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Coaching Model Assessment Name: Michelle Graniel Date: July 16th, 2012 Student ID: Email: michellegraniel@gmail.


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Owning Your Power Coaching Model

by: Michelle Graniel

My model is based on my belief and experience that owning your power can take you anywhere you want to go, this is a series of steps to self discovery that can be performed by any coach or yourself once you feel for the first time what Owning your power means to you and that you have experienced where this tool can take you. Next I will explain each step of self discovery and self empowerment but this flow doesnt have to be on this specific order, since we may have to go back to revisit and reinforce any step and go forward if we feel like we already own any of the steps.

The Owning your Power model flows like this: Here and now- first the client needs to be calm and present for the session, I usually lead them to take a few cleansing breathes and with them letting go anything that is not serving the purpose of centering all the energy in the here and now moment. This step also allows the client to feel how easy is to start taking steps to calm themselves down and to start controlling situations and feelings the best way for them. Sometimes we will revisit this step through the session since the client can feel overwhelmed or not focused. Trust- this is the step where the coach introduces or let the client know about the practice, and creates a trusty and safe environment for the client, here can arise doubts about coaching from the client, or the possibility for their situation to change, this is the first part where the coach has to let the client know about the accountability, this is the opportunity to start empowering the client with holding themselves responsible for the outcome of the session and their lives, this is a very powerful tool to start the process of owning your power. Discovery- Instead of naming this step situation I like to call it discovery, maybe the client doesnt have a clear description of whats going on, and if you invite them to discover themselves its easier to find the right answers and the root of any problem or situation from the beginning, so a good way to start with this part is to ask this question(s): What do you want to discover about yourself today? Is there anything that you would like to obtain from todays self discovery process? Is there any situation that is not serving you and youd like to discover a new way to approach, solve, face, see it? Exploration or Digging- Explore the who? what? where? and how?, this tool will provide great information of the real situation, usually the client will discover and unfold key answers to WHY are they in this specific situation, sometimes they can get stuck in this part and you may have to reframe the questions, use other tools like rephrasing what they said before or going back to the here and now to allow the client to access their mind to find the answer. Core beliefs, blockings, fears or any feeling or emotion that is holding them in an specific situation will erupt in this phase. What if? - this is the pure empowerment tool, the core of the owning your power process, that helps the client visualize their life without this situation. What if you were free of guilt, anxiety, sadness, self pity, excess weight, abusive relationship, limitations, fear on this situation or in your life? Will your life be any different and how? Do you believe you can be free of X to have a better, calmer, loving, life?

Taking action- now that the client has a glimpse of how they could feel being free of the situation, you can lead them to the step or steps to be taken to get there, letting them explore and coming up with this action plan is a key element on the empowerment theyll get from the session, cause theyll realize that all that you said about accountability is actually possible, so this part is listening and rephrasing to
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help them come out with a series of actions or an action to be taken in an specific time frame. Owning- All the empowerment given throughout the session will climax here, the client will feel reenergized and ready to start taking action, finally it will be clear that they can control any decision about how to feel in any given situation and also achieve anything they put their mind into. It is very important to acknowledge your client in every step for every milestone or discovery they made. Touching base with your client can be a very positive way to reaffirm and remind them about the action plan they committed themselves to follow, the coach can take any action that is consider important and necessary for client and for their own practice. As I said on the beginning this model is definitely a tool for all of us to use with ourselves, Owning my Power has showed me that I can accomplish anything I want, and once you feel for the first time what Owning your Power can do to your life, I assure youll never let it go again.

Are you ready to Own your Power?

By: Michelle Graniel Bilingual Life Coach MYNDTEGRITY Inside balance=wellness outside

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