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27th June 2011 Md. Atiqur Rahaman Sarker Lecturer East West University 43 Mohakhali, Dhaka

Subject: Submission of term paper

Dear Sir,

We are feeling happy to submit term paper that you have assigned us to fulfillment the Human Resource Management (HRM301) course. This term paper helped us to get a very good and proper understanding about practical aspects of human resource management. To prepare this term paper, we have given our best effort despite some limitation.

Thank you, very much for giving us such kind of opportunity to enrich our knowledge. Please inform us if you need any further clarification or if there is any information you want to know regarding this term paper.

Sincerely yours, Jahir Uddin Babur Sharmin Farha Samanta Umme Hany Shila Md. Farhadur Reza Shake Riad Adnan


Title Chapter 1: Introduction Origin of the report Objective of the study Scope Methodology of the study Limitations of the study Chapter 2: Organization History of the Organization Vision, Mission, Objective Organization Structure and Size Chapter 3: Recruiting, Selecting and training Employment Planning
Why BAT might be best employer for Graduate Recruitment Policy

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Recruitment process Recruitment Sources Selection Process Socialization Process Training and Development Employee Training Method Management trainee development program Career Development Pathways to Continuous Development International Training Personal Development and Learning People of BATC in Bangladesh Commitment to Good Employment Practices Freedom of Association Payment practices at BATC Employee benefit package in BAT Chapter4:Conclusion and Recommendation Conclusion and recommendation References

First of all, we express our deep gratitude to all mighty Allah for his infinite grace that allowed us to complete this term paper as a part of the HRM301 course. A lot of effort and study has been involved in this term paper.

We like to express our sincere gratitude and cordial thanks to our course instructor Md. Atiqur Rahaman Sarker, Lecturer, East West University for his valuable advice and support regarding the writing of this term paper.

We would like to thank our all group members who were very much friendly and sincere to complete this term paper.

Executive Summery
Bangladesh Tobacco Company (BTC) was formed with British American Tobacco holding majority of the shares At British American Tobacco Bangladesh. In March 1998, Bangladesh Tobacco Company changed its corporate name into British American Tobacco Bangladesh proclaiming its common identity with other operating companies in the British American Tobacco Group. The key factor to their sustainable growth is human resource. Therefore, they have always been committed to good employment practices and have set out the framework of our Employment Principles on workplace practices, employee relations and employee human rights. This report includes many aspects of human resource management namely Employment Planning, Recruitment & Selection Policy, training & development, Performance appraisal methods of Appraising Performance etc.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Origin of the report Now a days education is not just limited to books and classrooms. From education the theoretical knowledge is obtained from courses of the study, which is only the half way of the subject matter. Practical knowledge has no alternative. The perfect coordination between theory and practice is of paramount of importance in the context of the modern business world in order to resolve the dichotomy between these two areas. Therefore, our honorable course instructor Md. Atiqur Rahaman Sarker, Lecturer, department of business administration has verbally assigned us this report so that we can get practical knowledge and experience about Recruitment process in an organization.

Objective of the study

To enhance the knowledge about the recruiting process in an organization and to relate them with the concepts of the texts of the course Human Resource Management. And other objectives are: To learn recruitment process on Human Resource practice To acquire knowledge on a topic To get acquainted with journal paper To learn how to make report on HRM To acquire theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge


As we working for HRM report in British American Tobacco, we got opportunity to learn different things of HRM namely recruiting & selection process, performance appraisal, training & development etc.

Methodology of the study

Both primary and secondary data have been collected for the purpose of the study.

Primary Data: The primary data are collected by following ways: 1. The primary data was collected by face to face interview by using a detailed questionnaire. 2. Other informal ways. Secondary Data: The secondary data are collected by following ways: 1. Web Sites 2. Group Instruction Manual & Business Instruction Manual

Limitations of the study Due to inexperience and lack of proper planning & feedback in time it was really difficult to understand what to do, how to do & when to do. Cost and time constraints did not allow for a more extensive data collection. Omission of some important information due to response biases and time constraints

Chapter 2: Organization

History of the Organization British American Tobacco Bangladesh is one of the oldest and largest multinational companies operating in Bangladesh. The UK-based British American Tobacco Group holds 65.91% share in the company. The Government of Bangladesh owns 28.7% through several of its agencies, while 5.39% is owned by other shareholders. British American Tobacco Bangladesh began its operations in the sub-continent in the year 1910 as Imperial Tobacco Company Ltd. Post 1947After independence, in 1972, Bangladesh Tobacco Company (BTC) was formed with British American Tobacco holding majority of the shares. In March 1998, Bangladesh Tobacco Company changed its corporate name into British American Tobacco Bangladesh proclaiming its common identity with other operating companies in the British American Tobacco Group. At British American Tobacco Bangladesh, the key factor to their sustainable growth is human resource. Therefore, they have always been committed to good employment practices and have set out the framework of our Employment Principles on workplace practices, employee relations and employee human rights.

Vision, Mission, Objective Vision: The vision of British American Tobacco is to extend leadership through world-class performance across all areas of their business. Actively utilizing diversity-of people, cultures, viewpoints, brands, markets and ideas - to create opportunities and strengthen performance.

Mission: Double the net revenue by 2012 Growing our share of the total tobacco market Dominating key identified segments Objective: Their objective is to become a world-class company with world-class systems, processes, products, and people.

Organization Structure and Size Executive Management: The Managing Director, the CEO is the head of the Executive Management Team which comprises senior members of the Management Apparatus. Within the limits off delegated authority and responsibility by the Board of Directors, Executive Management operates through further delegation of authority at every echelon of the line management. The executive Management operates within the framework of Policy & Planning strategies set by the Top Management with periodic performance reporting for guidance. The Executive Management is responsible for preparation off segment plans / sub segment plans for every profit centers with budgetary targets for every items of goods & services and are held accountable for deficiencies, with appreciation for outstanding and exceptional performances . These operations are continuously carried out by the Executive Management through series of Committees, sub Committees, Committees & standing Committees assisting the line management.

Management Committee: Comprising top executives, deal with entire organizational matters. Product Planning & Development Committee Quality Control & Research Committee Production & Inventory Management Committee Export Promotion Committee

Standing Committee: Standing Committee comprises the following committee: Audit Committee: Internal Audit Committee ISO Audit Committee Social / Environment Committee Performance Evaluation Audit Committee

Employment Relations Committee: Remuneration Committee Work Environment Committee Performance Evaluation Audit Committee

Chapter 3: Recruiting, Selecting and training

Employment Planning Every organization has employment planning. BAT has also its employment planning. They usually forecast their personnel needs based on their mission, strategic goals & objectives & technological and other changes resulting in increased productivity. Although there are several methods to predict personnel needs, but they use managerial judgment because it gives the more real world scenario for personnel needs. They think that the other methods cannot give the accurate situation of the personnel needs. These are basically graphical methods, which cannot measure the actual personnel needs. But managerial judgment method depends upon the change in productivity, market conditions etc.

Why British American Tobacco might be the best employer for a graduate? BAT is The Company where you can achieve whatever you are up to, organization ready to offer You fantastic opportunity for stretch, intense learning and real business exposure. We value a lot Young talent who brings us energy, knowledge, challenges us and has another 'fresh' view! The Management Trainee development program me in BAT has a long history hence it is very well Established and valued by all levels. We do provide what is required to support graduates for the Career success: structured development programmer, coaching, mentoring and responsibility!!!

Recruitment Policy British American Tobacco Bangladesh has been in e-resourcing since 2002. They focus on ebased advertisement for more visibility and transparency beside the conventional print media. All recruitment related notices are posted on the website. Candidates are required to fill up the blank resume format provided in the website. A well-structured and systematic selection procedure is followed to get the most suitable candidate. Following the selection procedure, pre-employment medical examination and reference checks are done. They entertain application from recognized universities from home and abroad. Applicant must be a citizen of Bangladesh. They encourage students with good academic track record to apply. 10

They are not prejudiced against race, sex, religion, age etc.

Positions will be offered to the candidate on the basis of his/her ability and the requirement of the company.

Recruitment process: The recruitment and selection is the major function of the human resource department and recruitment process is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and the strategic advantage for the organizations. Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews and requires many resources and time. Recruitment process of BAT is as follows:


1. Identify vacancy 2. Prepare job description and person specification 3. Advertising the vacancy 4. Managing the response 5. Short-listing 6. Arrange interviews 7. Conducting interview and decision making Recruitment Sources: Every organization has the option of choosing the candidates for its recruitment processes from two kinds of sources: internal and external sources. The sources within the organization itself (like transfer of employees from one department to other, promotions) to fill a position are known as the internal sources of recruitment. Recruitment candidates from all the other sources (like outsourcing agencies etc.) are known as the external sources of recruitment.


Internal Source: Current employees are often the best source of candidate. Filling open positions with inside candidates has many benefits. In this employer know candidates strengths and weakness very well. Inside candidates may require less orientation and training than outsiders.

Transfer The employees of BAT are transferred from one department to another according to their efficiency and experience. Promotion and demotion Promotion and demotion is an effective way to fill up the empty position. Sometimes an employee gets more opportunities and responsibilities than they actually deserve. And sometimes an employee gets less opportunity and responsibilities then they actually deserve. To solve those discriminations employer often practice this. The employees also motivated from this. Promotion is one types of reward and demotion is one types of punishment. But this may creates dissatisfaction in the mind of those employees who lose their position. BAT always follow this promotion and demotion rule.

Upgrading BAT upgrades their present employees according to their performance. Retired and retrenched employees Rehiring the retired employees is another effective source of employee recruitment. Experience is the most important element in most of the jobs. BAT doesnt want to loose their experienced and loyal employees. Sometimes the retired employees work as part-timer or sometimes they work as adviser.

The dependents and relatives of Deceased employees and Disabled employees are also done by many companies so that the members of the family do not become dependent on the mercy of others.


External Source It is very difficult to always get the right candidates for the job. BAT also uses some external source for employee recruitment. Most of the times they prefer external sources for recruiting. Advertisement This is the most effective method of employee recruitment. British American Tobacco Bangladesh has been in e-resourcing since 2002. They focus on e-based advertisement for more visibility and transparency beside the conventional print media. All recruitment related notices are posted on the website. Candidates are required to fill up the blank resume format provided in the website. So they mainly use the website as a media. Educational Institution Most of the times BAT sends an employers representative in renowned educational institutions to prescreen applicants and create an applicant pool from the graduating class. These types of activities always motivate the young innovative candidates. Sometimes they are asking for internship. By this they get the fresh hard working employees for their organization.

Employment agencies

Employee agencies works as a third party. They provide perfect employee for the organization and a good job for the candidates. Sometimes it may very difficult to an individual to understand which job he/she can perform most effectively. But the agencies are expert to identify the best jobs. BAT normally uses this source very often. Because they know their HR department is very expert to find and trained employee. Several agencies are:

Employment exchanges Labor contractors


Employee Referrals

Many organizations have structured system where the current employees of the organization can refer their friends and relatives for some position in their organization. Also, the office bearers of trade unions are often aware of the suitability of candidates. Management of BAT can inquire these leaders for suitable jobs. In some organizations these are formal agreements to give priority in recruitment to the candidates recommended by the trade union. Recruitment at factory gate BAT does not recruit any employee from factory Gate

Internal vs. External Recruiting Internal recruiting is the search for in-house employees who have the abilities and the attitudes to fulfill the requirements needed and to help the organization achieve its objectives. Although internal recruiting is often neglected, and the Internet hardly offers any useful discussions for this recruiting strategy, it is crucial not to overlook this strategy. The discussion of internal recruiting provides the advantages and disadvantages of this recruiting technique in comparison to the external method.

Selection Process. If the application is successful, they will be invited to a preliminary interview which will be taken by a member from the function to which they have applied and a member of the Human Resource team. As a final candidate, they will be invited to a specifically designed British American Tobacco assessment centre. This will provide them opportunity to demonstrate their skills and suitability through their performance in a number of participative and individual exercises. They will also have the opportunity to meet managers and to gain


firsthand experience of what it is like to work for British American Tobacco Bangladesh. Regardless of the outcome, participants find it a unique opportunity to demonstrate their strengths. If they get through the Assessment Centre, they will be recommended to the respective Heads of Functions for a final Interview. They are committed to keep them informed of their progress through every step of the selection process.

Selection Process Techniques Several techniques are used in selection process like tests, background investigation and physical exams to identify viable as well as capable candidates.

Background information and several selection methods are used to verify factual information which provided by applicants and to uncover damaging information.

Decide who to make an offer to, by having the supervisor and perhaps others on the team interview the candidates.


Socialization Process In BAT the Human Resource Manager make decisions about how they want to socialize their new employees. Employees begin with a relatively formal socialization to learn the pivotal standards of BAT. Then they begin the formal socialization process on the job, where they learn the norms of their work group. BATBs socialization can be conceptualized as a process made up of three stages: 1. Pre-arrival stage: This stage explicitly recognizes that each individual arrives with a set of organizational values, attitude, and expectations. 2. Encounter stage: Here the individuals confront the possible the dichotomy between their expectations and reality 3. Metamorphosis stage: Finally, the new member must work out any problems discovered during the encounter stage.

Training and Development We recognize that getting the right start is crucial to building a successful career. That's why we developed the Management Trainee Programme. During the Programme we take a constant interest in your progress, give regular feedback, support and resources you need, as well as review your performance to ensure you are on the right track. We believe that our programme is one of the most comprehensive around. Youll be provided with challenges to stretch your potential and learn. We give you an opportunity early in your career to show your best, bring your difference and make a positive impact on our business. Youll be working in truly international matrix environment with virtual and diverse teams to help you to gain necessary skills.


Employee Training Method On-the-job Training: It means having a person learn a job by actually doing it. Advantages: Relatively inexpensive Trainees learn while producing No need off-site facilities Drawbacks: Low productivity while the employees develop their skills The errors made by the trainees while they learn.

Apprenticeship Training: It traditionally involves having the learner study under the tutelage of a master craftsperson. Informal Learning: This learning process is not determined or designed by the organization. But the organization may ensure it by creating a learning environment in the organization. Job Instruction Training: Listing each jobs basic task, along with key points, in order to provide step-by-step training for employees. Lectures: The most simple and quick way to provide knowledge to large groups of trainees. Simulated Training: It places the trainee in an artificial environment that closely mirrors actual working conditions. Development- Any attempt to improve current or future management performance by imparting knowledge, changing attitudes, or increasing skills. Any effort toward developing employees must begin by looking at the organizations objectives. The objectives tell us where were going and provide a framework from which our managerial needs can be determined


Management Trainee Development program BAT takes a constant interest in management trainees progress, conducting regular appraisals while providing the support and resources to them. BAT always encourage management trainees to enhance their skills and knowledge by learning from both internal and external sources.


The induction gives management trainee the opportunity to learn about BAT and its objectives, products and markets.

Functional Development Managerial Development Business Awareness

Developing a foundation of excellence in the business function into which management trainee has been recruited. Developing specific managerial competencies needed in management trainees future roles. Gaining an understanding of the overall business and appreciating the role played by each function. Giving management trainee regular and constructive

Performance Appraisal

feedback, both formally (every 6 months) and informally (every 6 weeks) to ensure that his or achieve the defined standards for the Management Trainee Programme.

Induction gives you an opportunity to learn about our Group objectives, products and markets. It introduces you to our corporate guiding principles and culture, as well as to the role of each function in the company. Your functional development is a base of excellence in your chosen function. We will clearly explain what we expect from you and provide you with different exposures across the function to ensure youll get robust understanding of the basics. With support from your coach and your


mentor, youll set your objectives and work towards achieving them in order to meet the needs of the business and your personal development objectives. During the program your development will be focused not only on functional but also on leadership & managerial skills necessary for your success. Well provide you with formal training; youll take part in functional or cross-functional projects. And youll have the opportunity to put these skills to practice in preparation for the move into your first management role. We also expect you to develop business awareness, an understanding of the overall business and the role played by each function. In other words, we want you to understand the business beyond your own functional and geographical area of responsibility. We want you to challenge our existing ways of working and to bring positive change to our business. We monitor your success through regular performance appraisal. We give you regular and constructive feedback, formally every 6 months and informally every 6 weeks. This ensures that youre aware of the standards you should aim for, and also that we can tailor your development to your needs. Career Development As a truly global organization with a presence in over 180 countries, tracking the presence and performance of their people is essential for effective planning and career management. The Career Development Meeting (CDM) process forms one part of employees (workers) global career planning systems. Its purpose is to ensure that employee have good quality succession plans in place which take account of both the needs of individuals and the future shape of the organization. It is also the forum in which employees confirm assessments of managerial potential and in doing so ensure that their talent pipeline is sufficiently rich to drive performance and business objectives.

Pathways to Continuous Development British American Tobacco recognizes the need to employ highly qualified, motivated people and to provide them with the opportunities to continually grow and develop, to remain highly


qualified and motivated in a constantly changing and demanding environment. The emphasis is on continuous each individual is encouraged to make a commitment to lifelong continuous learning. And BATB in turn is committed to supporting each individual to meet this commitment. Pathways to Continuous Development are an integrated system designed to help employees develop their capabilities for success - in life and in their careers with the company.

International Training In the interests of developing First Class People in every function, BATB offers its global staff of high-potential Middle and Senior Managers a portfolio of International Managerial and Functional Training Programs, designed to build cross-company centers of excellence that will propel the company forward. The majority of these international training programs are held at the Horsley Court Management Training Centre in Surrey, and due to the extremely high demand for places we have a rigorous nominations process designed to be as equitable as possible. In the interests of knowledge sharing and rich learning experiences the diversity of the delegates to ensure groups with cross-functional, regional and gender representation.

Personal Development and Learning BATB develop and deliver high quality learning and development initiatives appropriate to the needs of the individual operating companies and their employees. They aim to foster a sense of pride in working for BAT and to be the employer of choice wherever they operate. When they put great emphasis resources, training and opportunities for development, employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their (workers) own development.

Mentoring & Coaching: To set objectives and to work towards achieving them in order to meet the needs of the business and the personal development objectives can be a challenge. British American Tobacco strongly supports and encourages mentoring relationships to help employees face these challenges. Mentoring relationships are encouraged at all levels at British American


People of BATC in Bangladesh British American Tobacco Bangladesh is a company of great strengths - especially in people. Significant investment in people development through local and international training and embedding their corporate values has fostered a culture that encourages global interaction of talent. Currently they have 8 managers in other British American Tobacco group companies, while 6 expatriates are based here. As a well respected local company fostering freedom of expression and independent thought in a business culture which values diversity, creative thinking and an enterprising approach to challenge, they are privileged to attract and retain experienced managers and graduates of the highest caliber in the country.

Commitment to Good Employment Practices BATCs Employment Principles build on their commitment to good employment practices and workplace related human rights. They set out a common standard for their companies in developing policies and procedures, while recognizing that each company must take account of local labor law and practice and its local political, economic and culture context.

They cover a wide range of practices, including: Equal opportunity to everyone. Internal communication and the free flow of ideas Worker representation and freedom of association Fairness at work and the unacceptability of harassment and bullying The unacceptability of child labor or unlawful use of immigrant labor Performance responsibility Health, safety, and environmental responsibility Community contributions by employees Personal development and learning Reasonable working hours and family friendly policies Fair, clear and competitive remuneration and benefits.


Freedom of Association Worker Representation and Freedom of Association: BATC respect both freedom of association and freedom of non-association. They acknowledge the right of employees to be represented by local company recognized Trades Unions, or other bona fide representatives, and for these, where appropriate, to consult with the relevant company within the framework of applicable law, regulations, the prevailing labor relations and practices, and company procedures. They acknowledge the activities of recognized worker representative bodies such as Trades Unions (where such activities are practiced in accordance with national law) and they ensure that they (workers) are able to carry out their representative activities within agreed procedures. Payment practices at BATC Philosophy of payment system British American Tobacco Company takes a holistic approach towards reward offering employees not only attractive salaries, flexible benefits and long-tem incentives, but also challenging responsibilities, inspirational leadership and opportunities for development. They truly believe in equality and hence offer fair reward to all their employees on all levels. An unbiased approach is applied and salary progression is linked solely to individual development and individual performance. They also ensure that their employees are rewarded fairly not only in relation to each other, but also in relation to the employees of other companies. By means of pay and benefits surveys they ensure maintaining a competitive position in the market. Factors influencing the design of compensation plan Legal considerations in compensation Employee influences on compensation decisions Corporate policies and competitive strategy Policy issues affecting the plan of an organization


Establishing Pay Rates of BAT Step-1 The Salary Survey: A survey aimed at determining prevailing wage rates. A good salary survey provides specific wage rates for specific jobs. Formal written questionnaire surveys are the most comprehensive, but telephone surveys and newspaper ads are also sources of information. To take any decision about salary structure, BAT Company does many things Salary Survey is one of them Step-2 Job Evaluation: After complete salary survey BAT takes systematic comparison done in order to determine the worth of one job relative to another. Job Evaluation method includes: 1. Ranking: Involves ranking each job relative to all other jobs, usually based on overall difficulty. There are several steps in this method: Obtain job information for each job Rank jobs by department or in clusters Select just one compensable factor Rank job Combine ratings 2. Job Classification: Categorize jobs into groups 3. Point Method: A number of compensable factors are identified and then the degree to each of these factors is present on the job is determined. 4. Factor comparison: Ranking jobs according to a variety of skill and difficulty factors, and then adding up these rankings to arrive at an overall numerical rating for each given job. Step-3 Group Similar Jobs into Pay Grades: A pay grade is comprised of jobs of approximately equal difficulty. Employee Compensation Employee compensation refers to all forms of pay or rewards going to employees and arising from their employment. It has two main components: 1. Direct financial payments: Wages, salaries, incentives, commissions, and bonuses. There are two ways to pay directly Time based pay: Daily, hourly, weekly, biweekly or monthly wages and salaries 24 which

Performance based pay: Ties compensation directly to the amount of product the worker generates. 2. Direct payments: Financial benefits like employer-paid insurance and vacations. Factors influencing the design of compensation plan Legal considerations in compensation

Employee benefit package in BAT

Flexible Benefits: In June 2004 British American Tobacco introduced flexible benefits Program. This is a new approach to benefits management which gives freedom of choice to employees. Through free2 they can manage benefits package in a way that is right for them and buy the benefits they need when they need them.

Flexible Working: A healthy work-life-balance is crucial for the performance of BATCs workforce. Flexible working arrangements enable their employees to dedicate time to personal activities. Flexibility of working hours gives individuals the freedom to manage their (workers) time effectively to suit their (workers) own working and domestic needs, whilst ensuring that their (workers) work output is maintained. Convenience Services & Social Facilities Convenience Services & Social Facilities is also included in their package system. They serve to their employee a full breakfast morning at low cost. A weekly treat of cakes is also delivered to each floor on Thursday afternoons. In near future, company will give extra money to fulfill employee Convenience demand.


Health & Well-Being Most of the BATs benefit package is related with health & well being. They have several Health & Well-Being: like: Sick Leave Parental Leave and Family Leave Medical Leave Free medical checkup. Contact with reputed hospital.

Parental & Care Support British American Tobacco fully supports the family commitments of employees. The company offers generous parental schemes including maternity and paternity leave as well as childcare vouchers. Child- and eldercare is an important issue within the company and they try hard to meet their staffs requirements. Maternity & Paternity Provisions at HQ A year ahead of EC regulations and more generous than the statutory requirements, BAT offers 52 weeks maternity leave with 26 weeks at full Pay (for employees with at least 1 years service), and 2 weeks paternity leave also at full pay. BAT is willing to consider all requests for part-time or flexible working. (Please see the Flexible Working and Work-Life support section for further information). Childcare vouchers are available and cut the cost of childcare through National Insurance relief and a further 5% Company subsidy. Insurance Benefits Every employee of this organization has a individual insurance benefit. Bat is one of the pioneers in this case. They always help an employee to get insurance benefit without any hazards.


Chapter4: Conclusion and Recommendation

Recommendation British American Tobacco Company practices a good human resource management. But analyzing their all human resource practices we think that they should develop their recruitment process more to cope with modern business.

Conclusion British American Tobacco is one of the reputed multinational companies in Bangladesh. They have continued their business with good reputation. As a leading company in tobacco industry they always try to maintain the highest quality of their products. Their human resource department is strong & treats their employees as an asset. BAT has already earned reputation as a very potential Multinational Company of the country. This has been possible due to skilled manpower, which has been developed by taking proper recruitment and selection strategies and giving sufficient training and development opportunities and also retaining their employee through providing adequate compensation and benefit .We write in no uncertain term that BAT is functioning very well and we hope that it will continue its operations and will become the trendsetter of the Human Resource Management practices of Bangladesh



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