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Rich. Successful. Extremely Busy. Our clients would pay anything to take some time away for themselves.
Baby boomers who made fortune as top executives or investors, young global professionals that value both style and simplicity, new rich from emerging economies in search of sophisticated treats, couples dreaming for the perfect wedding in Paradise. The number of the world's High Net Worth Individuals (having net investable assets of at least $1,000,000 excluding their main residence and consumer goods) is 9.5 million worldwide.

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We create an exclusive experience for them: Luxury transportation to a peaceful retreat in Italy or the Tropics, lodging in ecofriendly and exquisitely designed facilities, with their preselection of wines and other delicatessen available upon arrival. Personal and group development programs, unique complementary activities, or just a few days away from the noise of the major nancial centers of the world where they spend most of their time.

TIMEAWAY Boutique retreats


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TIMEAWAY Boutique retreats

Boutique retreats winners do extreme things to gain perspective, sometimes

What looks like a simple hut or a small villa, is really a refuge. Italian interior design, every detail being taken care of, from supplies to insurance. It may sound difcult to take off one week out of the packed schedule of a venture capitalist, agency creative or investment banker, but it is easier to do it when having a view to the Adriatic sea.
I practiced law for three years, then got into investment banking. When 9/11 happened I just had to sign up with the Army. Investment banking is a lot more stressful than this. Lt. J Dow Covey, from Wall Street Journal report on Iraq

Our relationship managers share the taste of our clientele, live in their cities and attend the same events they do. But we strive to create a more genuine experience and keep operative Our clients are not hard to nd, costs relatively low, by handling because we have been in their many administrative details at shoes: we know what they want, origin. The result: net prots and they do not mind about over 25%, many times more paying a premium to get it. than your average bank interest.
Business around the clock Winter in Europe? We take our clients top performers for jogging or yoga to the Tropics. Good Bye seasonality.

TIMEAWAY Boutique retreats

Thinking about the next career move? it helps not doing it while riding the tube

With locations at the the most beautiful places in Italy and Costa Rica, the investment in TimeAway comes as a perfect shelter from the bubble of the asian stocks or the american credit crisis. For instance, real state returns in Costa Rica are in the range of of the most valuable 20%-50% year to year. assets is the network itself. Besides operational and realty revenues, one Our clients list includes some of the most

inuential money managers and decision makers in every continent.

the green side public services (we set up a zero footprint getaway our own water and

A clean operation is brand enhancement and positive bottom line results, capitalization from the oor to the cap.

energy facilities with clean technologies, thus increasing the value of our ecobrand and reducing costs). Also, we choose properties with high forestry and biodiversity potential, generating positive public exposure, corporate social responsibility reporting and additional The facilities are built (or revenue streams by selling leased) in an area with no environmental services to other players. Its not just because been green is hip now, is because it also makes good business sense. We take advantage of tax benets by offsetting all emissions from transportation and other operational activities with Certied Emissions Reductions (CERs).

TIMEAWAY Boutique retreats

Left: Retaining top talent, team building follows the latest M&A. Bottom: Creativity workshop, the italian style

Groups packages because work can be chic too

Risk diversication. In a gourmet market means many things, from securing the scale to go beyond break even to create the perfect mix of services that will take advantage of the full potential of the managing team: 5 continents, a number of different backgrounds, combined experience of decades. Thats a huge potential.

At TimeAway risk is managed as source of opportunity. Adding corporate services is our way to protect the business against market uctuations, attract new prospects and take our philosophy out there: work is life, so it should be lived with style.

TIMEWAY Boutique retreats

Unique places, unique activities at the next party you will tell the stories

Watching the italian soccer league: from the rst seat. Golng between two skies, and two oceans. Driving your Vespa to have lunch at the nearest Agriturismo. Your new favorite Spa is at the feet of a volcano. A break from rafting for fruit buffet in the middle of the rainforest. TimeAway equity investors experience all that is offered to clients, rst hand.

TIMEAWAY Boutique retreats

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