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CA Clarity PPM Project and Portfolio Management

Make the Right Investment Decisions

CA Clarity PPM enables organizations to align investments with corporate goals, thereby selecting opportunities that deliver the highest return from scarce resources. Organizations can strategically manage investments, resources and commitments using sophisticated evaluation and selection criteria, creating and optimizing planning scenarios, communicating decisions, monitoring progress and managing new ideas. CA Clarity PPM provides:

Investment planning with the ability to create and assess project and product portfolios Flexibility and accuracy in measuring investment evaluations through out-of-the box metrics such as benefit, cost, alignment, and risk Unlimited "what-if" scenarios to help select the best business alternatives Real-time investment status for faster response to success impediments Idea management to help avoid missed business opportunities by providing an enterprise-wide vehicle for employee engagement. Realistic portfolio scenarios that take into account dependencies among investments

Ensure project, product and resource investments are aligned with strategic goals using portfolio analysis portlets that are easily personalized.

CA Clarity PPM Project Management

Execute Your Projects with Control and Predictability
CA Clarity PPM helps you deliver projects efficiently and flawlessly by providing you with enterprise program and project planning, estimating, budgeting, resource allocation, collaboration and time capture; all the tools you need for mistake-proof project execution. CA Clarity PPM enables organizations to:

Create simple or complex project plans Utilize best practice templates and methodologies Manage risks, issues and change requests

Monitor project status and activities through a personalized project dashboard.

Create Simple or Complex Project Plans

Key tasks, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) hierarchies, estimates, dependencies, deliverables and staff assignments can all be included in your project plan no matter how large or small. Threaded discussions, document management, and time tracking help improve project collaboration across projects.

Utilize Best Practice Templates and Methodologies

Build your project plans using pre-defined methodologies and templates included in the CA Clarity PPM solution. Expedite your project creation processes and leverage workflow capabilities to automate project management tasks, including time sheet notifications, budget forecast updates, action items, resource allocations, document routing and approval.

Manage Risks, Issues & Change Requests

Gain control of your projects results by capturing, evaluating and scoring risks using PMBOK-compliant processes. Roll-up risks to management dashboards for visibility and mitigation. Easily convert risks into issues and change requests to better identify root causes and aggressively minimize overall project risk.

CA Clarity PPM Resource Management

Maximize the return from your people
CA Clarity PPM enables organizations to gain optimal results from their most valuable asset -- their people. To speed time-to-results, companies must quickly find the right people and form cross-departmental teams to resolve complex problems. With a limited number of skilled people available, organizations must optimize their processes for staffing teams and include people from different regions to assure that all requirements are met. Maximizing resource utilization through capacity planning reduces organizational costs while delivering successful programs. CA Clarity PPM enables organizations to:

Allocate the right people at the right time Balance resource capacity and project demand Manage resource requests and staffing Identify and track key skills and experience

Evaluate future capacity by role for improved planning

Allocate the Right People at the Right Time

Quickly search for and select qualified people based on availability and/or skills across the entire global organization.

Balance Resource Capacity and Project Demand

View portfolio summaries that contain resource demand and project status by organizational breakdown structure (OBS) hierarchies such as geography, departments, project type and resource roles. Conduct a "what-if" type analysis on projects to see how demand requirements change.

Manage Resource Requests and Staffing

Communicate resource requirements to resource managers in an efficient and orderly manner. Give resource managers the tools needed to locate and deploy people with the right skills from both internal and external

sources to meet the business need and to communicate with them during the entire process.

Identify and Track Key Skills and Experience

Confront the challenge of realizing the full potential of your skilled resources by tracking, categorizing and organizing skills. Quickly identify the optimum resources available for each work effort.

CA Clarity PPM Demand Management

Gain Total Visibility Into Supply and Demand
CA Clarity PPM creates a critical connection between the service and project functions of your organization. It provides a single view through which all demand can be evaluated and managed, while offering total visibility of resource utilization. Because project or planned work is only a portion of overall effort, organizations know that IT governance, portfolio planning, and financial management is ineffective without a view into the service work that creates demand and taps precious resources. CA Clarity PPM enables organizations to:

Capture all demand Systematically collect and evaluate ideas Effectively manage unplanned work Understand and manage the cost of demand

Manage status, assignment, costing and disposition of incidents and other service requests.

Capture All Demand on the IT Organization

Manage demand of the organization, across a variety of forms, including project requests, service requests, incidents, ideas for new products and services, strategic initiatives and the casual requests for support that consume considerable resources.

Systematically Collect and Evaluate Ideas

Capture, catalog, evaluate and approve product or technology ideas, project requests and early-stage

initiatives. Once approved, convert ideas into the appropriate project, asset, application or product record within the system, allowing portfolio planning, resource allocation, and time and cost tracking to begin immediately.

Effectively Manage Unplanned Work

Capture incidents and service requests (unplanned work) from the IT help desk and qualify them for impact, urgency and priority. Requests can be converted into new projects or tasks and then managed with CA Clarity PPM to build schedules, allocate resources, track milestones, and manage deliverables. More importantly, capture costs related to this unplanned work, allowing for charge-back work to the businesses making requests.

Understand and Manage the Cost of Demand

Automatically calculate the cost for the work performed on incidents and other requests based on the resources assigned, whether that assignment is made in the ITSM application or in CA Clarity PPM. The cost and incident information provided, rolls up to applications and assets, allowing portfolio managers to make better decisions about their IT investments, including which to enhance, which to maintain, which to consolidate and which to retire.