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Application to Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Islamabad Pakistan/ Complaining against a wrong behavior of a telecommunication company------------ Drafted by Rehan

Aziz Shervani (Advocate High Court) (RAK LAW FIRM)-0333-4324961

The Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Islamabad, Pakistan
May 14, 2014 Sub:.s Management undue influence & duress on M/S .; violation of contract terms; fraudulent demeanor of Management; criminal misappropriation of payment by the management; Outstanding receivables of M/S...

Worthy Sir,
With due reverence the following facts are submitted to your esteemed self for perusal and record: (1) That M/S .. is a firm duly registered under the Partnership Act 1932; have been working in the engineering field for the last five years; is a recognized organization known for its pragmatic perfection approach to work; have completed many a projects with distinction. (2) That .( sub contractor) signed contract with. (Pvt) Ltd. ( Employer) on the 20th August 2014. It is to be noted that. signed the contract pursuing its main contract with (Employer). (3) That the parties entered in to contract to execute Whgfdsretytyuii Project. (4) That .successfully completed the project within the stipulated time; work done on sites was as per the quality standards (annexure 1) (5) That as per the contract all the payments would be paid directly by the Employer (ABC); the role of was supervisory. (6) That M/S on filed invoices with.. for the outstanding receivables (Annexure II) (7) Tha., having been satisfied with the performance of M/S...................... many a times requested the , through emails, to release the payment s of M/S.. (Annexure III) (8) That till to date amount of Rs4324045,627.00 is payable on the part of. (9) That 2 years have lapsed; despite many requests and co ordinations with. &.. ; no any payment has ever been received to M/S.

That the management, by breaching the terms of the contract, have indeed exercised undue influence, duress, criminal misappropriation, criminal breach of trust, misdemeanor and fraud with M/S..

M/S. has been factually jeopardized financially as there has been a hatched malicious conspiracy of management as to collapse.. in all respect. Therefore, besides getting released the outstanding receivables of M/S.., your grace is requested to lift the veil of incorporation as to define why this has been done to M/S.. by management and who are responsible behind this gigantic web of fraudulent activity.

Profound Regards.
_______________ ABCDEFGHIJ Chief Executive Cell # 000000000000