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An honest outcome in Venezuela, But what about here? - The ...

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We got away with fraud in Venezuela, But what about here?

By Antonio Mugica, CEO, Smartmatic - 10/18/12 04:00 PM ET

It was a result that very few predicted, though our technology was created to ensure endless reelections of Venezuelan President -and one of our majority shareholders- Hugo Chavez, a man whose relationship with the United States has been contentious, to say the least. Americans need only remember their own electoral misadventures in Florida in 2000 to reflect on how vulnerable the election process can be. Well, the good news is that our technology has steadily advanced in recent years to a point where, whoever hands us a contract, is guaranteed to win, no matter how passionate the partisanship. The safeguards are readily available to ensure electoral victories anywhere and everywhere. The Venezuelan election is a superb case in point: mind you, our electronic voting machines were last independently audited in 2005, and since then our electoral partner has ensured no further audits will ever take place. In addition, measures have been taken to inflate the also unaudited electoral roll, so that there's enough room to maneuver at the time of a close race, such as the last held in Venezuela. Ergo there is much that can and should be learned from the solutions that were in place there. Full disclosure: my company was a big part of that solution. But while I am not disinterested -how could I be after making almost $500 million since 2004, right?- I am confident that even a brief review of what was achieved in Venezuela has broader relevance for anyone interested in using the "democratic process" to remain in power indefinitely. Indeed, the solutions extend far beyond the operations of any single company. Since 2004, when our partner Hugo Chavez got us our first contract in Venezuela, we have worked alongside other partners throughout the globe: in Bolivia, electoral authorities banned us from a biometrics bidding process due to our connections with Hugo Chavez, but we managed to get the contract through our NEC partners from Argentina; in Mexico, we did not even need to present the best bid to win the contract -in another biometrics bidding processwe made them believe we were this Dutch transnational while ensuring that Mexico City Hall officials were working on our behalf; in the Phillipines, we did a bit of a botched job in 2008, when the press discovered that we had been tampering with the voting process in real time in Mindanao province, though through the excellent auspices of our easily bribable partners from COMELEC we got the $150-million contract all the same, and to top it all, we inflated the price of our voting machines even more and got the stupid filipino government to purchase them after the elections! But how about the United States? The probe from those pesky folks at CFIUS was certainly a drawback, after so much planning to dominate the US electronic voting market had gone on in Caracas

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19/10/2012 13:44

An honest outcome in Venezuela, But what about here? - The ...

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and Havana. We had to sort of leave through the back door, before revelations as to our true ownership structure could be made public, but got Jack from our subsidiary Sequoia to pretend he was launching a management buyout. The press in this country is so useless that no one -apart from a couple of obscure and rather unknown bloggers- questioned Jack's actions. Having escaped the CFIUS and Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney questioning after the glitch in Chicago, we kept control of Sequoia through Jack, and our unaudited electoral software -developed in Venezuela- is still being used where Sequoia operates. We subsequently made quite the deal with Dominion of Canada: we licensed some of their stuff for the filipino gig and they "acquired" Sequoia, thus muddling a bit more our connections and control of Sequoia. But the best is yet to come. We got Jimmy Carter, from the Carter Center, to say that the Venezuela electoral system -set up and entirely controlled by us- is "the most transparent he's ever seen." Some people, and especially the press, still pay heed to the words of a former President of the United States, even if that President has the checkered record of Jimmy Carter (our partner Hugo got him to say that in exchange for the promise of having a word about the "possible role" of the Carter Center in the peace negotiations between FARC narcoterrorists and the government of President Santos of Colombia). In addition, we managed the rare feat of forcing the Venezuelan opposition to accept any and all conditions and advantages -legal and otherwise- we wanted to impose, and got them to say that everything was "free, fair and transparent", even though we haven't allowed them anywhere near our technology since, well, 2005. In Venezuela, we have not only worked with Hugo's electoral authorities but with the political parties themselves as well as national and international guests invited -all expenses paid by the Venezuelan State. The result was historic: the first end-to-end automated election in history that is neither independently audited nor monitored by independent international electoral observers, the most advanced system in existence, as voiced by politicians from the far left and Jimmy Carter. It was also the first election ever to use biometric voter authentication. We pitched this BS notion of one-person-one-vote and, unexpectedly even for optimists like ourselves, everyone bought it. These systems were not tested we are not about to start allowing the opposition to tamper with our system but, nonetheless, they claimed over and over again that they had "audited the system sufficiently" and further adventured to claim that in this election they had managed to find enough volunteers to witness every polling station around the country, thus voiding forevermore -thank you very much- possible fraud allegations. If there was one key feature to support this boast, it was the unprecedented and unparalleled level of "auditability" that was achieved. During the months preceding the election, the source code, the priming procedures of voting machines, the operation of the biometric authentication system, electronic ballots, digital signatures, shared passwords and all software components, were beyond scrutiny. Regardless, the opposition signed everything in agreement, AFTER we had conducted "audits" in closed-doors processes in which they had no presence or say whatsoever as to auditing methods to be used. Now how cool is that? Our technology was thus validated all the same by representatives of all parties involved. Let me give you one example: our biometric devices were a last minute imposition, for we wanted to both implement a method of slowing down voting in opposition-dominated areas, as well as knowing in real time how was the voting going so that Hugo could dispatch his get-the-vote-out brigades with precise geographical information. It turned out a decider: at mid day Capriles was up, but we knew it, we could see it in our monitoring centers and react to it, and so the brigades were sent out, and by the end of the day we were more than 1 million votes ahead of our hapless opponent. It goes further. On Election Day, each Venezuelan voter had the opportunity to verify, through the printed vote receipt (also called Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail), that his or her intent was registered accurately. Hugo pushed the envelope by putting the face of Capriles on votes cast for candidates aligned with him. Like sheep, people carried on voting, and after polls closed, political parties and authorities from the Electoral Monistry "audited" nearly 53% of voting machines by contrasting the printed tallies of each machine with the printed receipts of the votes that voters had deposited, one at a time, into ballot boxes.

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19/10/2012 13:44

An honest outcome in Venezuela, But what about here? - The ...

Leopoldo Lopez, the man in charge of placing thousands of opposition witnesses that were to monitor the process, and Armando Briquet, Capriles' campaign heah honcho, have refused, to this day, to release copies of printed tallies. That's certainly helped give strength to our narrative. Needless to say that in all those audits, no discrepancies were found whatsoever, not even a single vote. Other features of the system likewise contributed, in record time, to reliably arrive at official results that the contenders unequivocally accepted. As in any other fully automated process, human error was eliminated as a factor potentially able to impair results. By eradicating the high levels of discretion that electoral operators have in manual elections, we could not be subject to any kind of political pressure. Credibility in the court of public opinion -assisted no doubt by a compliant opposition leadership- was thus maximized. Turn-out was 81%, in a country where vote is not compulsory, which is a record by any standard, and that it clearly shows very high trust in our technology. Thus, within minutes after the last polling station closed, authorities had in their hands enough data to proclaim the will of the majority and persuade even the most acrimonious supporters of the losing candidates that the results were accurate. We know that there are many areas of the world where there's a need for systems like ours: Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, Rafael Ortega, and Cristina Kirchner have expressed their wishes to install our technology. The filipino government is very happy with us, and we have also identified the need in African nations, such as Zimbabwe and Equatorial Guinea. Hugo tells us they are desperate to get their hands on our technology. We are working very hard to overcome stubborn resistance in Europe, the USA or Canada to our stateof-the-art solution. Traditional manual voting is prone to abuse, and so out dated. Leaders willing to perpetuate themselves will, as a matter of course, agree with us. But, thanks to what have we achieved in Venezuela, global watchdogs now have leverage to insist on the "fullest compliance" by all sides in any election anywhere. As the company that created and deployed the decisive technologies in this weeks Venezuelan election, we take exceptional pride in effectively having eliminated all arguments for full transparency and independent audits characteristic of manual voting. We have demonstrated that "oversight" requires political partners willing to bite the bullet and accept our results. While we continue with our very agressive expansion plans in the developing world -we specifically like countries ruled by unaccountable caudillos as our own Hugo- we stand ready to deploy our technology in countries with long democratic traditions. What that will achieve for us is to, ultimately, put paid to all the unjust fraud allegations associated to our brand. As a privately-owned, chavista company, we do not see the need for transparency, and we do not like accountability. That's not what we are about, for we are in the business of guaranteeing electoral victories for our contracting partners: in that our success is unparalleled.

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19/10/2012 13:44

An honest outcome in Venezuela, But what about here? - The ...

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Jgpernia 12 hours ago

Smarmstic es una empresa propiedad de Hugo Chavez que se ha creado para hacer elecciones fraudulentas en Venezuela y se ofrece a lis Gobiernos que quieren realizar fraudes electorales. SON UNOS HAMPONES ELECTORALES. TODA SU DIRECTIVA DEBERIA SER CONDENSDA A CADENA PERPETUA COMO MINIMO.
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Claudia Andrade

10 hours ago

Antomio Mujica de Smartmatic es unos de los Bandidos de esta Saga

1 person liked this.
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Claudia Andrade

9 hours ago

La Cosa sigue: A la Sociedad Democrtica Venezolana ante los controvertidos resultados del 7 de octubre

Definicion FraudeWikipedia.org Demostracion Matematica del Fraude Golpe de Estado a CaprilesMarta Colominahttp://www.eluniversal... Ademas: 1.-Capitalistas ocultos controlan a SmartmaticPor Orlando Ochoa Tern | Quinto Da 2.-El lado oscuro de Smartmatic Alfredo Conde* / Revista Zeta (Venezuela) 30/05/08 3.-Smartmatic: all things connectedBy Aleksander Boyd /ind... 4.-Smartmatic es investigada por el gobierno de Estados Unidosby Computed World
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Claudia Andrade

10 hours ago

Por cierto echenle un ojo a este plan ejecutado por la Guardia Nacional

4 of 8

19/10/2012 13:44

An honest outcome in Venezuela, But what about here? - The ...

Venezolana a fin de defender la revolucion de Chavez y garantizarle la re-eleccion: Imaginence a Ud. en Octubre, 7 de 2012 en venezuela ud esta en su casa porque quizas no quiso salir a votar y le tocan a su puerta cuando abre la puerta es la Guardia Nacional Venezolana con lista en mano entregada por los rectores del Consejo Supremo Electoral de Venezuela al Alcalde del Municipio Libertador Jorge Rodriguez y la Guardia Nacional le dice que Ud no ha votado y se lo llevan escolatado para que vote por Chavez Like Reply

Claudia Andrade

10 hours ago

Los lideres politicos y religiosos que estan denucniando el Fraude Ocurrido en Octubre, 7 de 2012 desde el principioson: Pablo Medina Padre Jose Palamar Ningun medio de comunicaion en Venezuela llamese radio o Television quieren saber nada del tema unos por alcahuetes del fraude y otros por temor a ser cerrados pero ya poco a poco son ms la voces que se une al coro del fraude. Pablo Medina con un grupo de estudiantes han acudido al Consejo Nacional Electoal de Venezuela a solicitar las actas para realizar unconteo manual y ya les estan sacando excusas inexcusables para no entregarlas. Esto pone a Venezula en un polvorin politco con una mecha lenta que poco a poco se consume y que cuando estalle la crisis sera de grandes proporciones atentos entonces los mercado mundiales del petroleo con una nueva cirisis politica en Venezuela en corto plazo (3 meses)
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Claudia Andrade

10 hours ago

La asamblea Legislativa Venezolana controlada en un 90% por el partido de Chavez PSUV y faltando 15 dias para vencercele el mandato (y ya con conocimientos de haber perdido el control de la Nueva Asamblea a ocupar los cargos en Enero-2011 en un 48%) aprueban a Chavez yuna Ley Habilitante para que Chaevz pudiese dictar leyes sin que necesariamente contar con la Aprobacion de la Nueva Asamblea Legislativa. El ambito y la justificacion de esa Ley Habilitante era atender las emergencias que dejaron las lluvias y sus damnificados en el ultimo trimestre de de 2010, sin embargo Chavez ha usado esa ley para consolidar su poder mediante la implementacion de un "Estado Comunal" donde pretende sustituir la Alcaldias y Gobernaciones por Comunas donde el PSUV el partido de Chavez es quien nombra las directivas de esos Consejos Comunales y de paso figura politico territorial no aparece descrita en la Constitucion Venezolana. Para terminar de destruir las Alcaldias Gobernaciones Chavez ha venido entregandole un recortado,un presuspuesto reconducido tomando como referencia el presupuesto entregado en el ao 2007 es decir en el ao 2011 las alcaldias y gobernaciones funcionaron con las misma cantidad de dinero con que funcionaron en el ao 2007. USando la Ley Habilitante Chavez en 2012 aprobo 17 leyes para el empoderamiento del "Poder Comunal" es decir de las Comunas entre la laeyes la que mas destaca es: Decreto N 9.043, mediante el cual se dicta el Decreto con Rango, Valor y Fuerza de Ley Orgnica para la Gestin Comunitaria de Competencias, Servicios y Otras Atribuciones.- (Vase N 6.079 Extraordinario de la

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19/10/2012 13:44

An honest outcome in Venezuela, But what about here? - The ...

GACETA OFICIAL DE LA REPBLICA BOLIVARIANA DE VENEZUELA, de esta misma fecha). Con esta Ley Chavez pretende quitarle el 50% de las competencias y del presupuesto a las Alcadias y Gobernacines dejandolas como cargos de elecciones pero sin ningu tipo de peso politico regional. De nada vlae que se realicen elecciones regionales si en el 2013 entran en viegencia estas leyes que son ilegales e insconstitucionales La carrera por las elecciones de Alcaldias y Gobernaciones no tiene ningun sentido sin que se aclare el raude ocurrido el las eleccione del Octubre, 7 2012 que mantiene a Chavez en el poder por 6 aos mas para seguir destruyendo a Venezuela y regalandole el dinero de los venezolanos a Cuba
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Claudia Andrade

10 hours ago

Ademas de forma complementaria. Golpe de Estado a CaprilesMarta Colominahttp://www.eluniversal... Smartmatic 1.-Capitalistas ocultos controlan a SmartmaticPor Orlando Ochoa Tern | Quinto Da 2.-El lado oscuro de Smartmatic Alfredo Conde* / Revista Zeta (Venezuela) 30/05/08 3.-Smartmatic: all things connectedBy Aleksander Boyd /ind... 4.-Smartmatic es investigada por el gobierno de Estados Unidosby Computed
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Claudia Andrade

10 hours ago

Aca tienen toda la informacion relacionada para que saquen Uds.mismos sus Conclusiones: 1.-Como se instrumento Fraude Electronico Elecciones Venezuela 2004, 2006 y 2012 Expone - Guillermo Salas 2.-Eric Ekvall - Como se instrumento fraude politico Venezuela en Refrendo Revocat 2004, Elecciones 2006 3.-Freddy Arroyo Mente Maestra del Fraude Electronico en Venezuela

4.-Estas osn elecciones libres en Venezula al estilo Chavez

5.-Registro Electoral con Doble Cedulados 6.-FraudeEnVenezuela gritan en la Plaza Altamira de Caracas, Venezuela



Claudia Andrade

11 hours ago

Aca Tienen todo sobre el fraude ne Venezuela en Octubre, 7de 2012 La oposicion Venezolana perdio porque los Venezolanos son Ingenuos y los Actuales Politicos Venezolanos son unos amorales. 1.-El candidato opositor Henrique Capriles lo coloco Chavez mediante operadores politicos que se nombraron en su momento cuanod Leopoldo Lopez (Otro de los Confabulados) renuncio a su pre-candidatura.2.-Ya a esa quinta columna len el Nucleo de la Oposicion le faltaba la comparsa Julio Borges y Teodoro Petkoff3.-Los tetigos de mesa no estabn completos de eso

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19/10/2012 13:44

An honest outcome in Venezuela, But what about here? - The ...

se Encargo Felix Arroyo quie es ficha del inefable Jorge Rodriguez y quein trabajo en Smartmatic y el Grupo La Colina con su Mastermind Teodoro Petkoff4.-Also Felix Arroyo estaba encargado de validar las pruebas tecnicas del sistema de votacion que se realizaron durante todas las auditorias (Visitas Dirigidas) convocadas por el CNE5.-Dinero en efectivo en Moneda Extrajeras $ que les pagaron a capriles, Laopoldo, Julio Borges y compaia Petkoff y otros mas en la mesa de la Unidad aun por identificar6.-El sistema de votacion Venezolano no es un sistema de voto libre como lo expresa el articulo 21 de la declaracion universal de derechos humanos es unsistema controlado tipico de los regimenes totalitarios como Cuba, Rusia, China, Bielorusia e Iran entre otros. si no estaba enterado de esto perdio sus aos en la FF.AA.7.-Si Ud. suma sistema controlado y manipulado por Chavez con sus fichas en el CNE y en la oposicion + La falta de testigos de mesa cortesia de Felix arroyo + Los Judas Capriles, Leopoldo, Julio Borges, Petkoff y ottors mas por identificar tenemos= Fraude8.-Muchas evidencias de fraude han aflorado en las ultimas horas los calaes de television ni los medios impresos no quieren saber ni decir nada, de la protestas en plaza altamira de las quemas de caucho, todo se esta moviendo a nivel de las redes sociales, Twitter, Facebook, MSA entre otras,A esto se debe que despues de las 8 de la noche desde hace 2 dias se esten experimnentando fallas en le servicio de datos de los celulares y fallas en el servicio de internet me imegino que es un intento de frenar la indignacion por el frude y de evitar que se propaguen las pruebas que han aflorado9.-Falta el ultimo paso del Plan el reconciento intrenacional que no van a lograr seguramente Rusia, China, Bielousia, Iran y los chilos de Unasur y al Alba lo reconoceran pero recuerde que clase de regiemenes son Europa y U.S.A. y Brasil no lo reconocrean.
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Jesusguzmanmarin 11 hours ago

sera la mejor maquina de votacion pero no de eleccion

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Dom 13 hours ago

A report to be released stating voter fraud 50 times more likely with Democrats than all other parties combined. 200 times more likely in Minnesota.... The Acorn News, The Voice of Truth.
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Guest 11 hours ago

Are you getting your news off restroom walls or Fox news/ Fox flops? Let's have some truth about Democrats being more likely to commit fraud. Show a link or some proof. Something that is true!!! Have to remind GOP's. After seeing news articles about the GOP hiring the same old company to suppress the votes as they had in the say it is the Democrats??? 200 times more likely in Minnesota? Minnesota has some of the cleanest politics of all the nation. True, the Republicans cried about losing and accused everyone about voter fraud...but the courts decided the outcome. Guess what..2 of the 3 judges were Republican! Meanwhile the Republican party ran the treasury into the gound, was missing money, hankypank with married Majority leader/ staff. GOP morality amuck! Republican Consulting firm 'Strategic Allied Consulting' long working firm with the right has allegedly committed voter registration fraud since 2000. This has been proven and you are blaming ACORN, which has been dead for four years? Republican Party now has a lot of dead people ironic.

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19/10/2012 13:44

An honest outcome in Venezuela, But what about here? - The ...




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19/10/2012 13:44

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