“I’m not wearing that.

” Daemon’s extraordinary green eyes, the color of dew-covered grass, flicked away from my scowl to the black and red scrap of cloth he held in his hands. “What’s wrong with this?” Did I really need to spell it out for him? Yep. “That is barely enough clothing to cover my stomach, let alone any other part of my body.” “I don’t see a single problem with that.” I folded my arms and leveled a stare at him. “What?” One side of his lip curled up as he lifted his other hand. Two fury black ears were attached to a rhinestone headband. “It even comes with ears and a cute tail. A kitten costume is perfect for my Kitten.” Shaking my head, I turned back to the rack of Halloween costumes and started flipping through a various selection of sexy animal outfits. “I am not wearing anything that has a tail.” He circled an arm around my waist and his breath was warm against my neck. “I think it’s a perfect outfit.” Turning my cheek, I sucked in a sharp breath when his lips brushed my cheek. “So you’re okay with me wearing something that my butt and boobs will be coming out and saying ‘hello, would like to have a cup of tea?’ to everyone?” Daemon stiffened. I tipped my head back, meeting his gaze. His eyes were narrowed, and I grinned. “Didn’t think so. Moving on.” He was silent for a whole second. World record right there. “How about you buy just the ears and wear them for me? Later.”

Turning in his embrace, I cocked my head to the side. “Just the ears?” The grin he wore now was half challenging and half sin. “Yeah. Just the ears. Absolutely nothing else. Okay. Maybe heels, ‘cuz that would be sexy. It can be our own person trick or treat. And I promise you, I’ll have a big treat for you.” My mouth dropped opened. So did the older lady who was holding a nun outfit behind him. She sucked in a huffy breath and muttered, “Well!” Daemon glanced over his shoulder and then shrugged. “Or not.” My face flaming, I smacked him on his rock solid chest. “I can’t take you anywhere.” His deep chuckle sent a shiver down my spine and he leaned in, kissing my cheek. I hurried around the rack before I turned into a total puddle of goo or we started making out in front of everyone and the baby Jesus costume. Spotting a purple fedora and fluffy scarf, I yanked it off the rack and whirled around. “How about this for you?” Daemon’s brows shot up. “A pimp outfit? Seriously?” Giggling, I stuck in back in the rack and then pulled out another one. “What about this?” “A priest outfit?” “Well, you are so very modest.” “Ha. Ha” Daemon took the costume from my hand and put it back. “I don’t think there is anything—whoa, look at that.” “What?” I turned, following his gaze. Up on the shelf was a mask with two flesh-colored plastic ears attached to a mask that was brown on one side and white on the other. I said I wasn’t

wearing ears or a tail, but this… oh no, this was so different. “Oh, sweet baby aliens, is that what I think it is?” Daemon edged around me and reached up, yanking the full outfit down. Lean muscles of his back flexed under the black shirt, almost distracting me from what he held in his hands. I hopped up to his side, clapping my hands together like a seal on crack. He was trying not to laugh. “Yep, I think it is. Or you have to pee. One or the other.” I ignored that, my eyes focused on the cute white dress with brown arms and a ring of brown fur along the bottom hem. It even came with white socks with brown trimmings. “The official Gizmo costume,” Daemon said, reading the tag. He cleared his throat. “Excuse me, the official sexy Gizmo costume. Well, that’s kind of disturbing. Since when is Gizmo sexy?” “I have to have it,” I said, making grabbing fingers. “Gimme.” He handed it over, and I clutched it to my chest. I was about to make a mad dash to the cash register when I noticed pointy green ears, reptilian like, poking out from behind the rest of the Gizmo costumes. My eyes bugged and I darted around Daemon, grabbing the costume. Whipping around, I shoved Spike, the Gremlin costume at Daemon. “You have to get this. We could be Gizmo and Spike. And you like Spike, remember? You said he was a badass.” “He is.” Daemon frowned. “But this looks like pajamas.” “But it has a mohawk. Win.” “I see.” Daemon shook his head, sighing. “I can’t believe I’m considering this.” Considering this meant he was going to do it, probably with a lot of complaining and sulking, but he’d do it, because it was Daemon.

He’d do it for me. Stretching up to the tips of my toes, I kissed his slightly parted lips. “Thank you.” His eyes flashed an intense shade of green as he lowered his head, pressing his forehead against mine. When he spoke, he lips brushed mine. “You’re so going to owe me for this.” “You’re right.” I grinned, taking a step back. Turning around, I picked up the furry black ears and faced him. “I’ll buy the kitten ears too.” Daemon’s lips parted. “And that’s all?” “That’s all.”

*Special thanks to Doris for finding the perfect costume for Daemon and Kat*