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ITIL Training & Certification

Need for Certification Benefits of Certification ITIL Certification Providers Types of Certification (Levels) ITIL Certification Costs ITIL Educational Institutions Additional Information

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is the most widely accepted approach to IT Service Management in the world. ITIL provides a cohesive set of best practice, drawn from the public and private sectors internationally. It issupported by a comprehensive qualification scheme, accredited training organizations, and implementation and assessment tools. The best-practice processes promoted in ITIL both support and are supported by the British Standards Institutions Standard for IT Service Management (BS15000).

Benefits of ITIL Benefits to Certification Employees:

Certification provide a highly effective and practical way to: Gain additional knowledge and skills to perform current job more effectively Acquire third party validation of knowledge and skills Common understanding of Industry standards and terminology Professional recognition and networking with other professionals

Benefits Of ITIL Certification

Benefits to Company:
Certification provides an objective demonstration of the Companys breadth and currency of knowledge, which builds credibility and provides the competitive edge Measurable improvement in product and service quality Fosters customer confidence based on evidence of qualifications and suitability for the projects Benchmarks IT skill sets possessed by its employees

ITSM Qualification Scheme

Office Of Government Commerce (OGC)
Governing Body Ensure quality of the scheme in its current and future form Strategic Partner Manage Definition and Execution on behalf of OGC. Coordinate Exam Institutes and Course Providers Exam Institutes Manage Definition And execution of Certification Exams. Accredit Course Providers Education Institutes Accredited Organization to provide Training for ITIL education




Course Providers

ITIL Certification Providers

The National Exam Institute for Informatics (Netherlands) The Information Systems Examination Board (UK)

Training Methodology Training Methodologies:

Balanced mix of Lecture Case Study Computer Based (CBT) Web Based Audio/Video, Role Play

Training Materials:
Developed and provided as appropriate

Training Options
Computer Based Training Mostly for Introductory and non-certification courses External Programs Programs available at all levels for both certification and noncertification courses Customized training based on individual organizational needs

In-house Programs

Types of Courses Offered

Certification ITIL (Accredited)
Foundation Practitioner Manager

Non-Certification Skills Development Implementation Workshops

Pink Elephant

IT Exec Mgmt Cert. Level 1 Strategic Overview Level 2 Corp. Strategy

Types of ITIL Certification


Fundamental Level. Basic Understanding of the ten ITIL Service Delivery and Service Support processes and the Service Desk


In-depth understanding of one of the ten ITIL process areas Broader understanding of all ten processes and the Service desk function

Manager (Masters)

ITIL Foundation Exam

Introduce knowledge and understanding of IT Service Management concepts and terminology, and insight into the applicability of IT Service Management

Suitable for:
All personnel who wish to become familiar with the best practices of ITIM as defined by OGC ITIL guidelines

ITIL Foundation Exam (Contd) Exam Qualification requirements:

No Formal entry requirements Some experience in IT

Exam Format:
Closed book Multiple Choice 40 questions on Service Delivery Service Support and Service Desk Exam Duration: 1 hour Exam Assessment: Required to score 65% to pass (26 out of 40)


ITIL Foundation Exam (Contd)

Training Cost: $ 200 to $ 2500 approx Exam Fee: $ 135 USD

Testing Centers in the US:

All Prometric Testing Centers Instant Results Certificate from EXIN in a couple of weeks or 888-249-3702

ITIL Practitioner Exam

Provide the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, implement and execute the IT Service Management processes.

Suitable for:
Person with responsibility for the definition, execution and maintenance of a specific ITSM process or processes in the Organization

Exam Qualification Requirements:

Demonstrate one years experience in Practice area Attend accredited course and complete in-course

Exam Format:

ITIL Practitioner Exam (Contd)

Closed book Multiple Choice 25 questions based on Case Study 1 hour

Exam Duration:

Exam Assessment:
Combined total score of 65% to pass (50 % of In-course Assignment & 50% of Exam score)

Training Cost: Approx $ 2500 approx

ITIL Managers Exam Objective: (Masters)

Provide knowledge and skills to plan the ITSM processes, and support the optimization of those processes.

Suitable for:
Person with responsibility for the definition, execution and maintenance of a specific ITSM processes

Exam Qualification Requirements:

Demonstrate 5 years experience in General IT and at least 2 years in IT Service in a managerial role Attend accredited course and achieve a positive

ITIL Managers Exam (Contd)

Exam Format:
Case Two Closed book essay exams based on Study (Paper 1 Service Support, Paper 2 Service delivery)

Exam Duration:
3 hours each in a period of 24 hours

Exam Assessment:
Achieve a total score of 50% or more in both of the written exams)

ITIL Managers Exam (Contd)

Exam Offered in:
January April July October

Training Cost: Approx $ 6000 10,000 approx Exam Fee: $ 360 USD

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