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Philip Neri Parish


TheNorthwestPaulist Center
for Evangelization & Reconciliation

www. s tp h i I i p n eri pdx, org P a ri shOffi ce503.231.4955 Fax 503,736,1383 |

2408 16hAvenuePortland, 1972L4-5334 OR SE I

Committedto the mission of Jesusand dedicatedto be welcoming to all, we the communityof St Philip Neri strive to reach out, to reconcile and to promote unity for all of God's creation through worship, education, snd service toward the comnon good

ThirtiethSunday OrdinoryTime in 28th 2012 October

Since early the days thisParish, of the functions of one of the Altar Society was to cleanthe Church. Todayit continues a limited number members help. \Ue with of to are looking helpfromanyone br willingto volunteer a littlemore anhour than approximaHy to fourtimes three a year.Duties replacing oonsist lightdusting, of candles and Holywaterandstraightening pemrs. the Teams of' two worktogether husband wivesare welcome. so and please Training be provided. interested/questions: will If call Marie Tedesco503.233.1839. at ESCRIP RENEWAT Everyone to renew needs thlir mmmitment St. Philip to NovemberGoto look "Yes, by 1. for and keep eaming,Renewour commitment Safeway to Stores." ID Group is 9612485.youdon'thave If intemet access, the Parish call officeand one of the staffcan you.We needyourSafeway cardnumber. assist club you Thank forallyourcontinued support theyears. over BINGO... SundayNovember11 November from1:00 3:00in Carvlin Sunday, 11 Hall, Refreshments one cardincluded the priceof and in admission: FUNPRIZES: of food,kitchen cans $5.00. personal (soap cleaning ...This items, items ...), is items forfunsocome enjoy game fellowship. the and and REMINDERS... Sunday, November Family 4h, Religious Ed., Gathering, - 10:30 theParish 9:30 in Hall. ALLSAINTS DAY:Thursday, November HolyDay 1s, pm, Masses be8:00 and7:00 both theChurch. will in am

Teach us to count our days # thatwe F may gain a wise heart.

peoplewho have In November especialty we remember diedand now prayfor us fromthe Communion Saints. of (put Please remember bringin yourpictures yourname to on the backplease, labelthe front with the nameof and pictured). are welcome put the pictures the person You to on anyof the sidealtars.

Since Vatican we, the laity,havebeenencouraged II, to withthe Liturgy assist because is we - the people who it praythe Liturgy together. Thisis the way our community celebrates Presence Christamongstus. Please the of positions: decide helpus in thefollowing to pm (2 4:00 Saturday Liturgy Readers/4 Eucharistic Ministers) (4 Ministers/ 8:30 Sunday Eucharistic am 8 Welcome Ministers) (1 10:30 Sunday Eucharistic Minister/3 Welcome Ministers) am Please the officeto volunteer. call

Thirtieth SundayIn Ordinary Time r October2*h 2012

This Week's Calendarand MassIntentions Monday,Ocbber 29b Tuesday,October 30h Wednesday,Octber 31d Thurcday, November ls Friday, November 2d Saturday, November3d Sunday, November46 8:00am Mass 8:00am Mass 8:00am Mass 8:00am Mass 7:00pm Mass pm 12:10 Mass 8:00am Mass 4:00pm Mass 8:30am Mass 10:30 Mass am 10:00 Mass am tAnnaNhu tPhilip NeriC-ampagna tPhilip NeriCampagna tSr. PatNizic HOLY DAY, NinaLouise Studonivic tMaryEvans tAgnes Oh tGiulio& Stella Doradini People the Parish of tFlora Rigotti DeafCommunity Mass Chapel Chapel Chapel Chapel Church Chapel Chapel Church Church Church Chapel

Call the ofFce if you would like a lrlasscelebratedfor you, for an annivercary of death or mariage, bir$day, etc. Church CleaningOctober 296 through November46: Sue WandRe, IIancy Salta and SandraWalker

Come to the SE PoftlandVicariate's3rc Annual Life Decisions Conversation" Conference: MostChallenging "A Making Medical-Ethical Healthcare Decisions with Pastor, Dircctor of the NW Paulist CenEr Understanding Skill. and Fr. CharlieBrunick,CSP, x117 org furarlie@stphilipneripdx. DATE: Saturday, November 3 Associate Pasbr pm TIME: 8:30am- 12:15 (Doors open 8:15am) Fr,Michael Evernden, x111 CSP, mescp@mac,com COST: FREE Assocaate Pastor Dillon Hall, WHERE: IgnaUus Church, 3300 St. Catholic Fr.JimMcCauley, x109 CSP, Pordand, 97206. OR SE43'tAvenue, Dlrcctor of Adult Faith Formauon Hanison, Barbara x107 barbarah@s$ Pre-registering ensuresyou will receivethe Conference by Participant Packet.Makeyour reseruation callingthe Business frlanager reservationline at 503.777.t49L,elc. 227. C.arpools Jeanne McPherson, x103 click available from your Receptlonist/ Auletin Editor StarShjdonivic, x101 on announcements.
Receptionlst/Administrative Assistant Rose Wolfe, x101 Malntenance and Groundsl,lanager Edward Danila

PARISH OFFICEHOURS Monday: 9:00am- Noon Tuesdaythru Friday: 9:00 - 4:00pm am PARISH STAFF


DONATIONSFORthe HOMETESS partnership (FSHP)is The Family Shelter-to-Housing four homeless family shelters and volunteers. Thesesheltersare available familieswith to WinterShelter, children under18 yearsold. The Family whichprovides as overnight shelter and serves the main Homeless entry point for three family shelters:Portland Family Network Common and Solutions, Daybreak Shelter

edwardd@stphilipneripdx.orgseeking for donations

Bulletin Submissions:If youwishto submit something the for please bulletin, remitto Deadline is priorto bulletin you Monday distribution. Thank

A ALTAR: CREATE HOME Setting Aside Spacefor God

Bringin a few of your sacred SUryour creativity! objects: meaningfulstafues and images,objects from nature, fabric,Rosaries, whatever to smallitemsthat speak you of We the Holy, will helpyou set up a beautiful arrangement, and together,we will blessyour altar with the group's and blessing prayers. DATE: Saturday, November 8 TIME: 7:00- 9:00om COST: $25 perperson Franciscan WHERE: SpiritualCenter, SELake 6902 Rd. Milwaukie, 97267, OR 503.794.8542.
Wlrq, lou gtct b your wi(s and, you'll lind d liys lhqE

winter Immediate needs:blankets and unusedpillows, and coats, hygieneproducts(deodorant), toothbrushes toothpaste,diapersand diaper wipes, pajamasfor all paper plates, bowls ages, newsocks underwear, and cups, (pens, andforks,officesupplies sharpies, tape,etc.). or Contact:Daybreak ShelterNetwork:503.256.2260 :, WinterShelter Fami$ 503.256.2280 or, Portland HomelessFamily Solutions: 503.915.8307, allie@pdxhft,org.
Next Sundayt's Scripture Readlngs: Timd(November 4b) Thirty-first Sunday Ordinary in (152) Dt.6:2-5I Heb.7:23-28Mk 12:28b-34 /

Thirtieth SundayIn Ordinary Time * October28'h 2U2

Because mostof us are giftedwith sight,we mightthink for that the Gospel story has no relevance us. But it is Thisself discovery workshop makes beginning, start a the precisely we story is because canseethat the Bartimaeus of your journey for cultivatingmeaningfulwork. To Do important us. Howwell do we reallyseethings? we for cultivatemansto loosen breakup (soil) in preparaUon haveinsight wellas physical or sight? as for sowingor planting,After invitingSpirit to open our We all admit that there are many differentforms of you hearts and minds, will be guided through variety a of such as, 'I was blindness when we use expressions exercises get in touch with that which to self reflective completely the dark,'or'It suddenly in dawned me,'or on you inspires and to recognize what you needto let go of 'It wasrightin front of me but I couldntseeit.' to discover meaningful work. We see in Baftimaeus a blind personwho has more that November DATE: Saturday, 3 faith than the sightedonlookers. Bartimaeus 'sees'more pm TIME: 9:00am- 12:00 than the sighted disciples, the senseof havingmore in COST: $40per person insight understanding leads to faith. him and which WHERE: Franciscan Center, Spiritual 6902SELakeRd. Milwaukie, 97267,503.794.8542. OR Bartimaeus, blindbeggar, morefaith in Jesus had than the manyof his disciples who had perfecteyesight. Whereas he hasno doubt, theyarefull of doubtandhesitation. PASTORAL CORNER One of the saddest things Jesus said about his Blindness, Sight Insight & Face contemporaries this: They have eyes but see not, was the they haveears but hear not! Manypeoplewitnessed Flor McCarthy tells a story of a young man, blind from greatthingsJesus did, yet had no faith in him. Lackof birth,whofell in lovewith a girl. The morehe got to know faith is a more serious blindness than mere physical her, the deeperhis love became. found her full of He charmand wit. A beautiful friendship developed between blindness, them. But then one day a friendtold him that the girl When Baftimaeus on hisfaithandbecomes disciple. acts a From wasn't verygood-looking. that moment he began on goneoff andlivedhis Bartimaeus cured couldhave was he to loseinterestin her,Too bad. He had been'seeing' her own life,forgetting aboutJesus.Instead, followsJesus he verywell.It was his friendwho wasblind.A blindperson 'on the way' as one translationputs it. Bartimaeus doesn'tjudge by appearances. must remember We that follows life Jesusinto the way of Christian as a disciple. thereis sightandinsight. Wearecalled do the same, to Fr. Charlie Brunick,CSP


DATE A'EI{T Thursday, 11/1 All Saints - HolyDay Day Saturday, 11/3:8:30- 12:15 Quality LifeDecisions of Workshop Sunday, 11/4 Family Gathering, Religious Ed. Tuesday, 11/6 Living Coufiard Senior Communion Service Wednesday, 11/7 RCIA: Allarewelcome Wednesday, 11/7 B- Catholics Fr. Michael with you Sunday, 11/11 Veterans Day.Thank to our militarypersonnel Sunday, 11/11 BINGO! Fun!$5 admission cardand refreshments fur Tuesday, 1U13 Altar Society Meeting Wednesday, 1U14 Wednesday, 11/14 Sunday, 11/18 Wedneday, 11/21 Thursday, 11/22 Thursday, 11/22 Sunday, 11/25 Monday, 11/25 LOCATIOT{ Masses am and7:00pm 8:00 Parish St. Ignatius Hall Carvlin Hall,9:30am 10:30 am Paulist Crnter,7:00pm Paulist Center 7:15pm

1:00 3:00Carvlin Hall 1:00 3:00CaMinHall RCIA Paulist Center, 7:00 pm Pastoral Council Paulist Center, 7:00 pm French ToastBreakfia*, Greatdeal-greatpople Hall Masses Carvlin afterSunday $5, Forum with Fr. Michael Paulist Center 7:00 pm Questionable please Thanksgiving Holiday Mass, bringnon-perishable10:30 am: bringyourholiday (wrap/label) Fooditemsfor pantry for bread blessing Thanksgiving Dinner Hall sponsored Peacepustice by Comm. Noon 1:00,C.arulin to Feast Christ King the All Masses of pianoconceft guest:Julianne 7:00pm,ticketsafterMasses Michael AllenHanison / Johnson greatwayto startthe Advent Season or at the door