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THE Missing SHOP MANUAL © 2010 by skills institute Press LLC °lssing Shop Manual 'seres trademark of Skis institute Press Published and dstibutedin North America by Fox Chapel Publishing Company, In. Latheis an orginal work frst published in 2010. Portions of text and art previously published by and reproduced under license with Direct Holdings Americas Inc. ISBN 978-1-56523-470-3 brary of Congress Cataloging in-Publication Date Lathe. missing shop manual) Includes index. (SBN: 978-1-56523-4703, 1. Lathes 12181347 2010 e8t08-de22 2009037801 ‘To learn mote abour the other great books from Fox Chape! Publishing, (0: to find 2 retailer neat you, call tol-free 800-457-9112 or visit us al wwav.FoxChapelPubishing com, te ta Authors: Weare always looking for talented authors to write new books inourerea of woodworking, design and related caf. Pease send a brief letter describing your idea to Acaistion Eto, 1970 Broad Stree, East Petersburg, PA 17520. Printed in China First printing: February 2010 Beceueturing wood ariothermateiab nherert ncudes te rskof qr and corsoe,thsbook ‘reo arate et creing the roses n ths books sf fr everyore Forts ase hs Dokl ‘aid who worarcies or guaranees fay kind expressed ripe and ve publsnerand the auchor Cail ary aby any sis ses oc cares cased Many way by he conertol ths book cr the read use ofthe tolsneeced toesrple the anjects presented here. The pubiser ae the author ge al tres tothoteuyy elem each project and to undestand the use ofa toosbeioe bag hing 1 pec, Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Chapter 4; Chapter 5: Chapter 6: Chapter 7: Chapter 8: Chapter 9 Index... The Wood Lathe ...........4. 6 Turning Tools... .......0 05 22 Lathe Setups is 24s cs secs 28 Safety creer ccevecenee + 4B Sharpening. «navy ss ienn s+ 4 52 Spindle Turning... 00s es 74 Finishing Spindles. 6... 000s 102 Faceplate Turning»... 0.06. 108 Bowl Turnin;