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Subject: resume
Hi Richard:
Here is mv resume. I`d appreciate anv help vou can provide.
Cvnthia Solomon
80 Ellerv Street
Cambridge, MA 02l38
{6l7} 547~5297
Harvard Universitv, Ed. D. Graduate School of Education, l985
Boston Universitv, M.A., Computer Science, Department of Mathematics, l976
Radcliffe College, B.A., Historv, l959
Work Experience in Research
NASA Classroom of the Future, Director of Educational Technologies,
Wheeling, WV, l992~3. Managed multimedia software development group
producing pre~college educational products for NASA`s Education Branch.
Consulted for industrv on human~computer interface issues, l986~9l.
Amongst others, clients were:
Apple Computer, Vivarium Project, Los Angeles, CA and Cambridge, MA.
Associative Design Technologv, Westboro, MA.
GigaMos Svstems, Inc., Cambridge, MA.
Gold Hill Computers, Inc., Cambridge, MA.
Microelectronics and Computer Technologv Corporation, Austin, TX.
Software Tool & Die, Brookline, MA.
Touchstone Engineering Corp, Executive Vice President/Founder, Somerville,
MA, l985~86. Designed management planning svstem.
Atari Cambridge Research Laboratorv, Director, Cambridge, MA, l982~84. Set
research agenda for 35~person lab and managed multi~ million dollar budget
Logo Computer Svstems, Inc, Vice President, Research & Development/Founder,
Boston, MA, l980~82. Managed Apple Logo product development and was
technical contributor.
11111112 web.mIt.edu1e-cIub1ArchIve1RESUMES1CynthIa_SoIomon
215 web.mIt.edu1e-cIub1ArchIve1RESUMES1CynthIa_SoIomon
Massachusetts Institute of Technologv, Artificial Intelligence Laboratorv,
Research Staff, Cambridge, MA, l970~75. Conducted research on
teaching/learning stvles and debugging strategies in computer environments.
Bolt, Beranek, and Newman, Inc., Research Staff, Education Technologv
Group, Cambridge, MA, l965~70. Built instructional svstem for Harvard
Medical School students. Began Logo research.
Work Experience in Teaching
CHI `94, Boston, MA, April l994. Taught tutorial on Designing Computer
Environments for Children.
Multimedia `93, Anaheim, CA, l993. Taught course entitled Designing
Multimedia Environments for Children.
Louisiana State Universitv, College of Education, Visiting Assistant
Professor, Baton Rouge, LA. Departments of Administrative & Foundational
Services and Curriculum & Instruction, l99l~92.
Boston Universitv, Teaching Fellow in Computer Science, Boston, Ma.
Department of Mathematics, l975~76.
Massachusetts Institute of Technologv, Artificial Intelligence Laboratorv,
Logo Group, Cambridge, MA, l970~75. Taught educational computing courses
and workshops to K~l2 students and teachers.
Second International Conference on Mathematics Education. Designed and
taught three~week workshop on Logo for l0~l2 vear olds, l972.
Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc. Created and taught first Logo programming
course, l968~69.
Grants, Awards, Honors
Interactive Media Festival, Nominator. To be held June 7, l994.
Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA, equipment grant, l992.
MIT Logo Laboratorv, Cambridge, MA, research grant, l977~78.
Computer Environments for Children: A Reflection on Theories of Learning
and Education, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Ma., l986.
LogoWorks: Challenging Programs in Logo, edited with Margaret Minskv and
Brian Harvev, McGraw~Hill, Inc., New York, l986.
Introduction to Programming through Turtle Graphics, Apple Logo, Logo
Computer Svstems, Inc., Quebec, Canada, l98l.
"Teachers and the Logo Computer Culture," Proceedings, National Logo
Conference, Massachusetts Institute of Technologv, Cambridge, Ma., 99~l0l,
11111112 web.mIt.edu1e-cIub1ArchIve1RESUMES1CynthIa_SoIomon
315 web.mIt.edu1e-cIub1ArchIve1RESUMES1CynthIa_SoIomon
"Adding Numbers," LogoWorks: Challenging Programs in Logo, edited with
Margaret Minskv and Brian Harvev, McGraw~Hill, Inc., New York, 256~267,
"Boxgame," LogoWorks: Challenging Programs in Logo, l33~l40, l986.
"Demons, Turtle Collisions, and Other Events," {with M. Grandfield},
LogoWorks: Challenging Programs in Logo, 376~380, l986.
"Math: A Sentence Generator," LogoWorks: Challenging Programs in Logo,
39~45, l986.
"Sengen: A Sentence Generator," LogoWorks: Challenging Programs in Logo,
l~6, l986.
"Turtle Graphics," LogoWorks: Challenging Programs in Logo, 362~366, l986.
"Turtles and Their Shapes," LogoWorks: Challenging Programs in Logo,
366~37l, l986.
"Computer Environments for Children as Reflections of Theories of Learning
and Education," Thesis, Harvard Universitv, Graduate School of Education,
"Logo: Past and Future," National Logo Conference, Preproceedings, MIT,
June l984.
"Introducing Logo to Children," Bvte, 7, #8, l96~208, August l982.
"Computers and Education: Conceptual Underpinnings of Uses of Computers in
Education," Thesis Proposal, Harvard Universitv, Graduate School of
Education, Januarv l98l.
"Conceputal Underpinnings of Uses of Computers in Education, " Qualifving
Paper, Harvard Universitv, Graduate School of Education, September l980.
"Language in the Logo Computer Culture, "Proc. National Educational
Computing Conf., Universitv of Iowa, Iowa Citv, June 25~27, l979.
"Teaching Young Children to Program in a Logo Turtle Computer Culture," ACM
SIGCUE Bulletin, 20~29, August l978.
"Teaching the Computer to Add: An Example of Problem~solving in an
Anthropomorphic Computer Culture," MIT AI Memo #4l, December l976.
"A Case Studv of a Young Child Doing Turtle Graphics in Logo," Proc.
National Computer Conference, June l976.
"Problem Solving in an Anthropomorphic Computer Culture," Thesis, Boston
Universitv, Mav l976.
"Leading a Child to a Computer Culture," Proc. ACM SIGCSE~SIGCUE Joint
Svmposium, SIGCSE Bulletin 8, l/SIGCUE TOPICS 2, Februarv l976.
"Comments and Advice on Introducing Kids to Turtles and Logo," Logo Working
Paper #42, l975.
"A First Lesson," co~authored with S. Papert, Logo Working Paper #26,
October 30, l974.
11111112 web.mIt.edu1e-cIub1ArchIve1RESUMES1CynthIa_SoIomon
415 web.mIt.edu1e-cIub1ArchIve1RESUMES1CynthIa_SoIomon
"Twentv Things to Do with a Computer," co~authored with Sevmour Papert,
Educational Technologv, XII, 4, April l972; Japanese translation, BIT, 5,
4, 320~325, l973.
"Dividing the Swan," Logo Working Paper #l2, MIT AI Lab., Cambridge, Ma.,
Julv l972.
"NIM: A Game~Plaving Program ," co~authored with Sevmour Papert, Logo Memo
#5 and MIT AI Memo #254, Januarv l970. In H. Abelson, Apple Logo, l982.
"Conceptual Advances Derived from the Muzzev Experiment," co~authored with
Sevmour Papert, unpublished paper, l969.
Research in Review, videotape on the Atari Cambridge Research Lab., l984.
Produced 25~minute videotape on the laboratorv`s activities.
Atari Logo, videotape of children.l983.
Selected Presentations
Doing Science Using Multimedia, Second Technologv in Education Conference
at Louisiana State Univeristv sponsored bv Apple Computer, Mav l2, l993.
"Is It Art or Is It Magic?", panel chair and organizer, Tenth
International Conference on Technologv and Education , MIT, Cambridge, MA,
March 25, l993.
"Programming Projects in Elementarv Mathematics" presented with Margaret
Minskv and "Computer Environments and Children," Second West Coast Logo and
Telecommunications Conference, Los Angeles, Ca., l987.
"Teachers and the Logo Computer Culture," and "Data Representations in Real
Logo Projects," presented with M. Minskv, National Logo Conference, MIT,
Cambridge, Ma.,l986.
"Creating Computer Environments for Children" and "Discussing Logo
Projects," First West Coast Logo Conference, Pepperdine Universitv, Los
Angeles, Ca., l985.
"Logo: and Other Computer Environments for Children," Second British Logo
Users` Group Conference, l984.
"Logo: Past and Future" and Panel Chair for Extending Logo session,
National Logo Conference, MIT, Cambridge, MA, l984.
"Current Research on Computer Learning Environments" and "Turtle geometrv
projects in Atari Logo," First British Logo Users` Group Conference, l983.
"Teaching Children in a Logo Computer Cultures," Computers and Education
Conference, New York Academv of Science, New York, l98l.
Professional Associations, Membership
American Educational Research Association
Association for Computing Machinerv
Boston Computer Societv
International Societv for Technologv in Education