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TeslaGen T7-0ts - Tesla Scalar Wave Generator

Scalar wave generator dimensionally richer form of energetic vibration

Instruction manual

Previous research are showing that T7-0ts device broadcasts a field which spectrum is compatible with the central part of bioenergetics spectrum, green by the color, which in area of complementary medicine and alternative methods of healing is mostly associated with healing radiation, energetic balance and well-being. (according to method of Dr. H. Oldfield ).

and well-being. (according to method of Dr. H. Oldfield ). With its special mechanism of multidimensional

With its special mechanism of multidimensional resonator and concentrator of subtly energetic phenomenon , Coil constructed by special Tesla's principles acts like ''ambiental bioenergetic regulator and subtle energetic harmonizer of space'' so it represents a kind of bio energetic fountain, that by its acting creates very quality environment and healthy ambient, very similar to an ambient represented in clean and untouched nature , which thanks to its favorable climate and geological factors, shows exceptionally positive influence on life and health of the plants , animals and humans.

Considering those tested properties , this device can certainly be used for advancement and preservation of health. T7-0 indirectly acts on substance cell level and is not meant for healing. His testing and examination is underway , and all experiences up to date speaks in favor of very positive effects on all biological organisms .

Previous research have shown that machine under the resonant frequency produces a classical electromagnetic radiation, and on lower frequencies produces considerably biologically compatible field of scalar nature, so that range od frequencies is recommended for use. Recommended frequencies are from around 200 000 Hz , up to 900 000 Hz and they are lower then the resonant one.

As a harmonizer of bio energetic field , device shows really remarkable results . Additional possibility through so called Shummannwaves ,it makes relaxing atmosphere and lowers the effect of electromagnetic smog.

With T7-0ts device it is possible to change Schumann waves from 4 up to 14 Hz. Emission on higher frequencies ( 13-14 Hz), already after 10 to 20 minutes acts stimulating , while the lower frequencies , of few Hz , act relaxing.

1.Scalar waves generator T70ts plugs on with button POWER in position for 10 minutes, and then pushing the button START. Then the corresponding LED diode shines in red color, showing that the device is active and that is generating field in duration of 10 minutes. Button POWER has a position <<cont. ON>> for continous work which is not recommended to be used near people or animals, but for plants treatment for faster growth and development. With plants Is known from experience that two hours of treatment daily is enough. 2.Selection of operating frequency is done with the potentiometer <<HF Frequency>>. Achieving resonant frequency is shown when LED diode goes green above <<resonance>>. Oscillator frequency <<HF Frequency>> can be switched in the extent 200-900 kHz. Chosen frequency is shown on the display of the device. Optimal working frequency is individual for every device and it is listed on the certificate that you get with each machine, and it represents frequency in which field is in maximal intensity, and which by the rule is not the same as electromagnetic resonant frequency. 3.Pushing the button <<Scanning>> activates the scanning of HF frequency. This option of the device enables that the HF frequency auto changes in extent from 200 kHz up to 900 kHz , in which , by the previous research , forms the most compatible field with bio-field , and at the same time most efficient for entire organism. 4.Energetic field which is formed after active treatment, persists for a while long, so it acts during the break time (proved with the footage made with PIP camera)! It is advised that the treatment should last 10 minutes with breaks of several hours in between . After the adjustment stage active treatment can be prolonged and/or reduced. 5.Modulation with the Schumann waves is possible by putting the switch <<Schumann modulation frequency>> in position <<ON>>.

T7-0ts has installed accumulator which provides work without power supply . When the batteries are empty it is necessary to plug the power chord into electricity grid od 220 V.

Charging the batteries is done with connecting the DC connector of the network rectifier and connecting it on electricity grid of 220 voltage. During the charging the T-7-0 must be turned off , and if everything is done properly LED diode <<POWER ON>> will shine in green color. And if it shines in orange color, then the device is turned on, and it needs to be shut down so the charging could be continued.

Device T7-0ts can work only when the batteries are full and when the DC connector of the network rectifier is turned off from the device.

For the indication of the batteries condition there is a red LED diode <<Bat. Low>>. In normal working regime the LED diode shines in low intensity and when it shines in full intensity it means that the batteries are empty and they need to be recharged. Charging lasts minimally 8 hours and during the charging device can not operate.

Electromagnetic resonance depends from the environment, air humidity and similar, which is the reason why her value changes as device changes the place, or putting electro conductible objects (such as hands, metal object and similar ), especially to the metal torus on its top. Indication of achieved electromagnetic resonance is the intensity of LED diode <<Resonance >> shining in green.

For initial testing we recommend running on working frequency of 750 kHz or lower, regarding the proper distance between the tested user and device as its shown and specified on the last picture. Recommended starting effective active time of treatment should be 20 minutes daily, and later on, after adaptation of the treated biological organism, up to 30 minutes daily. During the usage of the device individual sensations may occur on certain body parts (most commonly numbness, tingling and pain), so in case of unusual or unpleasant reactions frequency should be changed, and try to find appropriate vibrations of the scalar waves, that is the ones that make most intensive feeling of relaxation and pleasantness to organism,and in case of inability of finding those regime of scanning the frequencies can be used.

Beside quantum medicinal effects, devices series T7-0ts enable a number of researches in numerous fields of physics, especially nuclear and vacume, that is subtle energetic structures, and also research of superluminar effects, electromagnetic, quantum gravitational and other phenomenon.

With inflammatory processes, and also viral, bacterial, fungal and/or parasitic infections, it is most efficient that before the usage of TeslaGen, to use first the “Multicaper, eg MultiZapp 200:, cause using him through manual electrodes the listed problems resolve quickly and easily. Most efficient appliance of “Multicaperis after the appearance of the first symptoms.

TeslaGen with its biological compatible field is not meant for destroying of any organism, but indirectly, through stimulating immunological system, it helps reducing inflammatory and infective processes.

it helps reducing inflammatory and infective processes. Every T7 -0ts Coil is made by hand and

Every T7-0ts Coil is made by hand and represents a unique item with singular features of its field, that is a biological compatible specter that generates. In accordance with that, everyone is marked with unique number and has its one certificate which testifies about the structure if its field.

Optimal distance between device and user for version T7-0ts is around 1,5 and 4 meters.

All devices possess CE certificate of the European union.