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Date: 4-24-12 Vocabulary Bingo Teacher(s):Kaitlin Flint Grade: 2

Lesson Title:

(Projected/Current Unit of Study): vocabulary words from basal reader Common Core Standard(s): Determine the meaning of words and phrases in a text relevant to a grade 2 topic or subject area.( R.2.4) Learning Objectives: (Students will:) Students will be able to decode vocabulary words. Students will have an understanding of the meaning of the vocabulary words. Delivery Strategies (mark with X; lesson specifics on next page):
Lecture Socratic Lesson Overhead/PowerPoint Note Group Discussion Group Activity Jigsaw Role Play Reading Analysis Audio-Video Analysis Writing Activity Debate Worksheet

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Assessment and/or Evaluation Strategies (mark with X):

Observation Anecdotal Notes Work Samples Interview/Conference Checklist Oral Questioning ________________ ________________ Learning Log/Journal Self-assessment Peer-assessment Assessment Rubric Evaluation Rubric ________________ ________________ ________________ Presentation AV Presentation Written Submission Oral Report Test/Quiz ________________ ________________ ________________

Resources/Materials: Bingo chips Bingo Board PowerPoint

| Lesson Delivery Specifics: Timing | Segment 1: | I would review the vocabulary words from the story in the basal reader that the students have learned during the past week. I would use a PowerPoint with the words on the slide and a picture to go along with the word. Vocabulary - First - Cold - Read - Pull - Call - Fire - Village - Green - Stream - Buy - Wash - Sleep - Five - Write | Segment 2: | I will have the students play Bingo. I will read the words/ show the picture to the students and they will have to find the word on their Bingo Board. I would play several rounds of bingo. | Segment 3: | I will pass out a worksheet to the students. The purpose of the worksheet is to determine the students understanding of the vocabulary words. They will
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have to fill in the blank with the correct word from the word bank in order to complete the sentences. | Homework/Extension/Reminders: Have the students study for a test at the end of the week. With the test I will expect them to get 80% accuracy of the vocabulary words. Accommodations: For a student with a learning disability / ADHD - I will present vocabulary words using both verbal and visual cues - I will repeat my directions and check for the students understanding. - Students will know 10/14 vocabulary words - The PowerPoint will be available for the students for additional practice and reinforcement.

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