. Tolerance can balance your life. Don't give your power away easily but your love should be given unconditionally. Balanced personality protects from addiction. Balanced life brings less problems. Balanced life helps going the right way. Have a balance in your life for everything. Look for balance in nature - loosing balance with nature get you wrong direction. Balanced life brings balanced surroundings and good people. Balanced life brings you enjoyment. Balanced life is without attachment to things. Simplicity help you in balanced life.

When you take more then you need, you get imbalance. When you do not allow all view points you get imbalance. When you feel bad about other's view points you get imbalance. If you don't defend your own thoughts you get imbalance. When you give your powers easy you get imbalance. When you get imbalance you get difficult to give unconditional love. Unbalanced personality leads to addiction. Unbalanced life leads to unnecessary problems. Unbalanced life brings wrong way for life. Imbalance life brings imbalance situations. Unbalanced life brings imbalance of your surroundings and people. Attachment to things bring unbalanced life. Luck of simplicity brings unbalanced life. _______________________________________ ________________________________________ _______________________________________ ________________________________________ _______________________________________ ________________________________________


In Judging, the lines are not always connecting. Your circle can be different circle for somebody ells. Be aware of reality that is different from everybody ells point of view. Finding what is good or bad, who is guilty of crime or not is judgment. Judgment is not easy. Judgment requires sense or reality, all facts and time. Good judgment is needed as you need to understand the reality and the truth not lies and deception. The closer you see the reality the better your judgment for truth. To judge correctly between good and bad, write and wrong requires good observation skills, facts, time, truth and lot of good energy to find all the truth. More likely there is not perfection in final judgment by people but there can be good judgment that satisfy us yet it is never perfect. The perfect judgment comes from the Universe. Today your judgment may be giving you satisfaction, tomorrow your judgment may show you another truth and reality. Today's good decision may be bad for tomorrow situation. The good judgment may be good for specific moment and time but tomorrow the same judgment may not be correct. Reality of the moment requires correct judgment. If life requires judgment, use it wisely. If judgment is not needed, don't judge. Judging people may be very bad as you do not know all the facts. If needed, talk directly to those who you need to be judged. Time for judgment is also an important factor. Most of the time quick judgment is bad. Time is needed for good judgment so take your time before your judgment outcome is going to be said. Open mind for your wrong judgment is always needed. If you are of good virtue, you will correct your bad judgment as soon as possible. If you are ignorant you will hurt yours and other life with wrong decision of your judgment.

Flowing with the Universe without much judgment has it's advantage. You do not get so much stress when you observe and judge less. Some of us can not understand decisions of others some of us judge because we want our way and it always resolves this way or other way. Being aware of what is going on gives us all we need. All judgments is not as needed as process of judgment takes also energy and time. It teaches us what not to do to be better in our life. Discussing matters is better then one side judgment. Opinions are your judgment without being sure of its correctness. All opinions are important on the way to the truth. Constructive criticism is also needed in judgment. Criticism based on prejudice is bad and does not help in any judgment as it take prejudice over the truth. Being calm helps in good judgment. Being angry makes judgment incorrect.

Family - Marriage
Happy family is the art of using natural gifts of opposite sides instead of ego fighting them. Greed, Jealousy and Egoism bring families down. Nobody in family is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. Be humbled and ask each other for forgiveness. Do not suffer - tune to each other and find the resonant. Keep dialog in difficult times - TALK!

Family and marriage is the basic unit of human existence. Families allows the survival of humanity. Survival of family is important to all. If everybody in family are happy - the life of all gets better. The happiness of family is important. The happiness of family depends on awareness of father and mother about their duties, responsibilities and knowledge of fundamental laws of Universe. All members of family should help in family's happiness. Happy family is family where everybody can forgive each other. All in family should be aware that it does not matter if you are woman or man - love and faith matters. Women and men have different duties and responsibilities as their bodies are different. It is natural to your ability to have different duties and responsibilities but they are all important in each family. It is natural in most families that men are stronger and see things in big picture and opposite is natural in women - they are generally physically weaker and more sensitive with more attention to details but with less vision for big picture. It is not general rule but common observation in nature -reality. As always in Universe - they are exemptions and anomalies so it applies to us all but nature created