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International School of Florence, or ISF, is an international private school divided in two buildings, the pre-school and the primary school is in Via del Carota-Bagno a Ripoli, and the middle school and high school is on a hill near Piazzale Michelangelo, in Viuzzo di Gattaia. We are the new grade 9 students; before school started, we were very stressed, because we were not sure about our English level. Thinking deeply, at that time we always asked ourselves, how will this school be? Are the teachers very strict? Will the other students like us? But in the summer before the school began, the school organized a two week summer camp which helped us a lot. It allowed us to know this labyrinth, to (abituarsi) to talk in English and do lessons in English, and to know some new friends who would become our classmates. On the Pirst day of school, everything was new, but because we were not able to Pind our classes and to understand what the teacher was saying, that day was also very confusing and made us feel that school would be difPicult. However, we met a lot of new friends, from everywhere in the world; there were German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, etc. Everyone was so kind to us, although we could not speak very well, they helped us very much. Here the teachers are also very nice, for them, we were not only teacher and student, we were like friends. When we need help, they are always there, ready to help us to surmount the problem. We believe that, in this school, students can have a really good and correct education. You are welcome to ISF!