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Kiss Army Argentina Exclusive Interview with Matt Starr, new drummer in Ace Frehley's band: When I was

a kid I used to play drums to the Ace Frehley`s '78 solo LP


KISS Army Argentina: Hi, Matt. Thanks for this interview with KISS Army Argentina. Some days ago we were talking to Anthony Esposito (Ace Frehleys bass player) and he told us that you had been chosen as the new drummer for Aces band after Scot Coogans departure. It must be exciting and quite of a challenge for you... Matt Starr: It's been very exciting. We had our first show in New York City on July 11 and it was an awesome. I've always been a KISS fan so I was familiar with the songs, but I had to get the feel for how Ace plays the songs now. KISS Army Argentina: Lets get to the point. Please tell us how you have been chosen. We know that you are friend of Anthony and that he recommended you. How did the audition go? How was that first meeting with Ace like? Matt Starr: I was referred to Anthony by a mutual friend. After first speaking with Anthony I was in New York City a week later auditioning. We played Rocket Ride, Love Her All I Can, Flaming Youth and Love Gun. I sang lead on Love Gun & Love Her All I Can. It felt great right from the start & the guys were super cool and a pleasure to play with. Meeting Ace was great. He is a very cool guy. KISS Army Argentina: Please tell us a bit more about you and your career in music as of today. Do you also have projects of your own? Matt Starr: I have played in bands both as a drummer and as a lead singer over the years. I also produce bands. I just finished working on Hotel Diablo's debut record "The Return To Psycho, California", which is getting great reviews. I did some writing & co-produced it along with Gilby Clarke (Guns 'n Roses). I also am

finishing up a record of solo material that is very different from anything I have done in the past. It will be released later this year. I did that along with the help of T-bone Anderson & Jorgen Calsson from Planet of The Abts. Watch for updates! KISS Army Argentina: Which are your musical influences as for bands and drummers? Are you a KISS fan? Matt Starr: I grew up listening to KISS, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick and the Ramones. One cool thing that Anthony, Todd and I realize is that we all saw KISS on the Dynasty tour in 1979. They saw them at Madison Square Garden and I saw them in Springfield, Massachusetts. As for drummers, the drummers I grew up being influenced by were Tommy Lee, Vinnie Appice, Terry Bozzio & Bun E Carlos. Later on I started going back into music and discovered guys like John Bonham, Ian Paice, Jerry Shirley & Keith Moon. KISS Army Argentina: As you may know, we, KISS fans, are pretty special and the fact that you are part of Aces band is a mark that you will have forever something that fans will never forget. What do you think about it? Matt Starr: I love it! KISS Army Argentina: Your debut will happen soon, as you already have some booked performances for July and August. Have you already had full rehearsals with the band? Scot, the former drummer, did lead vocals in Breakout and in Love Gun, as well as backing vocals. Will you be doing the same, or your role in vocals will be different? Matt Starr: My role in the band is the same as Scot's which is really cool because I get to play drums & sing a lot. We did a 3 days of rehearsal with the band & then 2 with Ace. One song we added during rehearsals was Watchin You which is something that I had suggested! To my knowledge, I don't think Ace has ever played that song solo. It's been sounding awesome. KISS Army Argentina: You have been in Aces band for a short time by now, but what do you know about the future plans of the band? Will there be more presentations for 2012? Do you know if Ace has any plans for making a new album? Matt Starr: I don't know exactly what the plans are for the future but I am excited to find out just as you are. Hopefully lots of touring & a new record! KISS Army Argentina: In this short time that you have been working with Space Ace, what have you learned from this rock icon? What did he teach you? Matt Starr: Growing up I was inspired by his dedication to being unique in his playing and his performance. After playing with him the main thing is to keep the playing relaxed and big sounding. And he's always wearing killer snakeskin shoes or boots! KISS Army Argentina: Which songs in particular from Aces solo career are you interested in playing? Do you have a favorite that you are eager to play? Matt Starr: At my first show in New York City Anton Fig, who played on Ace's solo records as well as a couple KISS ones too, was there and we opened with Rip It Out. It has these awesome drum fills after the second chorus and it was pretty cool to have him be there. Rocket Ride is awesome & Sister from Anomaly

is a killer song too. But they're all great. I sing all of Paul's parts which is a huge honor & something I take very seriously. One of my favorite parts is in Deuce I get to scream do it!. KISS Army Argentina: In your opinion, which is the best contribution Ace had for the rock world? Which is his legacy? Matt Starr: I'm not a rock historian but like I said his dedication to being unique and giving his fans everything he could musically and visually is something that very few artists have done as well as him. He has also inspired generations of guitar players. KISS Army Argentina: Are you familiar with the whole Aces discography as a solo artist? If you are, what are your favorite albums? Matt Starr: They all have some really great tracks on them but when I was a kid I used to play drums to the 78 solo LP. Anomaly is also a great record. KISS Army Argentina: Matt, once again, thanks a lot. We hope to see you and the rest of the band soon in Argentina. There are many of us who are eager to see Ace Frehley and his band, and we made this same comment to Anthony Esposito when he told us you were the new drummer for Ace. We hope the best for you for the upcoming shows. And to finish, please leave any additional comments that you want. Rock on, Matt!! I want to say thank you to you guys for giving me this awesome opportunity to share my experiences and to say hello to all the KISS & Ace fans in Argentina and over the world. I hope to be able to meet and party with you guys all very soon! Best, Matt Interview: MARCELO GARCIA and DIEGO FERREYRA (Kiss Army Argentina) / Translation: Mariana MIA Abello (Kiss Army Argentina) September 2012