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A Project Quality Plan Mandatory or Not

This predicament has been under discussion by all those in concern. Every project delivers something at the end of the project execution. When it comes to the project initiation, the project management and the client collaboratively define the objectives and the deliveries of the project together with the completion timelines. During the project execution, there are a number of project deliveriesables made required. All of tThese deliveriesables should adhere to certain standards quality/industry standards as well as specific client requirements, as defined in the Project Execution Plan (PEP), and specifically the Project Quality Plan (which is part of the PEP). Therefore, each of these deliveriesables should be reviewed prior to submitting them to the client. validated and verified before delivering the client. It is not only the quality of the deliverables that matter the most. The processes or activities that produce deliverables should also adhere to the quality guidelines as well.
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Quality is meeting the customers expectations or exceeding the customer expectations achieved by way of deliverables and/or activities performed to produce those deliverables.
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Technical Committee TS 16949:2002 As well as Note 1 of ISO 9001:2008 clause 7.1 Quote A document specifying the processes of the quality management system including the product realization processes and the resources to be applied to a specific product, project or contract, can be referred to as a quality plan). A Project Quality Plan as defined in ISO 10005:2005 (Quality management systems Guidelines for quality plans) A quality plan is a part of quality management system documentation. The quality plan needs to refer only to the documented quality management system, showing how it is to be applied to the specific situation-project- in question, and identify and document how the organization will achieve those requirements that are unique to the particular product, process, project or contract. The scope of the quality plan should be defined. The quality plan may include unique procedures, work instructions, and/or records. In simple English it is a set of activities planned at the beginning of the project to helps achieve a high level of Quality in the on the Project being executed. The Purpose of the Project Quality Plan is to define these activities/tasks that intend to deliver products/services while focusing on achieving customer's quality expectations. These activities/tasks are defined on the basis of the quality standards set by the organization delivering the product.

Comment [J2]: Not everybody in Jacobs is ISO certified. This might apply to Middle East just fine but not to many others.

Comment [J3]: Not everybody in Jacobs is ISO certified. This might apply to Middle East just fine, but not to many others.

Prepared by Dr. Khaled Haddad

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A Project Quality Plan identifies which Quality Standards are relevant to the project and determines how they can be satisfied. It includes the implementation of Quality Events (peer reviews, checklist execution) by using various Quality Materials (templates, standards, checklists) available within the organization. The holding of the Quality Event is termed as Quality Control. As an output of the various activities, Quality Metrics or Measurements are captured which assist in continuous improvement of Quality thus adding to the inventory of Lessons Learned. Quality Assurance deals in preparation of the Quality Plan and formation of organization wide standards.

Prepared by Dr. Khaled Haddad

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Project Quality Plan guidelines:

Project Quality Plan should be written with the objective to provide project management with easy access to quality requirements and should have ready availability of the procedures and standards and include the following: Scope Quality plan inputs Quality objectives Management Responsibility Control of Documents/Records and data Provision of resources Customer communication Design and development (If Applicable) Design Control Document & Data Control Procurement (If Applicable) Inspection Testing Control of Non Conformance Corrective & Preventive Actions Quality Records Quality Audits Training Conclusion A Project quality plan is one of the mandatory documents for any type of project. As long as a project has defined objectives and deliverables, there should be a project quality plan to measure the delivery and process quality. Quality plans are to set quality targets by: a) Identifying the clients ustomers requirements. b) Listing the projects deliverables requiredto be produced. c) Setting quality criteria for these deliverables. d) Defining quality standards for the deliverables. e) Gaining our customers agreement with the target sets. A Quality plan monitors and control quality by: a) Identifying the quality control tasks needed to control quality. b) Creating a quality control plan, by scheduling the control activities. c) Listing the quality assurance activities required to assure quality.
Comment [J4]: A PQP is only mandatory in the world of ISO. Again, this may apply to Middle East but not all others. Non-ISO project recommend a PQP also, but as part of the PEP, and also a PQP to fit the size and complexity of the project.

Prepared by Dr. Khaled Haddad

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