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Did you, as I did, read the Eisenhorn series as fast as possible only to spend hours afterwards staring vacantly

at the Daemonhost entry in the Daemonhunters codex while scratching your head questioningly? Me too. That's why I'm fixing it.

0-1 Daemonhost
Points: 240

WS: 7 BS: 4 S: 6 T: 5 W: 4 I: 5 A: 4 Ld: 10 Sv: 3++ Unit Type: Monstrous Creature (Dreadnought base) Unit: 1 Daemonhost Wargear: Warp-given Powers: The Daemon's host body is surrounded by coruscating cloud of energy. It flashes in and out of reality affording the Daemonhost a 3+ Invulnerable Save. It has a 4+ save against any enemy psychic power directed against it. Special Rules: - Fearless - Aura of Destruction - Psyker - Daemon - Unstable - Summoned Aura of Destruction: The Daemonhost's form is the epicenter of a catastrophic hole in reality. All units within 12" (except the Inquisitor and his squad) suffer D6 str. 3 hits at the beginning of each shooting phase. Any unit that suffers casualties from Aura of Destruction must take an immediate Pinning check. Unstable: Each turn the Daemonhost must pass a Leadership test in order to remain in existence. Each consecutive turn after the first it is summoned the Daemonhost suffers a cumulative -1 modifier to its leadership characteristic for the purposes of this test. Using the Blood Gift power removes all previous modifiers. Summoned: Daemonhosts must begin the game in Reserve. When they become available they must appear within 6" of an Inquisitor using the Deep Strike rules and treating the Inquisitor's model as a Teleport Homer. Psychic Powers: The Daemonhost may use any one power each game turn.

Re-knit Host Form: At the beginning of the owning player's turn take a Psychic test. If passed the Daemonhost regains D3 wounds to a maximum of four. Blood Gift: At the beginning of the owning player's turn one friendly unit within 18" of the Daemonhost suffers D3 wounds with no saves allowed (If it is within 18" of the Summoning Inquisitor it only takes a single wound). The Daemonhost adds +3 to its Strength and Toughness characteristics until the owning player's next turn. Teleport: At the beginning of the owning player's movement phase take a Psychic test. If passed the Daemonhost may move 12" and assault 12" ignoring intervening models and terrain.

Unbound Daemonhost As a big fan of Radical Inquisitors, I'm not a big fan of the way Daemonhosts have been treated lately. What was once a deadly, random, and fun choice (and let's face it- it had to be if you were going to give up your Grey Knights for it) has been downgraded to little more than a curiosity, laden with an inadequate statline that makes their powers completely inadequate. They need an upgrade! -------------------------Most daemonhosts are sealed and bound with all manner of runes, hexes, and spells, all of which serve to ensure that the daemon does not disobey its summoner and run amok. However, though these bindings may make a daemon more subservient (if not exactly 'loyal' per se), so too do they hamper the daemon's powers. For many Radical Inquisitors, this is a perfectly acceptable trade-off. Some seek to question it about its nature and the powers of the warp, others conduct dark experiments upon there twisted, unnatural forms. Even those that utilize daemonhosts in battle would, in general, rather have their creation obedient than have access to their full powers. Still, there are those who weaken the rituals of binding intentionally, intent on unleashing the full extent of a daemonhost's formidable powers on their enemies. This is not always completely intentional. Some Radicals perform the rituals and rites of summoning incorrectly and inadvertently summon a creature far beyond their ability to control. Others have found themselves at the end of their rope, hounded by their more Puritanical brethren. In this hour of desperation, a Radical Inquisitor may loosen the bindings on their daemonhost, willing to go to any lengths to save themselves. This is a slippery slope, for it is not any easy thing to seal a daemon that has been unleashed. Others, seeking to create a more powerful servant, may offer up a powerful psyker for

possession. The souls of these talented individuals burn like wildfires in the warp, attracting the attentions of many of the slavering monstrosities that lurk beyond the veil of reality. A daemon could find no more powerful a host, and it is often the most powerful daemons that inhabit such unfortunates. Whatever the reason, an Unbound Daemonhost is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, given full command of their unnatural abilities. Though it may lay waste to an Inquisitor's enemies, the daemon may overcome its weakened bindings and become just as terrifying an enemy to its summoner. 0-1 Unbound Daemonhost Number/Squad: 1-3 Points: 100 WS: 4 BS:3 S: 5 T:4 W:3 A: 3 I: 4 Ld: 9 Sv: 4++ Weapons: Claws, runic chains, unnatural extremities (counts as single Melee weapon) Special Rules: Fear, Fearless, It Will Not Die Independent: Though multiple Unbound Daemonhosts count as a single unit for FOC purposes, they do not need to set up together and are treated as Independent Characters. They may not join units, ride in transports, or claim objectives. Psychic: The Unbound Daemonhost is a psyker (counts as Mastery level 1) and may take a power from one of the following disciplines: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Pyromancy. Daemonic Power: Unbound Daemonhosts display a variety of strange powers. At the beginning of each turn, roll a D6 to determine the power gained. All Daemonhosts manifest the same power. The effects of each power last until the end of the turn. 1: Daemonic Visage: All models within 12" must immediately take a Pinning test and have their Leadership reduced by -1. 2: Warprend: The Unbound Daemonhost's close combat attacks ignore armour saves.

3: Daemonic Speed: The Unbound Daemonhost may move up to 12" and assault 3D6. Its Initiative is changed to 10. 4: Warp Strength: The Unbound Daemonhost's Strength and Toughness are both increased by +2. 5: Bloodboil: In the controlling player's shooting phase, place an Ordnance Blast Template over the Unbound Daemonhost. All models underneath the template (except the Unbound Daemonhost) immediately take a S4 hit at AP2. 6: Etherscourge: May do one of the following: In the shooting phase, the Unbound Daemonhost may make the following attack: Range: 24" Str: 7 AP: 3 Type: Assault 2 Or, it may make one additional attack at I10 in the assault phase, at S7, AP3.

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New Daemonhosts
As we all know, Daemonhosts suck at the moment. Well, me and my friend (atlantis) are making an Inquisition Codex. And one of the things that really needs a redo are the aforementioned unit. Therefore, I present my V1.1 rules for you to rate. Cheers Code:
DAEMONHOST 90 Points Per Model If your army contains no Grey Knights, you may take Daemonhosts as an Elites Choice. WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Daemonhost 5 4 6 4 (5) 4 5 4 10 5+

Unit Type: * Jump Infantry (Jet Pack) Unit Composition: * 1-3 Daemonhosts (Unique) Wargear: * Close combat weapon

Special Rules: * Fearless * 4+ Invulnerable Save * Psyker. Options: Code:

* Any Daemonhost may +10 points per model * Any Daemonhost may +10 points per model * Any Daemonhost may +30 points per model * Any Daemonhost may +30 points per model be given power armour . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . be given Unguents of Warding be upgraded to a Blessed One . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

replace its close combat weapon with a force weapon . .

Blessed One: A Blessed One is a Daemonhost possessed by a Daemon of exceptional psychic skill, and their powers bleed out into the real world. Each turn, a Daemonhost that has been upgraded to a Blessed One may re-roll the dice to see which psychic power he uses. DAEMONHOST PSYCHIC POWERS At the beginning of each Daemonhunter Shooting Phase, a Daemonhost must roll on the following table to find out which psychic power he must use that turn. Daemonhosts must take a Psychic test before determining the power they use. If the test is failed, do not roll to determine which power he uses. A Daemonhost using the Bloodboil or Puppet Dance power is counted as having shot a weapon that phase. If the Daemonhost is in combat, do not apply any results of a 1, 2 or 3 - instead the Daemonhost is treated as a Monstrous Creature for the duration of that turn. Code:
D6 Result 1 Terrify: Sending dark thoughts into the minds of it's enemies, it causes them to cower and flee before it. One enemy unit within 18" must take a Morale test or fall back. 2 Bloodboil: Focusing it's power, the Daemonhost turns it's enemies blood into burning flames. Choose an enemy unit within line of sight. If in range, that unit is automatically hit. Bloodboil has the following profile: Range Strength AP Type Bloodboil 18" 3 2 Assault 1, Blast 3 Puppet Dance: Stretching into the minds of it's foes, it grabs controls and turns comrade against ally. Choose an enemy within line of sight and within 12". If in range, that unit is automatically hit. Every model in the unit (except Independant Characters) must resolve one attack against their own unit, using whichever weapon option the Daemonhost wishes. 4 Timeshift: The very fabric of time bends before the Daemonhost, letting it strike out before the enemy even knows its there.The Daemonhost can re-roll all failed rolls to hit and to wound until the beginning of the next Daemonhunter turn. 5 Teleport: With a shimmer and a flash of light, the Daemonhost skips across reality and materialises elsewhere upon the battlefield. The Daemonhost must be placed anywhere on the board as per the Deep Strike rules. This power must be used even if enemy models are in base contact; if so the enemy models stay in place.

6 Re-Knit Host Form: Flesh burns, and daemonic influences strengthen, as the Daemonhost pulls it's very body back together. The Daemonhost immediat