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We are passionate about arts

as well as design.
Necklace by Alex Calder

We want to take the creativity of contemporary artists to an area of design that we love: jewelry!

Proposal of ARTENCY to ARTISTS

ARTENCY is an online platform to develop and commercialize jewelry collections designed by contemporary artists of different disciplines ARTENCY allows contemporary artists to apply their talent in a different area of creation Enhance public awareness of the artists' work
significant online and offline footprint showcases artists' work that inspired the collection, with a

link to their personal webpage/gallery

ARTENCY value proposition

For whom Jewelry consumers interested in arts Professionals not engaged in conspicuous consumption Consumers used to shop on internet 90% female as final customer and/or prescriber; medium-high purchase power Experience a new world of jewelry and contemporary arts Wear a unique story based on the creation of contemporary artists Exclusive, sophisticated, be part of a select club There are pleasures that only a connoisseur like me can fully appreciate

Whats in it for the customer

Collaborating with Foremost Artists (1/2)

We have launched in early Nov/2012 with a portfolio of 6 artists

Collaborating with Foremost Artists (2/2)

ranging from Austria to Costa Rica and from Conceptual Art to Architecture

Challenges and Next Steps

Get awareness in a crowded market (online commerce of fashion & accessories) Recruit artists with established art careers willing to venture into a completely new field of creation Develop high quality prototypes that can be manufactured in small quantities at competitive costs

Silvio Dulinsky