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Shipping & Handling *Party Orders - 5% of order value. *Individual Orders - 5% of order value, min direct ship charge of $7.50. Sales tax charged on Shipping and Handling.

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For Buyers Right to Cancel, please refer to reverse side. Voir verso pour droit de rsiliation de lacheteur.

Credit Card information should not be stored. Once the order has been submitted, the Stylist should destroy TOTAL credit card and other personal information.

Privacy Policy: Information provided in this order form may be transmitted to Jewel Kade in the state of Utah, USA. It will not be sold or given to third parties. For more information on our privacy policy please visit Initial Exchanges only will be made within 90 days of purchase. Items must be returned in their original condition. Shipping is non-refundable. If for any reason you are not satis ed with your purchase, please contact your Stylist. If you are still not satis ed, please contact Jewel Kade Customer Care at 877-JWL-KADE (877-595-5233). Delivery of goods should be on or before (not to exceed 28 days). Payment is due at time of order.

Stylist Information and Signature:

Jewel Kade Canada B102-5212 48th Street, No. 114 Red Deer, AB T4N 7C3
2012 Jewel Kade. All rights reserved.

BUYERS RIGHT TO CANCEL You may cancel this contract from the day you enter into the contract until 10 days after you receive a copy of the contract. You do not need a reason to cancel.
If you do not receive the goods or services within 30 days of the date stated in the contract, you may cancel this contract within one year of the contract date. You lose that right if you accept delivery after the 30 days. There are other grounds for extended cancellation. For more information, you may contact your provincial/territorial consumer affairs office. If you cancel this contract, the seller has 15 days to refund your money and any trade-in, or the cash value of the trade-in. You must then return the goods. To cancel, you must give notice of cancellation at the address in the contract. You must give notice of cancellation by a method that will allow you to prove that you gave notice, including registered mail, fax, or by personal delivery. Address For Notice/Ladresse pour lavis: Jewel Kade Canada B102-5212 48th Street, No. 114 Red Deer, AB T4N 7C3 Phone: 877-JWL-KADE (877-595-5233) Fax: 801-642-9522

DROIT DE RSILIATION DE LACHETEUR Vous pouvez rsilier le prsent contrat compter de la date de conclusion du contrat, et ce, pendant une priode de 10 jours aprs la rception dune copie du contrat. Vous navez pas besoin de donner une raison pour rsilier le contrat.
Si vous ne recevez pas le bien ou le service au cours des 30 jours qui suivent la date indique dans le contrat, vous avez un an, compter de la date du contrat, pour rsilier le contrat. Toutefois, vous perdez ce droit de rsiliation si vous acceptez la livraison aprs la priode de 30 jours. Le droit de rsiliation peut tre prolong pour dautres raisons. Pour de plus amples renseignements, communiquez avec votre bureau provincial de la consommation. Si vous rsiliez le prsent contrat, le vendeur doit, dans les 15 jours qui suivent, vous rembourser toute somme que vous lui avez verse et vous remettre tout bien quil a pris en change ou la somme correspondant la valeur de ce dernier. Vous devez alors retourner le bien achet. Pour rsilier le prsent contrat, il vous suffit de donner un avis de rsiliation ladresse mentionne dans ce contrat. Lavis doit tre donn par un moyen qui vous permet de prouver que lavis a rellement t donn, y compris par courrier recommand, tlcopieur ou remise en personne.

NOTE: The Buyers Right to Cancel applies only to purchases equalling or exceeding the following amounts in your province or territory: AB: $25; BC: $50; MB: 0; NB: $100; NL: 0; NS: $100; ON: $50; PE: $100; SK: $100; YT: $10. Sale amounts include shipping and handling charges but exclude tax. Craft fair sales are excluded in AB, BC and NB; in MB a $50 minimum applies.

N.B.: Le droit de rsiliation de lacheteur ne sapplique quaux achats gal , ou excdant les valeurs suivant dans votre province ou territoire: AB: 25$; BC: 50$; MB: 0; NB: 100$; NL: 0; NS: 100$; ON: 50$; PE: 100$; SK: 100$; YT: 10$. Les montants de vente incluent des frais dexpdition et manutention mais excluent limpt.

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