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PRELIMS GROUP 1 TEXT QUESTIONS Q1. Buddy, take notes, and take the saxophone in your hand. - Lyrics of which very famous song? Q2. All sorts of names were suggested: Highland _1_, Jersey and __2__ Maid. But when a customers daughter suggested X, the name stuck. Blank 1 and Blank 2 together make X. We know this food item released in 1905 by the name X today. What is X? Q3. Founded in 1878 by four law students led by a School Teacher from Tanjore, this newspaper became the first Indian newspaper to have a website (which they launched in 1995). Which Newspaper? Q4. Known as the Kalash in Russia, this weapon which was first used in 1949 has inspired the Indian weapon INSAS. A fleeting reference to the design similarities of another weapon with a similar name was made in the 2011 movie Shor in the City. Which famous weapon am I talking about? Q5. The first Web Browser was given many names before the name WorldWideWeb, which included interesting names like The Information Mesh and The Mine of Information. What you need to tell is, that what was it renamed to, after WordWideWeb? [Hint: Shares its name with a popular Mobile Phone] Q6. The state has its origins in Mahabharata where it was mentioned as a word which meant the region of Cows. The Hindu Scriptures mention Parshuram as its creator. The greek mentioned it as Nelkinda. How do we know this State today? Q7. This famous theatre in Delhi was built by Robert Torr Russell, and owned by actor Sohrab Modi. The theatre was renovated in the early 2000s and is now owned by a company which is owned by the Bijli Family and is in joint venture with an Australian Media Company founded by Roc Kirby. How do we know this history cinema hall? Q8. What connects: Munnabhai MBBS; Siddhartha Narayan and Novuss the national game of Latvia? Q9. About 5000 years ago, it was known as Syamantaka. How do we know it today? Q10. Founded as LAuto-Neige ____ Limite in 1942 by Joseph Armand ___. Their fist product was a Snowmobile. In 1970 they acquired Lohner-Rotax and stepped into the railway business. They also manufacter a famous line of products called Sky-Doo. Their most famous product in Delhi is called MOVIA. How do we know it better? Q11. The phrase X first appears in The Merry Wives of Windsor: Falstaff: The Windsor bell hath struck twelve; the minute draws on. Now, the X-Gods assist me!. The phrase is rumor-


ed to have its roots in the dutch word heetbloedig but a few reports suggest the opposite. X was the origin of the word Heetbloedig. what is X? Q12. How do we know the distance of a path travelled by a photon of light in vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second? Q13. This river literrally means twins and was first mentioned in the Rig Veda. In Rig Veda, the story of the ___ describes her excessive love for her twin, The tale is further detailed in the 16th century Sanskrit hymn, ______shtakam, an ode by philosopher Vallabhacharya. Fill up the blank portiion with the rivers name. Q14. The word X comes from the Sicilian word for Bragging. It is also known as Cosa Nostra (which means Our Thing) and you can easily associate X to Salvatore Riina. There are several theories that suggest that Silvio Burlusconi was in close association with X, in 1993. What is X? Q15. Xs films were nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, in 1987 and 1990. Pallavi Anu Pallavi was Xs directorial debut. X, Guru Dutt & Satyajit Ray are the only Indian directors whose movies have appeared TIME Magazines All-Time 100 Greatest Movies. Among other achievements X also founded a production company with G. Srinivasan. Who is X? Q16. With which Indian leader will you associate, the jharokas of Hotel Ashoka? Q17. X is a game played by placing a large stone upon a larger stone. One player stays near the stone to guard it. The other players throw stones at the large stone, trying to knock it off of the platform. Once it is knocked off, the throwers all rush to retrieve their stones. This wikish information is about a game called X. I dont want to know what X is. What I want to know is, Which game did it eventually inspire in 1891? Q18. The first one on the list was Sir Nowroji Saklatvala. There will soon be a second person in this list. Who is that second person and What is the list about? Q19. The name of this sport can be translated into English as Holding Hands. Its Governing body is Headquartered in Delhi and the sport first featured in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. In Early 1990s an attempt to popularize the sport was made by Channel 4. Which popular sport am I talking about? Q20. In 2004, a 5,000-word story entitled The Incident of the Dogs Ball was found in the attic of the authors daughter. In 2009 another story titled The Capture of Cerberus was found. While the first finding was the original script of a novel with similar plot but different title. The 2009 story was of a different version of a short story of the same title. The Incident of Dogs Ball and The Capture of Cerberus were the creation of Which famous English Author? Q21. This city gets its current name from Goddess Shoolini devi. In british India it was

called mini-shimla. The city also features the Pandavas cave, where Pandavas are believed to have meditated. Also the city is famous for vast Mushroom farming. Which City am I talking about? Q22. Bravest of the brave, most generous of the generous, never had country more faithful friends than you. - What am I talking about? Q23. ___ means, the spirit of the times or the spirit of the age. in German. __ is a word you can associate to Google,, Instructables, and Smashing Pumpkins (alternative rock band). which famous word am I talking about? Q24. Which company was first called Lansing Sound, Incorporated? Answers: 1. Why this Kolaveri Di 2. Dairy Milk 3. The Hindu 4. AK-47 5. Nexus 6. Goa 7. PVR Plaza 8. Carom 9. Koh-i-noor 10. Bombardier 11. Hot Bloodied 12. 1 Metre (This is the current official definition of a metre, after the platinum iridium definition was replaced because platinum irridium has a tendency to expand after certain years) 13. Yamuna 14. Mafia 15. Mani Ratnum 16. Jawahar Lal Nehru. It is because of him that an addition of the Jharokas was made in Indias first 5 Star Hotel after Independence, giving it an Indian Feel. 17. Basketball 18. Cyrus Pallonji Mistry 19. Kabaddi 20. Agatha Christie 21. Solan 22. Gurkha (These lines are written on the famous gurkha statue in london) 23. Zeitgeist 24. JBL

PRELIMS GROUP 2 TEXT QUESTIONS Q1. This a list of movies produced by a famous Indian. Who? 1. Vaadal 2. Jhaanjhar 3. Kanchan 4. Lekin Q2. If Leander Paes is going to team up with Radek Stepanak, then who is Mahesh Bhupatti going to team up with? Q3. This is a famous Irish College, was founded in 1592 in Dublin. It was founded by the Letters patent from Queen Elizabeth 1 as the mother of a university. The College was recently referred in Bhool Bhulaiyya, stating that the character played by Vikram Gokhale (Shri Yagyaprakashji Bharti) had gone to give a lecture in this college. More Recently the college also featured in the Desi Boyz, as the college where Akshay Kumars studies in, to complete his final year studies. Which College am I talking About? Q4. Sthanam sthanam dasa gunam - This Sanskrit quote is the origin of what in the world of Mathematics? Q5. 1 Hacker Way, is the address of the Headquarters of which famous tech-company? Q6. He was a right handed batsman, who played for various clubs including Devon, MCC, Cambridge University and Somerset between 1974 to 2002. He has also written several books on cricket, the last one, released in 2006, was titled In It To Win It. Which famous cricketer am I talking about? Q7. What do the cricketers, Tamim Iqbal, Eoin Morgan, Chris Read & Jonathan Trott have in common? There would also have been a fifth cricketer but that didnt happen. Q8. He is from Faridkot, and his father sells Dahi Puri. In 2008 His family was offered Rs. 150,000 from his recruiters for taking part in a famous mission. In 2008, He broke a Railway Law for entering the platform without a ticket. Who is this famous person I am talking about? Q9. I Win, whenever he (Bill Gates) loses, which famous IBM Employees words? Q10. Among the various achievements of Radhanath Sikdar, particularly one is quite famous. He once compiled the data about a once ignored place called Holy Mother by the natives, he made this particular place very famous. What had he discovered about the place, and what is the name of the place. Q11. The Character has only been played by two Actors. Both of them Indian. The Character only made a special appearance in a recent Hindi Movie. However, he was shown for the major parts of the film on a poster, holding two guns in his hands and wearing a

white jacket and white trousers. The character was an instant hit, and a rumor stated that a dedicated movie to the character would soon release. one of the actors whove played this character is a distant relative of a freedom fighter. Who is this character? Q12. Known as something which means The Knight, He is the owner of AC Milan. And he is Italys third richest man. He served three terms as the prime minister of italy and was succeeded by a non-party politician in 2011. Who was he succeeded by? Q13. He first nominated in 1988 as a Member of the upper house of the Indian Parliament, the Rajya Sabha, from the State of Bihar. In 2004 he won the lok sabha election from the constituency of Chandni Chowk, defeating Smriti Irani (then a popular TV actress). In 2008, Roli Books published a collection of his poems titled, I witness. He has also represented India in the World Economics Forum, twice. Who is he? Q14. The Creation of what is being explained here: The emblem chosen to illustrate and represent the world Congress of 1914: It represents the five parts of the world which now are won over to ____ and willing to accept healthy competition. stated in August 1912. Q15. On his albums include a recitation of poems by APJ Abdul Kalam, he began is career as a singer in Hindi Movies with the 2002 Movie titled road. In 2011 he once featured in an episode of the popular star World musical series called the Dewarists. He is most famously known for a very soothing track which means bunch of flowers. I dont want to know who is he. You all know it by now. I just want to know the name of that song which means Bunch of Flowers? Q16. Which famous phrase was coined by JT Stinson, in a 1904 address to the St. Louis Worlds Fair. The phrase was an adaptation of a medical summary given to a 12th century medical conference at the Salerno Medical School. Which phrase? Q17. Which aircraft company founded in 1916 was first incorporated as Pacific Aero Products Co.? Q18. It originates from an Arabic Desert, whose name is the arabic for Judges Bite. The dessert became popular in India in the Mughal Era. It is also called Waffle Ball sometimes. Which desert am I talking about? Q19. This tornament which began in 1979 had been given various names, Carlton and United Series from 1996-97 to 1999-2000; the Carlton Series 2000-01. The last of the series was played in 2008. All you need to tell is, what was it called then and the last champian (i.e. the winner of that last tournament)? Q20. He made his first film appearance in the 2003 film Nowhere to Go But Up, His first stage appearance was in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead in 1994 and his first Television appearance was in the 2002 Series titled Ed. However he is most famously known for portraying the character X in a popular TV Series created by Chuck Lorre. What is X?

Q21. I dont believe in birthright politics. I dont think, nor have I ever thought, that my name qualifies me for anything. - Whose daughter, is famously quoted for saying these lines? Q22. We all know about ITC. They are the makers of Classmate Registers, they are also famous for their luxury hotels. Bingo, Sunfiest, Candyman are all ITCs brands. And this long list continues. Simply Expand ITC. Q23. In 1964 which famous sports brand was founded by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight as Blue Ribbon Sports?

Answers: 1. Lata Mangeshkar 2. Rohan Bopanna 3. Trinity College 4. The Modern day Place Value System of Numbers 5. Facebook 6. Peter Roebuck 7. They were the Wisden Players of the Year 2011 8. Ajmal Kasab 9. David Bradley (Ctrl+alt+delete) 10. Mount Everest 11. Disco Fighter! 12. Mario Monti (He succeeded Silvio Burlusconi) 13. Kapil Sibbal 14. Olympics Logo 15. Guncha 16. "An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away" 17. Boeing 18. Gulab Jamun 19. Commonwealth Bank Series | India 20. Sheldon Cooper 21. Benazir Bhutto 22. Imperial Tobacco Company 23. Nike

FINALS TEXT QUESTIONS Q1. The Mumbai Mirror published an article in March 2006. The Subject of that article was a taxi-driver from Mumbai called Kishore. Who had done something (obviously, unkowningly), which inturn was of great importance to the world of literature. What was the article about? Q2. Big Bear, Wildcat, Jasper, Durango,.. Lots of them. And the recent one being Hoodoo. What am I talking about? Q4. The short story of Sleeping John is quite famous. It revolves around a very sleepy protagonist who is given magical powers and travels to the Kings city and on hearing that the queen mysteriously leaves for some place at night, John offers to help the king and discovers that the queen went to hell everynight and danced with the devils. This famous Short Story was recently converted into a famous hindi Song. Name the Song. Q5. RiceTec, a texas based company faced international outrage over allegations of biopiracy in September 1997. The outrage was caused over a patent that was filed and had also caused a brief diplomatic crisis between India and United States, with India threatening to take the matter to WTO as a violation of TRIPS. RiceTec eventually lost the right to call their product ___. Fill in the blanks. Q6. The organization has a very wacky belief about Earth which they follow till date. It was founded by Samuel Shenton in 1956. It was inactive between 2001 to 2004, but was resurrected by its new president Daniel Shenton. Name the organization or the belief. Q7. Agathinai, Paarvaigal, Karukum Marudhaani, Raaja - These are the Literary works of which famous Politician? Q8. This hasnt happened many times but the two memorable instances when this was done were : Damien Fleming bowling to David Mutendra and Dennis Ritchie bowling to Glenn Turner. What am I talking about? Q9. He played his first ODI in 1999 Against Pakistan. His father was a grain merchant and He graduated from the Jamia Millia Islamia University. He owns a vegetarian eatery in a cineplex in Delhi, which includes items like Multan Ke Sultan ki Tikdi. You all know who he is by now. Just Tell me the price of Multan Ke Sultan ki Tikdi. Q10. Why did a 1997 shelved movie project titled KRZ 2068 make news recently? Q14. In late 2004, X began tutoring his cousin, in mathematics over the internet using Yahoo!s Doodle notepad. When other relatives and friends sought his tutoring, he eventually decided to distribute the tutorials on YouTube where he created an account on 16 November 2006. This is about the founding of a famous website. Who is X? Q15. What is the Hollywood production house of Yashraj Films Called?

Answers: 1. The cab driver is the driver who took Gregory David Roberts to his village and according to Mumbai Mirror and hence the person who inspired the character of Prabakar in Shantaram. 2. The recently leaked codenames (internal) of iOS Software releases. 3. Hava Hava from Rockstar 4. Basmati 5. Flat Earth Organization. They believe the Earth is Flat not spherical. 6. Kanimozhi 7. "9 Slips" Field Position. 8. 309 (The price is quite workable, It had to be a significant number. It is the number of runs he scored in the Multan Triple Century) 9. This is where James Cameron is said to have stolen the idea of Avatar from. Writer of KRZ 2068, Eric Ryder who has previously worked with cameron, filed a lawsuit against him recently, claiming that Cameron's company had shelved the idea telling that "No One will goto watch an environmentally themed Sci-Fi Movie. 10. Salman Khan 11. Yash Raj Entertainment

EXTRA QUESTIONS BY ABHAAS Q1. His sword was created by the gods Odin of Norse, Ra of Egypt, and Rama of India of righteous energy, able to harm all that is evil. The evil in this show is also a source of comedy, with its outrageous design and wise-guy behaviour. The lead characters real name has never been revealed, and the only name we know is a nickname given to him by the people he first met after time travelling. This series by Genndy Tartakovsky was lauded for highly detailed, and cinematic style of animation. Which show are we talking about? Q2. Started by the Canadian Activist group Adbusters, it took inspiration fromfrom the Arab Spring movement, the Libyan Civil War, and from the Spanish Indignants. Protesting against social and economic equality, and influence of lobbyist, this group/protests demand separating money from politics. Over 15,000 people participated in marchings, and other non-violent protests methods. The name of this movement is same as the focal point of this protest, which signifies all they protest against. Name this movement/place. Q3. Acquired by Google on September 16, 2009, this system was developed by Carnegie Mellon University. Apart from doing its usual job, it is currently being used to digitalize Google Books. A popular subscription, its popular on Facebook, Twitter, 4chan, CNN etc. One of its developer reckons that they had unwittingly utilized the most precious resource of humanity. What is this? Q4. Their natural habitat varies around south of equator, its wingspan is the largest among the extant species. They are described as most legendary of all birds, a fact reinforced by X. Xs work is the origin of a metaphor, and the myth that killing this bird will bring harm and bad luck. The Maori use its bones to make flutes, and sailors often use it as food and emblems. ID X. Q5. Used as a trophy and also sometimes for trade, this activity is recorded only in Latin America. However, after WWII, they were also found in the Buchenwald concentration camp, and was presented at Nuremberg trials. Its made using red seeds, palm pins, and water containing tannins. Post 1940, its import was made illegal in USA, and leather was used to replicate this. What is this item?

Answers: 1. Samurai Jack 2. Occupy Wall Street 3. Recaptcha 4. Albatross 5. Shrunken Heads